God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 8

Regardless of other people's eyes and thoughts, with the unfading touch from the bottom of his heart, there seemed to be many tadpole-like characters in his mind, and his hands were quickly writing words under the desk.

After a lesson, Wang Hao has already finished the content of the first chapter "Sakura Transcript" by 1,500 words, and there is still a long way to go before the end of the book.

So a very interesting scene appeared in the first grade Class A. As two of Kasugaoka Shiyu and Wang Hao who were at the same table, one was writing and drawing on the desk, sometimes directly lying on the table to sleep, the other was at Fumbling under the desk, a teacher drew either of them to answer the questions, and they were able to answer the questions smoothly, so they had to leave it alone.

In the next few days, the teachers of each subject in Class A of the first grade knew the origins of these two people. They both entered Shengzaki College with the best results in the city, so they had to give up the idea of ​​finding problems and continuing to test them.

As long as they don't make a lot of noise in the classroom, the teachers of each subject will open one eye and close one eye, and simply don't ask them two questions. After all, aren't geniuses different from ordinary people?There is a certain character for granted.

Nangong, the head teacher, spent a few days with the first-grade class a classmates that month, and everyone gradually figured out the character of the head teacher, and even directly called it'Nayuejiang', although she would pick up a fan every time she heard this name Doing it directly can't stop everyone from calling her.


When Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu occasionally went to class to concentrate on listening, he found Wang Hao, who was bowing his head, obviously not knowing what the other party was doing.

"Mr. Pervert, what are you doing? Can you show it to me?" When Wang Hao was immersed in the world of five centimeters per second, a clear question came from him, pulling him out of that world.

"If you remove the three words'perverted monarch', it's not impossible to tell you."

Wang Hao came back to his senses and said lightly.

In the past few days, he had learned about Xia Shizi's poisonous tongue and black belly level. When class was over, he seemed to inadvertently call himself a pervert, and immediately made the classmates who still wanted to know him to back down subconsciously.

It can be said that only An Yilun in the class is willing to talk to him, while the other classmates stayed away from him with guard, and even secretly discussed what Wang Hao had done.

"I was wrong, Haojun."

Xia Zhiqiu looked at him pitifully, proud of the plump curves of his peers, long and straight black, only beautiful women with a quiet appearance, wearing white hair bands, black stockings, a tall figure, and two The faint dark circles under the eyes show that I should have stayed up for a long time last night, which makes me feel pity.

"I'm writing a novel." Since the other party had already taken the initiative to admit his mistake, and looked even more pitiful, Wang Hao hesitated and told her in a low voice.

"Then can you show it to me?" Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's eyes flashed with a strange color, and continued to maintain this pitiful appearance and said softly.

Recently, Shiyu Xiazhiqiu encountered a bottleneck in his writing. She wrote all night last night. I don't know how many revisions have been made, but I still can't be satisfied.

She is also writing a novel called "The Metronome of Love". In fact, when the first volume of "The Metronome of Love" was released, there was no sign of reprinting at all, and the editor also made a three-volume assertion.

This is also the reason why she feels lost recently, and her mood is a little irritable. Is she really suitable for this path of writing?

"Not yet." Wang Hao thought for a while, and refused Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's request. After all, he had been educated by the celestial dynasty in his previous life, and he always thought it was wrong to read novels in class.

"Is that right?"

In Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's life, no one had refused her request since she was a child. She didn't really want to read Wang Hao's novel in her heart, but her legs shook slightly at this time.

Wang Hao nodded, then began to focus on the phone screen again, and quickly coded words with both hands.

This code speed, which is almost useless for thinking, stimulated Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu who encountered a bottleneck on the side, and slowly increased her leg shaking speed.

Everyone has different subconscious habits. Although Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu is still very quiet on the surface, she still exposes the fact that her heart is not calm.

"Is Hao-jun really a pervert? Seeing that you only talk to the otaku in front of you in class, is it that you are also the kind of hidden otaku? That's the kind of quietly active on the Internet, in your mind all day Thinking of various anime plots happening to me, now holding indescribable thoughts, but a perverted monarch who is serious about writing ergonomic novels?"

"You don't need to hide anything, I already know it. The reason you didn't give me your phone is because you are writing an ergonomic novel of h. Maybe you are now using me as an experiment, and you are really curious about you. What shameless work will be written..."

"Could it be! What you are writing now is the beautiful girl who is always in your mind? Or is it a novel you are creating with me as a prototype? If you are based on my beautiful beauty as the prototype, I really want to know the works of abnormal king Is it the same as me?"

Chapter Ten Kendo Club (Repair)

At this time, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu spoke faster and faster, seemingly a quiet and beautiful girl, but the explosive speeches are endless, but they are unobstructed, and are quite poisonous.

"You are not afraid that I will tell you about your hobbies, and then attract a large group of people to watch you as a'gentle (biàn) scholar (tài)'? To be honest, I didn't expect you to be such a person, obviously He is a pervert who still learns from other heroes and saves the beauty. Does that want to attract my attention?"


Wang Hao's hands trembled slightly at this time. He originally thought that his cultivation was good enough. Although he said that he could not achieve Gujing Wubo, he still thought he had a little tolerance.

However, it took only three minutes for Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu to make Wang Hao almost on the verge of collapse, and the shame in his heart could be seen from his trembling hands.

Moreover, the other party had spoken for so long, but there was not a few repeated words, but instead became more and more excited, and the speed of speech was gradually increasing.

"Enough! I will give it to you when I finish writing."

When Wang Hao saw that the other party was swearing, he might really be brainwashed into a pervert if he listened to it.

"Isn't it okay? It's really troublesome perverted monarch." Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu sighed comfortably. After speaking to Wang Hao, the pressure and troubles she had received these days seemed to disappear. Lazily lying on the table, looking at Wang Hao with a face of shame and anger, he said lightly: "Don't worry, perverted gentleman. I won't tell others about your hobbies, this matter will be the secret of the two of us~"

It does not make sense!Obviously nothing happened, okay?

According to the anime plots I have seen, in the second dimension, it is not the hero who saves the girl when he shows up, and the favorability is directly max. Why does he become a pervert when he comes to me.

Wang Hao suddenly felt confused about his future, but he didn't understand the character of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, or that he didn't know too much.

When facing outsiders, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu always maintained a high-cold appearance, and her conversations were very polite, and only people she recognized could know her other side.


After venting the worries in her heart, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu faced Wang Hao and slept with her arm on her side. She slept until the end of school in the afternoon, and then packed her schoolbag and went home without delay.

Wang Hao, who stopped the code word, was depressed, didn't you say you want to read a novel?Why didn't he leave without saying a word.

With a light sigh, Wang Hao also tidied up briefly, carrying his schoolbag and preparing to leave.

Until now, he has not joined any clubs, and belongs to a member of the Go Home Ministry.

As for joining the club?He doesn't have that idea now. The neon high school students are so happy. Class starts at 7:30 in the morning and ends at 3 in the afternoon. He doesn't have much time to participate in club activities now, so of course he didn't join a club.

"Can you wait a minute?"

Wang Hao, who was about to go home, stopped and turned around to see the person who stopped him.

About 1.68 meters tall, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, he looks a bit weak in writing. This man who is similar to An Yilun is called Onta Yokoyama, and he barely talks to others in the class. .

"Yokoyama-san, is something wrong?"

"Can you be friends with me."

Yokoyama Onta who said this seemed to have exhausted all his strength, bowed his head and Wang Hao bowed. Through his observations over the past few days, it has been determined that An Yilun and Wang Hao belong to the otaku clan. Should you be friends with yourself?

Originally, his plan was to contact An Yilun first, but unfortunately the other party left the classroom after school. Wang Hao belongs to an unknown house in his heart. Although the other party does not seem to have the breath of a house, since he can be with the same houseman An Yilun Yilun is also a friend...

I want friends too!

For a long time, without hearing a reply, Yokoyama Wentai felt sad, and as expected, no one wanted to be friends with someone like him.

"From today, we will be friends, Mrs. Wen." Wang Hao slapped Hengshan Wen's back on the weak and windy back.

"Do you really want to be friends with someone like me?"