Ghost Crossing

Chapter 204 Ghost (4)

Fu Xiaowan wiped the rain off his face, and said, "You wait here first, I'll go in and take a look!"

After that, she took a deep breath, looked at the closed door deeply, and slowly stretched out her hand, pressing it on the door, and then pushed the door hard with her hands.

"Squeak!" The rusty door that hadn't been used for a long time made a harsh sound. This sound seemed so penetrating in the heavy rain and made the scalp numb.

As soon as the door was opened, a yin wind blew out. Fu Xiaowan, who was already soaked, felt cold all over, and couldn't help but shiver. Then he swept his eyes inward and saw that the room was dark. One piece, nothing can be seen.

After all, it was dark, there were no lights in the house, and it was raining, without a trace of stars or moonlight, so it was naturally pitch black.

Fortunately, there is a spare flashlight, so Xiao Wan quickly turned around to find the flashlight, and Xiao Ya also squatted down to help find the flashlight.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Gong Liang came over. Seeing that the door had been opened, he rushed in directly.

The two women didn't respond for a while because they were squatting looking for flashlights. They watched Gong Liang rush in, too late to stop them.

When the reaction came over, people had already entered, Fu Xiaowan and Xiaoya were dumbfounded, and after a while, Xiaowan stood up suddenly and cursed angrily: "Really!"

After scolding, she confessed to Fu Xiaoya: "Don't let Gong Ming come in again, I'll go after Gong Liang!"

After all, Xiao Wan grabbed the flashlight he had found and chased in.

After a while, Gong Ming arrived, also all wet. Seeing Xiaoya standing at the door, she asked: "The two of them have already gone in. Why don't you go in? The whole body is wet. You can easily catch a cold if you don't change your clothes soon. of!"

With that, he picked up everything on the ground and prepared to go in.

Fu Xiaoya hurriedly grabbed things and said anxiously: "You forgot what you promised, you can't go in now!"

"Well, aren't both A Liang and your sister going in?" Gong Ming was speechless.Two of these people went in.What are you still making noise outside? My body is soaked and the clothes sticking to my body feel really uncomfortable.He wanted to go in immediately and find a place to change into dry clothes.

"Also, I promised well in the tent just now. As a result, Gong Liang came over and rushed in directly!" Fu Xiaoya said angrily.Then he looked at the door with a worried look and said anxiously."Sister Wan went in and chased him, I don't know what to do!"

"Um, what else? It's really strange to you, what else can be dangerous in this room. I think we can go in too!" Gong Ming is really speechless. Two of these people have gone in and stopped him. What are you doing outside?Is there really any danger in this room?

Fu Xiaoya gave Gong Ming angrily.Dissatisfied, said: "You can't go in, if you go in. I will turn around and leave now!"

"You, you are simply making trouble!" Gong Ming was also frustrated, his body was soaked, and Fu Xiaoya's insistence on not letting in was simply inexplicable.

Originally, Gong Ming didn't like a girl with a personality like Fu Xiaoya. He didn't think she was gentle and considerate at all. She did things carelessly. He was like a tomboy all day long. In his heart, he liked a quieter girl.

Had it not been for the younger brother to like Xiaoya, he would not bother to pay attention to Fu Xiaoya!

Although angry, Gong Ming still didn't dare to go in, fearing that Fu Xiaoya could really leave, and the two brothers would be held responsible if something happened.

Fu Xiaoya was also out of anger, what, unreasonably making trouble?She is obviously for the good of these two brothers!Phew, don't be angry, don't be angry, don't know who is not guilty, don't care about him!

The two people suddenly saw me not pleasing to your eyes, and I thought you were not pleasing to your eyes. The two people looked away and did not look at each other. They stood at the door very dissatisfied, and the atmosphere became rigid.

Speaking of Gong Liang, he really forgot what he had promised earlier. He was soaked in the rain and in a bad mood. Seeing the door opened, he didn't think much about it and rushed in.

But as soon as he entered, he regretted a little.

Gong Ming came out last, so the three people who came out in front were all without lights. They just ran to the villa by the light from the tent. When Gong Liang rushed in, he found that the room was dark and the wind was blowing and the coolness was pressing.

After walking a few steps, Gong Liang stopped, couldn't help swallowing, and glanced around his eyes with trepidation. However, he couldn't see anything, it was pitch black, he couldn't help feeling a little nervous, and thought at the same time. I just agreed to Fu Xiaowan's words and became annoyed.

Feared, and remembering the promise of the two women, Gong Liang couldn’t help but think of going out. Let’s go out first, go out to apologize or something, and then come in with everyone. With a flashlight, you can see it when you come in. see.

Thinking about this, Gong Liang immediately turned around and prepared to go back, but when he turned around, he was dumbfounded.

Because he found that it was dark behind him, and the door was no longer visible.

His heart couldn't help but suddenly, and he became more and more frightened. What's the matter, he only walked in a few steps, why can't he see the door?So weird!

While I was scared in my heart, I suddenly thought of the previous ghost story, and inexplicably thought of what Fu Xiaowan said before, there is a ghost in the house!

Gong Liang’s heart pounded and accelerated. He cried out in fear, "Brother? Xiaoya, are you outside?" In fear, he could not remember the name of Fu Xiaowan he had just met, and only called out what he was familiar with. Two names.

There was no sound, no sound at all.It seemed that there was only Gong Liang in this world.

what happened?Why is there no response?Can't they hear me?impossible!People are not just outside the gate!

This weird situation made Gong Liang even more scared. His gaze swept around, except that it was dark or dark. He took a deep breath and comforted himself: "What are you afraid of, what is there to be afraid of as a big man? It’s okay, in this world, how can there be such a thing!"

As everyone knows, he is already timid at the moment, he dare not even say that ghost character!

"Flashlight, by the way, look for a flashlight!" The darkness in front of him made Gong Liang nervous, and he couldn't help thinking that he had a flashlight.Find out, if there is light, you are not so afraid!

At the moment, Gong Liang immediately put down the things in his hand, and then immediately searched for it.

At the same time, Fu Xiaowan also came in, it was dark inside, but fortunately she brought a flashlight.And at this time also heard Gong Liang's shout.She immediately swept the flashlight beam along with the sound, and then saw Gong Liang squatting not far in front, looking for something.

Seeing Gong Liang was still safe, Fu Xiaowan breathed a sigh of relief.It seems that nothing happened yet, so good!

It's just that the Yin Qi is too heavy, and it's stronger than it looks outside.It seems that this ghost is not simple, no way.I still can't stay here, please take Gong Liang out quickly.

If the two girls insist on leaving in the rain, the boy will naturally not let it go, so he can only leave.At most, it is called the reputation of being unreasonable and hypocritical.

"Gong Liang!" Fu Xiaowan grabbed the flashlight and quickly walked towards Gong Liang.Shouted.

However, Gong Liang continued to squat looking for something as if he hadn't heard it.I didn't mean to reply at all.

Huh, didn't you hear it?Fu Xiaowan was surprised.But I didn't think much, but walked directly towards Gong Liang, then slightly bent over, patted Gong Liang on the shoulder, and shouted again: "Gong Liang!"

"Ah!" Gong Liang only felt his shoulders suddenly heavier. He was taken aback and screamed. Then he mustered his courage to slightly squinted and looked over his shoulders. With this look, he almost lost his soul!

What did he see?It turned out to be a skeleton hand, and the pale bones and joints are so dazzling!At this moment, he didn't know why he could see suddenly, and he could see so clearly!

"Ghost! There's a ghost! Help!" Gong Liang was so scared that he started to run away.

Fu Xiaowan's expression of astonishment, what?ghost?This Gong Liang turned out to be a coward, so he dared to explore the haunted house!

At this time, Fu Xiaowan didn't know that Gong Liang had been fascinated by ghosts, seeing that her hand had become a skeleton hand.

However, when a woman was treated as a ghost, she couldn't stand it anymore. Fu Xiaowan yelled in an angry voice, "What the hell, it's me, Fu Xiaowan!"

But Gong Liang couldn't listen at all. He ran around and crawled deeper and deeper into the villa.

And Gong Liang's horrified shouts naturally spread outside. Fu Xiaoya frowned and thought to herself, is the ghost coming out?I hope Sister Wan can deal with it.

As for Gong Ming, as soon as he heard his brother's cry, he felt anxious, and when he stepped his thigh, he rushed in.

Fu Xiaoya was ready this time. Seeing Gong Ming was about to run inside, she immediately grabbed Gong Ming's arm: "You can't go in!"

"You didn't hear A Liang calling for help, I'm going to find him!" Gong Ming said eagerly, anxious, how could the brave brother call for help?Also, he seems to be calling out a ghost, what's the matter?Is there a ghost?

"I told you a long time ago, there are ghosts in this room, but don't worry, my sister Wan is very powerful, she will definitely be able to bring Gong Liang out!" Fu Xiaoya said angrily, feeling that she was wasting her tongue. , The two brothers never believed the words of their two sisters at all!

Gong Ming's heart trembled. He suddenly turned his head and stared at Fu Xiaoya closely. Seeing that there was no joking in her eyes, his heart tightened. He, who was already half-trusted about the existence of ghosts, felt more and more at this moment that there were ghosts!Moreover, both Fu Xiaoya and Fu Xiaowan knew that there were ghosts, and they seemed to be in contact with each other often, otherwise it would not be the expression.

Thinking of what my younger brother said, Fu Xiaoya is a bold and exciting girl, but this haunted house adventure originally made everyone happy, but when they arrived, the two sisters refused to enter the haunted house with various excuses.

Gong Ming couldn't help but have a bold guess. Could it be that when they arrived, the two sisters discovered that there was a ghost in the haunted house, so they refused to go in?

This cognition Gong Ming was shocked, how could it be possible?How could they know there is a ghost in this room?

After thinking wildly for a while, Gong Liang's cry came from the haunted house again. Gong Ming had no time to think about other things anymore, and rushed in without Fu Xiaoya's hand.

If it's a normal girl, maybe it's really being thrown away, but Xiaoya is different. She has learned and is prepared, so she immediately controlled Gong Ming and shouted anxiously: "You can't go in, you go in. Things will only get worse!"

"You let me go, didn't you hear A Liang yell again? He is my younger brother, I can't let it go!" Gong Ming struggled desperately, but every time he flung it away, he was caught by Fu Xiaoya again. In time, he couldn't do anything.

Fu Xiaoya felt helpless, and of course she understood Gong Ming's worries.However, Sister Wan is not omnipotent, and she doesn't know what the situation is, why Gong Liang is so miserable.It's just that you can't let Gong Ming in, too. Wouldn't it be more difficult for Sister Wan to rescue two people?

She said hurriedly: "What can you do if you go in? Can you deal with ghosts? You will only cause trouble if you go in!"

"Then I want to go in too!" Gong Ming actually agreed with Fu Xiaoya's words.I also know I shouldn't go in.However, he can no longer take care of that much now, his brother is still inside.He was so worried that he would not go in to save his brother, he was uneasy.

"No! Why are you so stubborn!" Fu Xiaoya was so angry that there was nothing to say.I can only drag Gong Ming desperately to prevent him from rushing in.

But the physical strength of men and women is different after all.Even if Xiaoya had studied, she couldn't hold on for long, and soon she seemed to be struggling.He was almost unable to hold Gong Ming.

As for Gong Ming, he tried his best to break off Fu Xiaoya's hand, and Fu Xiaoya's arm was bruised.But it continues to struggle.

Fu Xiaoya was in pain, but also felt that she was unable to do what she wanted.She glanced worriedly at the haunted house, and finally had to compromise and shouted: "Okay, OK, I won't let you in, but you have to listen to me, otherwise, you won't be able to help if you go in, and you will make trouble. You never want to watch your brother be killed by a ghost, do you? You never want to be killed by a ghost yourself, do you?"

Seeing Fu Xiaoya finally let go, Gong Ming immediately stopped struggling, nodded and said: "Okay, I will listen to you." When speaking, he glanced at the door, and his heart became more uneasy. Up.

Fu Xiaoya cursed her lips irritably, and asked, "What's the thing that Sister Wan gave you! Take it out!"

thing?Gong Ming immediately took out from his pocket what Fu Xiaowan had given him.

"This pendant chain, brought to the neck, this yellow talisman, wrapped around the left hand, this whip, held in the right hand, and this amulet, placed in the chest pocket!" Fu Xiaoya said one by one, and she herself He quickly took out a bunch of things and brought them to himself.

Gong Ming did what she said, and soon was fully equipped. At this time, he was surprised to find that his whole body was wet and the talisman was also soaked, but the painting on it was still very clear without a trace of blur.

"Well, you follow me!" Fu Xiaoya instructed, then walked to the gate and shouted, "Sister Wan, Sister Wan, did you hear me?"

Fu Xiaowan roared in an angry voice: "What the hell, it's me, Fu Xiaowan!"

But to a surprise, Gong Liang seemed to be unable to hear Fu Xiaowan’s words. He rushed into the darkness and disappeared in an instant. Fu Xiaowan shone in with a flashlight speechlessly, and found that the light could only penetrate a few meters before moving forward. It didn't work, it was still pitch black in front of me.

"This yin atmosphere is too strong for the light to penetrate. This damn Gong Liang ran in, really!" Fu Xiaowan said worried and depressed, and then stepped inside, ready to continue chasing Gong Liang.

Judging from Gong Liang's reaction just now, Gong Liang should be lost in his mind, he can't hear her, even, it seems she is not herself!What horrible thing has become?

Uh, it looks like she should be regarded as a ghost!

Damn it, it's all caused by this yin qi, and the ghosts haven't appeared. The yin qi alone is enough to be choking, but this also shows that the ghost hasn't shot yet, otherwise, Gong Liang should have something wrong now!

Do ghosts have to rest?Or what are you busy with?Phew, that's fine, at least they are safe now.

As I thought about it, Fu Xiaoya's shout came from her ear: "Sister Wan, Sister Wan, did you hear me?"

After stopping, Xiao Wan responded: "I am here, Xiao Ya, what's wrong?"

"Sister Wan, Gong Ming has to go in, I can't stop it!" Fu Xiaoya shouted and kept paying attention to Gong Ming, for fear that he would rush in while he was not paying attention, and it would be more troublesome.

Fu Xiaowan sighed and shouted helplessly: "I know, I'll pick you up, you will wait!"

It seemed that she was right. Gong Liang who came in was affected by Yin Qi, and couldn't hear or see everyone, and the people outside were not affected by Yin Qi. He heard Gong Liang's shouting, Gong Ming as the older brother. Worried about the younger brother, who will come in life and death, Xiaoya, a girl, naturally can't stop it.

Since he couldn't stop him, he had to pick up Gong Ming personally, otherwise things would get more troublesome when he rushed in.

I didn't come very far, so I came out after a few steps.Seeing that Xiaoya and Gong Ming were fully armed, they said dullly: "Actually, really, I don't want you to come in, you want to come in, it's harder to find Gong Liang!"

Fu Xiaoya also nodded in agreement: "That's right, Gong Ming. This is haunted. It's useless to go in, it will only slow you down. You have to worry about saving your brother. Just listen to us, don't go in, Sister Wan will definitely find a way. I rescued Gong Liang!"

Gong Ming's heart began to struggle, he was very worried about his brother.But the two women were right. What could he do when he went in?Nothing can help!When the time comes, it will slow down.I'm afraid it will make my brother even more dangerous!

After hesitating for a moment, Gong Ming's persistence was not so strong anymore, his lips moved slightly, and he just wanted to agree not to go in again.However, there was a stern cry from the haunted house, which belonged to Gong Liang.

"A Liang!" Gong Ming's heart suddenly panicked, how could he remember what he was thinking just now.He pushed Fu Xiaowan away and rushed in.

The two women saw Gong Ming's tendency to change his mind.So he relaxed his vigilance. Who knew Gong Liang would suddenly shout, and without precaution, he let Gong Ming rush in easily.

"Ah~~What's going on!" Fu Xiaowan scratched her hair angrily, her eyes full of depression.

Fu Xiaoya was also extremely depressed, and said angrily: "These two men are so uneasy, Sister Wan, what can I do now? Are you alone, can you handle it?"

Fu Xiaowan frowned and said worriedly: "It's difficult, the yin inside will affect people's perception. Gong Ming will probably be affected by yin after entering. I want to bring two people out. It's not easy! Xiaoya, come in and help me !"

"Ah? Me? Can I do it?" Fu Xiaoya was a little guilty, and she couldn't see any ghosts, so what can I do to help?

"No, I have to do it, otherwise, how can I bring two people out by myself!" Fu Xiaowan was nowhere to be seen. She quickly took out a small bottle and handed it to Xiaoya and said, "Take this one and wipe it on your eyelids. I see, your soul is also strong, not easily affected by Yin Qi, and you should not lose your mind. After entering, we can find someone together!"

Fu Xiaoya swallowed nervously and took the bottle. She wanted to say, she was scared!This is a horrible ghost. It must be very scary. Imagine a terrifying female ghost flying towards you or suddenly appearing next to her, her heart trembling.

However, now is not the time to be scared. Two classmates are trapped in it. If they don’t save it, they may die. Moreover, it’s too hard for Sister Wan to be alone. If Sister Wan is here, she should be fine, right~!

Taking a deep breath, to cheer herself up, Fu Xiaoya said nervously: "That's OK, let's go in!"

The two women could only go in together and began to look for Gong Liang and Gong Ming.

As for Gong Ming, when he came to the door of the villa, he brought the large illuminator in the tent. The brightness was strong enough and the penetration was better than that of ordinary small flashlights, so he could see a larger field of view, but Only a few meters, not far away.

After coming in, he only felt cold all over, he couldn't help rubbing his arms, and he became a little scared in his heart.

Before rushing in, he was only worried about his brother, but after he came in, he realized that he was afraid. Once he came in, he was about to face ghosts, right?

He was already half-believing in the existence of ghosts, and now he was convinced that there were ghosts. In addition, his brother might be in an accident because of ghosts. He was a little overwhelmed and nervous and worried.

Turning the flashlight with his hand, his eyes drifted around, but he didn't see his brother. He licked his lips and carefully shouted, "A Liang, A Liang, where are you?"

There was no response. The surroundings were quiet. Gong Ming nervously squeezed the torch and shouted: "A Liang, Fu Xiaoya, Fu Xiaowan, where are you?"

It's too weird, how can it be so quiet?If I rushed in by myself, Xiaoya and Xiaowan should also come in, why is there no movement at all?

Fortunately, Xiao Ya had already made Gong Ming fully armed before, and saw a gloom attacking Gong Ming, but she was immediately bounced away by the golden chain.

"Gong Ming!" Fu Xiaoya and Xiao Wan soon appeared, and they came directly to Gong Ming. Seeing that he was safe and sound, the expressions on their faces relaxed slightly.

When Gong Ming saw the two women appear, he was very embarrassed and said weakly, "Sorry, I, I'm too reckless!"

"I've come in, forget it, let's go to Gong Liang as soon as possible!" Fu Xiaowan was anxious. I haven't heard Gong Liang's voice for a while, right? What's going on?l