Ghost Crossing

Chapter 192 Ghosts in the Office (24)

There are more than one or two people talking about this kind of dialogue. Many people in the company are curious about this matter, but the Zhong’s system is strict. Preach this as if it had never happened before.

It is said that after Zhao Lei left Zhong's company, she did not go home directly, but took a taxi to a place she had long forgotten.

This time, Zhao Lei arrived at Ding Hong’s branch, where Li Juan’s soul was sealed!

Having not been here for many years, Zhao Lei couldn't help feeling a little, and sighed quietly, then entered the building and went straight to the floor where Li Juan's soul was sealed.

The elevator slowly went up and opened, Zhao Lei couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Speaking of it, she hadn't been here for a long time, and she didn't know what happened to the mirror that sealed Li Juan?Wouldn't they be rescued?

No, it shouldn't!Who knows how to lift the seal!Maybe, the mirror has been damaged, and Li Juan has been wiped out in smoke!

After finally arriving at the seal, Zhao Lei carefully inspected the toilet. After confirming that there was no one, she locked the toilet door, and then went straight to the mirror and looked at it seriously.

The mirror in front of me is exactly the same style as the previous mirror. At first glance, no one can tell that the mirror has been changed.

But Zhao Lei is different. She clearly remembers the brand and model of the mirror, because she personally bought the mirror and it was used to seal Li Juan, can she remember it clearly!

At this sight, Zhao Lei's face changed drastically, her brows immediately frowned, her right hand touched the trademark on the mirror, and she couldn't help murmuring: "Change, it's not the previous mirror. What about the previous mirror? Up?"

If you haven't figured out what the mirror is like, you don't know what the condition of Li Juan's soul is.How can Zhao Lei feel at ease? She immediately took out her mobile phone and dialed a number she hadn't contacted for a long time: "Hey, Manager Qin, where are you? I have something to ask you, and I hope you can answer truthfully!"

After asking about it, Zhao Lei breathed a sigh of relief.Learned that the toilet has been renovated.The mirror was also towed away and dealt with. She couldn't help but feel relieved a lot, deal with it?That should be ruined, right?

what a pity.She originally wanted to show off to Li Juan today, but as a result, Li Juan had already been ruined, and she couldn't stimulate Li Juan anymore.It's a pity.

It's just that Li Juan is completely dead.The soul has disappeared, but it is completely gone. She is very satisfied with this ending!

I wonder if Li Juan was actually rescued.Zhao Lei felt a little regretful, but left with some emotion.

Only after she left.A cleaner appeared behind her, staring at her with hatred in his eyes.Then I did not know who I contacted, and said something very anxiously.

Less than five minutes later, Fu Xiaowan received a call from Ding Hong, saying that Zhao Lei went to the toilet. It is estimated that she went to find Li Juan, but from the look of her departure, she probably didn’t know that Li Juan was rescued. Going away, I thought that Li Juan was gone!

After listening to Ding Hong’s words, Fu Xiaowan squeezed his cold sweat and thanked him and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, Zhao Lei still remembered Li Juan. Show off!

Fortunately, when she took the mirror away, she deliberately told about this. If Zhao Lei asked, there was only one answer: it was renovated, the mirror was disposed of, and it was destroyed!In this way, Zhao Lei would only think that the mirror was ruined and Li Juan was also annihilated.

Secretly rejoicing, Fu Xiaowan's mind suddenly flashed, and a look of joy appeared on his face, and immediately called the nomad: "Nomad, I have an idea, you are like this..." On the other end of the call, the nomad agreed.

The next day, the nomad still pretended to be busy with the wedding. He just took the time to call Zhao Lei and said some sweet words, but he made his voice low and hoarse, as if he was half sick!

While Zhao Lei was overjoyed, she was also worried, and asked, "Xiaomu, what's wrong with you? There is something wrong with your voice, are you sick? Don't worry about the wedding, don't hurt your body!"

The nomad pretended to cough, then said hoarsely: "I'm fine, I just didn't sleep well last night!"

"You, take a good rest! If you are sick, I will feel distressed!" Zhao Lei was relieved after hearing this, as long as he was not sick, otherwise the wedding might be delayed.

"Well, I will!" The nomad quickly promised, and then pretended to have a headache. "In fact, it's strange to say that I can't sleep well every night these days. I always feel like I'm under pressure and panting. But when I get angry, I feel cold."

As soon as Zhao Lei heard this, her heart suddenly felt bad, she hurriedly asked: "How many days have you been like this?"

"It's not a few days, probably, 4 days!" The nomad said in a rather indifferent tone, and then said helplessly, "It is estimated that I will be violent with that bed. I will sleep in a different room tonight, and I will be fine. ."

"Well, then you can change the room!" Zhao Lei said, but she was thinking in her heart that the situation Xiao Mu said is a typical ghost press!

It feels like being pressed and out of breath when sleeping. Generally speaking, it may be caused by pressing your hands or pets on your chest while sleeping.

But there is another situation, that is, the ghost press, being entangled by ghosts, can also cause such a situation.

But in the words of the nomads, feeling the coolness, the greater possibility is the ghost press!

Thinking of the nomad being entangled by ghosts, it might just be sick and unwell. In severe cases, it might lead to shortness of breath. Zhao Lei couldn't help but feel worried. After struggling for a moment, she gritted her teeth and decided to contact that person.

I pulled out a brand-new mobile phone from the drawer, and found out the phone book. There was only one phone number in it, and the name of the note turned out to be the word father.

Zhao Lei saw a touch of depression in her eyes, and finally dialed the phone cruelly.

On the other end of the phone, I beeped a few times and answered, and a man's slightly excited and worried words came: "Xiao Lei, is that you? Are you looking for me, something?"

Zhao Lei couldn't help feeling very strange when she heard this familiar voice that she hadn't heard for a long time. She looked sad, and couldn't help but energize the hand holding the phone.His throat seemed to be blocked in half, and he couldn't speak for a while.

Seeing that Zhao Lei hadn't spoken for a long time, the person on the other end of the phone also fell silent. The phone was connected, but no one on both sides spoke, allowing the time above to increase a little bit.

When the call duration reaches 2 minutes.Zhao Lei took a deep breath.Finally he said: "I have something to ask you for help!" The word Dad rolled in his throat, and finally he swallowed it in his mouth.Did not shout out.

There was a sigh on the other end of the phone, and finally agreed: "As long as Xiao Lei speaks, I will definitely help. Let's talk. What's the matter?"

After hearing this, Zhao Lei felt a little moved.It's just that this touch disappeared in the next second, thinking of this man, her biological father, abandoning her and mother.There is hatred in her heart!Especially, after her mother remarried, her stepfather would beat and scold her.Even her body was taken over by her stepfather.The more she hated this man, her own father!

If he hadn't abandoned their mother and daughter, why would she have been so miserable, Zhao Lei, is she a naturally humble woman who likes to betray*?Is not it?

However, after being defiled by her stepfather, she broke the jar!Use your beauty to make money, and have a firm belief in your heart, no one is reliable, only money is reliable, only money will not betray yourself!Only money can make her live comfortably.

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Lei said coldly: "I'm going to remarry, but my fiance seems to have been entangled by ghosts recently!"

"Remarry!" On the other end of the phone, the man's tone was very surprised. Obviously he hadn't thought that Zhao Lei would remarry. Then he hurriedly said, "This is simple, I can solve it, but are you and Anjia?"

It seems that Zhao Lei's father knows about Zhao Lei's affairs, and also knows the contract signed between her and An Jia. If he remarries, he will leave An's.

Therefore, the man was surprised that Zhao Lei was willing to leave An's and choose to remarry!

When Zhao Lei thought of the nomads, her mood suddenly improved a lot, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly, and her tone was proud and bragging: "My fiance, but the heir of the Zhong family, is a hundred times stronger than the An family!"

"That's it, that's good, that's good!" When the man heard that the Zhong family is stronger than the An family, and the daughter remarried more wealthy than before, he was relieved a lot, his eyebrows were full of smiles, as a father, He naturally hopes that his daughter can marry a good man.

For Zhao Lei, the man was full of guilt.

At the beginning, he was also blinded by lard, and he was fascinated by a fox *little, and abandoned the mother and daughter, but within a year, the fox *little ran away with money, and he suddenly felt that the world was broken. He had no love, so he became a monk and became a monk.

It is because his luck has improved, because he has completely lost his heart to female sex. The master is very satisfied with him and taught him a lot of skills.

It was at that time that the man realized that there were ghosts in the world. He immediately became interested, studied hard, and learned many ways to deal with ghosts.

Such as seals, such as killing ghosts, such as how to open the eyes of the sky, all men have learned.

The popularity is only three points. After studying for about a year and a year of temple life, the man becomes a little impatient, and he is afraid of female sex.But he hasn't eaten meat for more than a year, and he hasn't got any meat or fish, and he can't help but become greedy.

Ever since, he secretly caught the pheasant chicken and roasted it on the mountain.

Unexpectedly, luck was over, and he was arrested and kicked out directly by the host.

His master hated iron and steel, and ignored him. He also said that he taught him those things when he was blind, hoping that he would not use these skills indiscriminately.

(The master is a monk of the older generation. He knows some things. Not all monks know how to catch ghosts and destroy them.)

In this way, the man was kicked out of the temple. For a year of temple life, he didn't need to make money. He grew the vegetables he ate every day, which caused him to be at a loss after going down the mountain and did not know how to start a new life.

Later, he simply took advantage of ghosts to deceive, and even tricked some wandering ghosts to frighten people, but also cheated a lot of money.

However, he was reported later and arrested for education.When he came out again, he had no choice but to work as a security guard at the construction site. He kept vigil every day. Although his salary was low, he was at ease and able to eat food.

The construction site was quickly completed, and the men tossed and turned to many construction sites and continued to work as security guards, living a day by day.

In this way, after fooling around for many years, the man happened to meet Zhao Lei.

To be honest, the man's wife was originally a great beauty, and Zhao Lei was like a mother.

unfortunately.Maybe home flowers are far less scented than wild flowers!The man froze and even abandoned his wife and daughter.

He regretted it later, but he didn't have the face to go back, so now seeing Zhao Lei, he was immediately stunned.

Regret and guilty, the man did not dare to come forward to identify, but silently followed Zhao Lei, knowing where she worked.After that, he took time to visit his daughter secretly from time to time.

And all this.Zhao Lei didn't know, she didn't know that her biological father had been paying attention to her.

At that time, Zhao Lei was already a salesperson who sold her body.That is the time to meet Anze.

The man saw Zhao Lei go out with the client many times, and after following along, he saw Zhao Lei go to bed with *, and he stayed immediately.He felt so distressed that he realized it now.How much harm did his departure bring to his daughter.

For this reason, he also deliberately went to find his wife, and only then learned that after his wife remarried with her daughter, life is better than death, at the beginning.The wife, who was unable to raise her daughter, endured silently, until the beastly man defiled her daughter, the wife was furious.Resolutely divorced, one person took his daughter to discuss life.

just.Life is extremely difficult!

Knowing all this, the man regretted not at the beginning, and was full of guilt and silently guarded his daughter.

When Zhao Lei started planning to marry a wealthy family and design to frame An Ze and Li Juan, the man finally jumped out and took everything to himself.

Yes, Zhao Lei did not do it herself, it was her biological father who did all these bad things for her.

Adding medicine to Anze's potion, placing things that will cause abortion in the toilet, and sealing the ghost of Li Juan, all made by men.

The man thought, in case the Dongchuang incident happened someday, he should resist all the guilt and don't fall on his daughter.

When Zhao Lei's plan was successful, the man laughed. He left his contact information and secretly left the city, not wanting to add to the obstacles to his daughter.

And Zhao Lei also acquiesced to his departure. Although she is grateful for everything her father has done for her, the hatred in her heart has not diminished. In addition, she has entered a wealthy family. Naturally, everything that was unbearable in the past can be completely thrown away!

This time, Zhao Lei really didn't want to contact his father if it wasn't for the ghosts that Zhao Lei could not solve.

Of course, in fact, Zhao Lei still longed for the love of the father in her heart, so her phone book marked Dad, but she still couldn't call the word.

Hearing that his father agreed to help, Zhao Lei relaxed and felt that if his father came forward, the nomadic ghost press would definitely be fine. Thinking that the nomads would be fine and the wedding would proceed as usual, her tone improved a lot, and she hesitated for a moment before she whispered Asked: "Are you okay now? Where are you? Are you far away?"

Hearing Zhao Lei's greetings and the worry in his tone, the man was very excited, his voice trembling and quickly replied: "I'm fine, I have enough food and sleep, not far away, I will be in the car tomorrow morning, and I will be there at night. "

"Oh, well, just call me when you're here." Zhao Lei didn't know what to say, and finally hung up the phone after saying "Be careful on the road".

The next day, the nomad still called Zhao Lei in a very tired tone. Zhao Lei was very heartened when he saw it. He became more determined that the nomad encountered a ghost press. After comforting him, he looked forward to his father's arrival. .

As long as the father comes, the ghost press will be solved naturally.

At about 8 o'clock in the night, Zhao Lei received a call, and he arrived and checked into a hotel.

Zhao Lei was anxious about the nomadic affairs, so he went to see his father in person.

Father Zhao simply dressed and dressed, waiting for Zhao Lei's arrival. When the father and daughter met, they couldn't help feeling a little out of control. Zhao's father burst into tears and was very excited.Zhao Lei was calmer, but the look in her eyes was complicated, which showed that she was also excited, but she didn't show it.

"Xiao Lei, you are here!" Father Zhao rubbed his hands and said awkwardly.

Zhao Lei nodded slightly, and then said: "This time I'm going to trouble you again, and I don't want him to know about you. Therefore, this time you exorcise ghosts, I hope you will do it secretly and don't be noticed by him!"

Father Zhao's eyes darkened and he felt a little disappointed, but he quickly cheered up and replied: "Don't worry, I won't let him find out."

Feeling guilty in her heart, Zhao Lei immediately changed the subject, took out her mobile phone, and showed her father’s photos of the nomad: “It’s him. He’s been busy with weddings recently. I’m not with him. You will follow him quietly. , Don't let him find out."

"Good!" Father Zhao nodded again and again.Then he looked down at the photo, the similar face shocked him, and he said in surprise, "This, this man." It seemed like Anze!He didn't dare to say the last sentence.

Knowing his father's surprise, Zhao Lei smiled and said, "It's very similar. Right! I was also surprised at first."

"Indeed. Very similar, he and Anjia, is it okay?" Father Zhao found it incredible.It was so similar, it made him feel that he was An Ze's own brother, and the person who settled down.

Zhao Lei was startled, and then said angrily: "Of course it doesn't matter. An Ze is the only son of the An family, just like it. It doesn't matter."

Father Zhao said sternly: "Is it? It's incredible, it looks like this!"

The corner of her mouth pursed, Zhao Lei showed a happy expression on her face and said: "First, he looks like An Ze. Second, he is the heir of the Zhong family and richer than the An family. It is my luck to marry him."

Seeing her daughter showed a happy look.Father Zhao is very pleased, and his daughter is fine.

There was nothing else to talk about between the father and daughter. Zhao Lei left after a few words at random. Although Zhao's father was reluctant, he still watched Zhao Lei leave.

On Thursday, Zhao Lei called the Nomad early in the morning, saying that he missed him very much and was worried about his body. He must meet the Nomad, otherwise he felt uneasy.

The nomad originally wanted to perfunctory, but Zhao Lei insisted, so he went to the appointment in desperation.

We met at the coffee shop and ate some sweets. Zhao Lei looked worriedly at the tired nomad and asked, "Why is my face so bad? Is it still like that when sleeping?"

The nomad reluctantly smiled and said: "It's still the same, and I don't know what's going on. Maybe, I have the so-called premarital anxiety! Haha!" He actually teased himself.

Zhao Lei was so teased that she quivered, and said, "Glossy."

The two talked and laughed, and then the nomad looked at the time and said, "It's late, I'm going to be busy, I'll take you back!"

"No, you go busy, pay attention to your body, I'll be fine if I go back by myself, I have a car, if you take me back, what about my car?" Zhao Lei refused angrily.

The nomad raised his eyebrows in surprise, but didn't insist, so he nodded: "Well, drive carefully!" After saying that, he went to check out and left.

However, he did not see that after he checked out and left, Zhao Lei did not leave immediately, but still sat in the original flavor. After the nomads got in the car and left, a man appeared and sat in his seat.

"How? Isn't it?" Zhao Lei immediately asked anxiously as soon as the man appeared.

Father Zhao nodded solemnly and said: "There is indeed yin entanglement on his body, but it is not very serious. It should be entangled with unclean things, but the time is not long and the problem is not serious."

Zhao Lei's heart suddenly raised up when she was really entangled by a ghost, but when she heard that the problem was not serious, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then eagerly said: "Then, you can help him get rid of the ghost. !"

Father Zhao frowned, and said a little embarrassed: "This is not easy to handle!"

Zhao Lei asked hurriedly: "Why? Isn't it serious? Isn't the ghost too powerful for you to deal with?"

"No!" Father Zhao shook his head with a wry smile, and explained, "That ghost is not very powerful."

not very cool?Zhao Lei was taken aback, and said anxiously: "Since it is not great, why is it difficult to handle?"

Father Zhao saw that Zhao Lei was so anxious, he said directly: "That's it. I just saw it. The nomad has a yin spirit on his body, but there is no ghost around him. This shows that the ghost is in his house. I want to drive it away. Ghost, you have to go to his house, this, I can't go to his house!"

When Zhao Lei heard this, she was very helpless, and she couldn't tell the nomad, you are entangled by a ghost, let my dad drive you away?

What can I do!

For a while, Zhao Lei was also in trouble, and Zhao's father was even more at fault. He could only sit anxiously and wait for Zhao Lei to come up with an idea.

After thinking about it, Zhao Lei couldn't think of a way to come. She hadn't been to a nomad house, so how could she let her father go!

The thought of this made Zhao Lei a little bit sad. Yeah, she didn't seem to have been to a nomad's house, and the nomad, every time she sent her to the door, she never went in, it seemed a bit too strange.

But thinking that today is already Thursday and the weekend is about to get married, she will live with the nomad, and her sadness will pass.

Moreover, Zhao Lei also thought of something, and grabbed his father's hand and asked hurriedly: "If Xiaomu changes place to live, will it be all right?"