"President, it is indeed a young man of sixteen or seventeen years old who came to contribute." Ayano Iida heard the compliments from other editors, and then relaxed, and respectfully answered Horiuchi Marue's question.

Hearing this, Horiuchi Marue closed his eyes, and the surroundings fell silent. When he opened his eyes, there was a warm blood on his body.

"What do you think? Please tell me your answers!"

"I agree that "Dragon Ball" will go directly to Junior Jump."

Editor-in-Chief Matsumoto was the first to speak with a sonorous and powerful voice.

"I also support "Dragon Ball."

The next speaker was the deputy editor-in-chief of Kitahara. The Big Three in the meeting room spoke, and other editors expressed their support.

Such a trivial meeting will never appear before, but Shueisha is now facing a huge crisis and can only take a gamble!

If we lose, we just start again; if we win, we are still the leader of the comics industry!!

This is Shueisha. Although it has lost "Reaper", it still occupies the leading position in the comics industry.

"Ayano-chan, that genius manga artist is pleased, don't be poached by others."

Horiuchi Marue, who had been serious at the meeting, looked at Ayano Iida with a smile at this time. The hope of Shueisha now rests on the young manga artist.

"I see, President!"

Iida Ayano promised loudly that although other editors were a bit jealous of the "Dragon Ball" author, they wouldn't fight each other at this time, and after all, Iida Ayano was a newcomer excavated by Iida Ayano.

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Chapter 34 Your friend is online (fixed)

This time the serial meeting ended, Iida Ayano hurried back to his office in a hurry, only to find that Wang Hao was still sitting in a chair and he was relieved.

I didn't ask the other party for contact information just now, so if I got impatient, I just left. After all, most young people are a bit anxious.

"My name is Iida Ayano, can you tell me your name?"

Iida Ayano placed Wang Hao in the same position, and asked with a slightly respectful tone.

"Wang Hao, the pen name is God Lord, please give me more advice."

Wang Hao smiled and nodded. It seemed that he passed the review, but is this speed a bit too fast?

"Teacher God Lord, first of all congratulations to your'Dragon Ball' for passing the serialization meeting, and you can officially serialize "Weekly Shonen Jump" next week."

Really passed so soon?!Wang Hao still knows a little bit about the serialization of comics, and it needs to go through rigorous review from many parties and finally make a decision through a meeting.

As Neon’s largest comic magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump", it is even more difficult to serialize comics on it, and there are only 20 comics serialized in each issue of Shonen Jump. You can imagine the difficulty of serializing newcomers' works.

"Well...Is the master teacher free tomorrow?" Iida Ayano suddenly remembered an important thing, because Wang Hao suddenly submitted a paper to Shueisha, and she did not prepare the contract in advance.

Who would have thought that this young rookie cartoonist could actually create such a powerful work.

"I will be free tomorrow. Is it about signing a contract?"

Seeing Iida Ayano hesitating, Wang Hao understood that the other party hadn't prepared the contract yet.


Iida Ayano, who was seen through by the other party, confessed boldly that this kind of calmness made Wang Hao very admired, and the affection of this beautiful editor increased a bit.

Then he exchanged phone calls with Iida Ayano, penguin, mailbox, etc., before he left Shueisha.


Driving the black Maybach, Wang Hao didn't know where to go for a while, and finally took a day off. It was really boring to go back to school so soon.

A comic internet cafe on the corner attracted Wang Hao’s attention. Why not go online?

Once he had this idea, he parked the car in the parking space in front of the Internet cafe, got out of the car, and slowly walked into the comic Internet cafe.

"How long does it take for the guest?"

Just before arriving at the front desk, a clerk asked enthusiastically. Wang Hao glanced at the time on his watch, and it was eleven o'clock, so he would be online for two hours.

"Two hours will do. Choose a single room."

"Please go to single room No. 12."

This comic Internet cafe has many bookcases full of comics, and the scale is not small. The drinks in the beverage machine can be refilled at will. The overall environment is good.

Wang Hao followed the number of the single room and quickly found the number 12 single room, opened the wooden door and sat in.

The single rooms are a bit small, and they are furnished in style, giving people a feeling of dwelling.

Turn on the computer, and there is a game called "Legendary Age" on the desktop. Because he has an impression of this game, his predecessor seems to have played this game.

Double-click to open, enter the account and password, the login is successful!

Neon, like the island country in the previous life, is also a restricted area for online games, which he originally thought.

But after landing in Legendary Era, he found himself wrong. Neon's online games were actually very developed, but players from other countries limited the definition of online games.

Neon’s online games are not limited to the PC side. Their home consoles can all be played via the Internet, so they are used to many interesting games, such as the Nintendo series.

Because its PC online game market is relatively small, it creates the illusion that neon online games are not strong.

This game belongs to the role-playing genre, and its production is not much worse than that of other countries. It can be said to be a work of conscience and has many players.

The original Wang Hao's life was too stressful, he had to accept various studies every day, and only games could relax his mind.

With the exquisite 2D painting style, a golden player appeared on the street, which immediately attracted the attention of many people.

[World Channel] Yinlifaer: Shenhao appeared in the small town of Flanders, and my 24k titanium alloy dog's eyes were blinded by a superb costume!

[World Channel] Yacris: Same as the +1 above. The picture is too beautiful for me to appreciate. Is this the power of krypton gold?

Wang Hao quickly left the Folan town under the control of the game characters. There are too many players here.

[Guild Channel]: The president [God Lord] is online!

Not long after logging in to the game, various emails and news followed.

[Guild Channel] True Eye of the Evil King: President, you are finally here!!

[Guild Channel] MoriSummer: If you don’t go online, the union will be dissolved.

[Guild Channel] Dark Flame Envoy: Are you still in the mood to chat?Please come and support the guild battle!