Ghost Crossing

Chapter 202 Ghost (2)

Fu Xiaowan turned the notebook up suspiciously and turned to the last page to read it.

Familiar font, but the content has never been seen before.

After reading the content word by word, Fu Xiaowan's big bright eyes were moisturized, it was grandma, it was grandma's message.

To my most beautiful Xiaowan girl: Xiaowan, when grandma leaves this time, it may be a farewell. If grandma is gone, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, people will die, ghosts will go there one day Reborn.

If grandma can succeed this time, she will choose to reincarnate when she comes back. Grandma has lived long enough, she has lived enough.

It's just that the only person your grandma can't worry about is you, you child, why are you so afraid of ghosts?Crossing ghosts is actually a very happy thing.

Don't you think that fulfilling their last wishes for those poor ghosts with regrets and allowing them to reincarnate with peace of mind is a very glorious thing?

Maybe, you still can't realize that sense of accomplishment, but grandma believes that you will understand and love this mission in the future.

Of course, if you really don’t want to, after completing the 100 ghost missions, let it end. It’s just that you need to get married and have a daughter as soon as possible, or if the next ghost rider appears too late, the King of Hades will collapse.

There is nothing more about other things. You have grown up and sensible, and you can take charge of many things. You don’t need grandma anymore. If you encounter problems with ghosts, you can go to ghosts, and if you don’t, you can go to Hades. They will help you.

Okay, grandma has nothing else to explain. Farewell!

So far put the pen!

"Grandma!" Fu Xiaowan murmured softly, putting her notebook away gently, and then slowly closing her eyes.He forbade the tears in his eyes back.

The next second, she opened her eyes again, her eyes bright and determined, and she clenched her fists and said: "Grandma, you are right. The ghost crossing is indeed very fulfilling and very happy. It can help those ghosts who are stuck in the world. I am very happy, I will not be entangled with 100 tasks in the future, I will keep going."

The corners of his mouth curled.Then Fu Xiaowan rolled his eyes again and said: "However, it is still necessary to get married and have a daughter, hey, why is it hereditary. What if the man who marries wants a son? Is it impossible to have two?"

Yes, every ghost ghost is born by the last ghost ghost.Not because of heredity, but because the soul of every Rendu ghost is strong, if the soul of the mother is not strong.That child and mother can only survive one.

If the mother is dead, how can the newly born child overcome the ghost?No one taught the knowledge of Dugui.

The child is dead, then how will the next ghost rider appear?

and so.In the back, the ghost crossing becomes a heritage.

This also led to.Dugui must be born with a daughter, of course, only one is needed.

But these days, most people want a son. Fu Xiaowan said that he didn't want to have two, it was too hard.Ke Du Guiren must have a daughter again, so she has a headache.

"Haha, really, I want to do anything so far away, there are no objects, I just miss children! I don't want to think about it, go for a picnic." Fu Xiaowan shook his head vigorously, and then walked out with a medium-sized bag.

"Let's go!" Fu Xiaowan said.

The two men glanced at Fu Xiaowan's bag, and the two looked at each other, and then the older brother Gong Ming greeted him and said, "It's okay to work hard for our men. Give me the bags." !"

Fu Xiaowan cast a cool glance at Gong Ming, then smiled and refused: "No, I can hold it myself."

Gong Ming's face became stiff, he retracted his hand angrily, touched his nose, and laughed dryly.

The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing, but everyone packed up and set off.

It took more than 3 hours to drive for a long distance. During this period, the two men took turns to avoid driving fatigue. The two women were responsible for chatting and eating snacks. Of course, the two women chatted with each other and occasionally returned. A few words from the man.

This situation made the two men very dissatisfied, but they had no choice but to hope that they would find a chance to approach the two women in the haunted house.

"It's here, it's finally here!" The destination finally arrived. Gong Liang who was driving yelled with joy, and then the two men quickly got out of the car. Originally, the two men wanted to show their gentlemanly demeanor and opened the door for the two women.

However, when they got out of the car, the two women opened the door of the car themselves, and the people got off. They could only open the trunk in angrily to carry their luggage.

"Here, it looks really gloomy, I don't know if there are any ghosts!" Fu Xiaoya looked at the surrounding scenery curiously, and then looked at Fu Xiaowan with inquiries.

Fu Xiaowan frowned and glanced around. Indeed, it was a very gloomy environment.

There are overgrown weeds, and the grass is almost as tall as some people.

The strange thing is that the weeds grew luxuriantly, but the trees all withered and died, leaving only the bare trunks and branches, not a single leaf.

The bare branches of the tree looked like dry five fingers, as if the tree was crowded with countless people, the bodies were all integrated, and only the fingers were all stretched out.

And that villa stands beside the dead tree, and the walls are full of dead vines.

The line of sight fell on the villa, and a strong gloom filled the sky above the villa.

Fu Xiaowan's heart was tight, the secret path is not good, there are really horrible ghosts here, and they seem to be very powerful, this Yin Qi is too strong!

"Sister Wan, what's the matter, your face is so dignified, shouldn't it be!" Fu Xiaoya saw Xiao Wan curl her brows, her eyes filled with heavy colors, she was shocked in her heart, she understood that this haunted house is a veritable haunted house, and the ghost is still Very powerful, otherwise Sister Wan would not show such a look.

Fu Xiaowan glanced at the two men who had already taken the luggage down, and the two men who were about to close the trunk pulled Fu Xiaoya in a low voice: "I can't go in, the yin is so heavy, I am also a little afraid, and I can't deal with this ghost for a while."

"Yeah, I understand!" Fu Xiaoya nodded, and then his mind quickly turned.

The two men locked the car. Then, with both left and right hands full, they walked towards the two women. "Let’s go, let’s go in. It’s getting dark. Let’s put things down and we’ll pick up some firewood and burn it. Good night light. Can barbecue by the way. But we have prepared a lot of barbecue skewers!"

"Wait a minute!" Fu Xiaoya hurriedly shouted, and then said angrily, "Of course the barbecue is to be grilled outside. Is it in the house? Isn't it choking? I think we should barbecue outside first!"

The two men were stunned, and then felt that Xiaoya was right. There was no fire in the house, of course it had to be outdoors.He nodded twice.It was agreed, but Gong Ming looked down at the things in his hands and smiled: "That's OK. We'll have a barbecue outside, A Liang, you go pick firewood, I will move things in first."

After that, he put down the things in his hands.Leave the things needed for barbecue, pick up other things and walk towards the villa.

Fu Xiaoya was anxious when she saw this.Anxious eyes looked at Fu Xiaowan.

Fu Xiaowan stretched out his hand, and then smiled: "I suddenly felt that this haunted house is so dirty, will it smell bad in it? And. We have to spend time to clean up. It will be too late when the barbecue is over. It is inconvenient to clean up. . Well, let’s set up a tent outside. You should have prepared a tent, right?"

Gong Ming nodded his head: "Yes, I'm afraid the haunted house is too dilapidated. I can't live in it, so I prepared two tents."

"That's fine, just pitch the tent and clean it up!" Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows and said with a smile.

Gong Ming was already immersed in her bright smile, and grinned: "Okay, listen to you, then I will set up the tent now. Oh, I will get you a seat first, and you just sit and rest. "

After all, he took out two air cushions from his luggage and filled them with air, and they became two piers, ready to sit.

"Thank you!" Xiao Wan Xiaoya took over Dundun, thanked him with a sweet smile, then moved Dundun to find a place to sit down, and then said, "Just barbecue here!"

This location, some distance from the haunted house, should be safe, if the female ghost can't leave the house.

The beauty said, how could Gong Ming refuse, and immediately moved all the barbecue and other things over, and then sorted out an open space for barbecue.

Naturally, the two women were embarrassed and really waited to eat. They sorted out the ingredients and then set up the barbecue grill.

Gong Liang is collecting firewood and Gong Ming is setting up the tent, with a clear division of labor.

"Sister Wan, are ghosts very powerful?" Fu Xiaoya asked worriedly, "Are we safe here? Should we change the place?"

Fu Xiaowan said helplessly: "Change places, the two men won't agree! There should be nothing wrong here, I think the yin air is hovering in the villa, but there is no outside, I guess the ghost can't come out!"

When I came out for a picnic, the address was stated early, but now it is very late by now. How can I agree to change the place temporarily?

Furthermore, the two men proposed to explore places like the haunted house, didn't they just want to take the opportunity to be a hero, how could they easily agree to leave!

Fu Xiaoya curled her lips helplessly and said, "Well, that can only be done, I hope tonight will be all right!"

Fu Xiaowan raised her head and looked at the sky. (The sky is getting dim, it is not dark yet, so you can still see the sky!) I saw a lot of dark clouds floating in the sky, and my heart jumped. He looked down at Xiaoya, uneasy. Asked: "By the way, how is the weather today? At night, it won't rain, right?"

The first time I ran out for a picnic, I really never thought about paying attention to the weather. Now that the sky is wrong, Fu Xiaowan suddenly realized that what if it rains?

Fu Xiaoya was taken aback for a moment, then she also looked up at the sky, quickly took out her mobile phone, and checked the weather at night, and then cried and said, "It's really raining, sister Wan, what shall we do then? This tent is rainproof. ?"

"It should be possible, but I don't know how heavy the rain is at night. If it is too big, it will definitely not work!" Fu Xiaowan is very depressed. If it rains heavily, will he have to enter the haunted house?However, it is too dangerous to go in.

But if they don't go in, it's raining heavily. What excuses should they make to prevent the two men from not going in?Could it be that this is a haunted house with ghosts in it!

If you say that, it is estimated that the boys will be more determined to go in!I would think that the two girls are timid and scared, and they can take advantage of it if they go in!

Fu Xiaoya pouted and prayed: "I hope the rain is not heavy! Besides, the weather forecast may not be accurate, maybe it won't rain!"

"It's better not to go down, really want to get up, and then think of a way!" Fu Xiaowan rubbed his eyebrows, said with a headache, and then saw Gong Liang who came back with firewood and stood up and said, "Let's help too! "

The fire was lit, the barbecue ingredients were placed, and the four of them started barbecues by themselves.It’s just that everyone’s skills are not very good, they just keep turning over to avoid burnt, when they are cooked, and when they’re brushed, they don’t know when they are cooked, and the taste is not enough.

However, the picnic is like this.The taste is not necessarily good.But the atmosphere is enough.

When the barbecue began, the four of them naturally began to talk.

"Xiao Wan, are you out of school?" Gong Ming asked curiously.Everyone had introduced the names to each other a long time ago, but he didn't know about Fu Xiaowan's other circumstances, so he asked about it.

Fu Xiaowan shrugged and said, "Come on. But I have dropped out of school."

Gong Ming was surprised, and asked puzzledly: "Ah? Suspended school? Why?"

Look at Fu Xiaowan's family background.Certainly there is no shortage of money. Judging from her look, there is no accident at home, and she is not sick.So, why suspend school?

Gong Liang also looked at Fu Xiaowan curiously, and didn't understand why Fu Xiaowan had to leave school.

Upon seeing this, Fu Xiaoya giggled and explained for Xiaowan: "My sister Wan is amazing. Those courses are all good, so I don't want to waste time in school. I just quit school to play."

The two men looked at each other, what?Course plenary meeting?Quit school to play?Is there such a thing?

Well, it seems that this Fu Xiaowan is a genius, but genius, shouldn't he continue his studies, why should he take a break from school?

Hmm, maybe, my heart is unstable, and I'm still playful!

The two men thought!

Gong Ming looked at Fu Xiaowan with bright eyes, and thought, this woman, beautiful and smart, with a good family background, is really perfect. If she could become his girlfriend, she would definitely have more face.

His eyes flashed, and he smiled and asked, "It turns out that you're still a talented girl! What do you do after you leave school to play? Do you travel around? Or work?"

Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows and replied casually: "Oh, I didn't play anything, just play around!"

Seeing that Fu Xiaowan refused to explain, a look of disappointment flashed in Gong Ming's eyes, but he quickly changed the subject and asked about other things.

In this way, the four of you chatted with each other, chatting and eating.

The two men also took good care of the girls, and gave priority to the food that they baked to the two women. Soon, the four of them were full of food and drink!

Of course, the drink is a drink. How dare you bring it, Fu Xiaoya will never drink!Moreover, coming to such a remote place, drinking too much can be dangerous!

If you are full, it is naturally impossible to go to the tent to rest immediately, isn't that a pig!

The two men winked at each other, and Gong Ming suggested: "We are full and the sky is getting dark. It is suitable for adventure. Let's take a rest and enter the haunted house!"

Gong Liang nodded in agreement: "Yes, I'm curious, is there really a ghost in this haunted house!"

Fu Xiaowan and Xiaoya looked at each other helplessly, feeling very depressed. These two fools didn't forget to enter the haunted house. They were also curious about whether there were ghosts. Of course there were some, and they were very dangerous!

Fu Xiaoya chuckled: "Actually, I have played this haunted house adventure game many times. It is not interesting. I have explored many times. Anyway, I haven't seen a ghost. Otherwise, I won't go in. , We can just play outside!"

Fu Xiaowan rolled her eyes silently. Xiaoya said that, isn't she already scared in the eyes of the two men?The two men will definitely insist on going in for adventure!

Sure enough, when the two men heard the words, their eyes showed abusive smiles. In the hearts of the two men, they indeed believed that Fu Xiaoya must have gone into the haunted house when it was dark. She was afraid, so she didn't dare to go in!

Gong Liang knew that Fu Xiaoya's temperament was bold and could not stand up to the excitement, so he joked, "Xiaoya, you shouldn't be afraid! If you are afraid, just say straight, we will take care of you, and we just don't go in! "

When Fu Xiaoya heard the words, she blushed and she wanted to refute, but she was caught in time by Xiao Wan. She glared at Gong Liang angrily, and said angrily: "Whatever you say, I don't want to go in anyway. I don’t know how dirty it is, it’s pitch black, if you accidentally step on something like Xiang, it’s not disgusting, don’t go!”

As soon as he said this, Fu Xiaowan's mouth twitched, and she felt that Xiaoya was a real cow and could think of Xiang to go!

Hearing the word Xiang, the two men couldn't help feeling a little sick, (Xiang = shit) Xindao, too, maybe the room is dirty, Xiang with animals is normal, smearing in, if you step on it, would you be lucky?

The two men hesitated slightly, and Gong Liang asked flatly, "What should I do? Don't go to the haunted house to explore, let's sit here?"

Fu Xiaowan said roundly, "Otherwise, find something else to play! You don't have to go into a haunted house!"

Gong Ming quickly agreed: "Xiao Wan is right, so what shall we play?"

"Truth or dare! How about?" Fu Xiaoya suggested with a smile.

Just don't enter the haunted house.Fu Xiaowan immediately seconded and agreed with this proposal.

Both girls agreed, what else can the boy say!And, if you really want to take a risk, if you win, you can take a little advantage!

Everyone agreed and the game started.

The rule is.Report the number in sequence from 1 to 99.But it cannot be said to take 7 and multiples of 7, for example, 7-17-27.There is no 7 in the number, there is 14 of 7*2, 21 of *3, and the multiple cannot be said.

Those who say they lose.Then you have to accept the punishment, or you can choose the truth.Or choose a big adventure.

This game is actually very simple. Fu Xiaowan eliminated the unspeakable numbers in her mind, and Fu Xiaoya turned her eyes around to eliminate the numbers.

The two men did the same.Then, the game started.

In the first round, Gong Ming lost.He did it deliberately, he couldn't let the girl lose first.

Gong Liang, Xiao Wan, and Xiao Ya decided on the palm of their hands and the back of their hands.The first one is Fu Xiaowan's question.

Fu Xiaowan asked: "Do you choose the truth or the big adventure?"

Gong Ming thought for a while, but still chose to speak the truth. What if Fu Xiaowan asked him to walk around in the haunted house alone if he chose a big adventure?

If everyone went in together, he would still dare, but if he was alone, he would be really a little scared. It didn’t darken this day, and he didn’t think the haunted house was terrible. Now it’s all dark. This haunted house looks really gloomy. It's scary.

To be honest, Fu Xiaowan thought about it and asked, "Do you believe there are ghosts in this world?"

Gong Ming was taken aback, and then he laughed and said: "I don't believe it, there are no ghosts in this world, your question is too useless, come on, next round!"

The game started again, and Gong Liang lost the second hand!

The subject was Gong Ming. Naturally, the two brothers would not be embarrassed. Gong Liang chose to speak the truth. Gong Ming asked him if he had a sweetheart. Gong Liang glanced at Fu Xiaoya, and then said yes.

This performance was obvious, which made Fu Xiaoya very embarrassed, but she didn't say anything, just shouted to continue, and then started a new game.

Next, the two brothers began a tragedy!

First of all, they will always lose, that is to say, only their two brothers will be punished.

As for the subject, either Fu Xiaowan or Fu Xiaoya.

There is no way, except for the one who lost, the other three will choose the candidate with their palms and the backs of their hands. Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya begin to cheat. The palm of one's hand is still the back of the hand, and the subject will only be one of Xiao Wan or Xiao Ya!

Of course, Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya didn't embarrass the two of them. They didn't ask any embarrassing questions, nor did they make any embarrassing behaviors. They asked little things, or shouted that they were stupid or something.

Lose once, lose twice, lose again!The two brothers are frustrated, and they are no longer interested in the game. Can they be interested? I never won!

Although they have thought about asking girls to kiss them if they win, they just think about it. They don't dare to mention it. At most they ask if they have a boyfriend or what type of man they like.

However, there is no chance to ask such a question, because I have never won!

It seems that they have also sensed the feelings of loss of the two men. Fu Xiaowan and Fu Xiaoya are a little embarrassed. This, is it too much to win?

No way, they were also worried that the boys would put forward any excessive terms, which would make it ugly, so they never gave the boys a chance to win.

But if you continue to play like this, the boys will probably ask not to play anymore soon!What should I do if I propose to enter the haunted house again?

Otherwise, let the boys win once or twice?

Boys should not have that guts, dare to ask too much!

Ever since, the two met and decided to release the water and let the boys win two.

"Hahaha, Xiaoya, you lost." Finally, Fu Xiaoya lost a round with a'mistake'. The two brothers were immediately overjoyed, and they wanted to celebrate with firecrackers!

Fu Xiaoya pretended to be bitter and said: "Okay, okay, I lost, whoever will ask the question!"

Fu Xiaowan glanced at the excited two men, waved his hands and said: "You two are ready to ask questions, I abstain!"

Hearing this, the two men were even more delighted. Gong Ming consciously gave the opportunity to Gong Liang. Gong Liang was excited and asked excitedly: "Xiaoya, what do you choose? The truth is still a big adventure?"

"The truth is good!" Fu Xiaoya hurriedly said, in such a terrifying place, the big adventure is not fun.

"Okay, what do I want to ask!" Gong Liang's eyes rolled, thinking about asking a question!l