"Because Rita is by her side."

"Then you have to pay for food in the future."

"But I have no money."

"You can find me if you have no money. I will pay for you, but next time you can't be like today."

"I understand."

Wang Hao smiled happily when he heard the words, and reached out his hand to touch the really white head, the other party just raised his eyes slightly and seemed to enjoy it.

Stopped stroking, Wang Hao took out a few banknotes from his wallet, handed them to Zhen Bai's hand, smiled and said, "Then let Zhen Bai pay the money later."



Nan Qinli had been back since just now, with two glasses of juice in her hand, and was about to pass it to Wang Hao, when she heard their conversation, she had to stop.

When Wang Hao asked the beautiful girl why she didn't pay for food, she was also a little angry. When her boyfriend and girlfriend go out together, shouldn't they always treat her boyfriend?In my heart, Wang Hao's senses dropped sharply, but I didn't expect him to be so stingy.

Obviously, the words I said to her just now made Nan Qinli mistakenly believe that both parties were boy and girl friends.

When she heard the next conversation, Nan Qinli began to understand that it was not Wang Hao's fault, but that the beautiful girl seemed to have overstayed her head naturally.

Wang Hao was patiently teaching the girl named Zhenbai common sense, and did not blame her.

Really a gentle person, Wang Hao was so moved in Nan Qinli's heart that he quietly improved a lot, as if he hadn't noticed.

With Hexi's smile on her face again, Nan Qinli carried the juice in her hand.

"This is a gift specially prepared by our shop for couples. Please enjoy it slowly."

"Ah...Nana-chan what are you talking about...cough!"

Wang Hao, who picked up the juice and drank it, said hurriedly, because of his anxiety, he was choked by the juice accidentally, his face flushed and coughed.

"Is the master okay?"

Nan Qinli walked over quickly, slowly patted Wang Hao on the back, and asked eagerly.

"It's okay, but Zhenbai and I are not a couple." Wang Hao, who was slowly coming over, glanced at Zhenbai, who looked like a doll, and said to Nan Qinli: "Please don't get me wrong, Zhenbai is my cousin."

"I'm so sorry!" Nan Qinli blushed, like a red apple, which made people unable to help but take a bite and ran back to the kitchen gently, "The master's cooking will be on the table soon, please Wait a moment."

Nan Qinli has been working as a maid here for a while. From the moment Wang Hao was slightly lost, she knew that it was the first time the other party came to the maid cafe.

Akihabara is known as the sacred place of otaku. As the name suggests, people who come here are usually otaku clan, and Wang Hao's special temperament is not like otaku at all.

Although most otaku will dress up carefully before going out, and even many people will spray some perfume or air freshener on themselves, she can tell.

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The eighteenth chapter is decided to be "Dragon Ball"!(repair)

After learning from Wang Hao that He Zhenbai was not a lover, Nan Qinli had a strange feeling in her heart, because Wang Hao gave her a very strange feeling, which was an emotion that had never appeared before.

It seemed that some seeds were quietly planted in his heart, and for a while, he was a little afraid to meet Wang Hao's gaze.

Otonokizaka where she studied is a traditional women’s college, so she has almost never met boys. When she was a child, she heard from her friend Kosaka Honoka, boys are very rude people, but Wang Hao brought Nanqin Li What came was a gentle feeling.

The boy didn't seem to be like Honoka said, because there were also people as gentle as him.

The male customers who usually come here are basically very restrained and talked to her. Most of them are from the otaku clan, and he does not look like an otaku at all, but he has the same restraints as an otaku. Look at Nan Qinli Come unexpectedly cute.

"What a strange child."

Seeing Nan Qinli leaving briskly from the back, Wang Hao smiled slightly and began to think about comics again.

The four major migrant manga "Naruto", "One Piece", "Dragon Ball", and "Detective Conan", no matter which work appears here, it will cause a storm.

Let’s start with "Naruto". This work tells the story between ninjas. The background is very in line with the neon culture, and the theme is in line with the requirements of the kingly comics. It is completely capable of overcoming obstacles and creating a miracle. The reason why this work went so smoothly is that the circulation of Hokage in the previous island country exceeded 100 million. After a few years, it has already issued 200 million worldwide, which can be said to be half the sky.

If you don't understand the current situation in the neon comics world, Wang Hao will definitely choose Naruto. Unfortunately, the current situation in the comics world is very bad, so he can only defeat Naruto.

"One Piece" is a juvenile manga created by the island country manga artist Oda Eiichiro. One can tell how popular it is by looking at the results of "One Piece". "One Piece" has been published in the island country with a total of 302.866,000 copies and is officially certified by the Guinness World Records. "The world's highest circulation comic series created by a single author".

From the sales point of view, it is the top of the four migrant workers. People's enthusiasm for it has made Pirates have a scary sales myth, and it has been smooth since its debut.

In this way, only "Dragon Ball" and "Detective Conan" are left, wait... How did I forget "Dragon Ball"!

For Wang Hao in his previous life, which island animation had the deepest influence on him, it must be the "Dragon Ball" that occupied almost his entire childhood, the only anime he had contact with as a child.

If it is said that what comics in the previous life have brought people the deepest childhood influence and enthusiasm, there is no doubt that it is the classic "Dragon Ball"!

The creation of "Dragon Ball" was full of ups and downs. The work, which was serialized in full color for five consecutive weeks, did not have much popularity at the beginning. It was originally expected by many people, but gradually its popularity declined, and the ranking on the questionnaire dropped to 15th. after.

The person in charge, Torishima, commented that "the protagonist is too ordinary, so he is not angry." Afterwards, Toriyama Akira started to create with the theme of "pursuing a strong protagonist."

This idea unfolded and weakened the supporting actors. In order to show the results of the modification, he created the World Budokai, established the protagonist status of Monkey King, and the popularity of his works has also risen rapidly.

At the same time, the island country Fuji TV also came to Shueisha to discuss the issue of producing TV animation.

The cumulative number of publications of this work, including the full version, exceeds 157.21 million in the island country. The cumulative number of full-version is 20 million, and the cumulative number of copies worldwide exceeds 230 million.

It is the manga that has been adapted into the most games in the world, which is included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The reason why Dragon Ball is successful is entirely because Toriyama Akira has not given up on the path of creation, and will become a phenomenon-level comic and enter the altar.

The most important reason is that "Dragon Ball" aroused the enthusiasm of many people at the glorious moment. At one time, many people began to learn manga, and most of the disappointed manga artists saw hope. Toriyama Akira's persistence was moved at that time. People who have watched Dragon Ball also influenced the comic format of the island country later, and gave birth to the concept of juvenile manga.

In the manga "Dream Eater", a manga about the life of a manga artist, Ken Obata, who is almost the same generation as Akira Toriyama, simply divides the manga into two categories: "King Dao Man" and "Evil Dao Man". This concept began with "Dragon Ball".

Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, grew up watching Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball" when he was a child. That work had a huge influence on him, and that led to the birth of One Piece.

Among the four migrant workers, only Dragon Ball and Hokage belong to the final works, so they can guarantee their complete appearance in this world.

In addition, although the king's family in this life is a neon thousand-year-old family, his nationality has always been the nationality of the celestial dynasty. It is natural for him to create this comic full of celestial mythology and publish it to the world.

Between Hokage and Dragon Ball, Wang Hao finally made up his mind and decided to be "Dragon Ball"!

Watch "Dragon Ball" save...comic world!

In an instant, the ancient book trembled slightly, and all the dragon ball information was already in his mind. This time, unlike the last time he experienced the world in the book at the speed of five centimeters per second, he directly printed the content in Wang Hao’s memory. .

He can now clearly think of the content of each sentence and page, and it is completely true that he even mastered the style of "Dragon Ball".

That's right, in addition to bringing knowledge this time, there are also more painting techniques about Dragon Ball.