God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 9

Hengshan Wentai raised his head in disbelief, a trace of tears flashed in his eyes.

"I don't make friends with crying ghosts." Wang Hao looked at Yokoyama Wentai with a headache. He was alone in his previous life and had no friends in the class, so he could understand the other person's mood.

But classmate, you cried so moved, I am also very embarrassed!

Turning stiffly, picking up his schoolbag and walking out, Wang Hao really didn't feel comfortable with this atmosphere.

Yokoyama Wentai quickly picked up her schoolbag and followed, and said excitedly: "Has Jun Hao joined the club?"

"not yet."

Wang Hao was lightly relieved when he saw Wentai Hengshan returning to normal.

"Then go join the club together!"

"I have no idea of ​​joining the club for the time being."


"Because it's nice to be alone."

Hearing these words, Yokoyama Wentai stopped. He had regarded Wang Hao as his friend from the beginning, so he hoped that the two would join the club together and find more friends in it.

"No! A Hao must join me to visit the club today."

Although Wang Hao didn't intend to join the club, he didn't want to just refuse Hengshan Wentai's kindness and nodded silently.

Wait for a walk around the club, just find any reason to refuse.

The affirmed Yokoyama Onta took out a small book from his schoolbag, in which he recorded various clubs in the school, but he still dared not sign up.

"It was decided to be the Kendo Club!"


The Kendo Club has a very large activity room in the Shengzaki Academy. Because there are many students joining the Kendo Club, the Student Union had to give them a spacious activity room. Even Yokoyama Atsuta had thought of joining the Kendo Club directly and changing the surroundings. Views of myself as an otaku.

The two came to the event venue of the Kendo Club and quietly watched the club activities in full swing. The two members were competing in Kendo.

After a while, a tall student wearing a samurai uniform walked out of the room. He smiled and looked at the two and said, "Are you here to apply for membership? Please go over there and fill in the application."


Yokoyama Wen shouted too passionately, and finally one day he will join the club, and he is still with his friends.

"That..." Wang Hao touched his nose awkwardly. He didn't want to really come to join the club, but he didn't want to extinguish the enthusiasm of Hengshan Wentai.

Suddenly, there was a dilemma.

"Yo~ isn't this our little prince Azhai?"

Four students wearing Kendo Club uniforms walked outside. The first man was 1.78 meters tall. He looked at Yokoyama Onta with a playful look, and jokingly said: "Will Ah Zhai join the club? Don't laugh at me. Up."

The other men also laughed, and Yokoyama Onta's face suddenly turned pale.

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Chapter 11 The Courage of Hengshan Wentai (Repair)

"Wen, long time no see." Nobijing came to Yokoyama's Wen Tai, wrapped his arms around his neck, and said with a sarcasm: "I have something to look for you, come with me, now, you will agree Right?"

Yokoyama Onta nodded tremblingly, and walked outside.

"Please wait a minute."

One hand grabbed Nobijing's shoulder, Wang Hao looked at his eyes lightly, and slowly said, "Where do you want to take my friend?"

"Is Mrs. Wen's friend? Interesting, then you come over to me too!"

Yebijing's slightly squinted eyes suddenly opened, a cold light flashed, and he reached out to pull Wang Hao over.

"No, Ahao, leave me alone, go!"

Unexpected things happened. Just when Yebijing was about to catch Wang Hao, Yokoyama Onta, who was so afraid that his face was pale, broke away from Yebijing's arms, and opened his arms to block Wang Hao.

It was all because of my own fault that caused Ah Hao to be found in trouble. It seems that my friends can't do it in the future...

"Hahaha—have you seen that? Mrs. Wen actually wants to protect others. I'm going to lose it. I didn't expect A Zhai to have friends."

"That's right, isn't this great? I haven't seen you for a while, even friends."

"But we will always be friends with Mrs. Wen in the future."


Allowing Ye Bijing and the others to laugh, Yokoyama Wen's too weak body still stood in front of Wang Hao, his pale face without blood at all.

After a while, Nobijing stopped laughing, looked directly at Yokoyama Onta, patted his shoulder, and said every word: "How about this? You can give us your new friend, Onta. gone."

"No, only Ah Hao can't!"

Without even time to think, Yokoyama Onta vetoed Nobii's request. The friends that he finally made can never be harmed because of me.

"Really boring."

"What do you guys come at me, only Ah Hao can't!"

Even though he was too scared, and his body was trembling slightly, Yokoyama Onta still mustered up his courage, and for the first time turned his eyes to Nobii and others.

Nobijing looked at Yokoyama Onta, who had rebelled against his will for the first time since he was a child, and smiled in Wang Hao's direction, "For the sake of our little prince Azhai, I will let you go today, kid."

Hearing this, Yokoyama Wen was too softly relieved, and even a little grateful to Nobii.

"What are you talking about, just ignore me, is it really okay?"

Wang Hao took a step forward and pulled Hengshan Wentai behind him. Although he was very moved, he was very angry at Hengshan Wentai's behavior and punched Hengshan Wentai in the chest.

"If you continue like this, you can't be friends with me."


Wang Hao interrupted Yokoyama Onta's answer with a wave, staring at Nobii with interest, and said casually: "You just wanted to bully my friend?"

"So what?"

At this time, more and more people came to watch, Ye Bijing still laughed arrogantly, and did not put Wang Hao in his eyes.