Nagiri Erina snorted coldly, but the color of surprise deep in his eyes still did not disappear. The unique seafood smell of shrimp, the mixed aroma of eggs and rice, and the delicate fragrance of cabbage were perfectly combined.

The eggs evenly wrapped each grain of rice, and each grain of rice showed a faint golden color with distinct layers.

The golden-yellow rice is dotted with scallions, and the white shrimp is faintly exposed. It is surrounded by diced ham and cabbage heart, making this bowl of egg fried rice like a work of art. Kind of crystal clear texture.

From the outside, you can definitely get full marks.

The fragrance alone brought her an unstoppable appetite, and Erina Nakiri looked away proudly, keeping her eyes alone.

There are three flavors and flavors. Wang Hao's shrimp and golden egg fried rice has already occupied the first two. The most important flavor is because he didn't come and tasted it himself, so he didn't know what to do.

However, the fried rice with shrimp and golden egg smelled of its fragrance. In terms of its color, even if it was not tasted, he was confident that it tasted absolutely good.

Nagiri Senzaemon slowly picked up the spoon, gently put a spoonful of egg-fried rice to his mouth, took a deep breath, and a stronger seafood smell came to his face, making him seem to have a body The feeling of being in the ocean.

Then I put it in my mouth, closed my eyes, and chewed slowly...


The moment when the tip of his tongue touched the delicacy, it seemed to light a scent bomb, and the closed eyes of Nakiri Senzaemon suddenly opened, his head seemed to be empty, and the rich ocean breath took him to another world.

Deep in the endless blue sea, waves rolled and rolled, and the sound of tsunami was endless.

He seems to have become a member of the ocean, holding hands with the shrimp soldiers in the ocean, and patrolling the anomalies in the ocean together. The big fork in his hand is his sharpest weapon, and he challenges the ferocious shark with his friends.

At the moment when he was fighting, an eagle in the sky leaned over its claws, caught him accurately, and soared in the vast sky.

Nagiri Senzaemon has completely ignored the scalding, the first bite, the second bite, the third bite...

The taste of seafood is perfectly blended with other materials, the strong umami occupies the entire taste buds, and the body seems to be washed away by a wave.


After tasting the delicious Nakiri Senzaemon, the samurai on his body suddenly opened up in the middle of obedience, revealing a bronze muscle.

"The skirt... is cracked!" Nakiri looked at his grandfather in surprise. He didn't expect this to be a dish that could make the skirt of the neon "Devil of Eater" burst.

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Chapter 24 Invitation from Yuanyue Academy

"The color and flavor are delicious, the softness and hardness of the rice is just right, the eggs are neither too old nor too tender, and the proportion of seasoning is to the extreme. The oil is mixed with rice, shrimp, choy sum, ham, and eggs. The soft and tender egg wraps Staying with springy rice, the sudden appearance of shrimp brings the breath of the ocean. This... is definitely not ordinary fried rice with shrimp and egg!"

Nagiri Senzaemon's unfurnished clothes were put on silently, and his serious expression was restored. He continued to comment: "This plate of fried rice with shrimp and egg has a traditional trinity of color and fragrance, and it combines the fishy shrimp with other ingredients. Together, there are things that I can’t even evaluate. Is that the true meaning of this dish?"

"Boy, can you tell me the real name of this dish?"

"I call it Fried Rice with Shrimp and Golden Egg." Wang Hao smiled slightly, seeing that his cooking can bring happiness to the guests, and his heart was filled with an inexplicable sense of joy, and he said his own feelings about this cooking. : "Actually, I am not too proficient, I just made it based on my feelings."

"Huh, mere people's food!"

Nakiri Erina snorted arrogantly, and she was shocked. This bowl of fried rice with shrimp and egg caused grandpa's clothes to burst, and it was highly praised.

"Miss Nakiri, the food must be eaten hot to taste delicious, let me help you~" Wang Hao smiled at Nakiri Erina, picked up the spoon and put a spoonful of fried rice with shrimp and egg. Slowly handed it to Nagiri Erina, and said softly, "Hey, don't you open your mouth and taste the food?"

This Mu Ruo Chunfeng's smiling face looked particularly hateful to Nagiri Erina, but she realized that she couldn't refuse, a trace of humiliation flashed through the mysterious pupils of violet flowers, closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly, letting Wang Hao Feed yourself.


When the food entered the mouth, the mixed aroma of shrimp and rice immediately permeated, Nakiri Erina's face flushed, the original color of humiliation disappeared, and she involuntarily gasped.

Why is this happening!Obviously it's just a mere meal for the common people!!!

Next, without Wang Hao feeding, Erina Nakiri grabbed the spoon in his hand and tasted it to his heart's content.

In the Crystal Palace deep in the sea, Erina Nagiri came to another secluded world. She sat on a chair made of emerald, and below was a group of little angels with their heads down.

Suddenly, a group of slimes broke into the palace. The extremely corrosive slime eroded her clothes. All the little angels who had been bowing their heads flew towards her. Nakiri Erina saw the little angels clearly. His face was exactly the same as Wang Hao's, with a nasty smile on his face.

When the little angels touched her snow-white delicate skin, there was a tingling sensation all over her body. The bone heads were soft and unable to lift the strength, enjoying the beauty of the soul.

After a while, Nakiri Erina's eyes blurred, her pretty face flushed, and her attractive red lips kept exhaling a sigh of heat, making her look very seductive.

"How? Are you satisfied?" Wang Hao looked at Erina Nakiri with a look of enjoyment, cried out a sin in his heart, and said with a smile.

"It's not tasty at all, you are so terrible!"

Nagiri Erina's eyes gradually recovered, and when she remembered Wang Hao's feeding, she felt ashamed and angered, and she spoke abusively, ignoring that her grandfather was nearby.


"Really, stupid!" Nagiri Erina yelled aggrievedly, a few pearls swirling in his eye sockets, it was obviously just common people's food...

"Calm down, don't cry, it's because my cooking is bad." Seeing the girl start to cry, Wang Hao became a little anxious, can he eat happily...

"Who is going to cry!"

Nagiri Erina arrogantly rolled her head, wiped her eyes without a trace, and snorted harshly.

Turns out to be a tsundere lady, she really understands...

"Youth, are you interested in coming to Totsuki Academy to go to school?" Nageki Senzaemon stared at Wang Hao with piercing eyes, as if admiring a piece of jade. I believe that if you enter Totsuki Academy and polish it, it will definitely bloom. With an incomparable light, he took out an admission document from the samurai uniform and placed it on the table.

Yuanyue Academy, whose name Wang Hao is also slightly heard, is a prestigious cooking school, referred to as "Yuanyue Academy".

Neon's well-deserved first cooking academy, all young chefs hope to go to the holy place for further studies and cultivate many famous chefs in the cooking industry.

Nagiri Senzaemon... isn't this the name of Commander Totsuki!

Wang Hao was stunned. In the past few days, he had also heard of the famous name of General Yuan Yue, a leader in the neon cooking industry.

"Um... I am currently studying at Shengqi Academy, and I don't have any thoughts of changing schools yet."

Through the understanding of these few days, Wang Hao's current world, I don't know why, chef is a profession that has been deified a lot, and its status in society is quite high.

It's a pity that he found friends at Shengqi Academy and the ideal of creating a two-dimensional empire, but he didn't have much time to become a chef.

"Don't be too busy to refuse, you will see something different next to you, this is my business card." Nakiri Senzaemon seemed to have expected his answer earlier, and took out another business card and put it on the admission documents. Above, stood up and prepared to leave.

Wang Hao accompanied Nagiri Senzaemon to the door. After watching him walk into the limousine, Erina Nagiri frowned and gritted her teeth and said, "It is because of this ignorance that the family that has passed on for thousands of years is down. ."

She closed the car door easily, and the limousine began to disappear into Wang Hao's sight.

Returning to the living room, Wang Hao saw that the lid in front of Shiina Masaki was still tightly closed, and asked a little curiously: "Maoshi, why don't you eat?"

"I like Baumkuchen."