God descends the second element

God descends second dimension Chapter 10

The onlookers already have the presence of the Discipline Commissioner. They may wait until the fight occurs and they will be stopped. Wang Hao thoughtfully looked at the club activities of the Kendo Club and suddenly said in a strong tone: "Then you stay. Come down and compete with me in Kendo."

"I heard you right, you want to compete with me in Kendo."

Nobijing looked at Wang Hao in surprise, as if he had encountered a big joke.

"Ahao, no, Nobi is the tenth place in the city's youth kendo..."

Hengshan Wen said too anxiously, only Wang Hao's relieved look and a confident word in exchange.

"Trust your friend."

This sentence made Yokoyama Onta, who had been looking for a direction in the dark, suddenly saw the flame of light. The light spread throughout the dark space, and a warm feeling came to my heart. Is this the feeling of having a friend?that's nice.

"Let me smash your ridiculous friendship tricks, don't indulge in it all day long." Ye Bijing sneered at Wang Hao, turned around and bowed deeply to the tall man just now, in a respectful tone. : "Senior Toyokawa, please allow us to compete here."

Toyokawa Yada, the second place in the Tokyo Youth Group, and the deputy director of the Kendo Club of Sanozaki Academy, has only failed once since practicing Kendo.

"Yes, but Ye must be more careful than you, don't be careless."

Toyokawa Kazuda pondered slightly and agreed to Nobii's request. He also wanted to see Wang Hao's strength, because he felt a dangerous aura from Wang Hao.

Since practicing kendo for so many years, except for that woman, this is the second time he has encountered such a dangerous atmosphere. The intuition of the master is often very accurate.

"Senior Toyokawa, please see how I teach this kid who doesn't know how high the earth is."

Nobii is a little dissatisfied. Does Senior Toyokawa think he is inferior to that little boy?

The two came to the event venue of the Kendo Club. The members who were in the competition also stopped the competition. At the signal of Toyokawa Yada, the venue gave up.

Nobijing took the protective gear from the side and put it on him. The moment he held the sword, his temperament completely changed, full of sharp and sharp aura.

To be honest, regardless of his past and present, Wang Hao has not touched his sword a few times.

However, it is certainly not Wang Hao's arrogance to dare to play against Nobijing, who is the tenth place in the kendo of the Hyakugi City Youth Group.

In the past few days, Wang Hao has gradually adapted to the environment. Fortunately, the original knowledge and information of this body has not disappeared. It is just that when he thinks of a problem, he will think about it for a while, and then he can quickly draw a conclusion.

He also understood the role of the colorful gods and ancient books. It seemed that his god was a little weak, and he did not have the magical powers of moving mountains and filling the sea in the myth. He could only shatter a huge boulder of more than 100 catties with all his best.

The Colorful Godhead brings amazing talents, and it is not a single aspect of talent...

There is also an inexplicable trace of Qi in the body, which is constantly swimming in the meridians of the whole body. Once the trace of Qi is used to fight, he can instantly burst out ten times the potential, terrifying.

It is conceivable that on the basis of his body that can smash hundreds of catties of boulders now, plus ten times the potential, even if he can't use any sword skills, he can completely crush this so-called kendo master.

When the power reaches the limit, there is nothing that cannot be broken in one blow.

So Wang Hao didn't put on the armor. For him, this hindered his performance and added a burden.

"Unforgivable, regret your arrogance!"

Nobijing didn't think so. In his opinion, this little white face competed with him in Kendo without wearing armor, which was purely insulting him.

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Chapter 12 The Domineering Wang Hao (Xiu)

After the referee announced the start of the game, Nobijing swung his sword straight at Wang Hao Tianling Gai. The sword was powerful and fierce, and the sound of cutting through the air could be heard faintly.

"Be careful!"

A female student in the crowd couldn't help but exclaimed, obviously not wanting such a handsome guy to end in failure.

Hearing this, the wild man was a bit heavier than the well. The handsome guy is really an annoying creature. When he is one millimeter away from the opponent's Tianling Cap, he must turn around and slap and slap that annoying face.

See if your strength is the same as that face, so that everyone present can understand who is the strong one.

Wang Hao still had a faint expression. Facing Ye Bijing’s aggressive attack, he did not panic at all. Feng Qingyun dodged indifferently, and said in a cold voice: "Give you a chance. Now I apologize to Wen Tai. Now, otherwise..."

"Otherwise what do you want!"

Yebijing yelled, and he was very suffocated. This kid was like a monkey, and every time he was about to hit him, he could easily avoid him.

Now Yebi Jing had put away his contempt, and regarded Wang Hao as his opponent at the same level.

Even a little bit beyond, although very reluctant to admit.

He could feel that Wang Hao hadn't exerted his true strength at all, and he might be teasing himself now, which made Nobii's hands gripping the wooden sword fiercely and his knuckles creaked.

When did he ever be so underestimated, no wonder Senior Toyokawa reminded himself to be careful.


He breathed out softly, his aura on his body was sharper, his swords slashed horizontally and vertically, one sword was stronger than the other.

"Nobi, come on!"

As the other three people in Nobii shouted loudly, Nobii felt a little more fulfilled.


"Otherwise, I will force you to apologize to Mrs. Wen!"

Wang Hao's eyes flashed, and a powerful aura broke out. His two fingers steadily held the wooden sword coming from the sky. This scene stunned everyone present.

"Oh my God, what did I see!"

"Is this neon ninjutsu?"



The students in the audience immediately exploded and stared at Wang Hao on the stage with bright eyes. He was able to catch the opponent's sword with his two fingers. How strong is this?

What is domineering?They saw it in the empty-handed man on the stage. It was an innate, unparalleled domineering!

Especially for their current age, the blood factor in the male student's body is completely burned, and the female student who has never imagined a handsome, powerful prince charming.

Wang Hao, the feeling given to them at this time is that those who obey will prosper, and those who oppose will die.

Neon people have always admired the strong, and many male students are already enthusiastic at this time, and they can’t wait to go up to the stage and hug Wang Hao’s thighs immediately, requesting this powerful master to accept himself as a disciple.

This is empty-handed!No, it should be said that it is a two-pointed hand-in-hand. If you learn this trick, no matter what the opponent is attacking, two fingers gently pinch...

Thinking about that scene, the blood boils, and the domineering spirit is overflowing!