Ghost Crossing

Chapter 193 Ghosts in the Office (25)

Zhao Lei also thought of something, and grabbed his father's hand and asked hurriedly: "If Xiaomu changes place to live, will it be all right?"

According to what his father said, the ghost did not follow the nomad, but hid in the nomad's house, and was pressed by the ghost every night when the nomad went home to sleep.

On weekends, she and the nomad are about to get married, and there will definitely be a new house. In this way, the nomad will sleep in a different place. Then the ghost can no longer entangle the nomad?

Father Zhao frowned, and said unconvincedly: "This, not necessarily, if the ghost just stays in that room and the nomads change places, naturally they will be fine. But if it is, it came from the nomads, and the nomads hadn't been there all night. Going back, it will definitely find it again and continue to pester the nomads!"

"Ah!" Zhao Lei was a little depressed, thinking that the nomads would be fine if they changed their place. Now it seems that her thinking is wrong. It's Thursday, and the day after tomorrow, they will get married. In three nights, the nomads should be fine. What's going on, it's nothing more than haggard.

Well, it doesn't work either, what if the nomads are tired and dizzy on the wedding day?

Zhao Lei had a thought for a while, tangled, and finally looked at her father with a begging look and asked, "Is there no other way? I don't want this to affect the wedding on the weekend!"

"This!" Father Zhao was very embarrassed, his face was utterly unreliable. However, seeing his only daughter so worried, he could only sigh helplessly, and muttered, "You let me think about it!"

Zhao Lei nodded in gratitude, then did not speak, but waited silently so as not to interrupt his father's thinking.

Folding his eyebrows in thought for a while, Father Zhao scratched the back of his head with a frustrated expression, and asked helplessly: "There is really no way, unless I can go to the nomad's house. Otherwise, I can't get rid of ghosts."

"Hey!" Zhao Lei sighed helplessly, and did not force her father any more. She knew that her father must be really out of trouble, otherwise she would definitely help her, bit her lip, and she made a decision: "That's it. I think of a way. Go to Xiao Mu’s house, and you will act as my driver and go with you, and then take the opportunity to kill the ghost."

"Huh!" Father Zhao would refuse.He was too busy to choose, and then he looked at Zhao Lei with a look of expectation, his lips moved, and he stopped talking.He missed his daughter very much and wanted to spend more time with Zhao Lei.But he knew that Zhao Lei didn't like him, so he shouldn't be willing to stay with him for a long time!

Perceiving his father's look, Zhao Lei was full of emotion. This time, she also asked her father.Moreover, her father did a lot of things for her, and it seemed too unsympathetic to him.

He hesitated for a moment.Zhao Lei whispered: "Since you want to act as my driver, you have to change your clothes. Let's go, I will take you to buy suitable clothes!" This is also an indirect gesture of goodness!

Hearing that, Father Zhao was overjoyed, and the little chicken nodded like a peck of rice. There was only one thought in his mind that his daughter would buy new clothes for him!This is the first time!

Seeing the look of his father, Zhao Lei couldn't tell what it was like, and looked at his father in a daze, only to find that his father had a lot of white hair on his head, and he was old!

Maybe, my father hasn't been for many years, and he hated it for so many years, that's enough!Moreover, I will soon be living the life of a master, there is no need to struggle with the unfortunate past.

As Zhao Lei thought, her cold eyes became softer, and her tone became softer: "Dad! Let's go!"

After she finished speaking, she got up and left quickly with some embarrassment. Father Zhao heard the word "Dad", his eyes turned red, and he quickly sniffed, got up and followed closely, and the two left the cafe together, and then drove there. Start shopping at the nearby major department store.

After the two left, a waiter quickly came to the place where they were sitting, awkwardly took care of the tableware, and finally touched under the table in a veiled manner, and took away a miniature bug.

And in a van outside the cafe, Fu Xiaowan's eyes were filled with surprise, what?dad?

The master who sealed Li Juan's soul turned out to be Zhao Lei's father?

In the blink of an eye, Fu Xiaowan recalled Zhao Lei's information. His father abandoned his wife and became a monk in the early years, and later became a brutal stepfather.

Well, that man should be Zhao Lei’s biological father just now. Her stepfather doesn’t have the ability to play bachelor now. As for the news of the biological father, Xing Jun didn’t collect much information, but wrote it for a woman. Abandoning his wife, and finally ended up as a monk, and there was nothing else after that.

Come to think of it, Zhao Lei's biological father's ability to catch ghosts and kill ghosts should have been learned after a monk, but for some reason, he is no longer a monk, and he has met Zhao Lei.

It's not a recognition. Judging from Zhao Lei's unfamiliar tone, Zhao Lei should still resent him.

Well, whether the relationship between their father and daughter is good or not, it is worth celebrating now that I finally know who the expert is helping Zhao Lei, so there is no need to worry about Zhao Lei's other means.

Ha ha, isn't Zhao Lei wanting her father to drive out ghosts? Tomorrow, let her father go without return.

Judging from the conversation just now, Zhao Lei's biological father must know many things about Zhao Lei, and he also helped her do many things, such as sealing Li Juan's soul.Such a person deserves to be caught in, to help the abuser!

With a sharp look in his eyes, Fu Xiaowan withdrew his thoughts, and then murmured: "Oh, yes, since Zhao Lei is going to the nomad's house, then I have to get a home for the nomad first. It's really troublesome. Where can I get a house? Nomads!"

With a frown, Fu Xiaowan wondered where to find a temporary residence for the nomads, but for a while, it was really unexpected. Could it be that he wanted to buy a villa temporarily for this?No way, because the space in the villa is empty, and it takes time and money to enter the fortress.

"Oh, I'm so stupid!" Suddenly, Fu Xiaowan's inspiration flashed, and then she patted her head with an annoyed expression, and then smiled, "Whoever says that nomads must have their own house? Is there such a thing as a star hotel!"

Then, Xiao Wan immediately booked the presidential suite of a five-star hotel for the nomads. Moreover, this hotel is Zhong’s property. She directly ordered the front desk to make a false information and change the check-in information to avoid getting time. Something went wrong in this little matter.

After getting all this done, she called to inform the nomad: "Nomad, I can tell you a good news, Zhao Lei will go to your house tomorrow!"

There was a choke on the phone.Very depressed and retorted: "Where is the good news? It is obviously bad news, bad news! Hey, how did you know?"

"I'm following Zhao Lei!" Fu Xiaowan didn't intend to conceal what he was following.

The nomad asked embarrassedly: "Then I was in the coffee shop with Zhao Lei, did you see it?"

"Yeah!" Fu Xiaowan blinked, very frankly, and then said again: "After you left. A man came. They talked for a long time, and finally said that they would exorcise ghosts for you!"

"Exorcise ghosts!" The nomad's mouth twitched, and then asked: "Because of this. Zhao Lei is coming to my house? Exorcise ghosts for me?"

Fu Xiaowan responded with a snicker: "Well, yes, Zhao Lei is quite serious about you, worried that you will be destroyed too much by ghosts. It has affected your wedding, so I decided to let her dad come to exorcise them!"

"What? Her dad? Zhao Lei's dad?" Nomad's surprised words came on the other end of the phone.Obviously, he was surprised that the expert who exorcised ghosts turned out to be Zhao Lei's father?

"Hmm, be surprised. I just know, no wonder this person will help Zhao Lei seal Li Juan's soul!" Fu Xiaowan said.

The nomad was silent for a while, feeling incredible.But soon, his mind turned back.With a wry smile: "What kind of good news is Zhao Lei coming to my house? Where is my house?"

Fu Xiaowan said happily: "You still need to bother with this matter. I have already done it. The good news is that the man behind Zhao Lei has already appeared, and he took the initiative to send him to the door to solve him, Zhao Lei. It won't be a climate anymore!"

"Well, it's good news!" As soon as the nomad heard that the problem had been solved, he was no longer depressed. Unexpectedly, just saying that he didn't sleep well would make Zhao Lei think of a ghost press and take advantage of the situation. The master behind her led out.

Things are going very smoothly!

"Tomorrow, that's it!" Fu Xiaowan told Nomad about the hotel's name, address and room number, and also told him the relevant plans.

The nomads responded one by one, and then took the time to go to the hotel, stuffed some of their personal belongings, and made the appearance of staying for a while.

Friday, there is one day before the wedding.

The nomads have been waiting for Zhao Lei's call, but as expected, he received Zhao Lei's call early in the morning.

Zhao Lei asked softly, "Xiaomu, are you up?"

"It's Leier, well, just getting up, what's wrong?" The nomad pretended to have just gotten up, his voice was very hoarse and low.

"You have not slept well recently, and your body has lost a lot of weight. I got up early today and made a medicinal porridge for you. I want to send it to you, but I still don't know where you live!" Zhao Lei's tone was very lost. He said and complained silently, we are all getting married, but I still don’t know where you live!What is this!

The nomad was taken aback for a moment, and then embarrassed: "This, in fact, I have been living in the hotel since I came back, so I have been embarrassed to let you come.

Hearing this, Zhao Lei was taken aback, and then asked incredulously: "You live in a hotel?" The nomad is the heir of the Zhong family. After coming back, he has been staying in the hotel?

The nomad laughed and replied indifferently: "They said they would buy me a villa, but I don't like it. It's far and remote, and it's not as comfortable as a hotel." Then he paused and said, "But don't worry, in the future I won’t live anymore. I have bought a wedding house. We will live in after we get married."

Zhao Lei suddenly realized that it was because of this, too, a man with no family and no friends, it was indeed more comfortable and convenient to stay in a hotel. Moreover, Xiao Mu also said that he had already purchased a wedding room and would not stay in a hotel anymore.

"The hotel is just the hotel. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I'll take the porridge to you. Which hotel are you in?" Zhao Lei understood the reason why the nomad did not invite to his house, and felt relieved.

Hearing that the nomads were no longer hypocritical, immediately reported the hotel name and room number, and Zhao Lei hung up the phone after saying "Come here."

In about 10 minutes, the doorbell rang, and the nomad hurriedly opened the door and welcomed Zhao Lei in.

Zhao Lei glanced around the room, then smiled and said: "Have you washed it?"

"Of course, I got up and dressed up when I received your call!" The nomad said with a grin, then his nose moved, took a deep breath, and said with an exaggerated expression: "It smells so good, I'm hungry, I want to drink porridge! "

"Poor mouth! Where can the smell float out!" Zhao Lei's smile deepened when he heard the words, even though he knew that the nomads said so on purpose.But I was still happy, and it was very useful.

Nomad's face turned straight, and Chen Ken said: "As long as it is made by Lei'er, it will smell good!"

"Hey, just your sweet mouth, come and eat!" Zhao Lei glared at the nomad, and then walked to the coffee table.Scooped out the porridge.Looks like a good wife and mother.

Some people don't eat white and don't eat anything, anyway, the nomads who Zhao Lei came here already know, and don't worry about what's wrong in the porridge.And it wouldn't be a problem to think about it, so the nomad rushed to the sofa to sit down without hesitation, picked up the porridge on the coffee table and drank fiercely.

The porridge tastes good, and the nomads eat it very well.As for whether Zhao Lei did it himself, he didn't bother to care about it!Just fill your stomach.

See the incense eaten by nomads.Zhao Lei's heart is full of pride, and she really made this porridge by herself.

As the saying goes, to grab a man's heart, first grab a man's stomach.

Such a powerful performance by the nomads.It made Zhao Lei very happy.

Sweeping all the porridge into his stomach, the nomad was contented to smash it, smash it, and praised: "Leier. Your craftsmanship is so good that you can marry you. What a blessing to me!"

Zhao Lei Jiao said, "It was originally your blessing. Are you full?"

"I'm full!" The nomad nodded vigorously and rubbed his bulging belly. Then his face changed, and he said embarrassingly: "Look at me, I've eaten it all, Leier, have you eaten?"

In fact, Zhao Lei had eaten breakfast, and just wanted to reply that he had eaten it, but her eyes grumbled, remembering the purpose of her visit today, and immediately changed her mouth, looking at the nomad with a grimace and said, "What did you say, I started making porridge when I got up. I planned to come over and eat with you, but you ate them all."

Apologize immediately appeared on his face, and the nomad apologized again and again: "It's all my fault. I didn't expect that you didn't eat. You worked so hard to cook porridge for me, but I made you hungry!"

Zhao Lei sneered and said: "What's wrong is good, you have eaten it all, it means that I am good at craftsmanship, I am too happy to be too late, but, I am really hungry, so let me make up for it and ask me to eat well. !"

The nomad immediately got up and saluted, and said weirdly: "Yes, sir, follow your orders! Well, the breakfast in the hotel is still very rich and tastes good. Why not eat it at the hotel? When noon, I will ask you to eat. Good night!"

As soon as I heard that only eating at the hotel, the time was not long, Zhao Lei was a little unhappy, and immediately suggested: "I am not used to eating hotel things, so I know that there is a restaurant that has a very good breakfast. Go there. And it’s not far from here!"

"Yes, all follow Leier's orders!" The nomad laughed and made faces, causing Zhao Lei to smile.

Zhao Lei gave him an angry look, and said, "It's a ghost, let's go!"

The nomad immediately got up to get his belongings, and then left the suite with Zhao Lei.

When he walked out of the hotel, Father Zhao greeted him, bowed his head and shouted, "Mr. Zhao, where are you going?"

The nomad glanced at the man and thought, this is Zhao Lei's father?Uh, well, it's not like it at all!

Zhao Lei's eyes flashed, and she felt a little uncomfortable seeing her father behave like this, but it was not easy to show it because of the nomads around him, so she nodded proudly: "Go to the xx breakfast shop on the xx road!

"No, there is no need for the driver to send it away if I am here, I just need to drive!" Nomad raised his eyebrows and directly refused the driver to follow.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Lei and Zhao's father were stunned at the same time.

Originally, according to Zhao Lei's idea, he would bring the porridge by himself, and after having breakfast with the nomads, he would make friends in the suite, and then at lunch time, he would let his father act as the driver and drive the two out to eat together.However, she would first ask for the room password of the nomadic suite under the pretext of dropping things, and then let Father Zhao sneak back into the room alone to drive away ghosts.

However, things did not proceed as she thought.

First, the nomad had finished breakfast alone without eating with her.But it's okay, it gave her a better excuse to go out and solve the ghost earlier.

Now even more so, I refused Zhao's father to go with him. However, this is also a good thing, and there is another chance.

Zhao Lei reacted quickly and immediately replied: "Also, then, old Zhao, you go back first!"

Father Zhao nodded quickly, and then he really drove away.

At this time, Zhao Lei suddenly exclaimed: "Ah, my phone has fallen in the room, I will go back and get it! Xiaomu, what is the room password?"

A sly color flashed through the eyes of the nomad, and he said hurriedly: "I'll go get it, you're waiting for me here!"

How can this work!If the nomad goes to get it, how can she get the password!Zhao Lei was a little anxious.Grumbling his eyes, then pretending to be shy, he said, "Don't, I can get it myself, by the way, I want to make it easier!"

Convenience can never replace it!

Sure enough, the nomad's eyes showed embarrassment: "The password is your birthday. 8 digits. Your birth date."

The password turned out to be your birthday?Zhao Lei was extremely surprised when he got this answer, how much Xiao Mu liked her.Even the room password is set to her birthday!

This recognition made Zhao Lei happy, and the look in the nomad's eyes became more loving.

However, she still did not forget the business.A shy glance at the nomad, and then he ran towards the elevator.As if really anxious.

However, as soon as she entered the elevator, she immediately sent a message to her father, sending out the password of the room.

10 minutes later.Zhao Lei came back refreshed, took the nomad's arm, smiled and said, "Okay. Let's go!"

The nomad acted as the driver and left the hotel with Zhao Lei.I went to the breakfast shop she said. Of course, the nomad had eaten enough. This breakfast was only eaten by Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei ate slowly and elegantly, and chatted with the nomads from time to time. After eating this breakfast for nearly half an hour, she couldn't take it off.

However, Zhao's father has not sent a message yet, that is to say, the exorcism has not been completed, Zhao Lei has to continue to delay time.

Fortunately, there are many excuses, Zhao Lei wiped the corners of her mouth clean and said: "I'm full. Xiaomu, are you going to the wedding company later?"

The nomad nodded with an apologetic expression: "If I'm going, I'll take you home and I'll be there. Leier, I'm really sorry, I haven't been able to accompany you well these days, but I'm coming soon. , I will be with you all day long!"

When I heard that the nomads are still going to the wedding company to be busy, they will definitely not return to the hotel. Zhao Lei breathed a sigh of relief: "I'm nothing, I'm just worried about you, I'm afraid your body can't bear it."

"I'm okay. I set it up today and it's almost over. It's ok to confirm it again tomorrow. Thinking of the wedding the day after tomorrow, I'm full of energy!" Nomad blinked and said mischievously.

"Well, pay attention to your body!" Zhao Lei nodded and exclaimed.

The nomad grinned, and then he really sent Zhao Lei home. After sending her home, he drove away.

As soon as the nomads left, Zhao Lei immediately took out a car from the garage and drove straight to the hotel.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Lei rushed to the suite without stopping after arriving at the hotel, pressed the familiar number, and the door opened.

She quickly got into the room and whispered, "Dad!"

The room was quiet, there was no sound at all!

Her heart suddenly sank, and she felt that something was wrong, what about her father?Isn't it to exorcise ghosts?Why isn't it in the room?

Could it be that the exorcism succeeded?Father has left!

No, it's impossible. If it succeeds, her father should tell her!However, she did not receive a call from her father, nor did she receive a message from her father!

The more I thought about it, the more disturbed, the right eyelid even started to jump.

The left eye jumps for money, the right eye jumps for disaster, the right eye jumps for disasters, and the right eye jumps.

Unable to let go, Zhao Lei immediately took out his mobile phone and called his father. The other end of the phone was answered quickly, but his father said in a very quick tone: "Mr. Zhao, I am at the xx police station now, come here! "

With just one sentence, the phone was hung up after speaking!

Zhao Lei was holding the phone, her eyes filled with surprise, what?Why did father enter the police station?What happened?

Rubbing his eyebrows, Zhao Lei was very big head, and the ghost was not driven, but his father entered the police station. What is this all about!

No, I have to get my father out, otherwise, what should I do with the demon?

Zhao Lei thought, and then hurriedly left the suite, planning to go to the police station to see what was going on!

Rushed to the police station, Zhao Lei hurriedly questioned the police, and then was taken to her father by the police. She asked the police to leave first, and then asked silently: "What the hell is going on? Why did you get caught in? ?"

Father Zhao said with a gloomy expression: "A few minutes after I entered the suite, a waiter came in, stupefied that I was a thief, and he called the police and sent me here!"

Zhao Lei's face twitched: "Would you not make an excuse? Say it is my driver and ask the waiter to ask Xiaomu, isn't it all right?"