Is the development of the two-dimensional culture sluggish?I will break this situation and create a two-dimensional empire that attracts worldwide attention!!!

"Really white, let's go to school together."

After Wang Hao got out of the car, he opened the car door gently for Shiina Shirai, and the confident sunny smile returned to the boy's face. The sunlight reflected on his face shone on a mouthful of big white teeth, and Shiina Shirai could not help but show a different look. .

"Ho's smile is so beautiful, I like it."

"Thank you, but Ms. Shiina, we are already late."

That's right, when I went to Shiina to freshen up, I wasted a lot of time. Even if I drive now, I will inevitably be late.

In order not to be late, there is only one way, I have to take a shortcut and take Zhenbai to drag racing!


On the Tokyo Expressway, a low and high-key roar resounded through the place it passed. The black Maybach was as fast as a gust of wind that swept past. This expensive and sky-high luxury car finally exerted its powerful performance, as if sleepy. The beast breaks the cage and the dragon flies into the sky, unstoppable!

"call out!"

The driver of Wang Hao awakened the Maybach and got up. The calm state of making shrimp and golden egg fried rice came back again. He suddenly stepped on the accelerator and kept turning his hands to control the steering wheel. He leaned on his side with a flexible left drift, easily surpassing the front. The flaming red Ferrari left behind a burst of black car exhaust.

"Damn, you look down on me so much, don't be kidding me!"

Driving a fiery red Ferrari was a girl wearing sunglasses. She couldn't see her appearance because she was wearing sunglasses, but she could dominate many people just by her hot curves.

She gritted her teeth and stared at the black Maybach in front of her, as a person who knew the car recognized the origin of the Maybach at a glance.

Maybach Exelero concept car, this car has been sold for 5 million euros (about 53.85 million yuan), a concept car that combines retro and futuristic elements with a twin-turbocharged V12 engine, 0-100 kilometers The acceleration time is 4.4 seconds per hour and the top speed is 351 kilometers per hour.

It is also a luxury car sold in limited quantities worldwide, with outstanding performance and great collection significance.

But the other party is really too arrogant. He actually used a provocative drift to directly overtake the car, relying on the excellent performance of the vehicle so that if no one is running on the highway, do you really think that the high performance of the car can be unscrupulous?

Don't be kidding, bastard!Today I will let you know what is real technology!!


The loud roar sounded like the roar of a flaming Ferrari, and the car body suddenly accelerated, and the girl instantly adjusted the horsepower to the maximum, chasing the black Maybach.

"Interesting, let's play with you for a while." Wang Hao observed the abnormality of the Ferrari through the rearview mirror, a sneer was outlined at the corner of his mouth, turning his head to look at Shiina really white, the expressionless face, the lines of his face gradually softened. Gentlely said: "It's really white, I'll speed up later, tell me when I'm afraid."

"I'm fine, don't be late for school."

Wang Hao's heart warmed when he heard the words, and he slowly slowed down Maybach's speed, and was gradually chased by the fiery red Ferrari behind him, showing a sense of shame.

When Ferrari and Maybach drove side by side, the Ferrari windows slowly rolled down, and Wang Hao could see the appearance of the girl in the car, with a pair of large sunglasses on his white face, about 17 or 18 years old. Looks like, but has a hot curve that is proud of his peers.

Everyone has the love of beauty, Wang Hao couldn't bear to wait to surpass this girl, and suddenly a faint ridicule came from his ear.

"It won't work so soon? It turned out to be a flowery."

In an instant, Wang Hao's anger was full. Can a man be said to be no good?

"You'll know if you try it later, let you see if it works."

"Huh! Anyone can say big things, I hope you don't let me down."

Xuexiayangna let out a cold snort, and suddenly accelerated again, and also opened the distance from Maybach with a drift, and the vehicle drifted away.

It wasn't until Ferrari disappeared from his sight that Wang Hao sneered again and muttered in a low voice: "The game...began!"

Between the electric light and flint, the black Maybach exploded at an unusual speed. Under the control of Wang Hao, it increased the speed time and time again, pulling the distance in just one minute.

The sudden appearance of Maybach from the rear surprised Yuukixia Yangnai, and soon calmed down.

What about catching up?As long as I lock the road ahead, can I still be overtaken?

The flaming red Ferrari immediately changed its strategy. The body rushed to the left on the driving lane and moved to the right, blocking the direction of Maybach, leaving no room for overtaking.

"A traffic jam? Interesting."

Wang Hao did not overtake from the side road. The black Maybach rushed straight ahead, driving like a road killer who could only step on the accelerator, causing Xuexiayangnai to curse secretly, and said angrily: "Madman !"

But Xuexiayangna didn't choose to avoid it. At least she didn't believe that people who had just been able to display that kind of technology would be novices. Although she refused to admit defeat, she still reluctantly recognized Wang Hao's technology in her heart.

Such a driver will never make such a mistake, it should be just a fake action.

The next moment, something unexpected happened to her, staring dumbly at the rearview mirror.

The black Maybach body really turned over, changing from a four-wheel mode to a two-wheel drive. The wheels cling to the road surface of the side road, showing the world's top luxury car's level, only a few centimeters away from the left and right. Hit the guardrail or hit Ferrari.

A little carelessness will fall off the cliff. Even a driver who participates in the Akina Mountain Competition would not dare to try such a crazy move. Even she had no time to block and watched herself being overtaken again. The black Maybach only used a few tenths. This feat was accomplished in seconds, creating a miracle in racing history and returning to the ground.

Incredible!How could this happen!!!

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Chapter 29 The Sensation Caused by Enrollment (Revision)

This kind of technology that exceeds the limit is simply not something human can do!The driver's nerves, judgment, control, physical strength, etc. are required to the extreme. The driver in that black Maybach is even qualified to challenge the Akina Mountain's car god!!

The only thing you can do right now is to keep the license plate of the black Maybach in your mind, and look back and investigate the owner of the vehicle.

As a racing biker, she looked at the black Maybach that disappeared from the field of vision, with a trace of reverence in her eyes, and suddenly the idea of ​​apprenticeship and learning...


At the high school affiliated to Shuiming University of the Arts, Wang Hao found a parking space. The moment he left the driving position, his calm state quietly disappeared. After the kitchen incident last time, he was not surprised.

When you are calm, it seems that you have opened up another personality, and you can make the best choice.

Wang Hao felt that this state seemed to be triggered unintentionally. It was calm and alarming. There were very few emotional fluctuations. He called it the "God Mode", and probably only God could achieve this state.

However, every time the "God Mode" is turned on, the consumption of mind and physical strength is huge, and based on his strengthened body, this load is a bit scary.

"It's really white, let's go."

Leading Shiina into the high school affiliated to Suimei University of Arts, the first scene of the eye gave him a good impression. The green environment on the campus is very good, there is almost no white garbage on the ground, and the building is full of a touch of retro breath.

Wang Hao came to investigate this academy before, and it can be said that it is Neon's premier art academy. The admission requirements are very strict, not to mention the most important art department.

Wang Hao was not surprised that Shiina Mashiro was able to transfer after the opening ceremony to enter the key art subject.

As Shiina Mashiro's world-class genius, as long as he can apply for the academy, he will surely let the famous schools fight for the break.

"I'm sorry, can I bother you?"

After looking around with Zhenbai, Wang Hao still did not find the principal's office, so he had to ask passers-by.