[Guild Channel] God Lord: I see, please wait a moment.


Although he didn't know the status quo, Wang Hao also knew that he seemed to be the president here, and the guild was in a guild war.


When he rushed to the seat of his guild, there were already many players attacking the city, and a huge golden fireball fell from the sky.


"what's up?!"

"This is definitely a skill? Not a punishment from the system!!"


A big golden fireball suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and the strong golden light special effects infected the entire battlefield, instantly destroying the members of the [Array Cat] who were siegeing the city and plundering the ground.

[Guild Battle Channel] April: Are you finally online?Then accept my sanction!

[Guild Battle Channel] God Lord: Then take a decisive battle outside the city to see who is stronger.

In an instant, two players flew out of the two camps, their bodies bursting with dazzling light, and they went straight to the center of the battlefield.

[World Channel] Chugit: Shocking!The legendary two great gods finally ripped apart once again. Who is the one to kill this time?

[World Channel] Fars: Didn’t the Lord retreat?

[World Channel] Black Predator: Who knows?But I warmly welcome Shenhao to return to the legendary era, please take my knees.


[Guild Battle Channel] God Lord: April, you are still the same, let me see how much you have grown (krypton gold).

[Guild Battle Channel] Apple Song: I will let you see my (Krypton Gold) power today, but I have prepared a lot of props for you.

Immediately the two rays of light collided fiercely, and everyone below carefully avoided the battlefield for fear of being affected.

No way, just the battle waves they spread out can deduct a lot of players' blood volume...

Chapter 35 The Power of Krypton (repair)

"For you, I have specially strengthened (Krypton Gold) this staff, but its power has increased a lot." Apuligo gently flicked her short purple hair, and the staff with cyan light in her hand began to gather. A red fireball came out with terrifying heat.

"Come and try my firepower yourself! A limited amount of (krypton gold) fire attribute magic liquid is added to it!!"

"Boom -"

A huge red ball of fire swept over it, instantly engulfing Wang Hao in the sea of ​​flames, burning blazingly.


The few remaining members of the Bright Guild exclaimed and looked anxiously at the divine lord who disappeared into the sea of ​​fire.

[Guild Battle Channel] Xiubaiyin: If there is no god, let this uncle clean up the remaining miscellaneous fish!

The blood volume of Guangming City gradually decreased under the attack of the Array Cat Guild, and the remaining members of the Guangming Guild also rushed out of the city to fight.

"Evil King True Eyes, you and the Dark Flame Envoy quickly use the combined skills, your consumption will be answered by me, hurry!"

While MoriSummer used the Holy Light to rescue, the other side began to restore blood to Guangming City.

"Blast it, reality! Smash it, spirit!" The evil king's true eyes opened the black umbrella in his hand, and a dark light appeared from his left eye, "Bloom it! Free the darkness that appears, and carry out the ultimate king's power. The void leads the way to the end! Blackwing Jacks Prototype II!"

A six-pointed star array appeared at his feet, the dark flames made painful covering his right hand, and he knelt down on one knee, as if there was something to be released, his face grimly said: "It will be swallowed up by the dark flames!"

"You two are the second guys! When are you not going back to defense!!"

Several black lines appeared on MoriSummer's head, who couldn't stand it. He stretched out the staff in his hand and knocked them on the head.

"Vicious mage, the true eyes of the evil king will not succumb."

"Not good! Bright city's health is about to be broken if there is 5% left!!" The pitch black flame made him recover from the second state, and the array cat's attack became stronger and stronger. He jumped and swept down the city to fight. , True Eye of the Evil King also followed closely.

"Azi, come and help!"

MoriSummer said to another female priest wearing a pink dress, that the other party recovered and quickly joined the rescue on the battlefield.


The flames in the sky slowly disappeared, and Apuligo smiled slightly, and when he gradually saw the figure inside, his eyes narrowed slightly.

"It's okay? It's indeed a customized superb limited edition costume. Then try all my inventory!!"

With a wave of Aplige, many magic props appeared out of thin air, all blasting in the direction of the god.

"Let you see what is the real (Kryptonium) power!!"

Wang Hao's eyes were cold, and the golden armor exploded with dazzling special effects. He bent slightly and slammed forward, causing the sky to tremble, and the damage exploded instantly!


Including Aplige, all the members of the array cat were killed by a punch, and the entire army was wiped out!!

"Since you have the courage to attack the Illuminati Guild, then give me a good understanding and disband me immediately within ten minutes!!"

Directly using a full server speaker worth 999 days, you can see the upper part of the screen, and what he said directly surfaced in text.

Most of the newly resurrected Array Cat members directly withdrew from the guild. In desperation, although Aprilia gritted his teeth, he still did not choose to disband the guild, although there are still a few players left here.

[Guild Channel] God Lord: Please wait for the remaining members of the Guangming Guild to gather at the main city tavern. I have important things to announce.

After speaking, he left the battlefield and slowly marched towards the main city.


"I said...you two don't want to dissolve the guild, so why are you still following me?"

Wang Hao looked at the two 2D male characters behind with a headache. These are the only two remaining members of the array cat. They have been following him since entering the main city.

"Humph! Who will follow you."

The handsome blond Shubein gave a cold snort and followed Wang Hao on his own.

"Brother, it's a coincidence." There was a sunny smile on April's face, not the slightest frustration of just failing.

"Whatever you like."