Wang Hao remembered that Xia Shizi seemed to be writing a novel, so he asked curiously.

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Chapter 26 Life is very beautiful... (repair)

[Xia Shizi: Thank you for Haojun's support. The name of the novel is "Love Metronome". I hope Haojun can point out any shortcomings.

Love metronome?Wang Hao silently remembered this name in his heart.

As for why the other party called him Haojun, according to the memory left over, he just told him his own name during a chat accidentally, and then Xia Shizi began to call him Haojun, but the other party didn't know him. He is from the Celestial Kingdom.

[God Lord: Well, if I find any shortcomings, I will definitely criticize it severely, so I hope Xia Shizi can come on!Because of the influence of Xia Shizi, I recently started to try to write a novel, and I began to change myself. At that time, I also hope that teacher Xia Shizi can also point out the shortcomings for me.

In his impression, this netizen named Xia Shizi has always been a very strong girl. Although the two have never met, they can feel it from ordinary chats. When they are confused, they still chase their ideals. .

The gentleness revealed in the usual conversation must be a literary girl like Yamato Nadeshiko in real life, approachable.

[Xia Shizi: It's great to be able to help Haojun. Can you tell me the name of the novel first?I will definitely support Haojun (smile).

[God Lord: I have already figured out the name of the novel, it's called '5 cm per second', and it will be released tomorrow. I hope Teacher Xia Shizi can help me promote it.

[Xia Shizi: Well, let's do it together!It's really great to be able to talk to Haojun. My bottlenecks have disappeared. Now I have to use inspiration to code words quickly, goodbye (smile).

Looking at the news from the other party, Wang Hao felt that he was in a better mood and the future was bright.

I got up from the computer chair comfortably and stretched out. Today’s things are done. It’s time to prepare dinner materials. After a brief packing, Wang Hao instructed Shiina’s white room. Said: "It's really white, I'm out to buy groceries, is there anything I need to bring you?"


Well, it's not that his cooking is not good, but Shiina Mashiro fell in love with Baumkuchen from his heart.


After buying all the ingredients needed for half an hour, Wang Hao still carried a large bag of Baumkuchens sold in the supermarket. Although he opposed to eating cakes and not eating, this is what Zhen Bai likes. food.

Of course, Wang Hao wouldn't give it all to Zhen Bai directly, or the other party might not even eat any food.

For dinner tonight, he decided to try stir-fried pork with green peppers and tomato and egg soup. Unfortunately, that state did not appear when he was cooking at noon today, so it was still very ordinary cuisine, and there was no special effect.

While He Zhenbai was sitting at the table for dinner, Wang Hao did not feed this time, but used Baumkuchen as bait to let Zhenbai finish the meal obediently.

Seeing Shiina really white, Wang Hao suddenly felt like he had a cat?


He sighed heavily. It was clear that he should be living with a young and beautiful girl, but he didn't have the excitement he should have.

Although he was a little helpless with the lack of common sense, it was probably because of this that Wang Hao had the urge to take care of her forever.

If Shiina Zhenbai left him suddenly one day, Wang Hao might feel very uneasy.

"Zhenbai is studying in the high school affiliated with Shuming University of Arts?"

Shiina's grandfather sent him detailed information, and Wang Hao questioned it in order to confirm it again.

"Well, freshman in high school."

Shiina Mashiro stopped tasting the Baumkuchen, raised his head and gently answered Wang Hao's question, still showing no fluctuations in expression on his face, but his clear eyes made Wang Hao somewhat restrained.

Shaking his head, Wang Hao knew that Shiina really didn't mean that. He had already begun to calculate the distance between Shengzaki College and the high school affiliated to Suimei University of Arts.

I'm already thinking about whether to buy a private car to facilitate transportation to and from school.

There was a luxurious Maybach parked in the garage of Qiushui Villa. It was the car of Mr. Wang. After he left, all the family property was inherited to Wang Hao.

But because of the injury, Wang Hao has not driven the Maybach. Now his mood is gradually becoming more enlightened. He decides not to escape reality. In the future, it is really white to drive the car to pick him up and it will be more convenient to go to other places.

But is it a bit exaggerated to drive this expensive luxury car out?

Now that he has decided to face reality directly, Wang Hao doesn't care so much anymore. He not only wants to create a two-dimensional empire, but also to let the family rise from the downfall and live up to the expectations of the elderly.

"It's really white, get up early to go to school tomorrow."

"To understanding."

Why do I have an unknown hunch? Is the experience of the past few days too tired?It seems that you have to pay attention to it in the future.


At six o'clock in the morning, Wang Hao had already gotten out of bed. The school stipulated to arrive at school at seven thirty, but classes did not start until eight.

The reason why I wake up so early is to prepare breakfast and send Zhenbai to the high school affiliated to Shuiming University of the Arts.

It was 6:20 by the time he finished breakfast, Shiina still did not get up.

Wang Hao had to go upstairs and call Zhen Bai personally, so she couldn't let her be late for the first day of school, saying that she really looked like a standard housewife...

"Really white, get up! I'll be late later."

Wang Hao, who called the girl to get up for the first time, stretched out his fingers somewhat restrained and knocked on the wooden door of the room, but there was no sound from the room.

It must be the wrong way of knocking on the door. Wang Hao tried to slap and slap the door. The knock on the door did indeed become louder, but there was still silence.

Is something really wrong?Thinking that the person in the room is Shiina Shiro who lacks common sense, there is indeed a possibility.

Wang Hao nervously pulled down the doorknob subconsciously. The room was not locked. Isn't Zhenbai not in the room?

The moment he opened the door, the scene in the room was immediately taken aback, and he thought he was in the wrong place.

He cleaned the room personally, and all the luggage delivered by the moving company was placed. Yesterday, he saw that there was nothing unusual in the room.

But in front of him it seemed to have changed the environment, giving him the illusion of coming to the room.

In three words, very messy!!!

All kinds of panties and underwear were thrown around the room, including other clothes and scattered painting pens, comic books, etc., it was like a tornado in the room, all messed up...

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Chapter 27 Starting from today to raise cats (repair)

The quilt spread on the bed fell on the ground, the whole bed looked messy, and the most important point is that Zhenbai who was supposed to lie on the bed to sleep doesn't know where he is going!

Wang Hao's first reaction was that Zhenbai had been kidnapped because the environment at the scene was too much like the scene described in a detective novel.

He picked up a piece of drawing paper on the ground. On it was a perfect-looking man and a beautiful woman. The handsome boy was holding the girl’s cheek. It seemed that he was ready to kiss. The face of this painting is definitely good. After exploding other comics.

The style of painting that can be described as a majestic style is too illusory, and it may only be described by a world-class genius like Shiina Masaki. This style of painting has caused this work that should be a comic to be incompatible with comics.