Ghost Crossing

Chapter 187 Ghosts in the Office (19)

Zhao Lei compared herself with the nomads. The psychological discomfort disappeared. What was disgraceful, and the nomadic things were not glorious. The two people were disgraceful, and there was no deliberate irony.

However, although he knew the situation of the nomads well, Zhao Lei pretended not to know, and asked suspiciously: "Oh? What's the matter?"

The nomad frowned and seemed to be reluctant to talk about this topic, but he glanced at Zhao Lei, still sighed quietly, and told his own'story'.

Nomad and Fu Xiaowan had compiled the story a long time ago, and it didn't need to be too detailed, but just a general idea, not afraid that Zhao Lei would notice something abnormal.

The story is like this.

The father of the nomad, the so-called uncle Xiong, was so energetic that he felt that he could create a career without the background and strength of the Zhong family, so he left a letter and ran away from home. Work hard on your own, and you won’t come back if you don’t succeed.

In the beginning, the uncle Xiong was indeed lucky. He joined a company, and he became very happy, and even talked about love with the daughter of the company boss. The boss also regretted his talents, and he valued the uncle Xiong very much. Two years later , Uncle Xiong and Qianjin married and had children.

The company's affairs gradually fell on the uncle Xiong, in other words, he became the chairman of the company.

But the good times didn't last long, because the commercial competition lost, the company plummeted in an instant, and the company was smeared by competitors maliciously, and the company completely collapsed.

The old father-in-law couldn't bear such a blow. He couldn't afford to be ill. His wife was crying all day long, complaining to Uncle Xiong, thinking that it was his fault that caused the company to become like this.

The uncle Xiong is under double pressure from his family business.Announcing the company's bankruptcy, in an instant, it became nothing.

Declaring bankruptcy was like the last straw pressing down on his body. The old man couldn't support it anymore. He passed away in less than half a year. Uncle Xiong also owed a debt for the treatment.Life is very embarrassing.

And the wife.It used to be Miss Jin Jin, who had been used to big hands, and the death of her father who loved her.His personality changed drastically, and he always beat and scolded the uncle male all day long, and ignored the children.

In the end, she couldn't bear to live in poverty and left her husband and children behind.It has become a social flower, a full-day Sugar Daddy*.Just to continue living a luxurious life.

At that time, the child was still young and had not yet gone to school, although Uncle Xiong was heartbroken.But for the children, I am still working hard.

But the death of the old husband and the abandonment of his wife still affected Uncle Xiong after all.He no longer has ambitions and just wants to live a stable life.Take good care of the older children.

To take care of the children, unable to find a good job, the uncle Xiong began to work hard, the children's education also lags behind.

It wasn't until this year that Uncle Xiong fell ill. He saw that his son was so worthless, and he ridiculed all day and worried about his future life, so he reluctantly revealed his identity and asked the nomads to return to the Zhong family and find a job. Half a bit can live.

In order to make a living, the nomads naturally obediently returned to the Zhong family and recognized their ancestors.

Originally, he was still in peace, but when he learned of the heir's requirements, he thought about it and began to fight for the heir's position. After review, he did meet all the conditions of the heir, so he naturally became the heir.

Speaking of this, the nomad laughed and asked Zhao Lei with a smile: "Do you think I'm mean?"

Zhao Lei felt distressed in her heart. She did not expect that the nomads were so unfortunate before that she lost her mother's love when she was a child and lived a hard life, so she looked like her before.Isn't she also living a hard life, so she has a firm belief that she must become a rich person.

Hearing the nomad’s self-deprecating words, Zhao Lei couldn’t help but stretched out her hand, covering the back of the nomad’s hand, staring at the nomad with fixed eyes, and said seriously, “No, it’s not mean at all, this belongs to you. Yes. You just come back to get everything that belongs to you!"

Forbearing not to withdraw his hand, the nomad looked excited, as if seeing Zhao Lei as a confidant, and asked, "Really? Do you really think so?"

"Of course it's true!" Zhao Lei slowly comforted, "I also know the original heir, Fu Xiaowan, right."

The nomad nodded hurriedly: "Well, she was the eldest daughter and heir before I came back."

A look of disdain flashed in Zhao Lei's eyes, and she said her true thoughts: "There is no reason why the heir is inherited by a woman, that is, your Zhong family is more strange."

"Haha, if it weren't for this, I wouldn't be able to regain the position of heir smoothly when I came back." The nomad said in a huff, looking very lucky.

The corners of Zhao Lei’s mouth also raised, and she echoed with a smile: "That’s true, so you shouldn’t have any psychological burden. You are the eldest son, and it’s natural to be the heir. As for Fu Xiaowan, she has occupied your position for so many years. Lucky enough, what right do you have to blame you?"

"Listening to you, I feel more comfortable. You are right. I am the eldest son of Zhong's generation. I am the heir. This position belongs to me!" Nomad made a pair. The expression that I wanted to understand came, and at the same time he sighed greatly, took out his hand and leaned back.

Seeing that the nomad wanted to open up, the mood was better, and Zhao Lei's mood improved. He didn't care about the nomad's move of withdrawing her hand, and then grumbled her eyes, and asked incomprehensibly: "By the way, are you here today? , Just want to see me, is there nothing else? If not, I'm still busy!"

It looks like an order to evict guests, but it is a tactful reminder to the nomads, don’t forget what you are here for!Go after me!

The corner of the nomad's eyes twitched, pretending to be embarrassed, and then he said: "Actually, there is really something I want to ask you for help."

Zhao Lei was startled, a little surprised, didn't she come to pursue her?Why did she ask her for help?By the way, it is too outrageous to say that the pursuit is straightforward. Helping should be an excuse to approach her.

Automatically explained to the nomad, Zhao Lei asked suspiciously: "Help? I don't know if there is anything I can help, let's hear it!"

Nomad said embarrassedly: "This, it's like this. I really don't know anything about the company. I don't know anyone in the Zhong family, so I want to find someone who can teach me management. You It’s so amazing, I don’t know if I can stay by your side and learn."

Learn?Stay by your side?It's an excellent reason!Zhao Lei was happy, thinking that the man was smart, and he could think of such a reason to approach him.This can be regarded as killing two birds with one stone.

One came close to her successfully.Have the opportunity to contact her and pursue her.

Secondly, even if you can't pursue it.I can also learn some business management knowledge without wasting time and energy.

Seeing that Zhao Lei did not immediately agree, but was thinking about it, Nomad immediately gave a benefit: "I am the heir now. Sooner or later I will join the company to manage, when the time comes. If there is a good cooperation project, I will definitely give priority to your Anshi ."

"Good!" Zhao Lei had intended to agree, and nodded after hearing this.

The nomads are also welcome, and immediately proposed to start today!Zhao Lei naturally agreed to what he wanted.

that's it.The nomad stayed in Zhao Lei's office, and even moved a chair to sit next to Zhao Lei, learning very close.

Learn these.Nomads are serious, after all, what they learned is their own.However, he did not forget his purpose, and from time to time showed his favor to Zhao Lei.

such as...

"Mr. Zhao, lunch is here, so I invite you out to eat!"

Afterwards, the nomad took Zhao Lei out for a big meal. During the period, the two people came and went together and attracted the attention of the company's employees, who were curious about the relationship between the two.

"Mr. Zhao, get tired, rest!"

Then the nomad forced Zhao Lei to stop working, chat with bubble tea, and get closer.

"Mr. Zhao, it's dark. Today's day is so fast. I don't want to leave and work overtime? No, it hurts my body. Let me leave it for tomorrow. Let me take you home! "

The nomads also forced Zhao Lei home and stuffed her into his car.

Zhao Lei was very helpless and felt that her work had been affected. However, the nomad's actions made her very heart-warming, and she did not refuse. Everything listened to the nomads.

As for the three men in the house, she went to the company early in the morning and asked for payment. The three men had already left, and she also asked the nanny to clean the room where the three men lived, and throw out all the things they had used. , Make sure there is no trace of a man living in the house.

So at this moment, the nomad sent her home, and she was not worried that the nomad would run into the three men and cause embarrassment.

She even wondered, after arriving home, will the nomad say cheerlessly to come in and sit down, and will she agree or agree?

In this way, the nomad escorted Zhao Lei to the residence.

The nomadic gentleman opened the car door for Zhao Lei and let Zhao Lei get out of the car.

Zhao Lei got out of the car and immediately fell on the nomad, with a relieved expression in her eyes and said, "Thank you for sending me back."

"You're welcome," the nomad said with a grin.

After waiting for a while, Zhao Lei felt a little unhappy when he saw that the nomad did not say that he wanted to enter the house. Why is this man not cheeky now? By the way, he wanted to get caught!He must be deliberate. He wants me to take the initiative to invite him. That won't work. It's only the first day, so I can't act too casually.

Zhao Lei struggled for a long time, before saying something when I see you tomorrow, she turned her head and walked towards the house, but she walked very slowly, expecting in her heart, the nomad will suddenly call her.

Regrettably, the nomad did not speak. Zhao Lei could only enter the house lost. After opening the door, he waved to the nomad and closed the door to isolate the two of them.

Behind the door, Zhao Lei leaned on the door panel and cursed angrily: "Smelly man."

Outside the door, when the nomad saw the door closed, he quickly got in the car and drove away. He wiped his sweat and said to himself: "What a chore!"

Can it not be bitter!I have been flattering to a nasty woman, and wasting a whole day by her side!The only advantage is that you can really learn something.

I have to admit that although Zhao Lei is very bad, she is really capable, and the company handles things quickly, accurately and ruthlessly.

Driving back to the villa, the nomad entered the house exhausted, and saw Fu Xiaowan leisurely eating dessert, rolled his eyes anger, and directly threw the bill over: "This is today's consumption."

Fu Xiaowan wiped his hands, and finally took a look at the bill, and then asked, "How is it?"

"Not very good, Zhao Lei accepted what I said, and agreed that I stay with her to study." Nomad ran to the refrigerator and took a bottle of drink and drank.

"Oh. The progress is fairly smooth." Fu Xiaowan nodded, and then said with a smile, "Zhao Lei is really an infatuated woman."

Rolling his eyes, the nomad is too lazy to refute it. This is still infatuation. I don't know how many men have slept!

"I'm going to rest!" The nomads went back to the bedroom after saying that, in fact, there was no rest.I went to talk on the phone with Xiaoya.

Fu Xiaowan shrugged.He continued to eat with a bored look. After half an hour, I finally got the news I wanted.

Xing Jun called.Tell Fu Xiaowan that all three men have been found by him.

It turned out that after the three men got the money, they all went home.Let my family clean up and want to leave the city, but there is no time to leave.Just waiting for the police to come, the police wanted to arrest them for money laundering.

The three men were very nervous, and finally, under cross-examination by the police, they all confessed their unknown sources of money.It was the money that Zhao Lei had to support.

The three men who didn't want to go to jail said everything, when they started and how they ended.And how much money he got, it is clear.

even.The man with the like voice even provided a few photos. In the photo, Zhao Lei was naked and there were three men beside him.

According to the man's account, this was a time when Zhao Lei fell asleep after being drunk.

These photos are an unexpected harvest. If these photos are released, Zhao Lei's reputation will be completely ruined.

After the three men explained clearly, the police let them go and let them leave. The three men had a guilty conscience and did not dare to tell Zhao Lei about it, and left the city with the money in a desperate manner.

And because of the presence of the police, the family members learned about the three men being taken care of. They were treated coldly by the family for a long time, and had a very low self-esteem.

Fu Xiaowan was very surprised to learn that there were still photos. Xing Jun kept the photos, which would have a big effect in the future. Xing Jun hesitated and agreed. Naturally it is not appropriate to publish this kind of photos. Zhao Lei got the punishment he deserved, and Xing Jun could only agree with his conscience, who made Zhao Lei too difficult to deal with.

At this time, Zhao Leisi didn't know that after she was drunk on Anze's death day, she was actually taken a fruit photo, and the photo still fell into Fu Xiaowan's hands, ready to use it against her and ruin her.

Zhao Lei, who returned home, was humming even in the bath, and she was very happy.

At the same time, the secretary secretly contacted Mrs. An and told her that a man had come to find Zhao Lei, and emphasized that the man is really like Master Anze.

The old lady An already knew Fu Xiaowan's plan, and she didn't care too much about it, because Xiaowan had said that she found someone who looked like An Ze to lie to Zhao Lei.

But at this time, listening to the secretary said that the man looked like An Ze, she couldn't help but feel a little moved.

She wanted to see how much this man looked like Anze, and how surprised even the secretary was.

The secretary naturally did not have photos of the nomads, so the old lady An immediately called Fu Xiaowan and asked to see the photos of the nomads to see how much the man resembled her son.

Fu Xiaowan was amazed by the attitude of the old lady An, but she didn't think much about it. People like this are rare. The old lady is curious if she wants to come. So she ran upstairs and knocked on the door of the nomad's room. It interrupted the phone conversation between Nomad and Xiaoya, took a picture of Nomad, and passed it to the old lady An.

Because it is still early, the nomad has not yet bathed, and his clothes have not been changed, so he is very similar to Anze at this moment, especially his silent temperament when taking pictures, which is more like Anze.

When the old lady received the photo and took a look, she was stunned. God, it seems, is so alike. Is there such a person in this world? It's really amazing.

Rubbing the photo with her finger and looking at this man who was similar to her son, the old lady Ann couldn't help but think of her son, and she began to weep in grief for a while.

The crying alarmed the babysitter, and the babysitter rushed out in a hurry. Seeing that the old lady Ann was crying, he walked up to support her distressedly, and continued to comfort her, and inadvertently saw the photos on the phone and exclaimed. "Well, Master Anze? No, no, although it looks alike, it's not!"

With outsiders around, the old lady Ann was too embarrassed to continue crying, slowly put away her tears, and choked up: "Yes, it looks too much."

The babysitter's eyes flashed suspiciously, and tentatively asked: "Madam, you said, this man. Will...?" Will there be An's blood?

The old lady Ann was startled, staring at the photo with blurry eyes, as if thinking about the nanny's words.

It’s true that people are similar, but people who look like this are really rare. Maybe they really have something to do with Anjia.

Blinking vigorously, the old lady Ann stood up quickly and rushed to the bedroom with her mobile phone.Show the phone photos to the paralyzed wife.Nervously asked: "You tell me honestly, are there any private children out there?"

The paralyzed Dad glanced at the photo, with a surprised look in his eyes.This person, is Ze'er?No, it's not, very similar.But it is not.

Then his wife's words made him angry and his mouth crooked.Gasping angrily, speaking unclearly, he said: "Eh, forehead, forehead. Do, make a pot, yes. To puff, you. Thing." (I have never done anything sorry for you. !)

Seeing that the old man was very angry, a guilty color flashed in the eyes of the old lady, she squatted down and patted the old man's chest lightly, and apologized softly: "Don't get excited, I'm not good, I shouldn't doubt you. "

The relationship between the two is very good, they have never blushed, and Dad An never spends time outside, so An Ma's words made An Dad very angry and felt that he was insulted.

Seeing his wife's low-pitched apology, Dad An was relieved, but he still blew his beard and stared, obviously very upset that his wife doubted him.

An's mother laughed awkwardly before explaining: "Don't blame me for being so like, this child is so much like Ze'er."

Dad An's mouth curled his lips and didn't speak, but he was shocked in his heart. Yes, it was too similar. If he hadn't confirmed that he had never hired a woman or found a lady, he would really think it was a child who was left out.

Seeing An's father showed no guilty expression at all, An's mother completely believed that this child should have nothing to do with An's family. Maybe it was really just a coincidence. He looked very similar.

What the two of them didn’t notice was that a strange color flashed across the eyes of the babysitter at the door. She frowned, as if thinking of something, her expression became a little flustered, and then she walked away very uneasy, but her face was always A worried expression.

At night, the babysitter secretly took away a short hair while serving the master to change the wash.

The next day, Nomad reluctantly continued to report to the An's Group. Today's work was very busy. The two of them had hardly spoken. This also made Nomad a lot easier and kept following Zhao Lei around.

It was finally time for lunch, and the nomad asked to go out to eat. Zhao Lei refused this time. She was really busy, so there was no time to eat out.

The nomad was helpless, so he said he was going to buy it back. Zhao Lei casually agreed, and the nomad took the opportunity to go out for a stroll.

However, when he walked out of the building, he saw an aunt rushing towards him.

"Sir, please wait a minute!" After the aunt ran over, she called the nomad out of breath.

The nomad looked around in amazement, then nodded his nose and asked stupidly: "Are you calling me?"

The aunt nodded repeatedly, and then asked a little uneasy: "Excuse me, do you know Yang Changlan?"

Hearing these three words, the nomad's face changed drastically, and he looked around nervously, then forcibly pulled his aunt to a remote place, frowning and asked: "Who are you? Why do you know my mother*'s name? "

"Huh! It really is!" The aunty expression was complicated and relieved, her eyes were surprised but also embarrassed.

Seeing the expression of the nomad like an enemy, the aunt quickly explained: "Don't be nervous, I am the nanny of the settlement. I know your business and your plan. Don't worry, I won't destroy your plan!"

The babysitter who settles down?The nomad breathed a sigh of relief, and then said puzzledly: "You, know my mother?"

"Yes!" The aunt nodded, and then said, "When I was young, your mother and I were classmates."

It turned out to be my mother's classmate!Nomad was very pleasantly surprised. He didn't expect to meet his mother and classmates, and by such a coincidence, she was doing something for Anjia. He booed and said, "It turned out to be like this."

"You, your mother, how is she?" the aunt asked nervously.

The nomad looked dark, and said with a heavy tone: "My mother, I have already left."

"Ah! How could this happen!" The aunt was surprised, and then said with a very regretful expression, "I still want to reminisce with my old classmates, I didn't expect, hey!"

The nomad twitched the corner of his mouth and did not speak. The aunt in front of him was considered an elder, but to him, she was a stranger.

"You kid, you've grown up like this. I thought I had hugged you back then. You were only this a little bit old at that time!" The aunt said as she gestured with her hand for a short distance, then she raised her hand and patted. The nomad's shoulder said, "They are all this big now!"