Ghost Crossing

Chapter 208 Ghost (8)

Fu Xiaowan quickly ran to the villa, and then took out a joss stick from her bag, and then lit and shouted Huang Cong's name. The cigarettes were like life, condensed into a ball and fluttered into the villa!

In the villa, Shangguanyao was sleeping on vacation. After last night's events, she vented and felt better. The days after being a ghost were boring, so she was resting when she had everything and nothing to do. She was resting or torturing ghosts.

Huang Cong beats her leg on the sidelines, can't talk to his wife, and is under the control of his wife. Now he is just a little slave, serving his wife.

At this time, a wisp of green smoke floated into Huang Cong's nose, which was delicious.(Paper money can only be given to whomever is burned. It is ghost food, very delicious.)

Suck!Suck!Huang Cong took a couple of breaths, and then he heard a sweet female voice calling his name.

He couldn't help but was stunned, and then a little surprised, how could anyone call him, and this deliciousness, I haven't tasted it for a long time, who made it to him!

When Huang Cong first died, his parents had burnt paper money and joss sticks for him. He remembered the taste, and later his parents died, and no one burned it for him again. This taste has not been tasted for a long time!

Huang Cong glanced at his wife carefully, then whispered: "Yao, are you asleep?"

Shangguan Yao turned over, ignored him, seemed to be asleep, or didn't want to talk to him.

Seeing Shangguan Yao not speaking, Huang Cong whispered: "Then take a rest slowly, I'm going to find parents!" After speaking, he drifted away slowly.

As soon as he left, Shangguan Yao slowly opened her eyes, glanced at Huang Cong displeasedly, and then closed her eyes again to rest.

After Huang Cong left, he did not go to his parents.Instead, he followed the cigarette to the front door of the villa, and then heard the voice of a living person outside the door, shouting his name!

(The other ghosts are all in their nests. No ghosts noticed that a living person came, and they naturally couldn't feel it if they didn't come in!)

Unable to stop for a moment, Huang Cong whispered: "Who is outside?"

Outside.Fu Xiaowan kept calling the word Huang Cong in a low voice.When I heard this question, I was relieved immediately and said quickly: "Are you Huang Cong? Shangguanyao's husband?"

"Yes! I am!" Huang Cong immediately replied.Then he asked inexplicably, "Who are you?" After asking, he immediately urged, "You must never come in!"

"Don't worry, I won't go in. I just want to ask you something!" Fu Xiaowan explained hurriedly.

Huang Cong was still in the mist, he hurriedly called out and asked: "Wait. You haven't answered my question yet, you, a human? How come you came to me, you!" He didn't know what to do asked.How come you are looking for me like this!

Fu Xiaowan was very helpless, she still had to introduce herself a bit, she explained her identity very briefly and quickly.

Huang Cong learned that Fu Xiaowan was a ghost crossing.And when I came to help myself help the group of ghosts in the house, I was suddenly speechless with excitement.For many years, he had already despaired. He didn't expect that someone would suddenly come and tell him today that you can get relief.How can this not make him excited!

He spoke very quickly: "What do you want to ask, just ask!" Worried that Shangguan Yao would wake up, he felt that he could not waste time.

"How many ghosts are there in the house?" Fu Xiaowan asked.

"Eleven, me, Shangguan Yao, my parents, Lin Yating, and six students." Huang Cong replied directly. As for Lin Yating's identity, he did not explain.

Fu Xiaowan was surprised that there were 11, which is quite a lot. In other words, Shangguan Yao actually killed 10 people?2 were killed before death, and 8 were killed after death.

8 lives, this is really sinful, and it should be a very powerful evil spirit!

"Except for your wife, have other ghosts harmed anyone?" Fu Xiaowan asked another question. She was worried that there was more than one ghost in the house.

Huang Cong smiled bitterly: "How is it possible, except for me and Lin Yating, everyone else is poor." Even his parents are also poor. They are very old. The white-haired man sent away the black-haired man and had to die. !

As for him and Lin Yating, they deserved it. If he can resist the temptation and not derailment, his wife will not be crazy. He did it wrong!And Lin Yating, what she did wrong was that she shouldn't come to provoke her with a fake list!

The most innocent are the 6 students who are still so young and have great youth and future. They have not yet married and had children, and have not entered this society, so they lost their lives.

"Then can you tell me about your wife? What is her state now, is there anything she fears?" Fu Xiaowan asked again, now it seems that all you have to do is deal with Shangguan Yao, and the other ghosts are fine. Heart.

Huang Cong recalled it, and then said unconvincingly: "She is a lunatic now, and she can't wait to kill anyone who comes in. As for the things that are scared, it seems that there is really no, but she was afraid of mice and cockroaches during her lifetime. , There seems to be nothing to be afraid of!"

Afraid of mice and cockroaches?Fu Xiaowan was speechless, and then asked: "Does she still have feelings for you? Will she listen to you?"

"Well, there is one point, but only one point!" Huang Cong said helplessly. His wife still has feelings for him. It can be seen from the years that Shangguan Yao would not do anything with him.

"It's good to have a little! That's what I planned. You can see if it works!" Fu Xiaowan immediately said his thoughts.

After listening to Xiao Wan's thoughts, Huang Cong hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded in agreement: "Okay, I will tell you, but are you really sure?"

"Don't worry about this, even if it doesn't work, I won't be fine, but you may have to suffer a little bit!" Fu Xiaowan said sullenly. In fact, this is the first time she has dealt with such a cruel evil spirit as Shangguan Yao!I don't know if it will work.

Huang Cong smiled wryly when he heard the words: "We are used to it a long time ago." After speaking, he was silent for a while and seemed to think about the feasibility of this matter.

He was a little entangled in his heart, whether he should do this or not, and what will be the consequences after doing this?

If it succeeds.All the ghosts in the house can be freed, and the wife no longer has to go so crazy, and no other people will lose their lives.

If you fail, it's not that simple, just suffer!It is very possible that a certain ghost will be killed, making the soul frightened.

Fear of failure, but don’t try.Does it always go on like this?

I struggled inside for a while.Huang Cong gritted his teeth and made a decision: "Do you think this will work." Then, he slightly revised Fu Xiaowan's plan, and then expressed his own views.

After listening to Huang Cong's opinions.Fu Xiaowan agreed happily, and then said: "That's it, that's it, tomorrow noon at 12 o'clock. I will come on time, and you remember to be prepared!"

"Okay!" Huang Cong said with bright eyes.Success or failure in one fell swoop!

After explaining everything, Fu Xiaowan hurriedly left the haunted house. After all, the driver was still waiting for a long time.He left and waited for the car to return.

Seeing Fu Xiaowan's return, the big stone in the driver's heart also fell. He really was.The more I waited, the more panic I became. I just wanted to drive away.At the same time, she was also worried about whether the girl would have an accident or die.

Now that she has returned safely, I am very relieved. If such a beautiful girl is killed by a ghost, it would not be worth it!

"Sorry, I've been waiting for a long time!" Fu Xiaowan said politely, and then immediately got out of the car. Without her speaking, the driver immediately started the car and left quickly.

Back at the hotel, Fu Xiaowan wanted to laugh a little. He didn't know what his expression would be if he went to the driver tomorrow and said he was going to the haunted house!

After all, today I left something to go to the haunted house, tomorrow, what excuse is good!

But these are all trivial things. Just make up a random excuse. The main thing is that tomorrow's plan is hoped to go well.

I don’t think about this little thing. Fu Xiaowan started to prepare things, buying mice and cockroaches. Didn’t Huang Cong say that Shangguan Yao was afraid of this?Fear before you live, you will be afraid after you die. This fear will not change just because you become a ghost.

It’s just that no one sells these things these days. They are all pests, and people can’t wait to kill them. No one catches them and sells them. They don’t want to raise anything, they need them for food.

However, money can make ghosts grind, and it is not difficult to catch these things. Fu Xiaowan still bought a few mice for a high price. As for cockroaches, it was not easy to catch, so he only bought mice.

After the mouse was bought, Fu Xiaowan began to prepare some props to deal with ghosts and prevent the invasion of Yin Qi. This is a fierce ghost, and the grievance is very heavy. If her Yin Qi enters the body, it will be fatal.

When everything was ready, Fu Xiaowan waited for the arrival of tomorrow. At noon, the sun was the most abundant and the yang was the heaviest. This was the time when ghosts were most afraid of. At that time, Shangguan Yao was not as good as usual, and it was easier to deal with.

However, in the evening, the Nomad drove over. It turned out that Xiaoya was worried about Xiao Wan, so she told the Nomad and asked him to come and help Xiao Wan. Besides, she could act as a driver!

The arrival of the nomads brought some convenience to Fu Xiaowan. At least, I don't have to worry about how to pass tomorrow, and don't spend a sum of money to take a taxi back afterwards.

The nomad wanted to go together, but Fu Xiaowan refused. She was afraid that the nomad would have an accident. Now he is no longer her own bodyguard, he is an descendant of An's, and Xiaoya's future husband. How can he take risks at will.

If ordinary ghosts would let him go, but now, it's Li Gui, and Fu Xiaowan doesn't have the confidence to let him go!

At Xiao Wan's insistence, the nomad can only wait in the woods outside the villa, wait for her to return smoothly, and then pick her back.

When he came to the haunted house again, Fu Xiaowan checked the time, and it was noon, and he could start acting immediately.

In the room, Huang Cong also made preparations early. Yesterday he discussed with the other ghosts. Today, except for him and father-in-law, all the other ghosts are hiding upstairs. Don’t come down. Don’t do anything no matter what happens. Come down.

Why only he and his father-in-law stayed here? Mainly because Shangguan Yao treats him and father-in-law Huang Qing better to him and father-in-law Huang Qing. If he really did something and failed, Shangguan Yao wouldn't do anything to them. kind!

At 12 o'clock, it was only 2 minutes away!Although it is autumn, the sun is still very busy at noon!

The sun was lazily shining on the haunted house, and the yin above the haunted house was significantly reduced.

The time is approaching, Fu Xiaowan took a deep breath, checked her'equipment' again, and then pushed her head open with a face of dying.Then slowly walked in.

As soon as she walked in, she put down a small cage, and then continued to walk in, and inside the cage, squeaky, take a closer look, huh!It turned out to be a few mice turning around in the cage!

The mouse will not pay attention for now.After Xiao Wan came in.She changed her expression, took out a twine with a sad look, and then grabbed the twine and walked around.After searching in the room for a long time, showing a disappointed look, he threw the hemp rope to the ground and started to choke.

While crying and complaining, he said: "Why. Why is this, why am I so pitiful!"

"What's wrong with you?" Suddenly.A dark voice rang in my ears.

Fu Xiaowan's body trembled pretentiously, then looked up in amazement, and saw a female ghost appearing beside her, and she backed away in fear.But then she smiled bitterly: "It turns out that there are ghosts in this haunted house, or that's fine. I'm still worried about hanging up in this house."

She said something mockingly, and then she looked at the female ghost calmly and said: "If you want to kill you, do it. I don't want to live anyway!"

"Aren't you afraid? I'm a ghost!" Shangguan Yao looked at Fu Xiaowan in surprise, feeling very puzzled.

After the door was opened, a ghost came to inform her that someone had come in, so she immediately went downstairs, trying to kill the person who came in.

But when she saw the person who came in holding a twine with a look of death, she couldn't help but become curious, killing her heart, and trying to understand what happened to this beautiful woman and why she wanted to die.

It was the first time she saw someone come to this haunted house to seek death!Without her doing it, this person will find his own death!

"Afraid? Why should I be afraid, I am not even afraid of death, but also afraid of ghosts!" Fu Xiaowan said in a rushing voice, and then closed his eyes urgingly, "Do it!"

interesting!Shangguanyao's gossip came to her heart. This was the first time she felt this way since she became a ghost. She curiously asked: "Can you tell me what's going on? Maybe, I can help you!"

"Help me! How can you help me?" Fu Xiaowan waited for a long time, seeing the female ghost without doing anything, then opened his eyes helplessly, and said weakly.

However, it seems that there is a grievance in his heart, Fu Xiaowan sighed, and then told his own'story': "If you want to hear it, I will tell you, that's it!"

The end of the world is opened!

The story is very old-fashioned, Xiao Wan is a student in the school, young and beautiful, many suitors.

Among the many suitors, Xiao Wan accepted a boy. The boy is not rich at home, but the boy has a good temper and is very gentle and considerate. The two have been in love for three years, and even plan to get married after graduation.

However, an accident happened. A rich second generation was also pursuing Fu Xiaowan. Seeing that Fu Xiaowan had chosen another boy, his heart was always very painful. He kept targeting the boyfriend who bullied Xiaowan, and he never stopped pursuing Xiaowan.

What balloon confession candle confession is not less, but Xiao Wan never promised him from beginning to end!

When I learned that Xiao Wan and her boyfriend even agreed to get married after graduation, this rich second generation panicked and furious!

In anger and jealousy, this rich second generation did crazy things. He used money to humiliate Xiao Wan's boyfriend and forced his self-esteem to suffer. He couldn't stay in school, so he chose to break up with Xiao Wan. .

After being broken up by her boyfriend inexplicably, Xiao Wan didn't want to make a living. At this time, the rich second generation took advantage of the vacancy and comforted her in every way. Gradually, Xiao Wan stepped out of the shadow and silently accepted the rich second generation.

It is said that what you cannot get is the most precious, and once you get it, it is not worth cherishing!

This rich second generation is like this. After they pursued Fu Xiaowan, after using various romantic methods, they got Xiaowan's body, which made Xiaowan pregnant and began to dislike her.

Forcing her to kill the child, then break up, and pursue other girls in front of her, even if the girl is not as beautiful as her!

Xiao Wan could not accept this fact. She was discouraged and chose to drop out of school. She also acquiesced in breaking up. However, she refused to get rid of the child and decided to give birth and raise it by herself.

But when the second-generation rich family learned about this situation, they disagreed. What if they are born and come to the house to make trouble?

No, you can't be born!

Ever since, this group of people arrogantly came to the door, forcibly aborted Xiao Wan and put medicine in her mouth.

The baby was gone, Xiao Wan dragged her bloody body to the hospital, only to be told that she had taken too much medicine and miscarriage was not a regular abortion.After hurting the body, it will be difficult to get pregnant in the future, and it may even be impossible to get pregnant again!

The news was like a bolt from the blue, Xiao Wan broke down, she wanted to find someone to talk to, and someone to comfort herself, so she thought of her ex-boyfriend.He told his ex-boyfriend about his poor experience.

Ex-boyfriend feels distressed after learning about it.He knew that all the mistakes were caused by the scumbag, and now Xiao Wan has fallen so miserably.In addition, he didn't leave because he didn't love, but Xiao Wan still had him in his heart, so he rushed over from a long distance to take care of Xiao Wan.

at this time.Xiao Wan only knew that her boyfriend was determined to break up.Turned out to be persecuted by the rich second generation, she apologized guiltily and blamed herself.

The ex-boyfriend said that he was also wrong and chose to escape.That's why Xiao Wan is now where she is now.

There is still feelings between the two people, and Xiao Wan is emotionally unstable now, and her ex-boyfriend doesn't care about her experience and takes care of her.The relationship between the two people re-emerged.

However, the parents of the ex-boyfriend learned about Xiao Wan's situation.That is resolute opposition, and then learn that Xiao Wan can't bear children, it is forced to death, if the two are together, they will die!

Between the biological parents and the future wife, the ex-boyfriend is in a dilemma. In the end, the ex-boyfriend griefly chooses to break up under the fright of his mother by jumping off the building.

The choice of the ex-boyfriend made Xiao Wan's heart cold, but she was not qualified to resent, because she was not good, and she was not good enough for her ex-boyfriend!

After bearing all this silently, Xiao Wan decided to live alone and not marry.

But her parents learned that these things happened to her, so angry, they scolded her all day for not being self-respect, and doing nothing.

Xiao Wan, who was already depressed, couldn't stand it anymore, so she chose to live her own life.

Then, then she came to the haunted house from *killed!

(Someone will definitely say that you can kill yourself anywhere, or there are many ways to kill yourself, why choose to hang yourself in a haunted house? Too fake! Note that this is originally a story compiled by Fu Xiaowan. Why, just tell Shangguanyao!)

After listening to Fu Xiaowan's'story', Shangguan Yao was outraged, waving his arms out of righteous indignation and said: "Why is there such a nasty person! Damn!"

As a woman, Shangguan Yao is very sympathetic and pity Xiao Wan, and even hates the rich second generation who plays with her. This person is even more hateful than her husband. As for the ex-boyfriend, it is also hateful. True love is not so easy to give up, why not try to persuade parents!

There are also the elders of the rich second generation, the elders of the ex-boyfriend, they are all damned and damned!

For an instant, Shangguan Yao hated these people so much. She grumbled her eyes and said to Xiao Wan, "You're just looking for death like this? Don't you want to take revenge on these people?"

"Retaliation?" Xiao Wan was taken aback, then smiled bitterly, "I'm just a weak girl, how can I get revenge? What can I do to take revenge?"

Shangguanyao said with an infatuating expression: "Why can't I? I can help you! You think, you are beautiful. With your terms, you can definitely marry a good family and lead a happy life in the future, but what? , Because of that scumbag, you lost the boyfriend you loved, you also lost a child, and you lost the right to be a mother. Don’t you hate him? Don’t you want to avenge him?"

"Yes, of course I do, but what can I do?" Fu Xiaowan's eyes flashed with hatred, but the words were very weak.

However, while she was talking, she glanced aside inadvertently, and quickly turned back.

Shangguan Yao didn't notice her look, and when she heard that she wanted revenge, she began to persuade: "I can help you!"

"Really?" Fu Xiaowan's eyes lit up, as if grabbing a life-saving straw, but she became lost in the next second, "But, can you leave here? I heard that you can't get out of this house!"

Shangguan Yao smiled and said, "I can't go out, but you can trick that man into coming over!"

"Let him come over? How could it be that we have been separated for a long time, and he won't care about me!" Fu Xiaowan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"You can do this!" Shangguan Yao grumbled her eyes, ready to make an idea for Xiao Wan to trick the rich second-generation scumbag to death first, as for the others, she will look for opportunities later.

"Xianzhizhi!" Just when Shangguanyao was about to say her thoughts, a disgusting voice rang, the sound of a mouse.

Hearing this voice, Shangguan Yao's face changed drastically, and she turned her head to look, and saw a mouse running around on the ground.l

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