Ghost Crossing

Chapter 209 Ghost (9)

"Ahhhh~ Mouse!" Shangguanyao's face was instantly full of horror, and she howled in panic, then floated back quickly, and shouted: "Huang Cong, Huang Cong, where are you going to die? Now, there is a mouse, you come to kill it!"

No mice have ever appeared in the villa, because Shangguan Yao is afraid of mice and cockroaches, so she told the ghosts in the house to get rid of both mice and cockroaches.

"I'm here!" When Shangguan Yao was panicking, she stretched out her hands behind her and held her back, and a familiar voice came from her ears, Huang Cong.

Shangguan Yao said in horror: "Yes, there are mice, you, you go and get rid of it!"


When the words were over, Shangguan Yao's arm was wrapped in a circle of iron chains. She looked down inexplicably, then looked up at Huang Cong blankly, and saw that her husband's face was full of guilt.

Huang Cong said sadly: "I'm sorry, I don't want to do this to you, but you can't go on like this!"

"What do you mean!" Shangguan Yao said angrily, and then struggling to earn, the earning chain rattling.

Seeing that she was struggling, Huang Cong's eyes were full of apologies, and then he directly caught a mouse, scared Shangguan Yao to scream and back again.

Shangguanyao's face changed drastically, and at the same time she was frightened, she was also very angry. She glanced at the mouse in horror, and shrank back, then stared at Huang Cong viciously, and shouted with a sad expression on her face: "You betrayed I, you betrayed me again! Why, why are you so cruel to me!"

In her heart, the matter of Huang Cong and Lin Yating was the first betrayal. After their death, she forgave Huang Cong once.It wasn't too bad for him, but now, Huang Cong betrayed her again. He even locked her with a chain and scared her with a mouse. This is the second betrayal!This made her feel heartbroken!

Huang Cong's face changed.I was struggling.His wife looks so painful, did he break her heart again?but.But this time, he really did it for the good of his wife. If this continues, his wife will only suffer for a lifetime!

Take a deep breath.Huang Cong apologized: "I do it for your own good! Trust me, I won't betray you again!"

"Then what are you doing? Where did you come from?" Shangguan Yao said furiously.Then he raised his hand angrily, and the chain loosened slightly.

Upon seeing this, Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but urged: "Quickly lock her with a chain!" After speaking, she squatted down immediately.A mirror was dug out from the dust on the ground, and then I drew it on the mirror, which was actually drawing a symbol.

This word came out.Shangguan Yao was taken aback, and then looked at Fu Xiaowan in a daze.With an incredible expression on her face, she stared at Fu Xiaowan for a while, and then realized that her other hand was also locked by the chain with a bang. She looked back suddenly, and it turned out to be the father-in-law, and he also took it. She was locked with a chain!

"You! You partnered to deal with me! Huang Cong, Huang Qing, I'm not worthy of you, and you betrayed me together! Why! Why!" Shangguan Yao's heart is broken. All the time, she is the only one who trusts and relies on It was her husband Huang Cong and father-in-law Huang Qing, but who would have thought that they both betrayed her at the same time!

With a heartbreaking roar, Shangguanyao's scarlet eyes looked at Fu Xiaowan, her chest undulating violently, and then she stretched out her finger towards Xiaowan, and asked in anger: "It's you, you let them Betrayed! You were lying to me just now!"

After the roar, her black hair spun in the air without any wind. She roared wildly and rushed towards Xiaowan.

Fu Xiaowan frowned, and took a slight step back with the mirror, but she quickly settled, because Huang Cong and Huang Qing tied Shangguan Yao with a chain, and Shangguan Yao only threw forward less than one meter away. Stopped, restricted by the chain.

Shangguan Yao is now anxious about Fu Xiaowan. She was deceived, and she was deceived by a little girl. Even her trusted husband and father-in-law betrayed her because of this woman. How can she not complain or hate!

Bound by the chain, Shangguan Yao couldn't touch Fu Xiaowan at all. The grievance in her heart became heavier, and her strength increased a lot. Her scarlet eyes seemed to fall out of her eye sockets at any time, and her eyes were tight.

With a vigorous wave of his right hand, father-in-law Huang Qing couldn't hold it anymore. As soon as his hand was loosened, the chain was loosened, and the person was thrown out and hit the handrail of the stairs.

"Dad!" Huang Cong shouted anxiously when he saw this, but he didn't loosen the chain because of this.

Huang Qing coughed violently, and then weakly said: "I, I'm fine, you hold on, I'll help you!" With that, he got up with difficulty, rushed up again, grabbed the chain to prevent Shangguan Yao from chaos move.

"Okay! Very good!" Shangguan Yao was very angry, her eyes flashing red, full of murderous intent, she laughed and said, "You don't want to live a good life, I will perfect you, and you, you j Woman, I will make you worse than dead! No, I will make you wiped out!"

After finishing speaking, she waved her hands vigorously, and the force was so powerful that Huang Qing and Huang Cong who were grasping the chain were thrown around and bumped everywhere, but they insisted not to let go and grabbed the chain firmly.

Huang Cong was going to be unable to hold on anymore, and seeing his dad was almost overwhelmed, he couldn't help but yelled: "Hurry up!

Fu Xiaowan was drawing the talisman, the sealing talisman. This was the best way she thought of. It could save other ghosts without destroying Shangguan Yao. But, how could the drawing talisman be so fast? If you draw a bit wrong, the whole talisman will be useless. Huang Cong's voice, she said without raising her head: "Hold on!"

She asked Huang Cong to prepare the mirror. It was a small mirror that Shangguan Yao often used during his lifetime. It is more effective to seal Shangguan Yao.

Hearing this, Huang Cong gritted his teeth, looked at Huang Qing with a worried expression, and asked, "Dad, how are you doing?"

Huang Qing is very weak at this time. After all, he is old, and even if he becomes a ghost, he is a little bit powerless. In addition, he was thrown out by Shangguan Yao before. Shangguan Yao, who was in a frantic state, gritted his teeth and said: "I, I can hold on, you don't care about me!"

After all, he closed his lips tightly and stopped talking. It was easy to speak, and he couldn't make it through his strength. Now he had to concentrate.Otherwise, it really won't last.

"Old man! I'll help you!" Just when Huang Qing was about to be unable to hold on, her mother-in-law Chen Yuan appeared. She heard the movement downstairs and was worried. She was really worried, and she didn't care about how to discuss it. , Immediately floated down.Seeing his wife looked exhausted and weak.He rushed forward without saying a word, and then helped to pull the chain.

Huang Qing was very pleased to see Chen Yuan.But he glanced at Shang Guan Yao uncomfortably, and said helplessly: "It's not that you don't come down!"

"I can't worry about you!" Chen Yuan looked worried, then smiled relievedly, "I know what you worry about. I'm not afraid!"

"You, hey!" Huang Qing was full of emotions.I can't say anything to blame, so I can only let the old lady help, the big deal, just bear the consequences together after the matter is over.

Shangguan Yao saw her mother-in-law Chen Yuan coming in and came to help.He laughed frantically, his eyes filled with disappointed condemnation: "Okay, your family is really united. You are a united family, and I. I am an outsider!"

The actions of Huang Cong’s family have irritated Shangguan Yao. She is Huang Cong’s wife, Huang Qing and Chen Yuan’s daughter-in-law, why, why have they been excluded all the time?

Her husband cheated, her parents-in-law disliked the accusation, and she would never be able to fit into the family of three!

Not in life, not even after death!

Very ridiculous, extremely sad, extremely hateful!

"Yao'er, it's not like that, you're not an outsider!" Huang Cong explained that Shangguan Yao was stubborn again.

However, Shangguan Yao was already crazy. She couldn't listen to Huang Cong's words at all. Instead, she laughed and laughed very sadly. Then the laughter stopped, and she said in a dark tone: "If this is the case, then I will not It's rare, I will send you to the West!"

After that, she drooped her left hand, then lifted her left foot and stepped on the chain vigorously, then turned her foot around, hooked the chain and kicked it, the chain was tightened violently, Huang Cong couldn't prevent it. The next staggered forward, and then the chain was kicked away, and Huang Cong was taken away by the opportunity.

It’s just that Huang Cong’s hand was still pulling the chain tightly, so when he flew out, the chain was taut, which made Shangguan Yao’s arm hurt. Huang Cong also stopped in midair because of the limited length of the chain. Live, then fell straight down, hitting the ground with a thump.

Seeing that her husband would not let go, Shangguanyao's eyes were full of disappointment and grief, and a flash of unbearableness, after all, she still loves her husband very much!

After hesitating for a moment, Shangguan Yao was not willing to attack Huang Cong in the end, and then attacked her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Just now, she was deeply in love and hated, so she didn't hold back her husband for a while. Now she reacts and feels distressed. , He turned to start with his parents-in-law.

She has always been dissatisfied with her mother-in-law, and she has only a little gratitude for her father-in-law. Now that little gratitude has disappeared, she can't bear it anymore.

Grabbing the chain with the palm of her right hand, she pulled inward with all her strength, causing both Huang Qing and Chen Yuan to stagger forward. She sneered, and her right hand began to turn around, planning to go around the chain directly so that her right hand could get rid of it. The chain is bound.

"Parents!" Huang Cong yelled anxiously when he saw this. Then he screamed again in his heart, and screamed hard, because Shangguan Yao had already turned the chain a few times, and there were two laps left, she could get rid of it Up!

"Let's help!" At the critical moment, 6 students rushed to stay. They were shocked when they saw this, and then they rushed down to help without hesitation.

At the last moment when Shangguan Yao was about to get rid of the shackles of the chain, she pulled the chain.

Of course, the 6 students are also cute enough. All 6 of them ran to one side, that is, to the right, replacing Huang Qing and Chen Yuan's positions. It was indeed the right hand of Shangguan Yao that was tied to death!

But on the left, Huang Cong is alone.

When Shangguan Yao saw that the 6 students came down to help, she also understood that with so many ghosts, it was difficult for her to get out of trouble with her right hand. She had only her husband on the left, which was naturally easier. She couldn’t care about the crisis anymore, and she didn’t even think about it. And the man on the left is the man he once loved deeply. With a move of his left hand, he intends to start from Huang Cong's side.

"Ah~" Huang Cong exclaimed and flew up, because the chain was pulled over by Shangguan Yao, and he flew towards Shangguan Yao.

Everyone is shocked. If Huang Cong falls into Shangguan Yao's hands, the chain will naturally fail. When that happens, everyone will be miserable.

At this time, an unexpected ghost appeared, and she hugged Huang Cong.Then he pulled him back.

Huang Cong panted with lingering fears, then looked back and was stunned, it turned out to be Lin Yating!

You know, for so many years, Lin Yating has been a little stupid, except for being beaten, she was in a daze.The appearance of a walking dead.This was the first time she had other reactions!

Lin Yating's eyes flashed with a slightly sluggish light, and she stammered, "I, I help. Help!"

Frustrated again, and because she hated the most ruthless normal abuse, Lin Yating, who had long been foolish, glared at Lin Yating.He roared sternly: "Man, do you want to die? You dare to mess with me!"

This roar sounded.Lin Yating's body trembled, and she looked at Shangguan Yao with a shrunken look, then immediately shrank behind Huang Cong, and then poked her head out.He said with difficulty and certainty: "I, I don't want to. Again, I'll be beaten again!"

feeling.This woman wanted to take a fight. After so many years of abuse, her heart was dead. If she succeeded this time, she would be liberated, and she would never have to suffer any more!Without success, the big deal is death.

No matter which result is excellent for her, she is willing to fight for it!

After hearing Lin Yating's words, Shangguanyao was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood. When she was talking to Lin Yating, two students wisely changed their positions and ran to the left to help. In this way, no matter how strong Shangguan Yao was, she couldn't move!

Her arms were straightened and couldn't move, only her feet could kick. Shangguan Yao was in trouble. She roared like a sleepy beast. In the end, she shed tears in pain and began to cry.

She was wronged!He was treated like this by her husband and in-laws!

"Why, why, Huang Cong, why are you doing this to me, why~" Shangguan Yao stopped struggling, but looked at Huang Cong with sadness.

Seeing Shangguan Yao crying so sad and her expression so sad, Huang Cong's heart couldn't help but soften. Although his wife became crazy, she became so cruel after death, but the bottom line is that she was wronged!

The grievances during her lifetime were because she was unable to have children, and then was betrayed.

The grievance after birth is that at this moment, his husband has joined forces with outsiders to deal with her!

It's him, sorry for her!

Huang Cong's eyes were full of distressed colors, but his eyes were full of firmness. And, a thought floated through his mind, his eyes looked affectionately at Shangguan Yao, and then looked in Fu Xiaowan's direction and looked at her. how is it going!

At this time, Fu Xiaowan finished the seal. She wiped her sweat, with a happy smile on her face, clapped her hands and stood up, and then said, "Quickly, pull her over the mirror!"

When the ghosts heard the words, they pulled the chain together and moved towards the mirror. Shangguan Yao had to move with the chain and slowly leaned towards the mirror.

As she got closer to the mirror, a rush of suction came, Shangguan Yao's face changed drastically, and panic surged in her heart. She shook her head in fear and shouted, "No, don't do this to me, Huang Cong , Brother Cong, Brother Cong, don't do this to me, don't!"

Thinking that she would be lonely and sealed in the mirror, Shangguan Yao was scared, really scared!She began to beg for mercy, but only her favorite husband, Huang Cong!

However, all she got was the eyes that her husband couldn't bear, and the head turned away because he couldn't bear to look at her.

At this moment, her heart is broken!When the time comes, the husband still hates her!

Also, she could not bear children for her husband, and even killed her husband, even her parents, Xin*huan*xiao*san also killed them, and tortured them after death, how could her husband love herself again ?How can you forgive yourself?

With a sad smile, Shangguan Yao let the ghosts pull her above the mirror like a little self-defeating, and then a huge suction came. She knew that she was going to be sealed soon and would be trapped in that small mirror forever.

She closed her eyes in despair, and then opened them, looking at her husband Huang Cong with dismay, let her remember this face for the last second!

But to her surprise, what she saw was an enlarged face, and then she felt her body was hugged tightly. She looked at the person holding her in amazement, her husband Huang Cong. She opened her mouth in surprise. , Looked at Huang Cong blankly, not knowing why.

Huang Cong looked affectionate and said with a trace of apology: "Yao'er, I'm sorry, I have wronged you for so many years, and I will never leave you again!"

At this time, half of Shangguanyao's legs had been sucked into the mirror, but the upper body was still there. She opened her mouth to look at Huang Cong. After hearing his promise, her eyes couldn't help turning red, and she started crying and questioned. : "Why, why do you treat me so well now, why did you treat me like that before?"

Fu Xiaowan couldn't help rolling her eyes when she heard the words, and reminded in an angry tone: "Your husband has always loved you very much. You have lost yourself and mistakenly thought he didn't love you anymore!"

Shangguan Yao looked at Huang Cong for a moment when he heard the words, and then muttered to see Huang Cong and asked, "Really?"

"Nonsense, my son loves you so much, you can't give birth, and he doesn't want to divorce, and he's still quarreling with me. If Cong Er insisted, I would have forced you to divorce!" Mother-in-law Chen Yuan yelled angrily.

Father-in-law Huang Qing talked about Chen Yuan when he heard the words, with a grumbling expression on his face. He felt that the old lady was still irritating Shangguan Yao, which was too bad.

If it were in the past, Shangguan Yao would definitely not listen to this, but now, at this juncture, she has to believe it. She asked nervously, "Is it true? Are you really making trouble for me?"

"Fool, it's nothing, you are my wife, my love, how could I get divorced just because you will not have children!" Huang Cong said softly, and spoiled Shangguan Yao with her messy hair .

Shangguanyao's eyes flashed with moving light, but then she flashed hostility in her eyes again, and angrily asked: "Since you love me, why do you want to be with that woman and make her pregnant with you? Child! Let her come to insult me!"

She will never forget, Lin Yating came to the door with a pregnancy list to provoke her, her cheeks were extremely disgusting, and the list was extremely dazzling!Heart-digging!

Upon hearing this, Huang Cong gave a bitter smile, then did not excuse him, but apologized: "This matter is my fault. I didn't take care of my lower body. I am sorry for you!"

Shangguan Yao bit her lip with anger and stared at Huang Cong angrily.

At this moment, the mother-in-law could not stand it anymore, and angrily argued for her son: "You are ashamed to say that if you weren't going crazy and forced my son to be in a bad mood every day, how could he be taken advantage of! This is all you Caused by sin! Why do you blame Cong'er?"

go Ape?Makes her husband a bad mood?

Shangguan Yao was stunned for a moment and tried to remember, only then did she remember what she had done in the first place.

She had never introspected before her death, and after death, she had never introspected, but at this moment, she suddenly realized how terrible what she did at the beginning, taking medicine indiscriminately, doubting her husband, forcing her husband to dare not go home every day.

Realizing that she had made mistakes, Shangguan Yao's face showed a sad expression, and at the same time she felt regretful.

At this moment, Lin Yating also spoke cowardly, a touch of embarrassment and apology flashed in her sluggish eyes, and whispered: "Actually, I am not pregnant! I lied to you!" She just wanted to get pregnant. Force Shang Guan Yao, and then you can enter the room by yourself!I can think of it, but it hurts others and myself!

"Not pregnant!" Shangguan Yao was completely dumbfounded now, not pregnant?how come?Is the list fake?

Father-in-law Huang Qing sighed at this time and said: "In fact, for so many years, we have always wanted to tell you the truth. I hope you can let it go, but you have never wanted to hear us explain!"

Shangguanyao remained silent, as if that was the case. Every time she explained it, she was angrily refused to listen, beat everyone, or sealed everyone's mouth. Naturally, this explanation would never come out.

Thinking of her husband’s gentleness and consideration to herself before her death, Shangguan Yao’s heart was full of endless regrets. Her husband had done nothing wrong. If, if it were other men, a wife like her would have been divorced long ago, but Huang Cong But they have maintained their marriage.

As for Lin Yating's matter, it was also her fault. She pushed her husband out of the rails step by step.

The more I thought about it, the more regretful that Shangguanyao's tears burst into her eyes to apologize to Huang Cong: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I don't know, I was really crazy at that time, and my brain no longer thinks!"

Huang Cong hugged Shangguan Yao and said softly: "It's okay, no matter what you do, I will forgive you. Who made you my favorite wife!"

After hearing such thoughtful words, Shangguan Yao cried even harder, and the whole body's grievances disappeared because of the misunderstanding and the love for her husband.