Ghost Crossing

Chapter 206 Ghost (6)

Back in the car with difficulty in the wind and rain, the three people first put Gong Liang into the car together, and then got on the car one after another.

The chair was filled with water in an instant, but everyone didn't bother to worry about it. Gong Ming quickly started the car and turned on the navigation to search for the nearest town.

After half an hour, the Laotangji arrived in a small town, but it was dark and the people in the small town rested early. Looking at the past, there was almost no light.

The rain was so heavy that the line of sight was unclear, and it was not clear what buildings were on the street, whether it was a house, a shop, or a clinic.

Fortunately, although the town is small, the hotel clinic can still be searched on the navigation.

Because Gong Liang and Xiaoya were injured, they went to the hospital first.

Clinics in small towns are not open 24 hours a day. When the car is driven to the clinic, the lights are dark, and it is uncertain whether there is anyone inside.

"Ah? Nobody, what can I do?" Fu Xiaoya said with her face to the window, looking at the blackness in front of her, speaking very silently.

"I'll knock on the door, maybe the boss lives in it!" Gong Ming was not reconciled, got out of the car after speaking, ran to the door of the clinic in the rain, and knocked hard on the door.

"Boom!" The door panel was banged, but the sound didn't spread far because the rain was louder.

Fortunately, the boss really lives in the clinic. Although the rain is loud, he can still hear the knock on the door.

Was awakened from a sound sleep, the boss put on his coat cursingly, and shouted uncomfortably: "Here is here!"

Although he was upset, the boss got up because he knew that he opened a clinic and it rained so heavily today.There are people knocking on the door in the rain. Someone must be sick and in a hurry.

Hearing a reply in the room, although he did not hear clearly what was being said, Gong Ming understood that the boss did live in it, and he should also get up to come out now.There was an overjoyed look on his face.

After a while.The door of the clinic opened. The boss put on his coat and glanced at Gong Ming, who was soaked, and then glanced at the car parked in front.Angrily said: "What's the matter? Come in first!"

The boss was so kind, he saw people soaked, standing outside and catching cold easily, so he let people come in.

Gong Ming quickly returned to the car.Lifting Gong Liang down, Fu Xiaowan also helped Xiaoya towards the clinic.

"How did you do this! So embarrassed!" The boss saw Gong Liang in a coma.Fu Xiaoya, who was limping, asked very puzzled.

"Boss, let's see first, how is he?" Gong Ming is embarrassed to say that he is going to explore the haunted house.Finally met a ghost?Besides, my brother is still in a coma, so there is no time to explain to the boss.

Although the boss was curious, he didn't ask too much.He immediately checked Gong Liang first, after all, he seemed to be in a worse situation.

After checking it over.The boss said suspiciously: "There is no big problem, just a little scratches and scratches. Also, he was stunned by someone!" He was not fainted because of illness or shock, but obviously he was stunned.

"Cough cough!" Fu Xiaoya coughed embarrassingly. Well, she stunned!

Gong Ming was a little embarrassed when he heard what the boss said. He also started, but he didn't faint. In the end, Xiaoya fainted!However, the boss said that there was no big problem, huh, great.

Fu Xiaowan changed the subject and said: "Boss, you can show her again!"

The boss glanced at the 4 people with a weird look, and felt that the atmosphere was a little weird, but he was too troubled to ask about other people's affairs, so he could only check it for Xiaoya.

"If you don't hurt your bones, apply some safflower oil, stay in bed and rest less and move around!"

There was no major problem after the two of them checked, except for skin trauma. The doctor prescribed some external medicine and medicine to prevent colds and they started to rush people.

I thought it was a big problem. Feelings are just coming out to play and toss about!

The boss could tell at a glance that the four of them were not from the town, and then when he saw that the car was full of mud and water, he guessed that he had come out to play, but in heavy rain, it became the current virtue.

After checking out, and by the way, I asked where the nearby hotel was. The four hurriedly left the clinic and went straight to the hotel.

Fortunately, the hotel is open 24 hours a day. Although the boss slept in it, he woke up as soon as he shouted and welcomed the 4 people warmly.

After opening two rooms, the four of them can finally rest at ease!

Because the clothes had been left in the haunted house, the four of them had no clothes to change and wash, and there were still things left to be said, so they could only be surrounded by sticky clothes.

Of course, there weren't many things, just some treatments against Gong Liang.

Gong Liang's body was examined. It was only a skin injury, but there was still some Yin Qi in his body. Fu Xiaowan asked Gong Ming to go out and wait, and only after he expelled the Yin Qi for Gong Liang, he asked Gong Ming to take Gong Liang away.

"Huh, it's okay at last, this one is really uncomfortable, no more, I'm going to take a bath!" Fu Xiaoya shook her wet hair and said with an uncomfortable expression, and then asked, "Sister Wan, No clothes to change!"

"Then I have no choice. Where can I buy clothes now? The bath towels will be used all night. Leave the clothes under the air conditioner and blow them all night!" Fu Xiaowan is uncomfortable, but the conditions are not allowed. .

There are free and charged bath towels, and the charged ones are brand new, so the two women will not feel dirty, and they will come out around the towel after taking a shower.

After applying medicated oil to Xiaoya and taking some medicine, the two of them fell into bed tiredly and went to sleep.

On Gong Ming's side, he cleaned himself up for his brother, then lay down to rest with a wry smile, thinking about tonight's things in his mind, and he felt it was incredible!

When the four people left safely and rested in the hotel comfortably, the haunted house became lively.

"Damn, damn, let them run away!" A very thin female ghost roared angrily, and then directly started punching and kicking several ghosts shivering on the ground next to her!

He beat and scolded: "You damn, you even kept me secret, blocked me, and let those people escape. I think you are itchy!"

"Mmm!" The ghosts who were beaten were completely afraid to resist.Just holding his head and whimpering.

One of the women whose face was scratched and a hole dug in her belly was beaten the worst. Almost all of her fists fell on her body. Then there was an old woman who was the second worst.

"Don't fight!" An old man who had barely suffered a fist yelled distressedly, then hugged the old woman directly and used his body as a shield for the old woman.

It's not just the old man.Another middle-aged man who looked good also rushed over.But instead of holding back the fist for the old woman, she threw on the female ghost who did it and hugged her waist.Begging: "Don't fight, don't do this!"

"You dare to stop me, do you feel bad about this woman!" The female ghost became even more crazy when she was hugged by the man.A slow jealousy and resentment appeared in her eyes, and she gave a vicious look at the man who was holding her.

But after all, he was not willing to beat the man.Instead, with a big wave of his hand, a cloud of Yin Qi wrapped around the man like a chain, bound the man, and then pulled it away.

Then she turned her resentful gaze to the woman with a hole in her stomach.The more I look, the darker my eyes are, the next second.She yelled, and a yin air bound the woman's wrist with the hole.Then I saw that the woman was hung up.

The hole female ghost's eyes were full of despair, but she didn't plead, her eyes were blank, letting the female ghost punch and kick her.

The soul and body became unstable, as if it was about to dissipate in the next moment, the female ghost stopped, and sneered and said: "I won't let you die easily!"

After that, the yin energy that bound the female ghost in the hole disappeared, and then got into the body of the female ghost in the hole and stabilized her soul.

The female ghost in the hole fell blankly, during which she didn't make a sound, begging for mercy or crying, she just looked dull and blank.Of course, it's not that she is a stupid, it's because she has been used to it and has been dead for so many years. She is beaten like this every day, she is numb!

"Huh! It's good for those four guys, but it's better not to have another time, otherwise it's not just as simple as being beaten. Then, one of you will pay the price! Do you understand?" After fighting enough and feeling comfortable, he uttered a word to warn the ghost in the room, and then with a wave of his right hand, he took the bound man away, leaving the other ghosts staring at each other.

"Old lady, you, are you okay?" When the female ghost left, the old old ghost said with a distressed expression and helped the old woman up.

The old woman raised her head, her eyes filled with despair and asked: "Old man, you don't care about me anymore, she, she will beat me to anger, she won't really want me to die."

"Hey!" The old man sighed when he heard the words, then let go of the old woman's hand, walked to the female ghost in the hole, helped her up, and comforted her: "Are you all right!"

"Ha ha ha!" The hole female ghost smirked twice without answering, but stood up swayingly, and walked towards the corner blankly.

The other ghosts disappeared after the female ghost left, with expressions of rejoicing on their faces.

It turned out that Fu Xiaowan was able to escape smoothly tonight, thanks to the help of these ghosts, of course, not all ghosts, but a few of them.

The skinny ghost-killing female ghost is the most powerful ghost, the poor wife who is barren, Shangguan Yao.

The middle-aged man who hugged her but was restrained is her husband, Huang Cong!

The old ghost and the old woman are Huang Cong's parents, Huang Qing and Chen Yuan!

The female ghost with a dizzy face and a hole in her belly is the little one who came to provoking her with a fake pregnancy slip, Lin Yating!

There are other ghosts, it doesn’t matter. They are strangers who went into the haunted house and were killed. The number is not large, but not too few. There are 6 of them, all young people, and they are not just for excitement. disaster.

When Gong Liang rushed into the haunted house, Shangguanyao didn’t find it, because she was resting in the haunted house. How could there be any living people in the haunted house? There were many ghosts in the house, but besides Huang Cong and father-in-law, Huang Qing, she would give them something. Her face can speak, she disdains other ghosts!It's annoying to look at it.

Therefore, Shangguan Yao formed a habit of recuperating in the bedroom when nothing happened.

In addition to the heavy rain today, she never thought that a living person would come in, so she took a rest early.

As for the other ghosts, they shrank in other corners of the room.

When the door opens, the ghosts can only be blown by the wind. After all, the door has been in disrepair for a long time, and it often opens on its own without moving. It is so stormy tonight.It is not unusual for the door to open.

It's just that when Gong Liang rushed in, the ghosts downstairs were surprised that a living person had come in!

Except for Shangguan Yao, the other ghosts are not evil ghosts, and they don't want to see anyone die in this room, and they don't want to see other ghosts appear.Suffer with them.So they chose to remain silent and didn't tell Shangguan Yao about anyone coming in.

It is even more ready to scare the people who come in, so that they can be scared out.

But who knows.Someone came in again, but instead of scaring them out, they ran in even more scared!Go upstairs even more!

A ghost immediately stopped him, which caused Gong Liang to fall over the stairs.Then he shrank at the top of the stairs, but he didn't really fall down by himself.It was tripped by a ghost.

Afterwards, the ghosts were frightened, and they finally watched them leave with satisfaction, of course.During this period, none of them appeared in front of Fu Xiaowan and Xiaoya, only appeared beside Gong Liang.She hid other times.

Only, at the last minute.When she was about to go out, the door slammed shut by the wind, which shocked Shangguan Yao. She muttered a few words of dissatisfaction, and then she was about to come out to take a look.

However, after coming out, only a few people rushed out of the haunted house.

Watching someone come in and leave, and they left under heavy rain outside. What does this mean?Explain that the other ghosts in the room must have done something, deliberately scaring people away!

Does this make Shangguan Yao not angry? She hates everyone in the world. Men are not good things and will cheat sooner or later. Women are also, especially beautiful young women, who like to destroy other people’s marriages. Damn it!

After the haunted house became famous, few people came, and Shangguan Yao's revenge was not satisfied for a long time, but unfortunately, it was rare that someone came to the door tonight, but was let go!

Thus, the angry Shangguan Yao vented his anger on the ghosts!

Of course, she is also selective in venting!

Although Shangguan Yao hates her cheating husband, she doesn't have any hatred for love, so she generally doesn't fight Huang Cong.

As for the father-in-law, he is actually a good talker, but he is more strict in his wife and listens to her mother-in-law in everything, but he is quite good to her and often speaks nice things for her.

Where's mother-in-law!Bad, I was always picky about her in the past. Later, because of the problem of having no heirs, he encouraged her husband to divorce her. Later, she said coldly to her. Therefore, she was extremely disgusted, and Shangguan Yao would do it to her.

As for Lin Yating, hehe, it can be said that she is the person Shangguan Yao hates most. Xiao 3, seduce* her husband, and pregnant with the child she dreams of. There are hatred and jealousy, so Lin Yating is the most abused One, Lin Yating was beaten the worst every time.

This is also the reason why Lin Yating was beaten but neither begged for mercy nor cried, because she was really used to it. Moreover, she knew that no matter how Shangguan Yao abused her and beat her, she would not let her die, so she was already heartened. If she died, begging for mercy was also going to be beaten. If she couldn't be beaten to death, then how could she react, she could only bear everything in despair.

Lin Yating walked to a corner like a zombie and shrank into a ball of silence.

The old couple sighed helplessly when they saw it, but couldn't say anything. The two helped each other into a room, and the rest of the ghosts dispersed in anguish.

Shangguan Yao took her husband Huang Cong upstairs and entered the bedroom where they used to be. Then she released her husband's restraint, looked at her husband sadly, but said distressedly, "Doesn't it hurt?" At that time, a touch of distress flashed in her eyes, and she wanted to step forward and touch her husband.

But before her hand touched Huang Cong, her face suddenly changed again. Some frantically, she grabbed the pillow and threw it at Huang Cong, cursing, "Say, did you feel bad about that person again? Come to stop me, are you so unwilling to let her be wronged!"

When Huang Cong heard the words, he showed a helpless look, and he explained somewhat weakly: "I don't have any, I just love my mother!"

"I don't believe it or not! Don't try to lie to me!" Shangguan Yaosheng yelled hysterically, and then sneered again, "Your mother, you feel sorry for her, so why don't you feel so sorry for me! What's your mother's fault? Mine, you know you love your mother, but you never love me!" When it comes to the back, it becomes aggrieved.

"Me!" Huang Cong opened his mouth to explain, but his expression was still helpless and feeble, because he knew that his wife would not listen to his explanation.

really.He just opened his mouth and said a word!Shangguan Yao covered her ears and shouted like a collapse: "I don't listen to me, I don't want to listen to your lies! You liar, you are a liar!"

After speaking, a flash of hatred flashed in Shangguan Yao's eyes. He couldn't hear what Huang Cong said, and directly blocked his mouth with Yin Qi.Don't let him speak.

Huang Cong was gagged.A look of disappointment flashed in his eyes, and sure enough, I still couldn't hear it!

"Husband. Are you tired? Why don't you say anything? Okay, let's rest." The next second, Shangguan Yao became gentle again.Hug Huang Cong to sleep.

Huang Cong was passively hugged by Shangguan Yao and lay on the bed with endless despair in his eyes.

In fact, Huang Cong really loves his wife, knowing that his wife will not have children.He rebelled against his parents, resolutely refused to divorce, but also to make his wife happy.I dared to put any rotten medicine in my mouth, and it made me poisoned.

later.The later cheating, I was really tired. I was tossed enough by my wife that he was obsessed with doing something wrong, but afterwards he regretted it and was very upset, but from the beginning to the end, he never thought of abandoning his wife. .

Moreover, he really didn't know that Lin Yating would go to the house to provoke his wife with a fake pregnancy slip, or that his wife became a little nervous because of her infertility and marital pressure.

This caused him to be killed by his wife after he returned, and Lin Yating also ended in a tragic ending. Even his parents were brutally killed by his wife.

This is more than that. It is still so crazy for his wife to become a ghost. She would not let anyone enter the house. If he and his parents repeatedly blocked it, it is estimated that the ghosts in the house are more than the present.

As for Lin Yating, this smart and self-sufficient woman, when she was arrested and tortured to death, she was scared. She wanted to confess everything. She wanted to confess. She seduced Huang Cong by herself. She wanted to confess that the pregnancy was fake. !

However, at that time, Shangguan Yao was already crazy and couldn't listen to her words at all, and tortured her alive.

After death, the ghost was also controlled by Shangguan Yao, and she was constantly tortured. During the period, she cried and wanted to explain, but every time she spoke, she was beaten by all kinds of torture. She was completely speechless. , She didn't have the thought to explain it anymore, what to explain, Shangguan Yao wouldn't listen at all.

Although Lin Yating is making her own, but after a long time, the other ghosts who watched were pityed, especially Huang Cong and Huang Cong’s parents. Originally, Huang Cong was also responsible for this. He did not withstand the temptation and temptation, which made his wife change , But also caused Lin Yating to die.

But if you die, you will die. After you die, you will be tortured in various ways. Huang Cong is a little soft-hearted, and his parents are also a little soft-hearted. He wants to plead with Gao Guan Yao and tell her to stop treating Lin Yating like that. I want to explain Lin Yating's unspoken explanation, saying that Lin Yating is not pregnant.

But this plea broke, Shangguan Yao felt that she was an outsider, and Lin Yating was a member of Huang Cong's family.This recognition made her even more angry.

At the beginning, Shangguan Yao wouldn't do anything to her in-laws and husband, but after this time of pleading, she became cruel, fisted to her in-laws, and even her husband gave a severe lesson.

The mother-in-law Chen Yuan was angry. She was killed by her daughter-in-law. She was already angry in her heart, but now she still dares to do something with her. In addition to the time when she first became a ghost, Shangguan Yao still respected her, so she was bold Yelled at Shangguan Yao.

It sounds like Shang Guan Yao was angry about not having a child or being vicious. Since then, apart from Lin Yating, Chen Yuan has also become a victim of abuse.

Huang Cong and his son are not willing to watch his wife/mother being beaten, and they rush to protect him every time.

With their protection, Chen Yuan suffered less, and Lin Yating suffered most of it.

In this way, the fact that Lin Yating was not pregnant at all is no longer mentioned, and Shangguan Ya has never known this.

Fu Xiaowan and others, who woke up after a nap, put on their clothes, and after a brief wash, they went to see Gong Ming and Gong Liang.

As for Gong Ming, Gong Liang woke up in the middle of the night after being stunned. After opening his eyes, he found that he was in a strange environment, but it was not such a terrifying environment. The lights were bright and the house was clean and tidy. He was not so scared anymore. Then he saw his brother sleeping next to him. He felt sour and almost cried. He was rescued!l