The 5 centimeters per second book has a total of nearly 54,000 words, and he has already coded all of them in the past few days, but he does not intend to release the entire book at a stretch. It is better to proceed gradually.

And the '5 cm per second' serialized on station b is now free to watch. On the other hand, it attracts many people to read.

The big waves wash away the sand, and gold always shines.

Second Five can have a place in the world where the two-dimensional culture is developed in the previous life. It has moved many people with its style of treating depression, and naturally has its uniqueness.

After successfully releasing the first chapter of the first chapter, Wang Hao was relieved and finally took a step forward.

Exit station b, open the Penguin app on the phone, and directly send a message to Xia Shizi who is showing offline status.

[God: My novel '5 cm per second' has been released, I hope Teacher Xia Shizi can help me gain some popularity (smile)]

His words are half joking and half serious. There are good light novels in Neon, and once they are discovered by a Zhai, they can basically be passed on from household to household.

Not long after the message was sent, Xia Shizi, who was clearly offline, responded immediately.

[Xia Shizi: I see, I will definitely watch it later, but if the writing is bad, I will definitely not promote it for you, but will criticize it severely, please be prepared for Haojun~]

From the commentary, Wang Hao obviously found another side of Xia Shizi, but he was really a gentle person, obviously worried for him.

If Xia Shizi hadn't read his novels for direct publicity, if the speed of five centimeters per second was poor quality, it would surely provoke a lot of black people and even personally attack the author.

Wang Hao is not an idiot. Naturally, he could think of this. Xia Shizi encouraged him in another unique way. He could feel this intention and silently said thank you in his heart.

Having settled the speed of five centimeters per second, it is time to prepare for Dragon Ball. He plans to release Second Five with Dragon Ball today.


In Chiyoda District, Tokyo, Wang Hao drove to a tall and majestic building-Shueisha.

This is Neon’s most famous comprehensive publishing house and one of Neon’s largest comprehensive publishing houses. It belongs to the "One Bridge Publishing Group" together with Baiquan Society and Xiaoxueguan.

Shueisha publishes a variety of comic magazines aimed at teenagers. Among them, the most famous "Shounen Jump" weekly comics is the serialized comic magazine with the highest circulation in neon. It is located opposite to the junior high school and is now the ace of the comics industry.

Wang Hao took the Dragon Ball manuscript and walked into Shueisha. At the sign of the service staff, he sat on the bench in the living room.

He found that most of the people sitting here were haggard and unkempt, all waiting listlessly.

The surrounding atmosphere was very quiet, and he squinted his eyes slightly and closed his eyes to rest.

Walking downstairs, a woman in her twenties appeared heroic with short hair. She wore a yellow ribbon and was wearing a professional suit. Her figure was very proud and she was doing things clean and tidy.

The manga artist who had been sitting here slouched all raised their spirits and looked expectantly at Iida Ayano who came downstairs.

Wang Hao estimated that this should be the manga editor of Shueisha. He stopped his relaxed expression and made a serious look.

Actually, he didn't need to do this. Iida Ayano noticed Wang Hao when he stepped downstairs. Among this group of languishing cartoonists, he really seemed very energetic, and it should be said that it was a unique temperament.

Most cartoonists have a faint home spirit, which may have been developed because they often stayed in the studio to draw, but Wang Hao does not have this home spirit.

The appearance is sunny and beautiful, and the height is also 1.82 meters. Even if he comes and tells himself that he is a star who has just debuted, Ayano Iida will believe it.

But since the other party is sitting here, she has to believe that this is a cartoonist. If the work is good, with a good appearance, she can indeed become an idol cartoonist.

Iida Ayano couldn't help but give birth to the love of talent. Of course, all this can be determined after reading the other party's work. Shueisha has been able to stably occupy the leading position of the comics industry for so many years, relying on excellent quality comics, which are also edited. Many credits.

The editor's vicious vision has found a lot of vitality for the development of Shueisha. It can be said that it is not easy to join Shueisha as an editor.

Especially, Iida Ayano, who has recently entered Shueisha, clearly feels the gap between her and other seniors in the club, so she will come to find new people from time to time, hoping to increase her performance.

Besides, Aya Iida is the editor-in-chief, and she directly finds potential newcomer cartoonists personally, and she is very kind among these cartoonists.

It is a pity that now, she has not found any talented newcomers. One of them is famous in the art world, and the drawing is also very beautiful. Unfortunately, the ability to tell stories is a bit...

There will be Monday's meeting next, and if it doesn't work, I can only consider the rookie cartoonist.

ps: A book friend asked if this book will become a cultivator?The author can tell Minasang that this is a two-dimensional novel, and there will not be the situation Minasang is worried about. The author is a little unconfident in his writing. I hope Minasang can forgive me, but the author Will do it!

Chapter 31: I found a treasure (repair)

"You three, come to the office with me."

Iida Ayano casually ordered two adult men in their thirties, and hesitated a little before nominating Wang Hao.

The other newcomer cartoonists who failed the selection all looked disappointed. The two more mature cartoonists were nominated. They can agree, but the other one is obviously a high school student!

This damn world really needs to look good...

Although they thought so in their hearts, everyone did not express their thoughts, so they had to leave with a sigh.

Wang Hao and the other two cartoonists followed Tian Ayano's footsteps and walked into an office on the second floor. The other two obviously did not adapt to this environment, and their faces showed respect.

Wang Hao sat on the office chair casually, and this calm attitude made Ayano Iida a little appreciated.

Since the other party is holding such a confident attitude, either he is full of confidence in his own manuscript, or he is just a big ghost who has not left the society.

But judging from Wang Hao's temperament, she prefers the former, hoping this kid can bring her a little surprise.

"Show me your manuscript."

When it comes to business affairs, Iida Ayano's randomness just disappeared completely, and replaced by an aura peculiar to a strong woman in the workplace.


Two other cartoonists, both in their thirties, respectfully agreed, took out their own manuscripts from their briefcases, bent over and handed them over.

This scene made Wang Hao a little speechless, but he didn't say anything. He also took out the manuscript from his bag, placed it at the bottom, and sat in a chair casually.

Seeing this, Iida Ayano only frowned slightly, and began to take the original manuscript in her hand and watch it carefully.

People who can be the editor-in-chief often have a pair of bright eyes and a more long-term vision, and they can even see the future potential from the beginning of the comic.

A long-term perspective is essential for the basic requirements of being editor-in-chief at Shueisha.

Iida Ayano was very careful when reviewing the manuscript, but every time she turned a page, the manga artist under review got a drop of cold sweat on his forehead. After Iida Ayano reviewed his five-page manuscript, she threw it away. At the desk, his most worried thing happened.

"Please take your manuscript, there is nothing for you here."

"Can you tell me the reason?"

The cartoonist was unwilling to hold the manuscript, and did not leave in a hurry. After such a long effort was denied by one sentence, how could it be possible to leave so discouraged? How can it be repaired!!

"That's what you want." Iida Ayano smiled slightly, this smile was particularly piercing in his eyes, and then Iida Ayano's evaluation was heard in his ears, "You should be a newcomer, right?

From the most basic point of view, it is unqualified, and I have no idea what you want to express.

And the development of the plot has deviated from the theme from the third page, and the fifth page is obviously different. With these, your comics have failed."