Ghost Crossing

Chapter 212 The new ghost crossing (final chapter)

Seeing the blind man and the new dog leave together, the joyful smile on the blind man’s face deeply infected Xiao Rourou. Her clear eyes were full of a sense of accomplishment, and then a flash of thought flashed in her eyes, and she said to Xiao Wan. Said: "Mom, can I continue to do this in the future?"

Xiao Wan raised her eyebrows, pretending to be puzzled, "Oh? How to continue?"

"That's it!" Xiao Rourou tried to collect the vocabulary in her mind, and then said, "It's just to help those in need, and ghost!"

"Do you really think so? Are you not afraid? Not all ghosts are as cute as dogs, and there are some bad ghosts that will bully people!" Xiao Wan was pleased with her daughter's reaction, but she had to remind her. There are good and bad people in the world, but there are also good and bad ghosts!

Xiao Rourou was frightened when she heard that evil spirits would bully people. A look of fear immediately appeared on her face, and she asked nervously, "Ah! There are evil spirits! That, that~" After a long time, She could not go on.

"Stupid boy!" Seeing her daughter's tangled expression, Xiaowan wanted to continue to help ghosts and people, but she was afraid of encountering bad guys and ghosts, so she couldn't help but smile, "So Rourou, you have to work hard to strengthen yourself. This way, Even if they meet bad guys and evil spirits, they can't bully you! Right?"

"Yeen, I know, mother, I have to work hard and become very powerful. In this way, I can help more people in need. As for the bad guys and evil spirits, I will deal with them fiercely. Yes!" Xiao Rourou clenched her hands into fists, waving cutely.

Seeing that her daughter did not shrink from the fear in her heart, but became more excited, Xiao Wan couldn't help but raise her mouth, and then said: "Then Xiao Rourou will work hard! Mom will train you well in the future!"

"Ah, mom, you want to train me?" Xiao Rourou nodded happily first.Then she looked at her mother in amazement, stunned by Xiao Wan's words.

Ten years later!

"Xiao Wan, where did Rourou go? Why haven't you come back!" Ding Hong, who was already on the table, asked Xiao Wan helplessly.

As for Xiao Wan, after years of practice, she has become more charming and charming!

I heard Ding Hong ask her daughter.Xiao Wan couldn't help but showed a helpless look.Sighed!

Without waiting for her answer, Ding Nannan chewed the meal in his mouth and swallowed it, and then replied: "I know I know. Dad, sister is going to Japan!"

"Huh? Why did you run so far!" Ding Hong was taken aback after hearing this, and then laughed bitterly. He didn't expect his daughter to have gone abroad!It was really far this time.

"Oh. My sister said, she wanted to see what that. The ghost in the bell at midnight, so I ran away!" Ding Nannan said nonchalantly, after finishing talking, he took a bite and continued to eat, it seemed a little bit Don't worry about my sister's safety.

Actually, it's not that you are not worried.First, Ding Rourou went this time, she might not be able to meet that ghost!two is.Even if you meet, take your sister's ability.It will be fine for sure!

The corner of Ding Hong's mouth twitched, and he looked at Xiao Wan with a bitter expression on his face, and complained: "Did you carry your burden too fast! How long has Rourou not been home?"

Xiao Wan chuckled and waved her hand: "I don't want this, I don't want to, who knows Rourou is so capable!"

Xiao Wan has been teaching Rourou since she was 6 years old. Moreover, she knew that she was not good enough and didn't understand many things, so she gave her grandma's notebook to Rourou and let her learn by herself.

What's more, she specially invited a ghost with the deepest qualifications to teach Xiao Rourou.

It can be said that the three-pronged approach, coupled with Xiaorourou's high understanding, and very fond of helping people, so she soon became better than blue, and she was even more capable than Xiao Wan, and even the ghost was amazed. When it reached the ears of the king, the king was shocked by three points.

Ding Rourou is so motivated and working hard, Xiao Wan is naturally happy, but because Rourou is so motivated, she thinks about ghosts all day long and has no interest in learning.

However, Ding Rourou just doesn't like learning, but that doesn't mean that her grades are not good. She is very smart. She knows everything when she sees it and she learns it!

As long as Rourou is willing, she can easily enter a good school, or even go abroad for further studies, but she is unwilling and more willing to go out for ghosts.

In this regard, Xiao Wan's family is also very helpless, but she can't help her daughter, so she can only let her not go to school, but go everywhere.

In the beginning, because Rourou was still young, Xiaowan was afraid of her accident, so she always followed Rourou to protect her, but gradually, as time went on, Xiaowan found that Rourou had already gone to school. She even said that she was better than her, and then she stopped following Rourou.

As a result, Rourou's temper became more and more wild, running out all day long!At first, I could go home and rest every day. Later, I became more and more wild. I didn't see anyone for a few days.

Until now, Rourou could not go home for a few months and disappeared!

In this regard, Ding Hong and Xiao Wan were helpless at first, and kept staring at Rourou to go home. The girl was not safe to be alone.

But, Rourou is not only good at getting rid of ghosts, but also good at kung fu on the legs and feet. Normal people and ghosts really can’t deal with her. Plus she’s smart, so no one can bully her, only she bullies others. Copies.

Japan*This capital is Tokyo.

A 16-year-old girl with bright eyes and white teeth was walking down the street with a boring look, her thick long wavy hair casually draped over her shoulders, the strands of her hair were so fascinating!Thick eyelashes, charming eyes, sexy and generous lips all reveal all kinds of amorous feelings all the time.

Such a big beauty walking on the street is naturally very attractive!

Many men are paying attention to Ding Rourou, but no one in the blue sky and white sun dare to step forward to tease Rourou.

However, there are still some who approached each other!

However, Rourou also has its own way of coping.

Anyone who came up to talk to each other was a foreign national and spoke a language other than Mandarin, so she immediately shook her head with a dazed expression, indicating that she did not understand!

In this way, the people who came to strike up a conversation could only leave wisely.

There are not many good people in the world, but there are many bad people, because it is hard to learn well, but it is easy to learn bad!

And as people become more and more indifferent.Less helpful!There are more people who join in the fun and get into trouble!

No, although Ding Rourou cleverly rejected the person who struck up the conversation, she still attracted the attention of a group of bad guys.

This is a group of *ribs* rascals. They are usually ignorant and sneak on the streets all day. Generally speaking, they just do small things like stealing.But occasionally I am bold to do a few big deals!

such as.robbery!For example, force *good* to be a prostitute!

Of course, this forced *good* for* prostitution is not the usual situation.But to make some kind of movie!

You know, Japan is the most rampant place for this kind of film, and it is very popular in China.

Seeing Ding Rourou, these people were suddenly shocked.Such a beautiful woman, if she could make a film.That would definitely make a lot of money!

There are 4 people in this group, and one of them is Chinese. They have been mixed for many years in Japan, but they have never achieved anything.Finally joined this group of gangsters.

"Wow, miss, you are so beautiful! Are you interested in being a star? Oh, forgot to introduce. I'm a scout!" A man in a suit and leather shoes aged about 27-8 stopped Ding Rourou, eyes full of amazement The look, without a ***** look, at first glance, he seemed to be a gentleman, not a bad person.

Ding Rourou was often touched up when she walked well. Ding Rourou was already very upset in her heart. Now she has another one. She glanced at the man impatiently, and said angrily, "I'm not interested!"

Although she was surprised to meet a Chinese, Ding Rourou is really not interested in becoming a star. She doesn't have time to be a star. Don't look at the star's beauty on the surface, but in fact, she is exhausted. Filming and recording What? I often lack sleep, I'm half tired, and there are risks in filming!

The man was stunned. Obviously he didn't expect that the beauty would be rejected in one mouthful. He changed his mind, then understood, and quickly explained: "I was abrupt and said this to you rashly. Don't worry, I am not a liar. This is My business card." As he said, the man offered a delicate business card.

Ding Rourou took a deep breath and said helplessly: "Sorry, I'm really not interested, please don't get in the way!"

"This!" The man was obviously surprised. He didn't expect to take out his business card. The beauty still didn't trust her. You must know that his trick was very useful in the past. Many girls have the longing to be a big star. Cheating, even if you are wary at the beginning, as long as you take out your business card, most of you will have some signs of heartbeat.

But this one in front of me doesn't seem to be moving at all!

With a frown, the man felt that things were a bit tricky. He wanted to fool the beauty and let the beauty follow him, and finally brought it to the company. The rest of the matter was much more convenient.

Unexpectedly, the beauty didn't even have any interest in it!

Is he really not wanting to be a star, or is he too vigilant and still doesn't believe him!

After thinking about it, the man decided to try again. He smiled and said: "I think you still don't believe me. Why don't you take you to the company? Then you will believe it. Decide whether to sign a contract and become a celebrity. To be honest, I am very optimistic about you, you are very beautiful, and the company will repackage it to ensure that you will be popular!"

Ding Rourou was very impatient with the man's entanglement. She wrinkled her brows and her tone became colder: "I said, get out of here!"

"Um!" Seeing that Ding Rourou was really uninterested, and her attitude was getting worse and worse, the man's face suddenly became uncontrollable, and his heart became even more angry. However, he did not dare to do anything on the street, but pretended to be helpless. Shrugged and said, "Okay, I won't bother you, but, my business card, please keep it away. If you want to change your mind, you can contact me!"

Ding Rourou reluctantly took the business card and nodded casually.

Seeing that she had accepted the business card, the man could only leave in anguish!

"Cut!" As soon as the person left, Rourou curled her lips and slammed her business card impatiently, intending to throw it away, but for a while, she really didn't see the trash can!

As a qualified person, how can Rourou throw away trash anywhere!

Sighing, Ding Rourou could only glance at the business card casually, then slipped the business card into her trouser pocket and moved on.

"What about ghosts? What about ghosts? The movie is really fake, right? What kind of ghost is calling? Is there such a ghost? Really! A waste of my time!" Ding Rourou complained.

suddenly.The corner of her eyes swept to a corner not far away, and there was a trace of Yin Ruuowu, her eyes lit up, and she quickly walked over.

Of course, what she didn't see was that there were 4 tails hanging behind her!

Thinking of ghosts, Rourou didn't expect that the talented man led a group of people to follow.

It's all around.Went to a dark corner.Ding Rourou stopped, and as expected, there really was a ghost.And this ghost is grieving.

This is a woman who is very young. Although she is not very beautiful, she is still pretty decent.But the most amazing thing is that the two on the chest are very huge.Ding Rourou is very envious, because she is only a small pigeon!

Envy is envy, Ding Rourou is still very confident, she believes that she still has the qualifications to continue to develop.Right now, it is important to cross the ghost, this woman is about to become a resentful ghost.It has to be stopped in time.

The female ghost had seen Ding Rourou, but she didn't care.Instead, she looked at Ding Rourou's back with a gloomy look, because she saw four men with bad intentions.

She instantly remembered what happened to her, and suddenly hated the four men.

The female ghost’s experience was actually very pitiful. She was originally a regular employee. One week ago, because she had to work overtime at work, she stayed up late at night and hurried home. Because it was too late, she wanted to take a shortcut, who Knowing it was targeted by bad guys.

Then she was tragic!

After being cruelly turned, the bad guys were even more afraid of her calling the police and killed her!

And Ding Rourou and how similar these four men were to her at the time, a weak woman walked into the alley alone, followed by a few sneaky and malicious men, the result can be imagined!

Ding Rourou, who was just about to talk to the female ghost, noticed the female ghost’s sight and couldn’t help but look back. Then she realized that she had been followed by someone. Wait, the man was very familiar. This was not the so-called scout who just hit up on the road. ?

Well, it's a liar!

"Hahaha, I didn't expect you to take the initiative to come to such a place!" A man laughed proudly, and then he looked at Ding Rourou with an obscene look on his face.

After looking at it for a while, the man was very disappointed and said, "It's still a baby, what a pity!"

What he said was a pity, he meant that they couldn't have a good time now, but for the young, the price is even higher!

Thinking that a large sum of money was about to enter his pocket, the man suddenly got up, and then grinned and said: "Be interesting, don't resist, otherwise, you will have to suffer a bit!"

There are ghosts before and bad guys behind!Ding Rourou was very depressed. Between ghosts and bad guys, of course she chose to deal with bad guys first.

However, before she could do it first, the female ghost did it first!

Only a ghost howl was heard, and the female ghost rushed towards the four men.

"Oops!" Ding Rourou was shocked. She didn't expect that the female ghost would suddenly attack the four men. She quickly took out a pair of gloves, quickly put them on, then grabbed the female ghost and shouted anxiously to the four men: "You guys go!"

The four men froze for a moment, and then laughed, thinking that Ding Rourou was a foolish dream. How could they let Ding Rourou leave with such a good opportunity!

"Fool!" Seeing the four men still laughing arrogantly, Ding Rourou couldn't help but cursed inwardly, and then grabbed the air in the air while the four men were surprised.

The four men looked at each other, and then they talked inexplicably.

"What is this woman doing?"

"Could it be a fool?"

"Maybe it is, I said, why don't you want to be a star? It turns out to be a fool!"

Listening to the discussion of the four men, Ding Rourou was half-dead with anger, but she still concentrated on dealing with the female ghost first, and she couldn't let the female ghost be harmful!

The female ghost did not expect that such a weak woman Ding Rourou could see her and came to stop her. She was shocked and she couldn't help but step back immediately, looking at Ding Rourou with a shocked expression on her face, and asked, "Who are you?"

Ding Rourou turned to look at the four men, narrowed her eyes, and said coldly: "Bad, scumbag, scumbag, I have to teach you a lesson today!"

After speaking, Ding Rourou rushed to the four men, moving quickly, accurately, and very well!The four men were brought down in three or two.

The four men have no abilities at all. At most, there are more people and less people, and they only target women. Naturally, they can succeed every time, only this time.They kicked the iron plate, Ding Rourou is not a weak girl.

"Ouch!" After the four men were brought down, they wailed again and again. Only then did they realize that they had caused the wrong person and apologized.

Ding Rourou has no good feelings towards the four men, but she also understands that these four men are not good things, and follow her to estimate what shameful things she will do.If not for her ability.Something happened long ago!

Grumbling her eyes, after thinking about it, Ding Rourou slowly walked towards the four men.Then he touched the four men, and then said angrily: "Get off!"

The four men ran away immediately, but after leaving the alley, the four men returned to their true colors.He spit out and screamed bad luck, and then swayed away.

They didn't expect it at this time.They were tainted by Ding Rourou's body, and they were afraid that they would be sickly and weak in the future.I don’t have that physical strength!

As soon as the four men left, Ding Rourou looked at the female ghost and said softly: "I think. You must have had some miserable experience before you were alive, and it is related to the man!"

The female ghost didn't feel much about seeing her.Rather, I was so violent when I saw those four men. It was enough to see that she had resentment towards men and her soul was in such a deep alley. One can imagine what happened!

In this regard, Ding Rourou can only sympathize!However, she can't let the female ghost take revenge on the man, this will only harm others and herself!

"I hate it! I hate it!" Upon hearing the words, the female ghost angrily talked about her experience, and started crying loudly.

After listening to the female ghost’s experience, Ding Rourou softly comforted her: "I sympathize with your experience and understand the anger in your heart, but if you continue like this, you will only become a resentful ghost. Even if you retaliate against the man, It just caused them to become evil spirits, unable to reincarnate in the future! And those men, because of your torture, get liberated after death, and all the mistakes they commit are forgiven! You don’t have to be punished when you go to the underworld, and you can get better in the next life Life! Don't you want this?"

After hearing Ding Rourou's words, the female ghost hesitated. Will it turn out to be like that?

If that were the case, wouldn't her revenge make those men cheaper!Take advantage of those bad guys!

Thinking of this, the grievances surrounding the female ghost disappeared immediately, not because she didn't hate, but she didn't want to take revenge!

Hate is naturally hate, but she does not want to benefit those bad people because of her hate, but she falls to a worse point!

Taking a deep breath, the female ghost finally suppressed the anger and resentment in her heart, and said gratefully to Ding Rourou: "Thank you, if not, I might have done something wrong!"

"You're welcome, you're welcome, this is what I should do!" Ding Rourou was very pleased to see the female ghost figured it out, and waved her hand with a guilty conscience!

A guilty conscience, she lied to the female ghost!Because people who are killed by a female ghost become a ghost after death, they will all be controlled by the female ghost. If the female ghost is ruthless, the ghost can be wiped out. Where is the reincarnation!

Of course, the female ghost didn't know this. She believed Ding Rourou's words, and after being grateful, she left.

Today is the seventh day. She will either become a resentful ghost or go home and report to the underworld. Now, she is just rushing home!

Ding Rourou breathed a sigh of relief when the female ghost was gone, with a smug smile on her face. Although she didn't meet the ghost she was looking for, she was also a ghost. At last she didn't come in vain. Well, it's time to travel. It's over, how long have you been away from home this time? Well, it's time to go home, or parents will talk about it!

Ding Rourou grinned, and then remembered something, took out the business card from her pocket, discarded it casually, and then took out her mobile phone to order a plane ticket and prepared to go home.

The next day!

"Dad, mom! Brother, I'm back!" Ding Rourou rushed into the house like a whirlwind, shouting in a loud voice.

"You girl, you still know how to come back. It's been so long and I don't want to be home!" Xiao Wan greeted her angrily.

Ding Hong was also at home. Seeing Ding Rourou, he patted the sofa angrily: "Come and sit down and talk about what you have done these days?"

Ding Rourou scratched her head in embarrassment, then took Xiao Wan's arm, walked to the sofa and sat down obediently, and then said flatly, "Dad, I miss you!"

"Think, think I haven't come home for so long!" Ding Hong said sternly, but he was very happy in his heart because he missed his daughter very much.

"Hey!" Ding Rourou laughed, then grunted her eyes and started to change the subject, "Dad, let me tell you, I'm going out this time, but a lot of ghosts!"

Then Ding Rourou began to talk about the ghost experience she had encountered, and Ding Hong and Xiao Wan listened with gusto.

Half an hour later, Ding Nannan returned from school, and seeing her sister came back, he ran over to sit down with joy and listened earnestly.

The family, just sit together in harmony and enjoy a happy life!

ps: The full text is over!The end was so hasty, there were still a lot of ghost stories, hey! To start writing novels again, you have to wait until the child is born, and I don’t know when, and weep goodbye!