God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 5

The emotions that had been suppressed for three years suddenly broke out, and the whole room was filled with his grief and desolate roar.

The world gave people hope, but it came with despair without hesitation.

After quietly looking at the ceiling for an hour, no one knew what he was thinking, but Wang Hao's godless eyes gradually recovered.

In the previous life, he had attained the Supreme Godhead and allowed himself to be reborn in this world. You can't just live so baldly. That would be too extravagant.

There were many books stacked in the bookcases and corners of the room. He took a deep breath, got up and picked up a history book and started watching.

The most urgent thing is to understand the difference in this world, see how it is different from the original earth, and what kind of history has happened.

It didn't take long to open the book and read a few pages before Wang Hao discovered the difference. The history before the Tang Dynasty was no different from the original earth, but everything changed when Tang Taizong Li Shimin began.

Not long after Emperor Taizong ascended the throne, a strange scene of pilgrimage to the Kowloon appeared in the sky. Since then, Li Shimin sincerely possesses the dragon soul, reforming the system of the Tang Empire at that time to a staggering level, and generously co-developing military forces with other countries technology.

Unexpectedly, the concerted efforts of various countries to study military technology led to the advent of the era of thermal weapons ahead of schedule. This made other countries think that they had military power comparable to Datang and began to breed ambitions to annex Datang.

No way. At that time, the Tang Dynasty was so rich and possessed many things that made people eye-catching. It can be said that all nations came to the dynasty. No country dared to make offerings. I don’t know how many rare treasures are in the Tang Treasury .

And the existence of Datang is really terrifying, like a lion in the rabbit group, it can easily prey on rabbits at will.

After the countries went back, a full 30 countries united to form a Western alliance, and then they found a grand cause and led the navy to invade Datang.

Emperor Taizong was quite calm. When the enemy arrived, thousands of unheard-of ultra-long-range cannons were fired, completely making the Western Alliance honest.

Since then, the Datang Empire deservedly became the world's hegemon, and the Chinese nation has made all the nations fearless, and no one dares to attack for a thousand years.

It is a pity that no matter how large and glorious the empire is, there will be a day of decay. The glorious Tang no longer exists. After many battles, China has formed the current celestial dynasty.

Although the current Heavenly Dynasty is still the hegemon of the world, the territory is less than a quarter of that of Datang, and it is not as breathless as before.

According to the analysis of the situation in the history books, the two countries with the strongest national power today are the United States and the Celestial Dynasty.

The strength of the celestial dynasty has faintly overpowered the United States. In recent years, the military of the United States seems to have improved again, and there is no difference between the two.

Putting down the thick history book in his hand, Wang Hao knew that he had definitely crossed, and rubbed his head in annoyance. Although there was nothing to be attached to in his previous life, his grudges had not yet been reported, and he was really unwilling.

After a while, Wang Hao gave a bitter smile, his face regained a sunny smile, and said chicly: "Forget it, forget everything in the previous life and start over!"

He knew that if his grandfather was still there, he definitely didn't want to see himself fall into baldness.

Chapter VI Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu (repair)

What doesn't seem to be right?Careful Wang Hao found that the two-dimensional objects and other novels in his room were gone.

In the previous life, his grandfather’s departure gave him a big blow. In order to fill up the emptiness in his heart, Wang Hao spent most of his work money to buy items related to the two-dimensional element, and he was immersed in the world of the two-dimensional element. He is a Chinese otaku.

Nowadays, there are not many things related to the second dimension in his room, at most there are only a few dolls that decorate the room, and there are not even a few novels. He suddenly became a little curious, how did he spend this world?

Shaking his head, Wang Hao didn't think about this now, but he still thought about how to deal with the college students tomorrow.

First of all, it is certain that tomorrow’s school opening ceremony must not wear the school uniform of this previous life. He opened the closet on the side, and a black suit was neatly stacked inside, which was very college-style suit. There was a pair of lattices under the closet. Shoes should be matched with suits.

"Don't know what grade you are in now?"

Wang Hao sighed with a headache for this problem that ordinary elementary school students knew. For the first time, he felt that the Seven-Colored Godhead was unreliable. If he traveled to another parallel world, he didn’t even have the memory of his original master. Fumble on your own.

Although he had attained the Supreme Godhead, he did not feel the power of God at all, that is, his body was a bit more agile, his power seemed to be stronger, and a faintly faint air swimming in his body, moisturizing his limbs.

In addition, there are no special abilities, not to mention the legendary ability to turn stones into gold and turn decay into magic.

Then he discovered a fatal problem. Not only is his god weak, he doesn't seem to have a subordinate to send, a typical polished commander...

"According to his own habits, there must be a diary left." Wang Hao can be sure that he has the habit of writing a diary since he was a child, and believes that he in this world will also have it.

Pulling out the drawer under the desk, and digging out the wooden board inside and outside the drawer with his hands, two notebooks appeared in front of him, one of which was somewhat damaged on the outside, and the other was brand new.


Looking at the contents of the old book, Wang Hao already knew what he had probably experienced, and it seemed that no matter where he went, he had not changed.

Open the brand-new book gently, the content recorded in it is only a short sentence.

Tomorrow I will be promoted to the first year of the high school of Shengzaki Academy, but I will let you know that I am no worse than anyone.

Wang Hao gently closed the diaries and put them back in place. I will inherit your wishes for you.


The city of Tokyo is not in the celestial dynasty, but an island country in the previous life, which is the neon of this world.

In the history of this world, Neon did not dare to go to war with the Heavenly Dynasty, and has always adopted a friendly policy with the Heavenly Dynasty.

Even if the celestial dynasty had experienced many battles and its vitality was severely injured, Neon would not dare to invade. After all, a lean camel was bigger than a horse.

Speaking of it, Wang Hao's family was once quite extraordinary. It was appointed by the Tang Dynasty to garrison Neon. At that time, it could be regarded as a high position in Neon. Unfortunately, with the demise of the Tang Empire, the Wang family gradually declined.

This ancestral house was made by a royal family one hundred years ago, but it went bankrupt after all, and only this house was left.

The noble son of a down-and-out family?

Wang Hao smiled lightly, it seems that this setting is also good, very in line with the anime male protagonists he has seen in his previous life.

He turned on the computer in the room again and began to search for more information. It was not enough to rely on that.


Walking on the flat concrete road, Wang Hao wore the uniform of the Paladin Academy, and proceeded according to the information searched on the computer last night. The streets were staggered, making him take a lot of wrong paths.

Leaving at 6 o’clock in the morning, I glanced at the watch on my wrist, it was already 6:30, and there were 30 minutes left until the opening ceremony at 7 o’clock. Wang Hao pulled the tie around his neck and took a deep breath. With a sigh of relief, one-handed hurdles can't be late for the first day of school.

"Danger!" Wang Hao, who had just crossed the hurdle, narrowed his eyes and exclaimed. In the distance, a girl with long hair and waist-length wearing a black short skirt turned around to the red-lighted road for some reason, a large truck. Already Mercedes-Benz from a distance, the driver's warning sound seemed unheard of to her.

As soon as Wang Hao's voice came out, his body was like a bullet fired, and his tight muscles exploded at an unimaginable limit speed. The breath of physical strength was aroused and turned into a stream of light.


He hugged the black long straight girl, Wang Hao slammed into the guardrail beside him, making a loud noise. The truck driver also slammed to a halt, opened the window of the car and cursed fiercely, "Walking long is not long. Eyes? I don't want to live anymore!"

The truck driver was allowed to curse for a while, and when he found that the other party was not speaking, he drove away angrily.

After a while, the girl in her arms recovered and finally knew what had happened, raised her head and looked at him nervously, and said, "Sorry, are you okay? It's all my fault."

Wang Hao could see the face of the girl in his arms, with a melancholy look in his eyes, a face full of intellectual melon seeds, a pair of big eyes are very charming, slender body, slender legs, upper body is a women's college suit, wearing a A tied white shirt, a black short skirt underneath, and black stockings wrapped around his legs, exuding the elegance of a literary girl.

Shiyu Kasumigaoka!!!

Wang Hao immediately thought of her name in his heart, and saw her worried look on her face, who was always known for her poisonous tongue and belly. She endured the pain behind her back and opened the corners of her mouth, revealing a mouthful of sharp white teeth. The sun shines on Wang Hao’s smiling face. , Let her be slightly lost.