God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 4

"Then I'm welcome." Wang Hao was slightly lost by the sudden smile. He had never thought that there was a woman with such a beautiful smile in the world. It was not his idiot, but the smile in front of Yuzao was really impossible. resist.

And this is the first time that a girl has cooked for him, and the other party is still such a disaster for the country and the people. Wang Hao has already begun to look forward to what kind of breakfast it will be.

After experiencing so much last night, my stomach is also protesting.

With a hint of expectation he didn't know, he stood up from the ground with a smile.

His eyes are very clean, like a pool of clear and secluded spring, but with a strange magical power, it is possible to inhale himself at any time.

His eyes were so pure that Yu Zao Qian didn't dare to look directly at him, so the sunshine smile was too foul.

Yu Zaoqian turned his head faintly, turned and pushed open the bedroom door, Wang Hao also followed, scanning the two buckets of instant noodles on the dinner table, and gave a wry smile.

What are you looking forward to!But this is also good.

Pulled a chair and sat down, looked around in the living room. All kinds of clothes were randomly placed. Bags of garbage packed in black plastic bags were piled up in the corner. It is hard to imagine such a beautiful and beautiful woman. The self-care ability is like this.

"Where is Sister Yu from?" Wang Hao asked casually when he glanced at the instant noodles with the seafood logo, and took the fork that was inserted into the instant noodle bucket.

"Guess?" Yu Zaoqian said mischievously, smiling faintly.

Wang Hao didn't try to guess. There was still a sunny smile on his face. He didn't expect Yuzao to have such a childish side.

The extra sardines in the instant noodles attracted his attention. He picked up the plastic fork in a graceful manner, directly picked up the fish noodles, and started slowly.

"move slowly!"

His non-answer made Yu Zaoqian very dissatisfied. He picked up the fork with a puffed face and vented viciously at the instant noodles in the bucket.

A bucket of instant noodles was eaten very quickly. Wang Hao thanked Yu Zaoqian for the hospitality, cleared all the garbage in the corner, and took them all downstairs together.

There is a kind of closed feeling deep in my heart, which is not enough to be warm with outsiders.

Yuzao looked at the figure of Wang Hao leaving, suddenly felt a little bit reluctant, obviously not in line with Zhengtai's setting!

"However, other requirements barely pass, yet to be examined." Yuzao squinted slightly before licking his bright red lips meaningfully.


After walking out of the apartment, Wang Hao headed east, accidentally embarking on the road he didn't want to pass.

He used to walk this road often, and the high-rise buildings outside surprised him. If it weren't for the rough dim sum shop at the turn, Wang Hao would really suspect that he was on the wrong path.

Most of the original streets are old-fashioned buildings, and many shops Wang Hao have gone to help. People in this shopping street basically know him.

When I came here last month, there was no change from what I had seen before. Now many high-rise buildings have been erected, replaced by nearly one-half of the number of shops, and many of the facades have been renovated.

How could such a drastic change happen in just one month? Something must have gone wrong.

Wang Hao frowned and walked quickly towards the coarse snack shop not far away a little nervously.

The shop is small, only a hundred square meters. An old woman with gray hair squinted her eyes and lay leisurely on a rocking chair. After seeing the old woman, Wang Hao lightly breathed a sigh of relief.

She is the only one guarding the entire store. Four tall containers are filled with various kinds of crude snacks. For the convenience of the children after school, a few large low tables are set up, and the various crudes are sorted in order. dessert.

The moment he stepped into the shop, the long-lost warmth came to Wang Hao's heart.

The half-squinted old woman saw Wang Hao coming in, and immediately stood up from the rocking chair in vigor, with a kind expression on her face.

"My child, you are here, and my mother-in-law thought I couldn't see you anymore."

Chapter 5 Parallel World (Repair)

The old woman tremblingly stretched out her skinny hand, but found that she couldn't touch Wang Hao's head, and put her hand down with some regret.

"Sorry, Granny Zhang."

Since his grandfather passed away, Wang Hao has rarely visited this shopping street, because he and his grandfather have been here many times before, so every time he passes by, he will inevitably touch the scene, and the crack in his heart will get deeper. I just want to escape from reality.

In addition to her wife's departure earlier, Granny Zhang's family also started a family and established a happy family. Both came here to take her away, but Granny Zhang still chose to stay here.

Although Wang Hao didn't understand the reason, it must be an important place for the old woman, with precious memories that could not be replaced, so she would not want to leave.

After communicating with Granny Zhang for a while, Wang Hao accidentally touched on other questions. After getting the answer, he was more sure of his guess that the world had changed, but the people in this world seemed to still remember his existence.

After cleaning up the store's hygiene for Granny Zhang, and helping to cook a lunch, Wang Hao was about to leave.

However, Granny Zhang insisted on pulling his sleeves and had to eat the meal before leaving. Wang Hao was not hypocritical, and indeed, the instant noodles he ate at Yuzao's house were not enough to fill his stomach.


"Is it all because of it?"

Walking on the bustling street and looking at a different world from the past, the only reason Wang Hao could think of was the colorful godhead in his mind.

When he was talking with Granny Zhang just now, the other party casually mentioned that Wang Hao had entered Shengzaki Academy with the first grade in Tokyo. A stormy sea was immediately set off in his heart, and some other questions were frustrated. It is certain that this world is not the original world!

In other words, because of the Seven-Colored Godhead, I took myself to another parallel world, a mythical age that allowed gods to descend!

If the time that I saw at Granny Zhang's crude dim sum shop just now was good, today is April 1, 2010, and tomorrow I will report to the so-called Shengqi Academy.

Since this is a parallel world, is Grandpa still there?

This thought flashed through Wang Hao's heart and ran to the home in his memory frantically.

"Huh, hoo-"

Panting and rushing to an ancient courtyard, Wang Hao gently opened the door with a trace of expectation in his heart.

Everything in the yard is still the same as the place where it was in the previous life. The layout is very stylish. It occupies a large area of ​​land in this golden city.

This yard has been passed down from the ancestors to this day. After hundreds of years of ups and downs, Grandpa never mentioned his intention to sell it even when life was the most difficult.

The old man told him since he was a child that he cannot be short-lived and that he should not lose the bottom line of being a man, and that he should inherit the fine traditions of his ancestors.

"Grandpa! Are you at home?" After Wang Hao entered the door, his eyes were red, and he shouted. There was no echo from the old man. Reality once again broke his fantasy.

He didn't believe it, and frantically searched the yard.

There was no old man in the study, no bedroom, no backyard, he carefully searched all the places he could find, and he still couldn't see the old man, his last hope was completely disillusioned...


"What am I expecting? That's silly."

Lying in the bedroom blankly, Wang Hao stared at the ceiling blankly, a drop of crystal clear tears streaming down without noticing it.

"The family relationship is really ridiculous. It can't stand up to a bit of wind and rain. Why are they all agreed, and they have to leave without saying anything!!!"