Akihabara said it was neither big nor small, but the population density was a bit high. Wang Hao took a really white hand and shuttled among the crowd. Not long after walking, he found a professional painting tool shop. He didn't dare to continue to leave Zhenbai alone and entered the store together.

"Ho, can you buy me a set of tools?"

After entering the comic tool shop, Zhenbai looked at the dazzling variety of drawing tools with interest. Wang Hao was a little surprised, but he agreed to the request of the other party, and then Zhenbai excitedly began to choose drawing tools.

It's good to be interested. The current Shiina Maoshi is more beautiful than before, more and more like a beautiful fairy.

He also began to calm down and select the drawing tools he needed one by one. It was estimated that he would not be able to complete it in less than half an hour.




"I'm the."

A box of wooden pencils on the shelf attracted Wang Hao’s attention. Just when he was about to reach out and take it off, he touched another white and tender hand, hurriedly said sorry, and there was a clear female voice in his ear. .

Wang Hao turned his head and looked around, and was shocked for an instant.

It was a petite figure with golden double ponytails, handicraft-like blond hair, clear blue eyes, and white porcelain skin. As long as it was a man who met for the first time, his eyes would be attracted instantly, and Wang Hao was no exception. .

The black hairband on the ponytail adds to the charm of the girl. The figure is very slim, but the breasts make Wang Hao a little regretful. Those clear sapphire-like eyes are particularly charming. She is wearing an academy uniform, and the big white legs under the black skirt are covered in black. In her silk stockings, her blond hair is completely natural, without any sense of contradiction.

The beautiful skin looming between the skirt and the stockings makes people feel full of temptation, forming a sacred and inviolable absolute field.

Wait... this uniform is familiar, isn't this the uniform of the Shengzaki Academy!

"Well, are you also a student of Shengzaki Academy?"

"Well, I'm Eri Sawamura, a first-year student at Sanozaki Academy. I was so sorry just now."

Sawamura Hidelily smiled slightly, revealing two cute tiger teeth. The charming smile made Wang Hao's mind slightly taken aback.

"No, I just want to say sorry, Wang Hao, a first-year student in the Lower Higher Education Department, please..."

Before Wang Hao's words were finished, she was interrupted by Sawamura Hidelili with little stars in her eyes, as if she had encountered something pleasant, she said excitedly: "I know your name, last time Seeing you defeated Senior Toyokawa with one move, did you use Celestial Kungfu?"

"Uh...it is indeed an ancestral Celestial Kungfu."

Wang Hao replied casually, where did he know how much effort he could, but it was only a ten-minute effort.

"Why did Haosang appear here?"

Sawamura Hidelily looked at Wang Hao with some curiosity. The other party has such a great skill, shouldn't it be hard work?How could it appear in the comic tool shop, could it be said, "Has Haosang also came to learn comics?"

"I did have this idea, but so far I haven't drawn a cartoon, and I am preparing a set of drawing tools." Wang Hao touched his nose. This is not a lie. After all, drawing cartoons is not a shameful thing.

"Isn't there a complete set of drawing tools? Why choose slowly here?" Sawamura Hidelily pointed to a toolbox on the side and walked over to open it, full of various drawing tools.

Wang Hao turned his head silently, his face calmly said: "I'm choosing a tool that suits me."

Of course, I don't know what I think.

Hearing this answer, Eiri Sawamura was convinced that every painter has different habits and most of the drawing tools used are also different, but isn't he a newcomer?

"I've chosen." Shiina Masashi carried a plastic basket in both hands, which was filled with various drawing tools. It seemed that he was full of interest in painting.

"Goodbye Zecun, I won't bother you."

Wang Hao turned to Sawamura Yinglili and said, only to find that the other party was no longer where she was. He didn't know when she ran to Zhen Bai's side.

"Excuse me, you are that world-class painting genius, is Shiina really white?" Sawamura Hidelily was really excited this time. She was interested in Wang Hao because of the other party's celestial skills, but the idol she really admired was related to her interest.

Sawamura Hidelili is a first-year high school student at Shengzaki Academy. Her father is British and her mother is Neon. She grew up in Neon since she was a child.

Because his father is a diplomat, his family has certain financial strength, but because his father is not the kind of person who likes special treatment, Yinglili Primary School and Junior High School are still studying in public schools.

She and Shiyu Kasumigaoka have "two beauties in the Shengzaki School" and said that they are particularly dazzling among the newcomers this year, but what is regrettable is that they are poor.

Outside, she is the eldest lady of the upper class, her identity as a hidden house is unknown, she is actually a famous fan painter with the pen name "Kashiwagi Hideri", that is, a kogu painter.

She usually has the delicate words and deeds like the daughter of a young lady, but in the eyes of outsiders, she is kind as a young lady, perhaps because of her looks, she is very popular in the same and senior grades.

Although she is a fan painter, Ying Lili also has an idol, that is, Shiina Mashiro, a world-renowned painting genius, because the other side's paintings made her obsessed with it.

"True white is true white."

Shiina Zhenbai hid behind Wang Hao with some fear, and said calmly.

World-class talented painter!Wang Hao was shocked by the words of Sawamura Yinglili. After looking at the innocent eyes behind him, the shock in his heart calmed down.

I don't know why, probably only such a person can succeed. The true white heart that has not been stained with a trace of dirt will enable her to create excellent works.

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Chapter 21: World-Class Genius (Repair)

"Classmate Zecun, can you keep your voice down?"

Wang Hao looked helplessly at Sawamura Hidelily. Although he didn't know that Zhen Bai was a world-class genius painter, he also understood that once his identity was exposed, it would cause a commotion no matter whether he knew it or not.

It's like passer-by A said to passer-by that there is a big star, although it is possible that passer-by B does not know who the star is, but out of curiosity, he will follow passer-by to watch.

"Sorry, I'm so excited." Sawamura Yinglili also understood her behavior, and she apologized to Zhenbai with guilt. If An Yilun was here, she would be surprised to drop her glasses and dare not. I believe Ying Lili will become so frank.

Although Hideli Sawamura is a arrogant, she is not that kind of unreasonable arrogant. When she knew that her behavior might cause trouble to the other party, she immediately apologized, not to mention adding to her idol. trouble.

"Miss Shiina, can you sign me a name?"

Taking out the pen and notebook from nowhere, Sawamura Hidelili looked hopefully at Shiina Maki who was hiding behind Wang Hao.


Zhenbai tugged at the corner of Wang Hao's clothes. Obviously he didn't know what to do. He had to reach out and rubbed Zhenbai's little head like a cat, so that Shiina who was disturbed calmed down, and took the hand from Sawamura Hidelily Sign pen, wrote his name on the notebook.


Sawamura Hidelily, who was signed, held the book tightly in front of her chest, and finally reluctantly said goodbye to Zhen Bai.

"Manager, how much does it cost?"

Standing in front of the counter, Wang Hao stretched out his finger and knocked on the table, awakening the middle-aged store manager with little stars in his eyes.

"Sorry, these things don't require money." The store manager came back to his senses and smiled awkwardly. He also understood that there was something wrong with looking at the customer in this way, but he hesitated for a moment and asked with some doubts: " That...can you trouble Miss Shiina to sign me? I am a big fan of Miss Shiina!"

Yeah, I'm another fan.