Ghost Crossing

Chapter 194 Ghosts in the Office (26)

Zhao Lei's face twitched: "Would you not make an excuse? Say it's my driver and ask the waiter to ask Xiaomu, isn't it all right?"

Father Zhao's lips moved slightly, and he reprimanded himself: "I didn't think so much at the time, and the waiter didn't listen to me, so he called the security guard and sent me to the police station. I didn't have time to explain. what!"

"Such a good opportunity, it was so wasted, it's really!" Zhao Lei complained a bit, but seeing his father's expression of annoyance, he did not continue to criticize, shook his head helplessly, and turned to go out to find the police, intending to take his father Get it out.

Now that I get out of the police station, maybe there is not enough time to let my father go to the suite to drive away ghosts!

In order to buy time, Zhao Lei immediately went out to look for the police. She found the police and immediately explained: "This is a misunderstanding. He is my driver. He went to the suite to get things according to my instructions, not a thief!"

The policeman took a look at Zhao Lei, and then explained: "Oh? Misunderstanding? Then tell me, what do you ask your driver to pick up?"

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Lei immediately replied: "The thermos, I used to hold the porridge."

"Shit!" The policeman couldn't help but laughed, and then said, "If your driver is really just going to get the thermos, the hotel security will not send him here!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao Lei asked in surprise: "What do you mean?" Could it be that his father took other valuables?Damn, he wouldn't be so unpromising!Covetously steal things?

The policeman took out a diamond necklace and said, "That's it. The waiter pushed the door in and saw your driver holding this necklace."

The diamond necklace is beautiful, the diamonds are big and bright.The chain is also exquisite and gorgeous, which is very valuable at first glance.

Zhao Lei's eyes flashed with stunning colors, she liked the diamond necklace very much, and she was even more guessing in her heart. Could it be that Xiao Mu bought this for her?It should be. The wedding is just around the corner. It is normal for Komaki to buy some jewelry.

just.I thought of my father going to exorcise ghosts this time.Zhao Lei's face changed suddenly when he didn't get rid of ghosts, but became greedy and wanted to steal the necklace.There was an unknown fire in my heart. I thought that my father would take care of her serious problems, but in the end, it ended up like this!

just.In the next second, this idea was abandoned by Zhao Lei again.I think this is impossible. If my father is really greedy for money, he can ask for money from her. Why should he do those sneaky things?

Besides.Although his father abandoned their mother and daughter, but now he really considers her and has done a lot for her.This time, she knew she was going to marry a nomad.How could it be stupidly stole onto the nomad?

misunderstanding!There must be a misunderstanding!

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that there was a misunderstanding about this matter. Zhao Lei frowned and went to look for her father again. As soon as she walked in, she asked directly: "Why did you take that diamond necklace?"

Father Zhao was stunned, but seeing that there was no contempt in his daughter's eyes, he was immediately comforted. He was afraid that his daughter would also misunderstand him. Now it seems that her daughter did not misunderstand him.

But when it comes to the necklace, Father Zhao's face changed, and he lowered his voice and quickly said, "Guess, who did I see?"

"Who? There are other people in the room?" Zhao Lei's first reaction was that there were other people in the room, but after another thought, it was wrong. If there were other people, how could his father get the necklace after entering?

Wait, this time my father is going to expel ghosts. Could it be that the ghost is not an acquaintance?

With eyelids twitching, Zhao Lei asked anxiously: "Who?"

"Li Juan!" Father Zhao threw a heavy bomb, which left Zhao Lei's mind blank.

Li Juan?Li Juan?How could it be her?Isn't she already annihilated?Hasn't the mirror that sealed her been disposed of?Why does it appear beside the nomads?

The corners of her eyes throbbed, and Zhao Lei came back to her senses after a while, and asked in shock: "Why is it Li Juan? Did you read that right?"

"Absolutely yes, it is her!" Father Zhao looked affirmative.

Zhao Lei took a deep breath and asked, "Then you didn't kill her?"

Knowing that Li Juan hadn't died and had been entangled with a nomad, Zhao Lei was very upset, and she wished her father would take Li Juan off immediately!

Father Zhao sighed faintly, and said helplessly: "I originally wanted to kill her, but when she saw me, she immediately got into the diamond of the diamond necklace. I grabbed the necklace and prepared to do it. Coincidentally, this When the waiter came in and saw me holding the necklace, he insisted that I was a thief."

"It turned out to be the case, no wonder you took that necklace!" Zhao Lei now understands where the misunderstanding is!

Just talk about it, how could my father do sneaky things, and still steal to his future son-in-law.It turns out that I took that necklace to drive away ghosts!

No, this is not the point now. The important thing is, how could Li Juan not die, and how could she appear next to the nomad?

Damn woman, when did you stare at the nomad!I robbed her of Anze before, but now, Xiao Mu who pesters her again is shameless!

Zhao Lei gritted her teeth and squeezed a word from her teeth: "I want her to die!"

Father Zhao smiled bitterly and said: "It's easy for her to die. I don't think she is too yin in her body, so I can deal with it. It's just that I am locked here now, how can I kill ghosts?"

"Don't worry, I will find a way to get you out!" Zhao Lei said irritably. Although she understood the cause and effect, she was still a little unhappy, thinking that her father had not succeeded in doing enough.

With a helpless sigh, Zhao Lei asked incomprehensibly: "You didn't seal Li Juan in the mirror, why did she come out!"

Father Zhao was taken aback, and then said: "I don't know this. I drew a talisman behind the mirror, and most people can't break the talisman."

"I knew this, it shouldn't have been just to seal Li Juan at the beginning, but it should be right to let her soul fly away!" Zhao Lei regretted it, but the matter was over, it was too late to regret.

It was useless to regret it at first. Father was caught holding the necklace upright. Unless the nomad is willing to come forward, the police would not let his father go easily.

But, in this case, how should she explain to the nomads?

It was said that the driver was asked to fetch the thermos, but the driver took the opportunity to steal the diamond necklace. If the nomad knew about this, the nomad would definitely be angry, let alone let his father go easily.

To know.That necklace was meant to be given to her. It was almost stolen and affected the wedding. How could nomads be angry?

After much deliberation, Zhao Lei had nothing to do with him. He could only ask the nomads, and then said that the driver was a fellow.Can't bear to watch him get caught.Just expelled.

Ever since, Zhao Lei immediately called the nomad and told the story again.Of course, it is natural not to tell the truth, but to make up stories.

It was said that the driver was asked to get the thermos, but the driver was on impulse.Greedy wanted to steal the necklace and was caught, but the driver now regrets it.He kept apologizing, hoping that Nomad could forgive the driver.

After listening to the nomad, he was very angry and said: "Unreasonably, I want to steal my diamond necklace. That's a surprise I prepared for you! No, he must be shut down for a few days to relieve his anger!"

Zhao Lei was overjoyed when he heard that, as expected.That diamond necklace is for her!

But the father's matter has not been resolved, and she is only happy for a while.In the next second, I pleaded for my father: "I know you are angry. I was so angry when I knew about it. But this driver is an old man. He has been with me for several years and he has been doing very well. This time he is also a pig. It was so overwhelmed that he did the wrong thing. Now he knows the mistake and keeps apologizing to me. I can’t bear to watch him go in for a person of that old age. Otherwise, it’s up to me. For the sake of his face, don't worry about him!"

With a cold snort, the nomad seemed very reluctant, but finally agreed: "Well, since Lei'er has spoken, I have nothing to say. If this is done, I will let him out immediately. I feel uncomfortable. In a day or two, when the wedding is over, I will go to the police station!"

Zhao Lei's original intention was that his father could come out now, but when he heard the nomadic tone, he was very unhappy, so he gave up.

When my father came out, he might not be able to go to the hotel anymore. The waiter at the hotel put him on the blacklist. How could he easily enter the nomadic suite.

Besides, there is no need to go to the suite to exorcise ghosts, because the necklace that Li Juan hid is no longer in the room. It has become an exhibit in the hands of the police.

As for the necklace, Zhao Lei wanted to come over, but couldn't open the mouth. The necklace was prepared for the wedding, and the nomads should not agree to give it to her now.

Furthermore, learning that the ghost entangled with the nomads is Li Juan, Zhao Lei is also relieved. If it is Li Juan, following the nomads is just because the nomads resemble Anze. With Li Juan’s temperament, it should not harm the nomads. In this way, the nomads are not in danger of life.

These thoughts flashed through his mind quickly, Zhao Lei could only give up persuading the nomads, casually coaxed a few words, hung up the phone, and then said to his father: "Just be wronged and come out when the wedding is over!"

What else can Father Zhao say, he can only nod his head.

Seemingly not at ease, Zhao Lei couldn't help but ask again: "Then Li Juan, won't it harm Xiao Mu?"

"Probably not, there is no resentment, the sullen aura is not heavy, it does not seem to be harmful, and if it is really harmful, the nomads will not be like this!" Zhao's father is not sure at first, but the more he speaks, the more sure He said with a certain face that Li Juan would not harm the nomads.

With his father's words, Zhao Lei was completely relieved, and then her eyes were full of helplessness and apology: "If this is the case, then I will leave first. When the wedding is over, you will be able to come out. When the time comes, I will Everything is arranged!"

"I'm okay, you can relax and wait to be the bride!" Father Zhao didn't want his own affairs to affect his daughter's mood for marriage. Besides, it was only stealing at most.It will come out sooner or later.

The more calm and calm Zhao's father is, he doesn't want Zhao Lei to worry, but this appearance makes Zhao Lei feel guilty.

Zhao Lei looked at her father for a while, and finally murmured: "When you come out, I will buy a house for you. You will stay here in the future!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao's father's eyes widened sharply and his pupils shrank. Obviously, he was very surprised. He didn't expect his daughter to say such a thing.

What this means is that he can stay in this city in the future and meet his daughter often?

Thinking of seeing his daughter often in the future, Zhao's father was happy and excited. He nodded in a hurry, and kept "Hey, Hey!" He didn't know what to say to express his feelings.

After saying that, Zhao Lei felt a little at a loss, and missed the sentence'I'm leaving first', and then hurriedly left the police station, leaving only Father Zhao smirking there.

On Saturday, this day, Zhao Lei passed through with excitement and anxiety, and finally waited until the weekend to get married.

Early in the morning.The car from the wedding shop arrived at Zhao Lei's house to pick up people. Zhao Lei got on the car happily and obeyed the staff's arrangements.

In the past few days waiting for the wedding, Zhao Lei has not been idle. She spends a lot of time every day to maintain her skin, just to appear in the most beautiful posture on the wedding day.

Zhao Lei smiled triumphantly when the makeup artist said in admiration, "Your skin is so good."

and.For this grand wedding.Zhao Lei had already notified many business owners and acquaintances that he had worked with before. Although he didn't know how the wedding was arranged, the nomads still informed Zhao Lei of the wedding location.So Zhao Lei sent out the wedding invitation early.

Therefore, there are many celebrities at the wedding scene, waiting for the appearance of the bride and groom.

It took nearly 2 hours to put on makeup, and Zhao Lei waited beautifully for the appearance of the groom.

But the groom was late.Zhao Lei called the nomad and learned that the nomad was personally inviting some of the elders of the Zhong family.I didn't think too much, but asked the host to tell the distinguished guests to wait a little longer.

The start time of the wedding is set at 11 o'clock, and everyone will be seated after the ceremony.Then the bride and groom toast.

At 10:50, the bridegroom still did not appear, and the distinguished guests were a little puzzled.Also a little anxious, one after another started talking.

"Why hasn't the groom come yet? The wedding is about to begin!"

"Who knows! The bride is not in a hurry. Why are you in a hurry!"

"Yes, hey, yes, the bride is Mr. Zhao from An's. Who is the groom? I don't have any news at all. I only know what the groom is called, nomad? Who is he?"

"I don't know, I'm the same as you, I just know a name! But why are you still named Zhao Lei Zhao, she is no longer An's boss, don't you know?"

"Huh? No? How come?"

"Hey, I have a niece who works in An's. She told me that Zhao Lei broke his contract in order to marry this man, so she left An's!"

"Breach of contract? So, the original rumors are true, if Zhao Lei wants to marry, he will leave An's!"

"Really, of course it is true. My niece said that the old lady An broke into the office that day and forced Zhao Lei to choose between the company and the man. In the end, Zhao Lei chose to marry, so she left An's. !"

"Tsk tusk, there is still this thing, is Zhao Lei really willing to give up An's for a man?"

"What do you know, maybe, the family behind this man is better than the An family! I heard that, I just heard that this man is related to the Zhong family!"

"What! Zhong's people? No wonder, no wonder, compared to Zhong, An's is nothing, no wonder Zhao Lei is willing to abandon An's!"

"Hehe, I just heard about it, and I'm not sure. Besides, I have heard a little bit. I heard that the heirs of the Zhong family are all girls. The man Zhao Lei married is at best only from the Zhong family. The status of senior management and the like is not very high."

"Well, if you want to say that, Zhao Lei is like an emperor in the An clan, but he has become a courtier in the Zhong clan. Well, compared to this, it seems that it is better to stay in the An clan!"

"Who knows! By the way, why the bridegroom hasn't come yet? It's almost a point, it's about to miss the auspicious time!"

"Yeah, it's already 11 o'clock, and I haven't seen the shadow of the bridegroom yet, what will happen to it?"

Such conversations are everywhere at the wedding scene, curious about the identity of the groom, and wondering why the groom has not appeared yet.

At this time, it is not these VIPs who are most anxious, but Zhao Lei!

The time has come, but the nomad is always in the future, can she be in a hurry!

Zhao Lei immediately called the Nomad again, but when the phone was connected, but no one answered, she couldn't help but get a little worried, should there be any accidents?

As for the accident, Zhao Lei thought about traffic jams or temporary incidents, and even thought about whether there would be a car accident.I was just stunned that I wouldn't even think about it without going to nomadism.

The more I thought about it, the more worried, Zhao Lei kept dialing the nomad's phone number, and in the end it was directly displayed and turned off!

Such a result made Zhao Lei dumbfounded. She only made a few calls. How could the mobile phone shut down so quickly when it lost power? There is only one possibility that the nomad would not answer her phone, and now she just shut down to avoid her phone.

Her face turned pale, and a panic flashed in Zhao Lei's eyes, what's the matter?What happened to the nomads?

Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to calm down, and then she made up an excuse for the nomad.Maybe, it just happened to be out of power.

This excuse can't be fooled by children, Zhao Lei's eyes gradually showed pain, she scratched the combed hair, and then thought of another possibility.

Perhaps the nomad is coming by car.Because of driving.So it was difficult to answer the phone, but suddenly there was a car accident.The phone was destroyed, so it turned off!

No, no, how can you curse the nomads for a car accident?He will be fine.

But why hasn't the nomads come yet!

The more I think about it, the more chaotic.Zhao Lei finally shook her head and said to herself to comfort herself: "It's okay, it's okay, Xiao Mu may be a little urgent temporarily! Now. Now, first of all, we must comfort the guests. Time has passed, everyone must be talking about it."

The hair was scratched after arranging the fingers.Zhao Lei pulled out a smile, then walked out calmly.Coming to the wedding lawn, I plan to comfort the guests first.

The lawn was noisy and yelling, and some impatiently began to ask why the wedding hadn’t started yet!

Some people are gloating at the theater. The time is up, but the bridegroom is late. What does this mean?It means that the groom has run away, and the bride is sadly reminded now!

When Zhao Lei appeared in a white mopping wedding dress, all the guests' attention was focused on the past, looking at Zhao Lei curiously, contemptuously or stunningly, waiting for her to speak.

After being watched by so many people, Zhao Lei couldn’t help feeling a little numb in her scalp. If she had been in the past, she would definitely not be affected, but now, at the wedding scene, before the bridegroom arrives, she is under too much pressure. It's Alexander even more!

A look of annoyance flashed in his eyes, complaining that the nomad hadn’t appeared yet. Zhao Lei used his scalp to walk to the host’s podium, hold the microphone, and then said in a clear voice: "Everyone, sorry, on the way There is a traffic jam and the bridegroom is coming. Please wait patiently."

Now, Zhao Lei can only use the drag word tactics, hoping in her heart that the nomads will come as soon as possible.

However, her heart is always bottomless, and she feels guilty when she talks about traffic jams.

The bride has come out to explain, what else can the guests do?Just be patient and wait.

And Zhao Lei, with a worried look in her eyes, now that it is a traffic jam, delaying time, but how long can it be delayed?Half an hour?One hour?When the guests are impatient again, what excuse should she use to delay?

But what else can I do besides delaying time?Could it be that the wedding was cancelled?Then she, Zhao Lei, has become a big joke in the commercial street!

With a sigh in her heart, Zhao Lei looked tired and prepared to leave the podium, and then contacted a pastor to see if the phone could be connected.

But as soon as Zhao Lei got off the stage of the podium, he heard the voices of everyone in an uproar.

She looked at the distinguished guests in amazement, but saw everyone looking at her with surprise, and some people's eyes shone with contempt. What's more, she looked at her as if she was stripped naked. Up general.

what happened?Why do you look at yourself with such eyes?

Zhao Lei's heart twitched, and he panicked suddenly, not knowing why.

When she noticed that the eyes of the distinguished guests were constantly wandering on and behind her, she immediately turned her head and followed everyone's eyes.

At this glance, the sky fell apart!

At this glance, my heart becomes cold!

I saw a picture being shown on the huge curtain on the podium.

There are four people in this photo, one woman and three men. The woman is her own, and the three men are the three men she once raised!

It doesn't matter, what frightens Zhao Lei the most is that the four people in the photo are all with Chiguo!

Seeing this photo, Zhao Lei's first reaction was, when and when this photo was taken, she didn't notice it at all!

The second reaction is, ah!It's her wedding now. This photo just appeared on the curtain and was seen by all the guests. It's over, it's over!

At this time, Zhao Lei was already stupid, her brain was blank and at a loss.

Staring at the curtain for a long time, until the noisy sounds around, she paled and shouted in a sharp voice: "Turn off, turn off, turn it off for me!"

Of course, no staff came forward to turn off the curtain. Zhao Lei's eyes were red, and without waiting for the staff to come, he rushed back to the podium and pulled off the curtain directly. , It disappeared.

But everyone has already seen it, what happens even if the curtain is torn off?l