Ghost Crossing

Chapter 191 Ghosts in the Office (23)

After the nomad put on the ring for her, the elevator door dinged open. It turned out to have reached the top floor. He quickly said, "Here!"

After speaking, he hurriedly got out of the elevator, but he was wiping sweat in his heart. The elevator was too powerful and it arrived in time, otherwise he didn't know how to end it. This woman should give a kiss!terrible!

Haha, it's funny when I think of it, that diamond ring, but it's a fake, if Zhao Lei knew about it, would he be angry?

Zhao Lei closed her eyes and waited for the nomad's first kiss. She was nervous, excited, and looking forward to it.

But after waiting for a while, instead of waiting for the expected kiss, she heard the nomads say it and the footsteps of people walking out. She suddenly felt embarrassed, so she suddenly lowered her head, her face was embarrassed and disappointed.

Seeing the natural expression on Nomad's face, Zhao Lei smiled helplessly. The elevator arrived at too late, causing her to ask for a kiss, but Xiao Mu didn't notice.

"Leier, come out quickly, what are you thinking about, the elevator doors must be closed to see!" Nomad asked in a puzzled way, preventing the elevator doors from closing in time.

Zhao Lei pursed her lips and shook her head and said: "It's nothing, but it's dazzled by the ring, let's go!" After saying that she hurried out of the elevator, but in her heart she thought to herself, if Xiao Mu knew that he had missed getting close to her. Will you regret the opportunity?

Thinking of this, her mood improved inexplicably, her footsteps became brisk, and she followed the nomad to his exclusive office.

The office is very simple, which is beyond Zhao Lei's expectations. She originally thought that the nomads would make the office extravagant, but it seems that this is not the case.The decor is simple and generous.

The decoration of the office makes Zhao Lei's sense of nomadism better, thinking that he is not a man who gets worse when he has money.

"There are not many offices!" Zhao Lei praised without hesitation, her eyes were full of satisfaction, and she felt that her vision was good.

The nomad grinned triumphantly when he heard the words, then pulled away the chair, patted and said, "Leier. Come on. Sit down!"

Looking at the chair that symbolizes identity at the desk, Zhao Lei's eyes were hot, not moved.But excited, can she sit in this position?Yes, she can!

Zhao Lei didn't say anything embarrassing, but gave the nomad a look.He said lazily: "My feet are really sore." After speaking, he walked straight to the chair, his eyes shining with excitement.Slowly sat down.

When her hips were next to the chair, Zhao Lei had an unspeakable feeling in her heart, proud, superior, proud, and emotional.At this moment, she felt that she was satisfied in this life.

"Leier. You left An's for me, wronged you!" At this moment, the nomadic voice behind him was very moved.

Zhao Lei shook her head.He said indifferently: "Don't feel wronged, see this ring. I don't feel wronged at all!"

While she was speaking, she also raised her fingers, looking at the diamond ring with happiness.

Zhao Lei is not an expert in appraisal after all. How could she have thought that the ring in her hand was fake?As the nomadic heir of the Zhong family, how could she give her fakes?

Therefore, Zhao Lei never thought that the ring in her hand is not genuine, she is still complacent, what a big diamond ring!

The nomads took the opportunity to put their hands on Zhao Lei’s shoulders, and then directly put her head on Zhao Lei’s head and asked her to look up at herself, and then said with affectionate and serious expression: "Leier, since you have accepted my ring , Then let's get married!"

The sudden proposal of marriage made Zhao Lei stunned. Her beautiful eyes opened wide, staring at the nomad in disbelief like a dream. For a while, she was speechless, and only one sentence reverberated in her mind: Let’s get married. ?Let's get married!

Originally, she was still worried. She had already left An's family. She didn't know when the nomads would marry her, or when they would enter Zhong's family.

I thought it might take a while for the proposal to marry me. Unexpectedly, the nomad would say it so suddenly that she was not mentally prepared at all.

What a surprise, too sudden!

Zhao Lei's head has gone on strike, it won't work!She looked at the nomad stupidly, and for a long time, she asked in disbelief, "You, what did you just say!"

"I said, let's get married!" The nomad had no choice but to say it again, his eyes full of spoiling.

"Ah!" Zhao Lei was overjoyed at this moment, but she was too shocked, the happiness came too suddenly, she was already stunned with excitement, her face was blank, and she was at a loss.

Upon seeing this, the nomad turned around and came to Zhao Lei, straightened her head, and then emphasized again every word: "I said, marry me! Leier, are you willing?"

"I!~" Zhao Lei finally showed an expression of ecstasy on her face. Her eyes were red, her eyes were faintly crying tears, she nodded vigorously, choked up and said: "Yes, I do!"

After that, she couldn't help it anymore, and threw herself directly into the arms of the nomad, crying happily.

Ten minutes later, Zhao Lei finally stopped crying under the comfort of the nomad, looking at the nomad with love, and his mood was very surging, unable to comment!

The nomad wiped her tears distressedly, and then said: "This weekend is a good day. Although it has been a little bit in time, I will definitely arrange a grand wedding for you. Leier, don't you mind if the wedding is too rushed? ?"

what!Get married on the weekend?So fast!Zhao Lei was a little dumbfounded, so he proposed to marry him and set a date to get married!

Moreover, the time is still so close, just on the weekend, you know, today is already Tuesday, that is to say, in four days, she and the nomad will enter the auditorium?

Although some shocking time is so tight, Zhao Lei is still happy in her heart. Of course, she hopes that the sooner the better. Since the nomads are willing to get married as soon as possible, she naturally wouldn't mind getting married too soon.

Blinking quickly, Zhao Lei showed a sweet smile and said shyly: "I listen to you!"

"Great! Lei'er, then I will go to prepare for the wedding. During this time, you will be in the company, get a general situation of the company, and then be a bride with peace of mind!" Nomad was full of joy. After speaking, he couldn't wait to take out his mobile phone.

I saw him saying in a very excited tone: "Xiao Zhang. Contact me the best wedding company, uh, forget it, you just get me the phone number of the wedding company, I'm in a hurry!"

Zhao Lei pursed the corner of her mouth and looked at the busy nomad with a smile, feeling happy.

After the nomad hung up.Still feel too slow.He looked at Zhao Lei, his mouth raised and smiled: "Leier, these few days. I may be busy! I don't have time to be with you!"

"It's okay, I understand, what do I need to do?" Zhao Lei was looking forward to this grand wedding.What will it be like?Moreover, she also hopes that she can participate in it.Enjoy the fun of setting up the wedding.

Shaking his head, the nomad resolutely refused: "No, it will tire you. Just leave this to me. You can rest well and show up in front of me in the most perfect posture on weekends!"

Zhao Lei nodded vigorously, glaring at the nomad.Very cleverly replied: "That's good, but. Don't be too tired. You don't have to do some things yourself, just ask others to do it!"

"I know!" The nomad replied with joy in his eyebrows, and then the phone dinged and the text message came. He quickly checked the message, and then said: "Then, Leier, I'm going to work now, you Rest in the office!"

"Don't worry about me, you go!" How could Zhao Lei be entangled, wishing the nomads hurry up and get the wedding done!

After that, the nomad hurriedly left the office, while Zhao Lei stayed in the office, turning around, digging here and there, but the office was cleaned up, there were no precious documents, and she had nothing. See it, just take a look at it and pass the time.

In other words, after the Nomad used the wedding arrangement as an excuse to leave the office, he immediately wiped off his cold sweat, curled his lips, shook his shoulders, and walked into the conference room beside him with a cold face.

In the meeting room, a beautiful and moving woman was sitting impressively, so is Fu Xiaowan!

At this time, Fu Xiaowan was laughing with her belly belly up, and she was lying on the sofa without any image. Tears were about to come out. Seeing the nomads came in, her shoulders twitched violently, and she forcibly stopped the laugh, but her mouth still sneered from time to time. The laughter came, and in the end, I couldn't help it, and continued to laugh wildly.

The corner of the nomad's mouth twitched, and he said angrily: "What's so funny!" Then he swept his eyes and saw a large display in front of Fu Xiaowan, with a human figure moving on it. Take a closer look, good deed, in the display. Isn't that Zhao Lei!

I saw Zhao Lei standing alone in front of a potted plant with a silly smile. Obviously, she should be thinking about the wedding and she was overjoyed!

"You actually peeped! It's too immoral!" The nomad asked angrily and furiously, to ease his embarrassment, thinking that what he had just said to Zhao Lei had been heard by Fu Xiaowan, he felt dull on his face!

"Cough cough!" Fu Xiaowan laughed so badly, coughing violently for a while, tears filled the corners of his eyes, and finally healed, and said with a jealous expression, "I'm not worried that you will Do what I'm sorry to Xiaoya, and watch you! Well, good performance! I will tell Xiaoya!"

The nomad was embarrassed, and Nunu said in an angry mouth: "Feelings, I have to thank you for failing!"

Fu Xiaowan joked with winking eyebrows: "No thanks, no thanks!"

Hearing this, the nomad rolled his eyes and felt that Fu Xiaowan's face was very thick, and said helplessly: "I will be fine next!"

"It's nothing big. Before the weekend, you just need to hang around in front of Zhao Lei from time to time. You don't need to accompany her too much!" Fu Xiaowan said with a smile, thinking that things are going so smoothly. He got the bait, thanks to the nomad, thanks to his appearance like An Ze, otherwise Zhao Lei would not be so easy to get the bait!

Raising an eyebrow, the nomad shrugged and said: "That's good, this weekend, I still want to accompany Xiaoya well, how many days have been this, I am almost sick with lovesickness!"

In order to get close to Zhao Lei, the nomad sacrificed a lot of time, and even the weekend time spent with Xiaoya was also taken up. It can be said that he has not dated with Xiaoya alone for a long, long time!

Fu Xiaowan appeared apologetic and paused before saying in a very serious tone: "Nomad, I want to discuss something with you!"

"Oh? What's the matter?" The nomad is very puzzled, why is something wrong again?

"That's it!" Fu Xiaowan thought about her words, and then said, "If you want to be with Xiaoya, it's definitely not possible in the current situation. So, I want you to study in the Zhong family."

"Enter the Zhong family? Me? But I, don't know anything!" The nomad was surprised, but he was very excited. Zhong, such a company, many people can't enter if they squeeze their heads.right now.Xiao Wan wants to open the back door for him to let him in.

However, he has no education.Second, if there is no work experience, how can He De get into the Zhong family, this back door is too obvious.Would it make Xiao Wan difficult to do?

Shaking his hand, Fu Xiaowan said indifferently, "It's okay. You have been with Zhao Lei these days, and you have learned a lot. This thing is not difficult at first, just take the time to learn. You must be fine! At that time, you will study in the company from Monday to Friday, and report to a class on weekends. Learn carefully and do both. There is absolutely no problem!"

The nomad was very grateful, but he still hesitated. As a result, he owed Xiao Wan a great favor. Originally, he was thinking that he would definitely not be able to follow Xiao Wan to cross ghosts all the time, for Xiaoya and for the future. In the days when he had to find another way for him, but he did not expect that Xiao Wan was willing to let him enter the Zhong family.

If he can enter the Zhong family, he will definitely not worry about his future future, and there will be no inferiority complex with Xiaoya!

However, to enter the prerequisite of the Zhong family, he has to study, and the cost must be huge. This favor is not small!

Xu Ye sensed the hesitation of the nomads, and Fu Xiaowan smiled and said, "You don't have to think too much. If you feel that you owe me too much, just treat Xiaoya well, and do more for the Zhong family.

"Then I'm also welcome, Xiao Wan, thank you!" The nomads are not too machismo. They feel that it is shameful to be favored by a woman, so thank you directly, and secretly decided to be nice to Xiaoya. Repay Xiao Wan well.

Seeing that the nomads had agreed, Fu Xiaowan smiled relievedly, and then went back to the subject: "Then this matter is settled, yes, there is another very important thing right now, that is the sealed person, you try to get from Zhao Lei's side Inquire and see what's going on?"

The person who can seal the ghost is really terrible. If that person has a close relationship with Zhao Lei, maybe it will appear at the wedding, and it will affect her plan at that time!

The nomad's mouth twitched, and he said with a big head: "This matter is not easy to inquire, how do you let me speak?"

The atmosphere fell silent for a moment, yes, that person's identity is too special, how can you ask so that Zhao Lei's suspicion will not arouse?You must find a reasonable reason.

After thinking for a while, Fu Xiaowan waved his hand helplessly and said, "Forget it, don't worry about it in advance, anyway, there are still a few days left. I will also go on the wedding day, and if anything goes wrong, I can save it in time."

"Well, then, am I going that day?" the nomad asked.

After turning his thoughts over, Xiao Wan shook his head and said, "No, you don't have to go that day. Anyway, Zhao Lei was embarrassed that day. If you go, it will be easy to be taken by you, and then you will be embarrassed."

"Okay, I see." Nomad nodded, very satisfied with the answer, which shows that he can go to see Xiaoya this weekend.

"Okay, okay, pass the time by yourself, I'll watch the video again, giggle, it's so funny!" Fu Xiaowan went on to watch the video again after saying that, maybe he saw that Zhao Lei hadn't moved for a long time, and was a little boring. I watched the video in the elevator.

In the video, Zhao Leisuo kissed and the nomad ran away in embarrassment.

Seeing that Xiao Wan burst into laughter again, the nomad couldn't bear to look directly at the scene, his eyes twitching wildly.

Fu Xiaowan couldn't laugh, and she didn't forget to joke about the nomads: "I said nomads, how big was your shadow area at that time, if the elevator didn't open, would you kiss it!"

The nomad rolled his eyes angrily, feeling that he couldn't stay any longer. If he stayed any longer, he would lose his face. He left the office sullenly, and took the elevator out for a stroll.

After strolling for about half an hour, the nomad took out his mobile phone and called Zhao Lei: "Leier, I have found a good wedding company, and now I am here to talk about the wedding."

Zhao Lei's eyes lit up when he heard the words, and quickly said: "Then I will pass now?"

"Don't, don't come, you're here, how can I arrange surprises at the wedding!" The nomad quickly refused, and finally laughed, "Just leave it to me, you, come home obediently, and wait to be beautiful Bride is just fine."

A joke, where is the wedding company of Nomad now? He is clearly hanging out, how can Zhao Lei come over!

Pursing slightly, Zhao Lei let out a disappointed cry, but she didn't insist anymore, she could only say dullly, "Okay, then. I'll go back first!"

The office is just so big, she didn’t see any flowers after reading it all the time. The nomads were talking about the wedding, and they wouldn’t let her go, and they couldn’t come back for a while. Zhao Lei could only choose to go home alone. .The nomads snub her for the wedding.Although she was a little unhappy in her heart, she still understood it!

The nomad breathed a sigh of relief, and finally sent the woman away.There is no need to go back and look at her face, especially now, when the proposal is successful, Zhao Lei will get close to him at every turn.He was very frightened, for fear of being taken advantage of.

He smiled in his heart.But she said apologetically: "Leier, sorry, let you go back alone, I can't come and pick you up."

See the nomad initiative to talk about this.I also apologized, Zhao Lei felt a lot of comfort, and hurriedly smiled and said, "It's okay. I'm not a kid, so I can't lose it. Be busy!"

"Well, be careful on the road!" Nomad said softly. After hanging up the phone, he couldn't help but shiver. What he said was disgusting!Too numb!

And Zhao Lei grinned open after hearing the words of the nomad. She was very happy. After hanging up the phone, she took a breath, glanced at the office with nostalgia, and then decisively left the office.

The departure now is only temporary. Sooner or later, this office belongs to her!

Seeing that Zhao Lei had left the office, Fu Xiaowan got up leisurely, left the conference room, entered the office, sat down on the chair, turned around a few times, and then dialed the insider and ordered: "Let someone come up and clean every time. Every corner is wiped clean."

It's not Xiao Wan's hypocrisy, but this office belongs to her. When she thinks that Zhao Lei covets this office so much, she feels very upset in her heart. Naturally, she wants to clean up everything Zhao Lei has touched and wherever she has been.

After the phone call, she got up and went to the floor-to-ceiling window. She saw Zhao Lei taking a taxi and left. Then she turned and left, leaving Zhong's family.

Along the way, all the people who saw Fu Xiaowan greeted respectfully: "Hello, Miss Fu."

After Fu Xiaowan left, the employees started to talk.

"That is our real boss, so young and so beautiful!"

"You are lucky. I saw Ms. Fu just one year after joining the company. I have been here for a few years, and this is the first time I have seen her!"

"Really? Didn't Ms. Fu come to the company before? Isn't she afraid of someone taking power from the company?"

"You don't know that, in the Zhong family, there is no such thing, the heir must, no one can change!"

"Ah, there are such things, it's amazing! No wonder Miss Fu doesn't use the company! Don't worry!"

"Hehe, that's why Zhong has become a legend! Unlike other companies, which fight over and under cover and seize power."

"It is really lucky for me to be able to enter the Zhong family. However, I am curious, how could Miss Fu suddenly come to the company this time? And she also gave such a strange order. That Shao You, who is it?"

"I don't know, Miss Fu's affairs, we still better not guess, and don't talk too much, lest Miss Fu's affairs are ruined."

"I know, I won't talk nonsense, I'm just curious! The woman next to You Shao is not Mr. Zhao of An's, this woman is very powerful, how come to our company? Less together? Are they in love?"

"Who knows, Mr. Zhao, who is amazing is quite amazing, but I vaguely heard that she is not a good person."

"Oh? How do you say? I think she is pretty good. I admire her. She supported An's by herself, and An's is getting stronger and stronger under her management."

"Well, her work ability is really good, but her style of work is not very good, you just graduated from society, I don't know what happened a few years ago, there was a lot of trouble at that time!

"Oh? What's the matter, let's talk about it!"

"On the day of Anjia’s only son’s wedding, Mr. Zhao took his children and ruined the wedding. Afterwards, many things happened. In short, the wedding did not happen, and the only son of Anjia died. The poor bride also died soon, Mr. Zhao’s child. He became the only Miao Miao of Anjia, and he accepted Mr. Zhao when he settled for his children."

"That said, she went into An's house without a name!"

"Yes, it is like that."

"Here, there is this thing! I always feel a little weird to hear you say that, I don't know if I should admire or despise Mr. Zhao!"

"Hey, what's the entanglement, you can despise her personality, admire her ability to work, no conflict!"

"Haha, yes!"

There are more than one or two people talking about this kind of dialogue. Many people in the company are curious about this matter, but the Zhong’s system is strict. Preach this as if it had never happened before.l

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