Ghost Crossing

Chapter 196 Ghosts in the Office (28)

And Father Zhao, after seeing Zhao Lei, he immediately asked: "Xiao Lei, you are here, are you here to take me out?"

Looking at her father’s expectant and happy eyes, and hearing her father’s questioning, Zhao Lei's face was embarrassed, and then she explained the matter with an anguish, and as she spoke, she felt very aggrieved and she shed tears. Come, I choked up and said everything.

After speaking, Zhao Lei choked up and cried: "Dad, what should I do? I have nothing! I even hurt you and got locked in here!"

In front of his father, Zhao Lei was like an aggrieved child, crying non-stop.

Father Zhao's heart was broken by the crying. After hearing what Zhao Lei said, Father Zhao was dumbfounded. He didn't expect that things would turn out to be like this. Everything turned out to be a conspiracy, and now his daughter has nothing!He was severely humiliated, and he himself was too tired to enter.

Father Zhao couldn't help sighing, after Zhao Lei left that day, he felt that something was vaguely wrong!

How was Li Juan rescued?

You know, to rescue the sealed ghost, you don't need to wipe off the talisman with water. The potion needs a special potion!

In this way, there is only one explanation, an expert rescued Li Juan.

What about after being rescued?Li Juan will definitely tell the master of her death, if the master is compassionate, she will definitely help Li Juan!Come deal with Zhao Lei!

It now appears that his guess at the time was correct. Originally, Zhao's father wanted to know Zhao Lei, and felt that something was not right. However, Zhao Lei was busy with the marriage and never came to the police station to visit him again, and did not even call him. Hit it!

As for Father Zhao’s own phone, it was turned off because of no power!Naturally, Zhao Lei could not be contacted.Things are so delayed!

Looking at the crying daughter, Zhao's father sighed and said: "At that time, I thought this was something abnormal. I wanted to notify you, but my mobile phone is dead. You~~~" The next sentence, Zhao The father did not say it.Just looked at Zhao Lei helplessly.When Zhao Lei heard the words, she cried, and her heart became bitter.It was her fault that she never visited her father again, so she missed such important news!

After sobbing a few times, Zhao Lei asked with teary eyes: "Dad. What shall we do now?"

Father Zhao shook his head helplessly: "No way, your business. It's a foregone conclusion, and I have nothing to do. I can only accept my fate! Anyway, Xiaolei, you are someone with real skills, and it's a big deal to change the city. Come again, Dad will Help you!"

Although not reconciled, Zhao Lei finally nodded: "I think so too. I can't stay here anymore. It's just. I can't bear it!" All the hard work, that's it!How could it be willing!

"Reluctant to give up!" Father Zhao sighed, and then said with a worried expression, "Actually, I am more worried about you right now!"

"Me? What's wrong with me? Although I lost everything, I still have a lot of money. When I sell all my car and house, and when you come out, we will change to another city and start over!" Zhao Lei looked longing. Talking.

After this incident, she became somewhat dependent on her father in her heart, and she wanted to live with her father in the future!

After hearing his daughter's words, Zhao's father smiled comfortedly. His daughter finally forgave him, great!

However, the smile disappeared without holding for a second. Father Zhao explained with a wry smile: "Now I am locked here and can't get out. I can't take care of you. Dad is worried that something will happen to you!"

Zhao Lei blinked blankly, and asked in a puzzled way: "What can happen? What can happen to me? I have lost An's and lost my child. What else can I lose? What else can they plot on me?"

Father Zhao shook his head with a sad look and said, "Don't you want to understand? This matter has nothing to do with Li Juan's matter! I am worried that they came for revenge for Li Juan, and now they are just letting you lose An's and lose your child. That's it, be afraid, even your life will be taken by them!"

"Li Juan!" Zhao Lei exclaimed, inexplicably, "How can it be related to Li Juan? Wait, dad, you mean that Li Juan wants to kill me and want revenge?"

"Yeah!" Father Zhao nodded solemnly.

Zhao Lei's eyes flashed in astonishment, and she murmured: "Li Juan turned into a ghost to take my life? Impossible! If it could really harm me, it would have happened long ago. Why wait until now? Let's talk about it, Dad. Didn’t you say that Li Juan’s body is not very yin, and it shouldn’t be a terrible ghost that can’t harm people!”

Seeing that his daughter was still in the mist, Zhao's father had to remind him: "Li Juan can't harm people, but the master behind her is not necessarily! Think about it, who rescued Li Juan? How could it appear in a nomad's room, all of this seems to be accidental, but it is very likely that it was arranged by one person, just to deal with you!"

As soon as these words came out, Zhao Lei's somewhat crashed brain finally started to work, her face changed and she asked palely: "Li Juan, Nomad, old woman, Fu Xiaowan! Could it be that they are in the same group!"

"It's possible!" Father Zhao nodded without choosing, then suddenly stood up and asked with a look of shock, "Wait, I remember, you told me that the nomad is the heir of the Zhong family?"

Hearing the words that the nomad is the heir of the Zhong family, Zhao Lei said in an angry tone: "What heir, he is a liar!" For the nomad, Zhao Lei loves and hates it.

Father Zhao's eyes flashed with a gleam, his voice was low, and he said with a serious expression: "Really a liar!" After saying that he patted his head annoyedly, and said self-blaming, "I am old, useless, a lot I don’t remember things, but I forgot such an important thing!"

Upon seeing this, Zhao Lei asked curiously: "Dad, what's the matter! What have you forgotten?"

"It's careless, it's careless!" Father Zhao was remorseful, and explained with a bitter expression, "This has been a long time, and many things have been forgotten. I still remember that when the master taught me these skills, he mentioned Zhong S."

Zhao Lei asked in surprise: "Huh?" Isn't it? How could his father's master mention Zhong?

Father Zhao sighed faintly, and then slowly said: "The master taught me about ghosts and monsters. He also told me that Zhong is the authentic ghost crossing."

Yuanmou's eyes widened in an instant, and his eyes were about to fall out.Zhao Lei asked dumbfounded: "Cross, ghosts? Zhong?"

"Yeah!" Father Zhao nodded, and then said, "Furthermore, the master told me that this ghost crossing will only be a woman. And the Zhong family can prosper. It is all because of the status of crossing ghost. So, Zhong The heir of the clan will only be a woman, a ghost crossing person for every term!"

"What!" Zhao Lei was already dumbfounded.According to his father, Zhong’s heir can only be a woman, so it is absolutely impossible for a nomad to be a nomad!

and also.Ghost crossing?In this way, Fu Xiaowan is the ghost rider of this term.He is the only heir of Zhong's!The eldest son and daughter are all lies!

This damn Fu Xiaowan, why did you target her!What hatred does she have between Zhao Lei and Fu Xiaowan!

and many more!and many more!Ghost crossing?Li Juan!In that case, Li Juan was rescued by Fu Xiaowan.And Fu Xiaowan, after learning something from Li Juan, came to deal with her.Revenge for Li Juan!

Yes, it must be so.Otherwise, why would Fu Xiaowan be against her?Everything is because of Li Juan!

This damn little hoof will cause her trouble when he dies!

After gritting her teeth for a while, Zhao Lei viciously squeezed out three words from her teeth: "Fu! Xiao! Wan!"

At this moment, what Zhao Lei thought was, Fu Xiaowan, I won't let you go!Sooner or later I will settle this bill with you!

But after another thought, Zhao Lei panicked again!

Who is Fu Xiaowan?He is Zhong's heir!The rich, powerful, and powerful also have another identity, the ghost crossing?Can communicate with ghosts!What did Zhao Lei do with Fu Xiaowan?

The worst thing is that Zhao Lei is nothing now. Fu Xiaowan wants to deal with her, isn't it a matter of a word?

Also, Li Juan's ghost was rescued, and his father who dealt with the ghost was locked up in the police station. Zhao Lei would not deal with the ghost. If so, if Fu Xiaowan asked Li Juan's ghost to do something to her!How can she protect herself?

Originally, Zhao Lei relied on his father as such an expert, naturally he was fearless of Li Juan's ghost!But now, her father is imprisoned, can she still be afraid?

Thinking of Li Juan appearing in front of her at night, her face pale, and said gloomily,'Give me my life', Zhao Lei shivered with fright, her face pale instantly.

After swallowing hard, Zhao Lei asked with a look of fear: "Dad, what should I do? If Li Juan comes to me to claim my life, what should I do? I can't deal with ghosts! Dad, You have to save me! You, teach me how to deal with ghosts, let me protect myself!"

Seeing that his daughter was scared of this virtue, Zhao's father felt very uneasy. He frowned and said helplessly: "Don't think about dealing with Li Juan. I can only teach you some ways to prevent Li Juan from harming you!"

Zhao Lei didn't have the guts to destroy ghosts, so he could avoid it, and asked hurriedly, "What is the solution?"

"Bring more gold and silver jewelry, as well as black dog blood, cockscomb blood, pig knives, boy urine, all of these are fine!" Father Zhao tried to think back.

"Gold and silver jewelry is simple, black dog blood, cockscomb blood, pig knife, boy urine, where can I find it?" Zhao Lei said silently, this is a big city, not a rural area, even if there are dogs, they are also pets. Dogs are extremely cute, how can you keep a black dog?

As for the cockscomb blood?Where's the chicken?The vegetables I bought are frozen or slaughtered. Where does the blood come from?

Not to mention pig-killing knives. Not all pork is shipped in batches. The knives are just for cutting pork, not pigs!

And boy pee!If it is a child of Rui'er, Zhao Lei only needs to find a container and let Rui'er pee in it!But now, Rui'er is settling down at home, she can't just take a child and say, "Child, pee some pee for me?"

Who can do such a shameful thing!

Father Zhao seems to know that the things he said are harder to find, so he chuckled: "Then you just need to bring more gold and silver jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, anklets, how many can you bring! Although ghosts are afraid of gold and silverware, they can still hurt people if they fight to the death!"

Zhao Lei nodded again and again: "Okay, I see, how many are there!"

Father Zhao still had some worries in his heart, but there was no other way for a while. Compared with Duguiren, he thought he was incomparable, and now he can only wait for him to go out and take his daughter to flee here!

After thinking about it, Father Zhao gave Zhao Lei some precautions again. It was not until the police came to remind him that Zhao Lei left the police station unwillingly and nervously.

After leaving the police station, Zhao Lei obeyed his father's words and went straight to the gold shop.She bought some gold jewellery on a large scale, and she bought it exclusively for heavy gold, and did not look at the style.

When the selection is heavy, I put it on my body immediately. The salesperson I was looking at was very speechless. How could anyone buy gold like this?Is it too urgent?

Moreover, it depends on how the buyer looks pretty, and it doesn’t matter how you buy gold, regardless of the style.The old-fashioned style is also brought.Pick only the heaviest.

However, seeing Zhao Lei's red eyes, the salesperson had a guess.Oh, shouldn't it be a small three who is going to be abandoned and splurge with the money of the gold master!

Although there is some disdain in his heart, Zhao Lei is a big buyer.Can earn a lot of commissions, the salesperson with a bright smile on his face wants to step forward to continue selling gold.But before she could speak, Zhao Lei had already selected the gold jewelry she wanted and said directly: "Check out! Swipe the card!"

The smile on the salesperson's face froze, but then it turned cloudy again.Because Zhao Lei chose a lot of gold, which is a lot of commission!She happily got busy and started to calculate the price!

originally.To calculate the price, all the gold ornaments should be taken off.Then look at the tag that records the price, but when the salesperson said that he wanted to remove the gold, Zhao Lei vetoed it and refused to take it all the time.

The salesperson cursed secretly in his heart, thinking that the buyer was really crazy, but she didn't want to get along with the money, so she cut out the tag with Zhao Lei's body, billed the order, and quickly calculated the price.

The gold is very valuable. After the salesperson finished the calculations, her eyes were crooked. Moreover, Zhao Lei seemed to have no intention of counter-offering at all, so she happily quoted the price, and then took the hand from Zhao Lei. Card, quickly swipe the card to checkout.

When the payment was successful, Zhao Lei didn't leave much, so he left the gold shop with a bunch of ugly gold ornaments, attracting many passers-by.

No way, the gold jewellery chosen by Zhao Lei is too tacky, the oldest style, heavy and heavy!It really doesn't match Zhao Lei!

For these gazes, Zhao Lei has no time to take care of it. Compared with fate, face and money are not important!

Bringing a bunch of gold ornaments back to the residence, Zhao Lei drove the nanny out, then locked the door, and then turned on all the lights in the living room corridors of all the rooms in the house, and the room was illuminated.

After doing this, Zhao Lei went into her bedroom, then got into the bed, hiding in the bed with a look of horror, afraid to come out.

This waiting lasted for a week. During this week, Zhao Lei ordered takeout food every day and lived a life without leaving home.

Because she was worried that Li Juan would come to her, Zhao Lei couldn’t sleep peacefully every night. Even with gold ornaments, she was always awakened by nightmares at night. In her dream, she dreamed that Li Juan would stand in front of her bed so gloomily with her eyes. Zi stared at himself, screaming in his mouth: "Zhao Lei, you have made me so miserable. Give me my life and my child's life! And Anze's life, all come back!"

Afterwards, Li Juan stretched out her long black nails to grab her neck!

Every time, Zhao Lei woke up in shock, sweating all over, so she dared not sleep anymore, shivering in the quilt.

Because of this, Zhao Lei quickly lost weight. However, she was still a beauty, but she was a haggard beauty, especially the black eye circles, which were so heavy that the delivery guys saw it. Smacking his tongue, wondering what is going on with this woman!

In a week, Father Zhao was released. He was only stealing, and he didn't steal anything, so he was released from detention for a few days.

As for Zhao Lei's residence, Father Zhao already knew, and he was not stingy with money, so he called directly to Zhao Lei's house and rang the doorbell.

At this time, Zhao Lei was exhausted physically and mentally, and her head was napping little by little, but she didn't dare to fall asleep again, because she was afraid that when she fell asleep, she would dream of Li Juan's death.

When she heard the doorbell ringing, she trembled in fright at first, but then she realized that no ghost would ring the doorbell, it must be a human.She hasn't ordered takeaway yet, who is the one who will come?

No matter who it is, it is by no means a ghost anyway, Zhao Lei got up from the bed in a daze and went to open the door!

"Xiao Lei, you, how did you become like this?"

The moment the door opened, Father Zhao saw clearly what his daughter looked like, and he was frightened. It has only been a few days now. How did his daughter become like this?

Zhao Lei suddenly raised her head when she heard this voice, and said in surprise: "Dad, you are out!"

While she was speaking, she touched her cheek, and she felt a lot of weight loss.Then he smiled bitterly: "I'm fine, but I can't sleep well at night. Dad, come in!"

Father Zhao instantly understood why his daughter became like this, and entered the house distressed.

Seeing the pile of takeaway boxes in the living room, Father Zhao asked in surprise: "Xiao Lei, what are you?"

I saw the coffee table in the living room, the trash bin was full of takeaway boxes and plastic bags.I don't know how many days have been piled up.The trash cans couldn't fit, the others were all piled up outside the trash cans, and the soup flowed out.Make it everywhere.

A peculiar smell floated in the hall, and it was disgusting.

It was because Xu had met his father that Zhao Lei felt a lot of relaxation, and only then noticed.The hall was in a mess, and there was a strange smell!

Zhao Lei's face changed slightly.He said nonchalantly: "I, I dare not go out. I order takeaways every day!"

"You kid!" Father Zhao didn't know what to say, he only felt distressed, he said."I will tidy up the house, and I will make you something to eat later. You can go take a bath. Don't worry if your dad is here. Li Juan dare not show up!"

Zhao Lei realized that she hadn't taken a shower for a week, and she also had a peculiar smell on her body. No wonder, no wonder the guy who sent the food out these days looked at her strangely, it turned out that the problem was with her!

With his father here, Zhao Lei wasn't so scared anymore, nodded happily and hurried to take a shower!

Father Zhao started to tidy up the hall with quick hands and feet. He found an oversized trash bag and threw all the trash in and around the trash can into the trash bag. After throwing out the trash, he scrubbed the ground again.

Wipe the floor clean, although the peculiar smell is still a little, but if there is no smell, it can hardly smell.

After finishing the hall, Father Zhao immediately went to the kitchen, took out the remaining ingredients from the refrigerator, and simply made some food.

After Zhao Lei came out from the shower, the hall was completely new, and there were two bowls of warm noodles on the table. At the moment, her nose was sour and she shouted, "Dad!"

Father Zhao sighed, and then he said: "Quickly, sit down and eat. There is nothing to eat in the refrigerator. I will make two bowls of noodles. You can eat each bowl, and I will do it!"

"Yeah!" Zhao Lei nodded sadly. At this moment, she was extremely dependent on her father. Seeing the hot noodles, her heart was moved even more.

Zhao Lei can’t eat much of the takeaways he usually calls. She just fills up her stomach with a few mouthfuls and then loses it. Therefore, during this period, Zhao Lei is often hungry. Seeing this noodle at the moment, her stomach growls. stand up.

Father Zhao is dumbfounded, rich and hungry!But thinking of his daughter's situation, he couldn't laugh, so he could only call his daughter to eat quickly.

Zhao Lei was not hypocritical, and immediately grabbed the bowl of chopsticks and ate it. It can be said that this bowl of noodles is the most delicious meal she has ever eaten in her life.

After devouring the noodles, Zhao Lei wiped the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand contentedly, and then said to her father: "Dad, since you have come out, we will sell the car and house now and leave here!"

Father Zhao nodded slightly: "Okay, listen to you!"

The two of them didn't talk about ghosts, they just wanted to leave this place quickly.

Zhao Lei immediately started selling cars and houses. They were very urgent and cheap, because she was afraid that the price would be too high and would not be able to sell them in a short time. Right now, she wished to leave immediately. He abandoned his car and house and left.

Of course, Zhao Lei would not handle the entire transaction, but handed over the selling rights of the house and car to the intermediary, and then gave the card number to the intermediary, and returned to the residence with Zhao's father, began to pack the bags, and planned to escape.

Just as they packed their luggage, when the two were about to go out, a yin breeze blew up, and the two of them stood up and looked at the door with horror.

I saw Li Juan floating at the door, staring straight at the two of them.

Of course, Zhao Lei couldn't see Li Juan, only Father Zhao saw it.

Father Zhao exclaimed: "Li Juan!"

Hearing the name, Zhao Lei immediately shrank behind his father in fright, clutching his father's shoulders with both hands, because the knuckles were white because of too much force and tension.

Father Zhao was caught in pain, but he didn't care about the pain anymore, staring at Li Juan steadily.

"Mum, mum, mum~" Li Juan kept whimpering without saying anything, making the atmosphere so gloomy and weird!l