Ghost Crossing

Chapter 189 Ghosts in the Office (21)

Yang Changlan's departure did not attract the attention of An's father and An's mother, but instead caused the nanny's suspicion.

After Yang Changlan hurriedly left without saying hello, the nanny immediately called and asked Yang Changlan how she left in such a hurry.

Yang Changlan naturally didn't dare to tell the truth, and made up a random reason, saying that something urgent happened at home, so she hurried home and went a little bit in a hurry.

Regarding Yang Changlan's reasons, the nanny held a half-trusted attitude, always feeling that things were a little bit sudden and something was wrong, but for a while, she didn't know what was wrong, so she could only give up, comforting Yang Changlan and hung up the phone.

As a qualified nanny, the nanny knows everything in Anjia’s house, including the clothes An’s Ma gave to Yang Changlan and Yang Changlan’s items.

After Yang Changlan left, she naturally wanted to clean up the house, but she unexpectedly discovered that in the clothes Anma gave to Yang Changlan, only a blue dress was taken away by Yang Changlan. In the toiletries, towels and everything were left behind. The bath towel was taken away.

At the beginning, the nanny didn't think much about it. It was Yang Changlan who was particularly fond of the dress, so he took it away. As for the bath towels, they were much more expensive than towels, so Yang Changlan was reluctant to throw it away, so he took it away.

However, when the nanny went to clean the bedroom of Mom and Dad, he found that there were some marks on the sheets, and there was still a hint of red in the marks.

The babysitter who cleaned every day was shocked. His wife and she were taking care of the children in the hospital last night, and the husband was at home alone. How could there be such marks on the bed?

(Daily cleaning, the nanny will change the sheets if the bed is dirty, so she is sure that the sheets are absolutely clean.)

Reminiscent of Yang Changlan's sudden departure, the bath towel and dress that he had taken away.The babysitter's heart suddenly slammed, and there was a crazy guess in his heart.

The nanny knew that Yang Changlan loved Dad An very much. Could it be that this girl did something stupid?

The more I think about it, the more upset the babysitter feels that if she doesn't figure out what's going on, she's uneasy.

He tidied up indiscriminately.The babysitter hid back to the bedroom.Called Yang Changlan again, and asked in a very serious tone: "Xiaolan, you tell me the truth. Last night, were you ~~?" When she asked about this, she stopped, not knowing how to say hello, and asked directly.Are you in the husband's bed?If not, wouldn't it be too hurtful.

Who knows.Hearing this, Yang Changlan immediately panicked and said nervously, "You, how did you know?" Obviously, Yang Changlan didn't expect it.She was cleaned up, and why the babysitter knew about it, which worries her even more.Did Boss Ann and Mrs. Ann also know about this, if they do.What is her love!

Originally it was just a guess, but when she heard Yang Changlan's tone, the babysitter instantly understood. Her guess was correct. The stupid girl Yang Changlan actually climbed onto her husband's bed.

The nanny gritted his teeth and cursed with a hatred of iron and steel: "Why are you so stupid? It's impossible for you and him, why do you still do this!"

As a good friend, the babysitter understands Yang Changlan's thoughts. It is nothing more than to leave a thought, give it to his beloved man for the first time, and plan to never show up again in the future, so as not to disturb the lives of husband and wife.

But in doing so, Yang Changlan suffered a lot and gave his first time, but the other party didn't realize it.

"This is my willingness, Sister Ying, please, help me conceal this." Yang Changlan pleaded, and she only realized it after she didn't call herself. If it was Boss An, they knew, the caller would not It's an old classmate.She herself was too guilty, and she admitted it immediately.

The nanny is very helpless, but has no choice. If you don't hide it, can you tell your husband and wife?In this way, Yang Changlan is not the only injured person!The feelings of the husband and wife will also be affected. In the end, she had to nod her head: "Well, I won't tell you about this, but you, want to open a little bit, forget Mr. Ann, find a good man to marry early, don’t Delayed myself!"

Yang Changlan choked and replied: "Sister Ying, thank you!"

The nanny sighed, eyes full of struggling, and finally spit out another sentence with difficulty: "Xiaolan, you, cough, yesterday was your special period, you, you better pay attention to your month next month thing."

Menstruation?Yang Changlan was taken aback, and then suddenly remembered a very important thing, that is, she did not take defensive measures, and there might be a child of Boss Ann in her stomach!

Thinking that she would give birth to the child of her beloved one, Yang Changlan couldn’t help but raise her mouth, and then her eyes were full of apologetics and she lied: "Sister Ying, don’t worry, I, I have medicine, no I'll be pregnant, have a child, how can I marry me!"

Hearing what Yang Changlan said, the nanny breathed a sigh of relief, and felt that Yang Changlan was still a bit sane and not stupid, and the two of them hung up the phone after a few random words.

I originally thought that the matter was over. Whoever came up with it, three months later, news of Yang Changlan's marriage came, and she went home to marry a blind date!The nanny felt very surprised, but was very pleased, thinking that Yang Changlan had walked out of the previous relationship and was finally willing to accept others.

The babysitter also specially asked the parents to give gifts, which is just a show of heart!

But after only one month of marriage, the nanny's parents told the unfortunate news that Yang Changlan was divorced!The reason is that the groom likes to be a father!

After the babysitter heard the news, he immediately understood what was going on. Yang Changlan was pregnant with Mr. An's child, and now she is married with the child. As a result, the matter was revealed and she was divorced!

No wonder, no wonder Yang Changlan got married so soon, it turned out to be for the children in his stomach!

The babysitter was so big that she had to take a few days off. She deliberately rushed back home to see Yang Changlan. When she saw Yang Changlan, Yang Changlan's belly was already slightly straightened, and she was a pregnant woman.

Seeing the babysitter appear, Yang Changlan was very ashamed, her lips squirmed and she didn't know how to explain.

The pregnant Yang Changlan looks even more beautiful, her face is full of maternal brilliance, Xu is because there is a child of the beloved man in her belly, and her eyes are full of expectations, looking forward to the arrival of the child, not at all because Sad about the divorce.

The nanny sighed helplessly and asked: "Xiao Lan, are you really planning to give birth to this child?"

"Yeah!" Yang Changlan nodded with a guilty conscience.Then he hurriedly promised, "Sister Ying, don't worry, I will not disturb Mr. An's life, this child, I will raise and grow up alone!"

"Why are you doing this again!" For Yang Changlan's words, the nanny can only sympathize.No complaints.What courage is this, a woman gave birth to a child out of wedlock and raised the child by herself.

Yang Changlan lowered her head slightly.He stroked his stomach with his right hand, gently stroking, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and his eyes firmly said: "Because. This is his child!"

The nanny didn't know how to say it was good, and persuaded Yang Changlan to kill the child?That is impossible.Yang Changlan is determined to give birth to a child, and the child has been more than 4 months old.

But let Yang Changlan be born, she was worried again.Settling down will be affected in the future.

As if perceiving the nanny's entanglement, Yang Changlan pressed the corner of her mouth slightly, and then her eyes dimmed.The tone became very disappointed and said: "Sister Ying, don't worry. I will do what I say, and I have already planned to remarry. He is willing to accept my child."

"Ah?" The nanny was surprised. Didn't Yang Changlan just get divorced? Why did she marry again so soon?Who will you marry?

Yang Changlan bit her lip hard, and then said: "When I was in college, a guy had been pursuing me. After learning about my divorce, he ran to me all the way and said that he would accept me and have my children."

The babysitter was surprised. It turned out that there was still this. This man knew that Yang Changlan was pregnant and was divorced, but he was still willing to marry Yang Changlan. This shows that this man really loves Xiaolan. If you marry him, Xiaolan's day should be. Very happy!

"Sister Ying, I'm really a bad woman, I promised to marry him, because I don't want a child to be born without a father." Yang Changlan said guiltily, and tears couldn't help falling. She was very sorry for that man.However, if she doesn't marry, what will she do to raise her children?Moreover, in the future, the child will be called a wild child without a father!

"Stupid girl!" The nanny hugged Yang Changlan distressedly and let her vent.

"Lan'er, what's the matter with you? Why are you crying? Are you uncomfortable?" After crying for less than 5 minutes, a man appeared, rushing in with a worried expression on his face, feeling at a loss. He asked nervously.

The man was handsome, his words were full of worry, and his expression was even more flustered. It was obvious that he cared about Yang Changlan.

The babysitter was very pleased. Yang Changlan was even more embarrassed. She wiped away her tears quickly, smiled and shook her head and explained: "I'm fine, but I'm so excited to see Sister Ying!"

"I was scared to death. I thought you were not feeling well, just fine!" The man was obviously relieved, then scratched his head a little embarrassedly, and looked at the babysitter with a silly smile: "You are Lan'er who often mentioned it. Sister Ying! Hello, my name is You Hongtao."

When the nanny saw that the man was really good, he felt relieved. After staying in his hometown for two days, he returned to work at the hometown. However, she didn't mention Yang Changlan's affairs again, and planned to rot in her stomach.

The babysitter and Yang Changlan still contacted at the beginning. The babysitter knew that Yang Changlan's life was really good. Her husband treated her very well. Later, he became rich and lived a well-off life outside, and that Yu Hongtao was indeed a good one. Man, treat that child as his biological child.

Only later, Yang Changlan gradually reduced the contact with her, as if something went wrong with the child, in the end, she lost contact directly.

Until she learned that Yang Changlan and You Hongtao had died, the nanny was very hushing when she heard the news. She wanted to adopt their children as a nomad. However, the nomad has gone out to work and disappeared.And she was worried that Mr. Ann would find the child one day, and finally give up.

Fate is playing tricks. I didn’t expect that after so many years, the nanny would meet that child, that Yang Changlan and Mr. An’s child was nomad!And he actually looks a lot like Master Anze.

I sigh that the world is so small, I went around, everyone still met!

I don't know if the nanny has done so many things privately, An Ma proceeded as planned. This night, she called Zhao Lei and asked Zhao Lei to come home with a very dissatisfied tone.

Zhao Lei didn't bother to go, but he Anma insisted, and her tone was very severe, she went there in desperation.

As soon as she entered the living room, Zhao Lei saw An Ma sitting on the sofa with a gloomy expression. She couldn't help raising her eyebrows and asked curiously: "What can you do with me? I am very tired after working a day during the day!"

It's best not to bother her with trivial things!

Ann snorted coldly.He threw out a stack of photos and asked in a cold tone: "What's the matter with these photos?"

Zhao Lei glanced around at random, and saw that the photos were all pictures of her and the nomads coming and going, eating and working together, and the nomads sending her home.

This dead old woman sent someone to follow up and investigate her!

Zhao Lei felt dissatisfied and angry, and felt that her self-esteem had been hurt.

Don't wait for her to go crazy.An's mother spoke first.He said in a very contemptuous tone: "I won't talk about the men in your family. After all, no outsider knows about it, but this man. You are openly with him. What do you think? Shit, but, This man is the one who resembles Ze'er the most. It's a pity that he doesn't look like Ze'er anymore!"

The anger was instantly extinguished.Zhao Lei was a little guilty when she heard An Ma mentioned several men in the family. After all, the matter was dishonorable, but her son was not up for it.She even missed her mouth and let this old woman know, because of this.She is often ridiculed by the old woman!

Especially the latter sentence, it is not Anze anymore.Hearing Zhao Lei's heart trembled, yes, no matter how nomads look like, he is not Anze after all.

Her heart was bitter, but Zhao Lei still raised her chin proudly to explain: "You misunderstood, I am very innocent with him, and there is no unclear relationship. He is a nomad and is the current heir of the Zhong family."

"Heir of the Zhong family? He?" An Ma cried out pretendingly in surprise, then she frowned and said displeasedly, "How do you know him? Why does he stick to you?"

The corner of his mouth raised with disdain, and Zhao Lei explained with some complacency: "He came to me on the initiative. He admires me very much, so I hope I can teach him. As a reward, An's can cooperate with Zhong in the future."

"Really?" An Ma's eyes lit up, as if she was very excited, as if she also hoped that An's could be better.

"It's true!" Zhao Lei nodded vigorously, feeling excited and proud. It is a great honor to cooperate with Zhong, and only she can do it!

An Ma pursed her lips, and said with relief: "It turns out that it is, but I misunderstood you! But I must remind you that you must not forget the agreement between us!"

Promise!Zhao Lei frowned. If she remarries Zhao Lei, An's will be handed over to An Rui. She is no longer a member of An's.That's right, this is the contract she signed on the initiative!

The nomad is the heir of the Zhong family. If she is with the nomad, she must have gone for the purpose of getting married. To marry a nomad is equivalent to entering the Zhong family. When that happens, she will breach the contract and must leave the An family.

It took her so much energy to get An's, and now she is giving up, she is somewhat unwilling!But, with Zhong, what is An's?If she can enter Zhong's and An's, she will disdain it!

Measured between the two, Zhao Lei made a decision in her heart. If the nomads really marry her, she would not mind giving up An's. Anyway, even if she gave up An's, An's belongs to her son. So young, her guardian is her, isn't Anshi still hers!

After clarifying his thoughts, Zhao Lei's frowned brows stretched out, and she vowed: "Don't worry, I remember! You are looking for me for this?"

"Ah, yes, that's it!" An Ma said embarrassingly.

Zhao Lei squinted at An Ma, and got up and said with an annoyance: "I thought it would be fine if I didn't say it on the phone. I have to let me come here in person." After she said that, she left straight away, attitude Extremely disrespectful.

An Ma didn't mind Zhao Lei's attitude, but was thinking, how long will this plan succeed? She really is, can't wait!

Since the nomad pierced that layer of window paper and directly confessed, the nomad has become more direct and passionate about Zhao Lei. He can't wait to spoil Zhao Lei. Every day a large bouquet of 108 flowers means marrying me!

Every day after get off work, he forcibly took Zhao Lei on a date, doing things that couples should do, such as watching movies, eating, going to the top of the mountain to see the stars, and doing all kinds of romantic things!

Of course, the nomad has always been very clean and self-conscious, and did not get too close to Zhao Lei. This did not make Zhao Lei suspicious, but made Zhao Lei feel that the nomad respected her!

In this way, it was the seventh day of the betting, Zhao Lei was nervous, wondering how the nomads would treat the betting.

Although she was full of confidence, she was still a little worried, worried that the nomads really only got close to herself because of that bet, and didn't really like her!

While waiting anxiously, 12 o'clock was approaching, Zhao Lei kept looking at the time, and kept sweeping the nomads. Seeing his natural face, he seemed to have completely forgotten about the betting. He couldn't help but feel a little depressed. The time was about to come. What will the nomads do?

Finally, at 11:40, the nomad looked at the time and said to Zhao Lei: "It's lunch time, what do you want to eat? I'll buy it!"

Thinking about the bet, Zhao Lei had no appetite, shook her head and said perfunctorily: "Whatever!"

"Well, I'll buy it! Wait for me!" The nomad left the office after saying this.

After the person left, Zhao Lei hurried to the window to look down. After a while, he saw the nomad out of the building and took out his mobile phone.

With worry flashing in his eyes, Zhao Lei quickly returned to the desk, took out a mobile phone from the drawer, and turned it on.

Sure enough, there is a message in the phone indicating that there is a missed call, and the number is really nomad!

Zhao Lei bit her lip very sadly, and she was disappointed in her heart. Could it be that the nomad always remembered the bet, chasing her because of the bet, not liking her!

Sad and sad for a while, the phone rang again, and it was from the nomad. Zhao Lei gave a wry smile, answered the sound, and said in an arrogant tone: "Oh, handsome, you are punctual! Why, give it to me. Here comes the money?"

"No! You are misunderstood, I just want to tell you that this bet is invalidated. If I lose, you send the card number and I will transfer the money directly!" I only heard the call.

Zhao Lei was startled, a little confused, what do you mean?Bet voided?Lost?Nomad, what does this mean?

In ecstasy, the expression on her face instantly rose, Zhao Lei spoke very fast and asked: "What do you mean, what do you mean if you lose? If you lose, you will admit it, and even say that, as if you can really catch Zhao Lei. !"

There was silence on the other end of the phone, and then he said in a very serious tone: "I am pursuing Zhao Lei. I think she is really good. I want to pursue her and marry her. As for the bet with you, it's simply against her. An insult, so I want to bet void!"

Later, I seemed to feel that my explanation was unnecessary, and the nomadic tone was very disdainful and said: "I am too lazy to explain to you, you just treat it as if I have lost, I will give you the money, you send the card number, and you don't need to contact you again! Goodbye!" After speaking, he hung up.

Listening to the beep from the phone, Zhao Lei's uncontrollable right hand covered her mouth, and tears fell down. At this moment, she was so shocked that the nomad actually said such words. He was sincere. of!He really wants to marry her!

At this moment, Zhao Lei felt that she was surrounded by happiness. She had never been treated this way by others. When she was a sales lady* before, those men would linger on her, right. She always has a playful attitude.

She has never been held in the palm of a man by a man. She has never enjoyed the taste of being in love. She has always wanted to join a wealthy family, but was treated like a grass by those men.I have never experienced any romantic things!

But now, the nomad gave her so many romantic surprises, and even said that he would marry her!

Zhao Lei's heart melted, and she felt that she had fallen in the quagmire of love and could never pull it out again!

The most important thing is that the person who wants to marry her turned out to be the heir of the Zhong family. Marry him, she will be a master in the future!

(Well, in fact, Zhao Lei cares most about money! If the nomad is not the heir of the Zhong family, then the romance given by the nomad is not a romantic surprise, but an annoying entanglement!)

The brows and eyes were full of happiness, and the corners of his mouth could not stop rising. Zhao Lei was so happy at the moment that he was almost crazy!

She feels that she is really lucky to be able to harvest beautiful love again!

This time, she didn't play any tricks or tricks, it was the nomads who came to pursue her sincerely!Unlike Anze, she married An's by unscrupulous means and got An's.

After sobbing for a while, Zhao Lei took a deep breath, hurriedly wiped off the teardrops, and hurriedly touched up her makeup. The nomads just went to buy food and will be back soon. When I will come back and see her crying, I am embarrassed!

Well, she has to pretend to be unaware. By the way, she has to get a card number and send it over, so that the nomads will not be suspicious!l