After typing a few words on the keyboard and a green dialog box popped up on his head, Wang Hao walked into the tavern in the main city and sat in private room 1.

Shibein and Aprigo followed in, and found two places to sit down, Tai Ruo sat naturally.

[Guild Channel] God Lord: I am waiting for everyone in the No. 1 private room of the main city tavern.


After sitting quietly for three minutes, all the remaining players from the Bright Guild arrived, including Wang Hao and a total of five people.

Of course, the members of the two array cats next to them are not counted.

Seeing that the small private room on the screen was full of people, Wang Hao gave a wry smile. It was time to make a break.

God Lord: I went online today to tell everyone that I decided to quit the game and this account will also be given to the Guild of Light.

He just typed this sentence and immediately attracted a reply.

Yazi: Why?Is it because of my fault...

Wang Hao, the player named Yazi, still had the impression that he had proposed to him in the game last week. Although he refused several times, he finally reluctantly agreed.

Simply put, the two are a partnership in the game.

Yazi sat next to him as soon as he came in, and never looked up, making Wang Hao wonder why he felt distressed.

Calm down, be sure to calm down!Don't look at the other person who is exactly the same as the literary girl in reality, but if there is a character manipulated by a male player in reality, don't be confused.

Aplige: It really deserves to be the legendary No. 1 Shenhao. You have at least tens of millions of yen worth of gold on this account, so you can give it away.

MoriSummer: Is there really nothing to miss in this game?We are obviously...

Her words aroused the silence of everyone, including the two members of Array Cat. They are almost the first generation players from the legend, and they have all done missions in a novice village.

Shibain: The Guangming Guild without a god will soon be defeated by our array of cats.

Then Wang Hao said a word, making Shibein and Aplige almost choked to death.

God Lord: Did you forget that I would leave my account to the Illuminati Guild?I am certainly not afraid of your attacks.


Shibae's voice was directly angry, and the crisp female voice came through the headset, and Wang Hao had a pain in his ears.

Unexpectedly, there are still girls in there, but he still thinks that everyone present is all men...

Then Wang Hao received a few secret chat messages, which were sent by Yazi, who had his head down.

ps: The author wrote according to his own outline next, and hopes to end it soon.

Chapter 36 The Under-Line Foundation (Revision)

[Secret Chat Channel] Yazi: It is because of me that Haojun is unwilling to stay in the legend anymore?

Listening to the other party's name, Wang Hao couldn't help being a little speechless, why his predecessor liked to tell others his name on the Internet so much.

I told my friend Xia Shizi on Penguin, and I told my wife on the legendary era game.

[Secret Chat Channel] Yazi: As long as Haojun does not leave, Yazi is willing to do anything, even if he divorces Haojun...

Wang Hao was almost moved by Yazi’s words, his concentration is still not enough, don’t be moved because the other party is a beauty online, in case a man says these things to yourself...

[Secret Chat Channel] God Lord: Sorry, I have very important things in reality that have not been completed.

This is indeed true. There are still a lot of things waiting for him to complete. The online game play is also a whim.

Immediately switched to the chat channel, Wang Hao quickly typed on the keyboard and said: "Because a lot of things have happened around me recently, this time I went online to say goodbye to everyone."


There was another silence.

After a while, the Envoy of Dark Flames replied: "It turns out to be a reality, and the chairman is really hard."

True Eye of the Evil King: "It's really great for members of the Illuminati Guild to meet the president. Even if the president leaves, I believe everyone will meet one day."

"Wait...what did you just say, can you repeat it?"

A green dialog appeared on MoriSummer's head, and he got up from his chair excitedly.

"It's great to meet the chairman."

The evil king was really at a loss, and continued to say what he had just said.

"No, it's the next sentence." MoriSummer quickly replied, seeming to have caught something just now.

"I believe everyone will meet one day."

"That's it! Everyone can meet at an offline party together!!"

MoriSummer finally caught the problematic ZTE. Everyone has known each other in the game for more than a year and finally became partners. I believe that after meeting in reality, they will definitely become good friends.

"I agree."

"me too."


The Evil King True Eyes and the Dark Flame Envoy agreed to this proposal, and Yazi, who had been bowing his head since entering the door, also raised his head in favor.

"We have to go too" x2

Aprigo and Shibein also raised their hands in agreement.

" don't seem to ask my opinion?"

Wang Hao spoke weakly, but as the president, he was directly ignored.

"Everyone give me their contact information, and the location is set at the maid cafe in Akihabara, this Saturday morning."

As soon as MoriSummer said what she said, she received contact information from other people, including the two remaining members of the array cat, and sent a smiling face to Wang Hao and said, "President, you are the only one left. "

"Can I choose not to participate?"

"No!" x6

"I know."

It's a headache. I didn't expect to encounter this kind of thing in the last game. Is this the face base?After handing over his contact information to MoriSummer, Wang Hao was already prepared in his heart.