Ghost Crossing

Chapter 185 Ghosts in the Office (17)

After hesitating for a moment, Zhao Lei still decided to go forward and try, maybe, this man likes this type!

Twisting her waist and approaching the man enchantingly, Zhao Lei opened her thick red lips and shouted, "Handsome man, alone!" When she spoke, her heart throbbed. Moving, as if it would pop out of his chest in the next second.

"En?" The nomad heard the voice, and the goose bumps all over his body instantly rose up, he looked back suspiciously, and then jumped a step back as if he had seen a ghost, then the corners of his mouth twitched and said: "Damn, mother, just you Dare to sell this virtue! Go further and don't stain my eyes!"

What!what!Mother!The corners of Zhao Lei's eyes cramped, and her nervousness immediately dissipated, she became extremely embarrassed, and she called her aunt, is she so old?

But after thinking about her dress today, Zhao Lei's anger dissipated in an instant. Well, it was really ugly, but it didn't need to be so direct, it was too hurtful, and it was the same as Fu Xiaoya said, a scumbag!

"Hey, don't move, take a closer look, your eyes look like a person!" When Zhao Lei was so angry that he couldn't speak, the nomad showed a surprised look again, and his big hand directly pinched Zhao Lei. Twisted her head twice, then slapped her tongue, "The eyes look like those Lei, oh, it's Zhao Lei!"

Zhao Lei's heart suddenly lifted up. Today's dress, pink and thick lipstick, only the eyes, it is really troublesome to make up, so the eyes are the weakest part of her make-up. Unexpectedly, this man just recognized it. Eyes come.

While frightened, Zhao Lei was a little bit happy, this man knew her.Did you follow her?

Suppressed, Zhao Lei slapped the man's hand and rolled her eyes and said: "Zhao Lei? Isn't that the single mom who is often reported in the newspapers? Why, are you still paying attention to her? Please, she is always Damn it!"

The nomad curled his mouth and said angrily: "What's the matter with a child? Let me tell you. Zhao Lei is a perfect young woman. Compared to you, she is a fairy in the sky, and you are a toad on the ground! Cut! Walk around. Stay away from me, I'm not interested in talking to you!" He shook his hands while speaking with a look of disgust.

fairy!This evaluation is so high, Zhao Lei's heart jumped for joy, so to speak.Men have a good impression of her?Grumbling her eyes, she sneered and said, "What about a fairy. If you want me to say, you are a toad and want to eat swan meat, no matter how good Zhao Lei is. It's not a woman you can get!"

"Just kidding, I can't get Zhao Lei? Who said that! Do you know who I am?" The nomad sneered, showing a proud expression.

really.It's the heir of the Zhong family, right!Zhao Lei rejoiced in her heart and continued to excite her generals: "Who? Don't you just come and find a woman's little *flat* three! What's so great! Just you. Still delusional to get Zhao Lei, pooh!"

The nomad jumped his feet with anger, and then said angrily: "You are the little *flat*3, tell you, I am, um, anyway, I am a big man, Zhao Lei has to fawn when he sees me, if I want to, Zhao Lei will Will be my woman!"

Seeing that the nomad almost confided his identity, but changed his mouth in time and exaggerated his mouth, Zhao Lei laughed secretly in her heart, looked up and down the herdsman with a contemptuous look, and said, "Bringing, too lazy to break with you!" After that, he twisted his waist to leave.

"You, stop for me!" Unexpectedly, the nomad was unhappy, and rushed to Zhao Lei in three or two steps, blocking her way forward.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Lei raised her chin and said sarcastically: "Why are you doing it, want to hit someone?"

"I don't know how to beat women! I just want to tell you that what I said is true, as long as I am happy, I will definitely get Zhao Lei!" The nomad seemed to have been irritated.

With a grunting eye, Zhao Lei covered her mouth and chuckled, then stretched out her hand to poke the chest of the shepherd and said, "That's OK, do you dare to bet with me?"

"Bet? How to bet, what to bet on!" The nomad said with excitement and interest.

A gleam of light flashed under her eyes, and Zhao Leijiao smiled and said, "Just bet you can chase Zhao Lei!"

"That's certainly possible, but I bet with you, what can you give me?" Nomad suddenly lost interest when he thought of gambling, and showed an expression of'you are not qualified to bet with me'.

Zhao Lei grumbled her eyes, pursed her lips, and then said, "How about betting ten thousand yuan?"

"Hey, ten thousand yuan, this young master doesn't like it!" The nomad suddenly shook his head with a bored expression.

"Why, ten thousand yuan is too small for you!" Zhao Lei frowned, and then said, "I think you just don't dare to bet with me, forget it, I don't want to talk with you!" After speaking, she showed a contemptuous look. Come and leave.

And the nomad immediately showed a look that he couldn't stand the aggressive general, and jumped and said: "Bet, bet, 10,000 yuan is 10,000 yuan."

After the excitement was successful, Zhao Lei raised a smug smile at the corner of her mouth. She turned to look at the nomad, pouting slightly and said: "Since you want to bet, let's leave a contact information for each other!"

"Stay and stay. You can't go wrong when the time comes!" The nomad snorted coldly and took out his mobile phone and said with a chin, "Let's talk, what's your number?"

Zhao Lei quickly reported her personal phone number, and then said with a disdain: "I won't squander the bill. Since I want to bet, I have to set a time limit! How about a week? At 12 noon a week later, we are at I met at the ice*dao coffee shop, you brought Zhao Lei, and I would give you 10,000 yuan, if you didn’t bring me, you would give me 10,000 yuan, well, this way, I seem to be at a disadvantage, in case you don’t chase When I arrive at Zhao Lei, I won’t be here that day, am I not at a loss?

The nomad was angry when he heard the words, and said angrily: "How could I be wronged?"

"It's hard to say, we didn't know each other!" Zhao Lei had a distrustful expression on her face, as if she had confirmed that she would definitely win.

At this time, a luxury car arrived and slowly drove to the nomad's side. A man in a suit got out of the car and bowed respectfully to the nomad and shouted, "Master!"

Zhao Lei showed a look of surprise in a timely manner, and then kept his eyes moving between the nomad and the car, with an expression that did not expect the nomad to be a young master.

Seeing Zhao Lei's surprised expression, the nomad hummed triumphantly, and said, "I see it. Brother has money, how can I fail the account with 10,000 yuan? You should be prepared for 10,000 yuan, don't fail!"

"Just kidding, how could I go wrong? Even if you are a rich young master, Zhao Lei is not what you want to chase after. A week later. Wait and see!" Zhao Lei pretended to be angrily.

"No problem, see you in a week!" Nomad raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

Zhao Lei curled her lips.Then he said: "A week later, as long as you take out an intimate photo with Zhao Lei, you don't need to bring someone!"

"Of course, I'm not stupid. Take Zhao Lei to see you?" The nomad sneered, thinking that the woman was insulting his IQ.

"Then it's a deal!" Zhao Lei snorted.He twisted Xiaoman's waist and walked very quickly, and entered Diba again in an instant.

Seeing that Zhao Lei's figure disappeared, the nomad got into the luxury car.The car drove away slowly, followed by a car at the parking lot.Follow away.

Not long after the car left, Zhao Lei and the three men appeared at the door of Di Bar.Seeing that the man had already left, Zhao Lei felt disappointed, but thinking of the bet just now, the corners of her mouth couldn't help but rose. This way, this man would take the initiative to come to me!And still came after her!Ha ha!

Seeing the change in Zhao Lei's expression, the three men couldn't help but become curious. What happened, Zhao Lei was so happy, she successfully struck up the man?But if it succeeds, what about the person?If he didn't succeed, why would Zhao Lei become happy again?Really, weird!

The confused three men stared at each other. They were planning to find a girl, but they were hooking up, but when they saw Zhao Lei came back, they immediately stopped their activities in fright.

As for Zhao Lei, seeing the three men didn't say anything, but frowned displeasedly, with a look of disgust in her eyes. After staying in the disco bar for a while, she went out again, and the three men naturally followed.

The three men followed Zhao Lei back to the residence, and the four of them sat in the living room with different faces.

Some of the three men were nervous and excited, some were uneasy, and some were a little guilty, looking straight at Zhao Lei, waiting for her to speak.

As for Zhao Lei, she was holding her chin with her hands, recalling the picture just now, she felt happy, thinking that a man would chase her soon, and the corners of her mouth could not be restrained.

In this way, after sitting for a few minutes, Zhao Lei finally recovered, yawned, swept her eyes, looked at the three men, smiled at the corners of her mouth, and then lazily said: "Let’s talk. What do you want?"

The three men looked at each other, not knowing what Zhao Lei meant.

Zhao Lei frowned, and scolded displeasedly: "If you have something to say, just say it straight. Since you dare to send me the picture of the man, you must have a different mind, otherwise you won't send me pictures for no reason!"

Straightforward?Could it be that they wanted to leave, so they posted that photo?

The three men were still somewhat afraid of Zhao Lei, and suddenly they were silent, no one was going to be that stupid early bird.

Seeing the three men cowering and dare not to speak, Zhao Lei's contempt in his eyes became heavier, and he put his right leg on his left leg and said with a sneer: "If you don't tell me, then I'll say it first. I want to come to you. I have self-knowledge, I only left you because you are a bit like him, and now that I have found someone more like him, naturally I have no interest in keeping you anymore. I think you are also thinking of leaving Well, if this is the case, let's just do it a little bit. I will let you go. If you have any requirements, please mention it to me, as long as it is not too excessive, I will agree!"

I am really willing to let them go and let them make terms!

The hearts of the three men instantly moved. The three of them took a look at each other, and finally the man with the same voice said: "Since you are so direct, then I'll just say it, I need money!"

"Me, me too!" The other two men quickly agreed, expressing their meaning.

Raising an eyebrow, Zhao Lei curled the corner of her mouth, feeling very boring, she still wanted money, too, besides money, what else could they ask for?As long as the money is the most real.

"No problem, let's talk about it, how much do you want?" Zhao Lei silently made a price in my heart. These three men served well, and were usually very well-behaved. Moreover, the three of them helped with things tonight. I'm very busy, but it's okay to give more.

If she succeeds in being with the Zhong heir, this little money will only be earned back in minutes.

How much do you want?The three men fell silent at the same time, winking at each other, and wanted to ask how much the other person was asking for, but Zhao Lei was ashamed to ask directly.

Zhao Lei snorted coldly when he saw this, twisted her neck and said: "Give you one night, think about it, give me an answer tomorrow, I will go to rest first!"

After speaking, she was ready to remove her makeup, but stopped before going up the stairs and said threateningly: "I hope you can leave this city immediately after you leave, understand?"

The three men trembled and nodded again and again without choosing. Zhao Lei nodded in satisfaction when he saw this and went upstairs.

The back disappeared at the corner of the stairs, and the three men breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. The most unreliable one even raised his hand to wipe off the sweat on his forehead, and then cowardly asked: "You said, how much Is it suitable?"

"Well, we are now 1.5 million a year, is it okay to ask for 3 million?" A man asked tentatively, which is equivalent to asking for 2 years of money directly.

"Promising, are you satisfied with only 3 million?" The man with a voice like the darkest heart, he rubbed his thumb and meditated for a moment, "I think, at least 5 million, according to our situation, accompany Zhao Lei 3 Years are no problem, 4.5 million in 3 years, we want 5 million, which is very reasonable!"

"Ah? Five million?" The other two men were a little surprised, and they were a little worried. Wouldn't it be too cruel, just cost 5 million, and the total of three people is 15 million.Can Zhao Lei agree to this request?

Hearing the hesitation and anxiety in the other two men’s voices, the man with a similar voice sneered and sneered: "What? Are you afraid? If you are afraid, please lower it a little. Anyway, I will have 5 million." Paying attention to the tangled two men, they got up and went back to the bedroom.

In fact, he is also a little worried, and it costs 5 million at a time. Will Zhao Lei agree?But try first, if Zhao Lei disagrees, just lower it a bit.

After removing her makeup, Zhao Lei returned to the bedroom. She couldn't sleep all night. She tossed over and over on the bed. Her mind kept flashing the appearance of a man, thinking that the man would come to her, maybe it would come tomorrow, her heart was throbbing, no I stopped dreaming about what it would be like when a man came looking for her, and finally thought about it, fell asleep, and even dreamed of meeting a man in my dream.l