The style of painting reflects the creator's positioning of the entire comic style, including character design, background, facial lines, proportions, various details, etc., which embodies an art.

The same artistic conception is expressed in different styles, and one's own understanding is highlighted on the screen by artistic means, leaving people with different feelings. This also leads to the different habits of each painter, resulting in a style of painting. The difference has a strong personal mark.

He has a feeling that his drawing speed is absolutely beyond ordinary people's imagination, and even a page of comics that others can complete in a few hours, he only needs a few minutes, and he doesn't even need a split-shot to finish it all at once.

Is this book the kind of system that appears in the novel?

This thought suddenly flashed in Wang Hao's mind, and he didn't feel much surprised, because even he was a god, and it was acceptable to suddenly add a system.

Although my current god is a bit weak and doesn't seem to have any special power, but the godhead plus system sounds a bit tall...

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Chapter Nineteen Delicious Magic (Repair)

"Does the host need to add anything to the omelet rice?"


There was a soft and cute voice in his ears, Wang Hao was interrupted to think, Nan Qin Li did not know when he had already brought the dishes, a plate was empty next to the real white, and he was tasting the Baumkuchen on another plate. , And in front of him was a golden omelet rice.

This is the first time that Wang Hao has eaten omelet rice. In his previous life, he himself had made egg fried rice many times, but he had never tried to make omelet rice.

One of the delicacies that often appear in comics plots, Wang Hao is also very curious about the taste. It looks very beautiful. In addition to the omelet which occupies most of the space, the small plate is decorated with some vegetables beside it.

The smooth golden egg skin completely envelops the rice inside. The egg skin looks crispy and soft. A unique scent is tangy, which makes people appetite. You can’t wait to taste the delicious food right away. Look at the inside. What are they?

"Just trouble Nanachan to write the word cheer on this for me!" Wang Hao smiled slightly and looked at the cute Nan Qin Li, who was really a lovely maid.

"Okay, please wait a moment, please." Nan Qinli replied with her unique soft and cute voice, her little face was full of excitement, she picked up the ketchup and began to write on the omelet, and soon added two more Mengmeng's font has been completed.

"Nana's writing is really good, have you practiced it?"

A person’s character can be seen in the characters written by a person. Wang Hao saw a lively and lovely figure in Nan Qin Li’s characters. Regardless of the taste of this omelet, just look at these two sincere fonts. , Wang Hao would finish eating without hesitation.

"Thank you, but I haven't practiced specifically~" Nan Qinli blinked her big cute eyes upon hearing this, and smiled happily.

"I have to say that Nana's voice is also very nice."

From the moment Nan Qinli started to speak, Wang Hao noticed the other's voice, like a lively and cheerful lark singing, possessing a strange magical power.


Since entering the maid cafe, Nan Qinli does not know how many praises she has received here. Some people say that she is cute, well-behaved, and lively, and she has a lot of good praises.

She was very happy at first, but gradually became numb after hearing the same compliments.

Although girls like other people's praise, but hearing the same words every day, it is inevitable that they will have immunity.

Her original purpose of entering the maid cafe was not to gain compliments from others, but to exercise herself.

Nan Qinli attends a traditional girls' school named Otonokizaka. Because the number of students has dropped sharply this year, the college has to face the crisis of abandoning the school.

Like Honoka and Haiwei, she wanted to save the academy. With this idea, Xiaoniao, Honoka and Haiwei were looking for the advantages of the school together, but they didn't find any features that could be used to promote and save the academy after going around.

In the end, Honoka thought of the "College Idol Project", and told Kotori and Umi of this idea, saying that if implemented, it might be possible to save the academy, and the three of them began the "college idol" road.

It's the first time someone praised her good voice after coming to the maid cafe for so long. Nan Xiaoniao felt a sense of recognition in her heart, and there was a hint of joy in her eyes.

A few days ago, they decided on the name of the group—μ's, and currently there is only a small group of three people.

But in the midst of this, Nan Xiaoniao always felt that he belonged to the role of Ruoyouruowu, not as reliable as Tian Yuan Haimo, and did not have the confidence of Honoka, so he wanted to enter the maid cafe to change himself.

In the maid cafe, she has indeed been tempered, and she has matured a lot in dealing with people, and she has become more generous.

But in this case, Nan Xiaoniao still feels that it is not enough. It is important to overcome shyness, but the most important thing for college idols is voice.

Since she was young, people around her have never praised her good voice. It may be because she has been getting along for a long time and has become accustomed to each other's voices, so the people around have not said it.

Because of this, Nan Xiaoniao didn't think her voice was so nice. It was the first time I heard someone praise her for being nice today. It made her very happy and smiled like a flower.

"Of course it is true. Nana's voice is very unique, like a lively and happy lark. It sounds very sweet and clear. If you become an idol, you will definitely be a big hit." Wang Hao felt it, from the bottom of his heart. Recognizing Nan Qinli's voice left a deep impression on him.

There was no falsehood in what he said. Nan Qinli's appearance is definitely a cute and cute girl, and her voice is so soft and cute, she will definitely become an idol.

"Thank you, in order to repay the master's compliment, let me add magic to the love omelet to make it more delicious, and the master will recite the spell with me!"

With a happy smile on Nan Qinli's face, she used her hands to compare with a gesture of love, chanting cute spells in her mouth, and Wang Hao's face suddenly became embarrassed when she heard the spells that made him embarrassed.

"Master, can't you?"

Nan Xiaoniao looked at Wang Hao pitifully, as if he would cry as soon as he refused. He felt a pain in his heart, and subconsciously said "No problem."

Then he resisted the shame, followed Nan Xiaoniao to recite the delicious spell, and then began to take a spoon to taste it. The soft egg crust was wrapped in the fragrant fried rice, and there was a hint of sweet and sour ketchup, but the rice revealed its originality. Wang Hao thought as he ate the fragrance of the sweet smell, it should be the reason for the magic?

If I didn’t recite the shameful spell, Wang Hao’s expression on Wang Hao’s face was still very satisfied, which made Zhen Bai look at Wang Hao with a puzzled face, "Hao, also add magic to my Baumkuchen, OK? ?"


There seemed to be a broken voice, the expression on Wang Hao's face immediately froze, Zhen Bai was still next to him, what did I just do!!!


It only took about ten minutes to eat. Wang Hao and Zhen Bai got up and left the seat together. He did not forget to remind Zhen Bai, "Zhen Bai, do you remember what to do after eating?"

"I know." Shiina Masashi took out the banknotes he had just received from her pocket and handed them to Nan Qinli with both hands respectfully, saying with a serious expression: "Please accept the money."

"It is indeed received."

Nan Qinli was taken aback for a moment, and then she took the paper money handed over by Zhenbai with a smile on Hexi. The work of collecting money was not originally received by her, but she overheard the conversation between Zhenbai and Wang Hao just now. Willing to be a temporary cashier.

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Chapter 20 Sawamura Hidelily (repair)

After leaving the maid cafe, Wang Hao has confirmed the release of Dragon Ball, and the next thing seems to be that he needs to prepare some drawing tools.

These things need more. Seven or eight different pens need to be prepared, such as penholders for comics, single-use penholders, markers, special brushes, wooden pencils, colored pencils, mechanical pencils...

In addition, you need to prepare some knives, paper, rulers, and other tools to help painting.

Although it's just drawing comics, it's not a joke. Each tool has a special purpose, such as a monochrome marker, which is different from the one used for coloring. It is mainly used for hooking or painting. It is oily and water-based. Two kinds.

There is also a cloud-shaped version for drawing various complicated curves. Once a cartoonist collected more than 400 cloud-shaped boards, each of which has a different function.


Fortunately, Wang Hao in his previous life had contact with drawing comics, otherwise I really don't know how to start.