"Does this have anything to do with eating?"

"Because I fill my stomach, I can't eat Baumkuchen."

Several black lines appeared on Wang Hao's head. He felt that it was necessary to correct the bad habit of being really white, and said forcefully: "No, you can only taste sweets after eating."

Shiina Makimian picked up the spoon without expression, and showed no surprise at the sudden light cooking. After putting a spoonful of fried rice with shrimp and golden egg in his mouth, he suddenly raised his head and stared at Wang Hao. "Ho, I'm finished, can I eat Baumkuchen?"

Had it not been for the "Devil of Eater" who had personally commented on his cooking, Wang Hao would have begun to doubt the deliciousness of the fried rice with shrimp and golden egg.

Okay, Shiina Mashiro just loves Baumkuchen...

Chapter 25 The Birth of Station B!(repair)

Wang Hao thought he was staring at Shiina's white eyes with a serious face, but it was a pity that Shiina Shiba just looked at him curiously and said, "What's wrong with Hao?"

"Nothing, you have to eat the meal."

As for Shiina Shiina of the Sanwu Girl, he had no choice but to resort to tough measures. He took a spoon and put a spoonful of rice to Zhenbai's mouth, and said with a serious expression: "Open your mouth-"


Shiina Mashiro obediently opened his cherry mouth, Wang Hao put the spoon in, and when he took it out, the rice was no longer in the spoon.


Five minutes later, under Wang Hao's feeding, Shiina Zhenbai finally settled a bowl of egg fried rice, cleaned up the tableware, and brought Zhenbai to the room opposite her bedroom.

Yesterday, when I heard the news that Shiina Mashiro would come, Wang Hao cleaned the opposite bedroom early. As long as Mashiro came, he could move in anytime.

"It's really white, call me if you have anything, and I will be there soon."

"I understand."

Unreasonably asked Shiina Zhenbai to say, Wang Hao returned to his bedroom after getting an answer, and took out all the drawing tools. It was time to do business.

Sitting in front of the table, a lot of inexplicable familiarity flashed in my mind, as if he were a professional manga artist who had worked for many years, he immediately started to draw drawings.

In the first time of Dragon Ball, the plot of Bulma and Monkey King came out vividly from his mind. A naughty child appeared on the blank paper, with a long tail and wearing a training suit. It was the protagonist, Monkey King. .

The prototype of the manga can vaguely see the unique style, and Wang Hao is also a little surprised. He has really portrayed Toriyama's style.

Comics include single-frame comics, four-frame comics, comic strips, etc., and the "split lens" plays the role of an interpreter in the production of comics, which is intended to interpret the events in the comics and edit them into comics.

No matter what kind of cartoonist you are, you will inevitably need the skill of splitting to draw cartoons.

He only needs to describe the content in his mind perfectly on white paper, and the pen in his hand begins to outline many lines.

The pen walks the dragon snake, originally a clean white paper, covered with many traces of painting, gradually enriched at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When he stopped writing, he had already finished the production of a page of comics. He looked at the time on his watch and was surprised.

In his previous life, he also tried to draw comics. The content of a single page of comics was enough for him to spend several hours to complete.

Now it only took five minutes!If this speed is taken out, it will definitely shock everyone in the comics industry. Are you going against the sky?!

Many of the comics in the series in the previous life are weekly updates, because each page of quality comics takes several hours. After a week, only overtime can be completed, and there are even cartoonists who have not completed it.

In fact, Wang Hao also knew that he could have such a fast speed, in addition to the comic skills brought by the system, but also because he knew the plot.

But in this way, he will inevitably feel some guilt, but when he thinks of the decline of the secondary culture in this world, the guilt disappears.

That's right, if this continues, what else to talk about creating a second dimension empire.

Calculated at this speed, other people can complete a page of comics in a few hours, and he can complete a story in a few hours. As long as Wang Hao is willing, he can do it daily.

Is this a plug-in?This skill is still very powerful, it is already at the bug level.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon. After more than two hours, Wang Hao finally described the first story of Dragon Ball and stretched out comfortably. He planned to submit the paper tomorrow, so he decided it was Shueisha.

At present, Shueisha is in a decline stage, but Wang Hao is confident that he will return to the leading position because this comic is called "Dragon Ball".

Moreover, the previous "Dragon Ball" was also published in Shueisha, so he also favored Shueisha in his heart.

Then he habitually sat next to the computer and typed in the website address of station b. He was taken aback.

Now there is no station b in this world at all. He decisively registered the domain name of station b in the first time. After the neon government has prepared the record, he is the owner of station b in this world!

bilibili is the largest youth trend culture and entertainment website in the country in the past celestial dynasty. The website was established on June 26, 2009 and is also known as "Station B".

There are many people who have the same sex...the same interests as their goals, and it is also a website that Wang Hao often visited in his previous life.

There is no barrage in this world, and station b with barrage will definitely cause a big storm and greatly spread the two-dimensional culture.

Why does b stand in the previous generation of the celestial dynasty has not been very popular, because the two-dimensional culture has not spread to all the people of the celestial dynasty, so the younger generation who just like the two-dimensional culture is very popular.

But neon is different. Station b was born in this country where the two-dimensional culture is popular, and it will definitely be popular all over the country, and even because of the first barrage website, it will affect the world.

But the current station b is completely blank, but he has already planned the future in his mind, and he only needs to slowly create it.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, finally taking a small step towards his ideal.

The sections of the website are roughly divided into novel area, video area, dance area, music area, painting area...

From now on, station b will become a website with two-dimensional cultural characteristics. Wang Hao has already decided to publish "5 cm per second" to station b, which will gradually attract some popularity.


"Ding Dong!"

Suddenly there was a ringtone from the penguin logged in on the computer, and Wang Hao clicked on the flashing avatar, a message sent to him by his friend Xia Shizi.

Penguin is a well-known communication software in this world, and most people in Neon use Penguin to chat.

The person whose net name is Xia Shizi is a friend on the Penguin, and Wang Hao also has a little impression of this netizen.

[Xia Shizi: Is Haojun here?

Wang Hao thought for a while, typed a few words quickly, and quickly replied.

[God Lord: Yes, is there anything important?

His name on the Internet is God Lord, this name makes Wang Hao feel a lot of emotion, and think of the Oriental series.

[Xia Shizi: It's great that Haojun is fine. I haven't seen you online these days. I thought you were in trouble.

The care expressed inadvertently made Wang Hao's heart warm.

[God Lord: I'm really sorry to make Xia Shizi worry, because something has been delayed these days, so it's not online. How about teacher Xia Shizi's novel?Can you tell me the name of the novel?I will definitely support it.