God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 7

I knew this man in the middle of high school. He has always held the top position of the school year. He is still a great beauty. There are many supporters in the academy. What is different from his A Zhai It is very dazzling everywhere.

"Lun also likes Xiazhiqiu?"

"No...no! How is this possible!"

An Yilun was also like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and immediately exploded. For himself who likes the second dimension, the three-dimensional beauty may be of little interest to him.

The two talked happily, gradually letting go, and gradually became friends.


The opening ceremony soon ended, and Wang Hao, An Yilun, and Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu were all assigned to Class A of the first grade.

The classification system of Shengqi College is not divided by grades, but a system of random allocation. I have to lament the magic of fate.

There were more than 30 people in the class. A small lottery box was placed on the podium. There were many folded pieces of paper inside. When the people in front of the team finished drawing the lottery, Wang Hao also reached out and took out a piece of paper. Article.

On the 30th, in the second-to-last row by the window, Wang Hao silently walked over and sat in his seat.

Before long, to Wang Hao's surprise, An Yilun was also sitting in front of him, and Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu was on his left, and the two were at the same table!

"Student Xia Zhiqiu, meet again."

Wang Hao smiled and looked at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who was at the same table. The fate was indeed wonderful.

"Yeah, I didn't expect to sit next to Monarch, what should I do?"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu jokingly said, tilting up her slender legs in black silk, resting her cheeks in her hands, and staring straight at Wang Hao, with a troubled expression on her face.

What is my image in your heart?It seems that I just saved you this morning, OK?Also, girl you are gone.

Wang Hao's eyes cast down, he inadvertently saw the blue and white striped panties, and quickly looked away without changing his face.

"So, Miss Xia Zhiqiu, can you get rid of the title of'Perverted Monarch'?"

"Really? The one who peeped at the other's house just now, the perverted gentleman is really thick-skinned, the perverted-jun~"

In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, Wang Hao looked at the world outside the window. It was really beautiful here.

Shengqi College not only covers a large area, but the campus environment is also quite beautiful. Several artificial lakes are scattered on the campus. Many flower beds of various colors are arranged in an orderly manner. Several cherry trees beside the windows block a large area of ​​sunlight.

Now this month is the season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. A breeze blows gently, and a few cherry blossom petals float in front of Wang Hao.

The speed at which the cherry blossoms fall is five centimeters per second.

"Jingle Bell--"

A rush of bells broke the bustle of the classroom. The classmates quickly returned to their positions. There was a rhythm of footsteps in the corridor, and everyone looked expectantly at the door.

Wearing a Gothic loli costume, carrying an umbrella and lace fan with him, he looks exquisite like a doll, petite and cute. It is more appropriate to call it a beautiful girl than a beautiful girl. But there is a wonderful sense of majesty.

She gently walked to the podium, picked up a white chalk, and wrote the four words of Nangong that month on the blackboard, and then turned and said: "My name is Nangong that month, and I will be responsible for teaching you English from today. I am also a first-year A. The head teacher of the class, come to me if you encounter any difficulties."

"Teacher Nangong, how old are you this year?"

A male student looked at Nangong on the podium with suspicion that month, the rest of the class began to care about this issue and focused their attention on this lovely loli.

"This classmate, don't you know it's rude to ask a girl's age? So please stop by for a class later."

With a charming smile on Nangong's face that month, she looked at the male student who asked the question. Under her gaze, Ryosuke Nozawa felt a sense of pressure and involuntarily walked backwards, standing obediently in the back row.

Hidden a knife in the smile, this was the first impression Nangong gave him that month, and Ryosuke Nozawa secretly vowed never to ask these questions.

I knew that I shouldn't be the first person to ask questions. Today I finally understand the truth about shooting the first shot, but it's too late.

The best friend Aso Koichi glared fiercely with a dark smile, and it was this guy who encouraged him to ask questions.

Neon’s high school students are not the same as Tianchao. Most of the neon high school students are punished by the teacher to stand, they will think it is a very embarrassing thing. On the first day of his high school career, Nozawa Ryosuke was punished to stand behind the classroom. , It was a shame for him to get home.

The classmates of the first grade A class looked at each other. This loli class teacher, who looked like a doll, didn't seem to be as easy to talk as the surface.

The first class since the beginning of school passed quickly, and within ten minutes the bell started to ring again. Wang Hao, watching Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu next to him, hadn't listened to the class much since the beginning of class, instead he kept holding a notebook to write and draw. You should be writing a novel, right?

How about writing novels yourself?

When Wang Hao looked out the window, this thought flashed in his mind. When searching for information on the Internet at home last night, he habitually searched station b, but it showed that the website did not exist. He remembered what was wrong in his room, and decisively searched for some outstanding ones in the past life. The title of the work basically does not exist, but some other outstanding works are replaced.

There is no "Naruto", no "Detective Conan", no "One Piece", etc., and no "Magic Forbidden Book Catalog", "Five Centimeters Per Second", light novels that have set off a frenzy in previous lives, and even those that have become popular aCG Many excellent works in the world do not exist.

The entire world’s two-dimensional culture has just embarked on a journey, and Wang Hao feels that it is necessary to reproduce the glory of the two-dimensional here.

He took out a brand-new notebook, just wanted to write, then put down his hand.

If you write the content in the notebook, don't you have to code it on the computer again?I simply took out the phone directly and created a new text, remembering the famous light novel from the past life in my mind, and lightly typed seven characters on the phone.

"Second speed of five centimeters"

I started to think back about the content of this novel. After thinking about it for a long time, I could only get half of it together and couldn't memorize all the content.

He sighed frustrated, and when he was about to give up the idea of ​​writing a novel, the long silent book in his mind moved!

Chapter 9 Five Centimeters Per Second (Fixed)

"I still like you now, but even if we send a thousand text messages, our hearts cannot be close to even one centimeter."

"Five Centimeters Per Second" is Xin Haicheng's first novel adapted from an animation. This is a solo story. The three short stories "Sakura Transcript", "Astronaut" and "Five Centimeters Per Second" are combined to form a complete " Second speed of five centimeters".

The world is so beautiful and youth is so gorgeous, but the protagonist in the story only wants to talk to himself.

The first chapter "Sakura Transcript" describes the love mood of Kishu and Akari when they were young, and the day they reunited. The second chapter "Astronaut" describes the perspective of Sumita Hanae who has a good impression of the high school entering the high school. Shows the life of Guishu and Mingli after they are separated, the third chapter "5 Centimeters per Second" depicts the hesitation of Guishu and Mingli when they grow up.


The plot content of five centimeters per second was completely integrated into Wang Hao's mind. He seemed to have experienced it in the second five world, witnessing Mingli and Guishu's life, and unknowingly shed a crystal teardrop.

"Student Wang Hao, please get up and recite the seventh paragraph."


Wang Hao stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. He spoke with a standard Japanese accent, full of the emotional emotion that he had experienced just now, and the melancholy atmosphere filled the classroom.

"Haojun is fine, the teacher is very happy."

Chinese teacher Ogura Li looked at Wang Hao with relief. He never thought that a man from the celestial dynasty could resonate so deeply with Guoxue, which is really ashamed.

"I didn't expect Haojun to be such a sensitive person."

Many girls in the class looked at Wang Hao. This kind of thoughtful boy is ideal for them, and the degree of affection in their hearts has improved a lot.