The high school affiliated with Shuming University of the Arts was unexpectedly large, with several teaching buildings, and he couldn't even tell his direction.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

The person being questioned was a girl with a beautiful face and a single ponytail. Her voice was very magnetic and characteristic, which reminded Wang Hao of the profession of a voice actor inexplicably.

"Can you tell me where the principal's office is?"

The most urgent thing is to get Zhenbai to enroll first and get familiar with the new environment early.

"As for the principal's office, now there is another teaching building next to it."

Aoyama Nanami observed Wang Hao and Shiina’s white dresses. Through the questioning just now, she understood that the other party should be the person who came to complete the transfer procedures. With a bright smile on her pure face, she gestured to another building outside the window in good faith. .

It turned out that he was walking in the wrong place. Wang Hao touched his nose awkwardly, and asked how good people were.

"Thank you very much for your help, goodbye." Thank you Qingshan Qikai in gratitude. Wang Hao just turned around and took a few steps before stopping again. As if thinking of something, he shouted: "Your voice is very good. It should be a voice actor, come on!"

Qingshan Qihai, who was about to go back to the classroom, had a meal. For the first time, he was affirmed that his voice was good. The troubles accumulated in his heart in the past few days were also wiped out, and his fighting spirit was restored.

Qingshan Qihai, if it's you, it's no problem, because they have worked hard for so long!

Which senior was really good just now, Qing Shan Qi still silently thanked Wang Hao in her heart.

Invisibly issued a good person card...


It didn't take long for Wang Hao and Shiina Mashiro to enter another teaching building. The people around them gradually increased. Almost all kinds of students whispering stood on both sides of the corridor. They cast all kinds of eyes, filled with excitement and reverence. All of Shiina's expressions were concentrated on Shiina's figure.

But no one came to say hello, and even when he and Zhenbai approached someone, the people around would subconsciously back off.

This gave people the feeling that a grand ceremony was being held. The crowd gave way for the middle, and only Wang Hao and Shiina Mashiro were walking on it.

It wasn't until he and Zhenbai walked into the principal's office that the team that had been neatly arranged like a military parade suddenly dispersed, and a large group of students had heated discussions.

"The person just now is Ms. Shiina Mashiro!"

"Unexpectedly... the rumors are true!"

"Yes, the world's talented painters will come here to go to school, and we are in the same school..."

"It's really like a dream!"

There have been rumors earlier that it seems that the British genius painter Shiina Masaki will come to the high school affiliated to the Suimei University of the Arts, but the art students are skeptical.

After seeing the real person, the entire art department was completely ignited.

This is a real world genius painter, and it is definitely the goal that everyone present is looking up to.


In the principal's office, there is already a man and a woman sitting on the office chairs. When he came in, they all got up from the chairs one after another.

"Miss Shiina is really welcome to come to my high school affiliated to Suimei University of Arts!"

The middle-aged principal with a warm smile on his face came over and stretched out his palm to shake hands with Shiina.

"Nice to meet you."

Wang Hao was the first to reach out his hand in return. The middle-aged principal did not feel any discomfort, and both parties enthusiastically gave a handshake.

"I hope Zhenbai will not be bullied at school."

After Wang Hao took the seat, he said indifferently, the middle-aged principal still had a smile on his face, and other expressions could not be clearly seen from his face.

"This kind of thing is impossible."

When the time came, Chihiro Chihiro on the side snorted disdainfully, and continued: "Where do you think this is? It seems that you don't understand Shiina's reputation."

Hearing what Chihiro Chihiro said, Wang Hao only remembered his true white identity for a while, and it seemed that he was overly worried.

"My cousin, long time no see."

"Long time no see, Chihiro."

"How many times have you said that you want to call me cousin!"

"I see, Chihiro."


Wang Hao was a little bit dumbfounded. It seems that Shiina Zhenbai will not be bullied. Aside from the identity of the world for a few days, there is at least one cousin who is a teacher.

"Miss Shiina, I will be transferred to the second class of the Art Department from today. I can guarantee that nothing bad will happen to Miss Shiina." When the middle-aged principal spoke with a touch of majesty, he received a double guarantee. Wang Hao just let go of his mind, and a girl like Zhenbai who lacks common sense can easily become a target of bullying.

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Chapter 30 Second Five and Dragon Ball (Repair)

"Really white, I will wait for you at the school gate in the afternoon after school. Don't run around alone."

Wang Hao also thought about transferring Shiina Masashiro to Sanozaki Academy, but after the other party entered the high school affiliated to Suimei University of the Arts, he showed a slight joy and was caught by him, and he dispelled the idea of ​​another transfer.

Although he promised Grandpa Zhenbai to take good care of Zhenbai, it didn't mean that Shiina made all the choices, and he didn't want to do that from the heart.

"Well, I will wait for Hao obediently at the school gate."

Shiina Mashiro waved his hand in the direction where Wang Hao had left, making him feel relieved, my house Mashiro is so cute!


Returning to the Black Maybach, Wang Hao did not leave in a hurry. Anyway, even if he was possessed by the car god, it was impossible to take him to Shengqi Academy with his extraordinary driving skills.

Don’t ask why, it’s already time for class now...

Unexpectedly, he would be late just a few days after going to school. Originally, Wang Hao also planned to maintain the three-year full attendance record in his previous life.

In that case, let's skip class for a day. High school career is not complete without skipping class, at least Wang Hao thinks so.

I found the number of the principal of Shengzaki College in my mobile phone. To Wang Hao's surprise, he just dialed and said about the leave today, and the other party directly approved it straightforwardly, without even asking the reason...

"It's really convenient."

Wang Hao laughed at himself, then reopened station b on his mobile phone, logged in to the account named "God Lord", and started serializing at station b at a speed of 5 cm per second.