God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 3

From that day on, Wang Hao has been sealed off, seeming to have shed all the tears of his life, becoming cold, not talking, his heart seems to have stopped beating.

The grades have also plummeted. I don't know how many people have fallen from the throne in the city. Even in the class, they have maintained a low-middle level.

Fortunately, I signed a contract with the school at the beginning, otherwise it would have been taken out by the class teacher and transferred to another class.

In the third year of high school, I chose a position and sat with Liuyan, the school girl, and became the same table.

An unintentional sentence from the other party awakened him again, and Wang Hao cheered up again, and the two gradually began to discuss some learning issues.

Then Zhao Hui, Liu Yan's flower protector, came forward to warn him once, but Wang Hao ignored him and was not afraid of the shadow leaning.

Unexpectedly the next night, he was surrounded by Zhao Hui.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao became furious, his expression gloomy, and one day Zhao Hui would get the punishment he deserved.


In the Haitian Hotel, Zhao Hui in the presidential suite was lying on the wide waterbed, holding a charming woman on his left and right. Suddenly he felt a burst of urine and got up to go to the toilet.


Maybe it was because of the hard work last night. When Zhao Hui got up, his limbs were soft, his mind was dizzy, his steps were stumbling, his head slammed into the granite floor, a lot of blood flowed out and he passed out.


The loud noise awakened the two sleeping women. They got up and rubbed their eyes in a dazed manner. They found Zhao Hui lying in a pool of blood. He let out a sharp scream, and then he hurriedly found his mobile phone and called the hospital. phone.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance came to the door of the Haitian Hotel. A team quickly opened the door of the presidential suite and carried Zhao Hui, who was in a coma, into the ambulance on a stretcher.


"Are you okay? His face is so terrible..." Yuzao looked at Wang Hao with a worried expression, her Zhu lips opened slightly, and Wang Hao interrupted him again.

"I'm fine, I just want to go to the toilet, sorry."

After speaking, he turned and walked towards the toilet. Wang Hao just wanted to be quiet now, because what happened last night was beyond his imagination, like looking at flowers in the fog.

The clothes rack in the bathroom was hanging on his school uniform yesterday. Wang Hao stretched out his hand and took it down. It felt completely dry to the touch. He took off his shirt and prepared to put on the school uniform again.

Wang Hao felt that he had grown a lot taller. Originally, his height was about 1.75 meters. At this time, he had grown to at least 1.82 meters. His skin became as white and tender as a baby. The eight-pack abdominal muscles were clearly lined and the whole body muscles. It's not that exaggerated look, but it's like it has been designed by the golden ratio, without any flaws, it is very pleasing to the eye.

As soon as he turned around, he was immediately shocked by the self in the mirror, Wang Hao couldn't believe it was him.

The change is so great that even the five senses have a sense of inexplicable inexplicability.

In the past, Wang Hao’s facial features were considered sunny and beautiful. If it weren’t for the death of his grandfather, it would have brought him an unimaginable blow. He had a tight face every day, and his whole body exuded a strange atmosphere. It would be possible to talk about it. Hazy first love.

Now that the tight lines have been softened, the facial features seem to constitute an ethereal and refined face, which is incomprehensible.

The sword eyebrows are like two blue dragons traveling in the sky, and the pupils are as unfathomable as the vast universe. The stars are constantly disillusioning and rising again, and there is a magical power that people can't help but sink into.

Between his every move, he was full of aristocratic temperament, and looked as noble and elegant as a royal family who had studied aristocratic etiquette for many years.

Wang Hao usually doesn't pay much attention to his appearance, so just keep his clothes clean.

It's better now, the whole person is not touched by a trace of dust, and can be compared with the fairy who is not touched by the fireworks in the world.

From a distance, he looks like an immortal, and from a close up, he looks like a fairy king.

After secretly losing his mind, he found the reason for the changes.

What happened last night was not a fantasy, but a real thing.

The colorful light in the depths of the sea of ​​knowledge told him that all of them were real things.

Characters in myths and legends may have existed in this land. The legends of moving mountains to fill the sea, bending bows and shooting the sun are not all imaginary.

And other areas may also have the same existence as him, and even the characters in the myth have descended to the mortal world.

After quietly calming down in the bathroom for a while, Wang Hao packed up his clothes and walked out.

The outside scene suddenly brightened his eyes. What caught his eye was Yuzao, who was wearing a small black suit and had a fiery figure.

The professional black suit wraps her wonderful curves out, and inside is a small white shirt, her chest bulges, as if it will burst the buttons.

Hu Mei's face is white and beautiful, her skin is snowy, her thighs are slender and straight. At this time, she is wearing a pair of black lace-rim stockings. She has lifted the stockings over her knees, and her white thighs and black stockings have formed a strong impact.

During the time he entered the toilet, Yuzao Qian was so upright that he changed clothes in the room!

Chapter Four Changes in the World (Repair)

Where did Wang Hao have seen such a fragrant scene? Right now, the roots of his ears were red, and he resisted the urge to have a nosebleed, restrained the restlessness of his lower abdomen, hurriedly turned around, hit the wall with a bang, squatted down and rubbed his forehead habitually.


His actions caused a burst of crisp laughter like silver bells, Wang Hao's heart was miserable, how could you be so bold?Why don't you worry about changing clothes here? Anyway, I am also a healthy man, so I am not afraid of accidents?

This is what I thought in my heart, but Wang Hao absolutely didn't dare to say it, otherwise I would not be able to wash it out if I jumped into the Yellow River, and I didn't see anything!

"It's okay?" Yuzao, who was changing his clothes, looked at Wang Hao, who was holding his head and squatting on the wall, quickly putting on the stockings.

Fortunately, this kid just saw that he was wearing silk stockings. Otherwise, let him know what the consequences would be before he provokes Yuzao?

"I... it's okay, but I was shocked by Jade Sister." Although there was still some blood surging, Wang Hao still said calmly, but the tone of his speech was full of trembling voices, which made Yuzao behind him hook. There was a sly smile.

A smile overwhelms the country and the city, with the peerless elegance that makes the king abandon the country and replace it with a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, this scene was not seen by anyone.

"Do you think my legs look good?" Yu Zaoqian said coquettishly, with an attractive voice. If someone who knew her was on the scene, he would be surprised.

Although Yuzao has always been a sexy black long straight elder sister, the name of this flower is Rose. Although the red rose is beautiful, the picker will definitely be stabbed.

This woman who has harmed the country and the people looked coquettish and slutty, but in fact she was a very conservative person. A large group of people confessed their love to her without concealment, but she did not say anything to anyone.

In this way, it makes people even more obsessed. The appearance is like a passionate red rose, but the heart is a snow lotus on the body of the Snow Saint, which can be viewed from a distance and cannot be profaned.

"It looks good, it's not only slender and straight, but also very white!" Wang Hao replied subconsciously. When he noticed something was wrong, he immediately felt a soft object coming from behind, and immediately changed his mouth in panic: "It's not good! Nothing! good looking!"

The storm is coming more violently, Haiyan can only fly non-stop and accept the blow of the storm.


After a while of frolicking, Wang Hao took the initiative to admit his mistakes and avoided further expansion of the war.

A man who can bend and stretch, this is indeed the first thing he has done wrong.

"I made breakfast, don't mind if you eat it before leaving~" Yuzao looked at Wang Hao who was embarrassed. He didn't expect to have such a cute side. It was really interesting. Sunny and delicate all met the conditions, and his facial features looked a little handsome. Shuai Da Zhengtai looks like this, it seems that this is also good.

Thinking of this, she suddenly smiled, her eyebrows slightly raised, her eyes like a crescent moon.