Parked the car, his eyes were caught by a restaurant on the street, and the number of people in line really scared him. There were a long queue of dozens of people.

To allow so many people to line up willingly, there must be excellent cuisine, and Wang Hao has also aroused curiosity.

"Excuse me, is there anything special about this restaurant?"

After Wang Hao lined up, he asked the middle-aged uncle in front of him.

The middle-aged uncle was taken aback when he was asked, and he watched Wang Hao carefully and repeatedly for a while, confirming that the other party was not teasing him, and said enthusiastically, "This is the first time this little brother has come to [Xingping Hotel]? But wait. After you taste the food in this restaurant, you will definitely be impressed, because it is so delicious, it is definitely a paradise for food!!"

The middle-aged uncle seemed to think of something beautiful, a glint of saliva flowed out of the corner of his mouth inadvertently, and then he sighed in a low voice, "However, the owner of this shop seems to be closing for a while, which is really regrettable."

Food heaven?Hearing that Wang Hao squinted his eyes slightly, although there is an exaggeration in it, the charm of this store can be seen by allowing customers to make such enthusiastic free publicity.

After standing in line for nearly five minutes, it was Wang Hao’s turn. He raised his head and glanced at the menu on the wall of the shop, his eyes quickly swept, and finally locked on the fried rice, he pondered for a moment, and said, "Thank you for a golden egg. Fried rice, thank you."

"Please wait a moment!"

The man in the kitchen is a teenager about the same size as Wang Hao, with fiery red hair full of enthusiasm, a long white towel tied to his head, cut scars on his left eyebrow, and a height of about 1.7 meters.

The red-haired boy cooks very fast, fast enough to serve dozens of customers at the same time.

In the process of cooking, there was not the slightest confusion, and his expression was easy to do.

The arm strength of the pot is not to be underestimated. At the same time, it takes care of the production of the two dishes. The solid knife skills are eye-catching.

All three aspects are fast, accurate and ruthless, which is in line with the basic requirements of popular restaurants. From these three aspects, it can be judged that they have at least more than ten years of cooking experience.

The red-haired boy looks about fifteen years old, but he has more than ten years of cooking experience. He has been specialized in cooking since his age. He has been in the kitchen for more than ten years before he can have this solid. Basic skills.

As a result, he looks only fifteen years old, but when cooking, it makes people feel old-fashioned.

At this age, his cooking skills are enough to make most chefs ashamed. They should be said to be cooking geniuses, but there is always a sense of ordinaryness surrounding the red-haired teenager.

Wang Hao found an empty spot at random, and just over two minutes after sitting there, the golden egg fried rice he ordered was brought up, and the red-haired boy Xingping Chuangzhen continued to return to the kitchen to get busy.

From the appearance of this golden egg fried rice, compared with the egg fried rice in other ordinary restaurants, it is indeed more crystal clear and smooth. The rice is treated with distinct grains, and the aroma floats to the nose. When you inhale gently, it has a delicious and delicate fragrance. It will make people intoxicated.

Picking up the spoon and taking a sip, Wang Hao's eyes flickered. When the fragrance filled his mouth, there was no extra odor. The rice in the mouth seemed to touch the winter snow of the spring sun, and it melted silently. A unique warm current flows into the heart and flows through the meridians throughout the body.

There was a touch of warmth deep in his heart. Something tightly surrounded him, and saw a round of golden warm sun hanging in the air, casting a gentle sun shining on the earth, dispelling the endless darkness.

He closed his eyes and vaguely saw two figures who had never met before, but inexplicably gave him the feeling that he had met before, like where he met...

Chapter 38 Let me teach you how to administer medicine...

Before the two figures slowly approached him, and when they were about to see the face of the other side clearly, Wang Hao suddenly opened his eyes and faintly said in the direction of the red boy: "Boss, check out."

He only tasted the bowl of golden egg fried rice on the dinner table from beginning to end, but he had no reason to continue eating, and his stomach was not so hungry.

"This guest, you haven't finished tasting your food yet. Could it be that the food I made doesn't meet your taste? I hope I can advise you on the shortcomings."

Xingping Chuang really looked at the golden egg fried rice on the table. The most unbearable thing for a chef is that his cooking is completely denied by others.

Xingping Chuangzhen, who has been learning cooking since he was a child, is actually very proud of his cooking skills. Even if he loses to his father nearly 500 times in a row, he still hasn't shaken his cooking spirit.

There are often picky eaters who come to the door, but he is gagged with his own cooking.

In Xingping Chuangzhen's opinion, Wang Hao just came to taste his golden egg fried rice, which completely negated his own cooking, and obviously underestimated him.

In other words, it is another way to challenge a chef.

"Your cooking is fine, and it's excellent, but I don't like it very much."

When Wang Hao tasted Xingping Chuangzhen's cooking, he met those two people deep in his heart and accidentally turned on the "God Mode". At this time, he answered Xingping Chuangzhen's question in a cold voice.

The voice was cold like a cold wind, without any emotional fluctuations.

Seeing the interested look on the other party's face, Wang Hao smiled bitterly in his heart and was misunderstood again, but he couldn't explain it.

Although he knew that this was the result of disrespecting the chef, he didn't want to taste the cooking of the second lipstick boy, and wanted to apologize in his heart, but the meaning from his mouth completely changed.

Once this'God Mode' is turned on, in addition to being nearly cold-blooded, the firepower to pull hatred and pretense is also full...

"Can I borrow the kitchen temporarily?"

"Please use it as you please."

When Xingping Chuangzhen asked Wang Hao to borrow the kitchen, he had already determined that this'guest' was here to kick the restaurant. Since the establishment of the Xinping Hotel, I don't know how many people who have come to kick the restaurant have been taught.

Not convinced?Then use cooking to decide the victory!!

Wang Hao nodded slightly, since he has been misunderstood, then forget it.

A cursory glance at the ingredients in the kitchen, the variety is abundant, there are many ingredients stored in the refrigerator, all kinds of kitchen utensils are available, and there are many kinds of condiments, and you can also find food sold in the market.

There are many ingredients, but Wang Hao can only cook three dishes, tomato and egg soup, green pepper fried meat, egg fried rice...

Right now, I was still making the best egg fried rice. I picked out the ingredients I needed and washed them carefully. I picked up a sharp kitchen knife. There was an edible chicken weighing about five kilograms lying on the kitchen chopping board.

There are many ways to make egg fried rice. This time he decided to make chicken golden egg fried rice. He had several experiences in his previous life and was familiar with the general process.

Before everyone knew what Wang Hao was going to do, they saw that the kitchen knife in his hand, which was slightly larger than the small knife, suddenly flashed with a bright silver knife, and the two chicken legs had been neatly separated from the main body.

He raised the knife again and fell into the room, with a cold glow, and kept scribbling on the chicken legs. The action was dazzling, and he gradually couldn't see where he should drop the knife next.

Only Xingping Chuangzhen's eyes condensed. This kind of almost Taoist swordsmanship is really terrible. He has only seen it in the hands of his father Xingheijo Ichiro, and now it is displayed in the hands of a peer, how incredible!!

The black boy who is brandishing a knife is at most one or two years older than himself. Is it because he has been practicing knife skills since his mother's womb?

Although he was a little reluctant to admit it in his heart, the black boy had completely overtaken him in terms of swordsmanship, and was already able to share his father, Koike Heicheng Ichiro.

For a moment, Xingping Chuang Zhen lost consciousness, and his pupils gradually rekind their scorching intent. Don't the opponent just want to be the stronger the better?

Since he was young, he has lost 489 times to his father in a row. How could he willingly give in, and the other party is still the same age as him.

Secretly distracted and observed that Xingping Chuang was really abnormal, a glimmer of appreciation flashed in Wang Hao's eyes. He was clearly aware of the terrifying aspects of the "God Mode" after it was turned on, forming an absolutely suppressed domain, and people who were overwhelmed could breathe.

The Red Boy was only slightly absent-minded for a while, and then not only recovered his mind, but a stronger will to fight emerged. What a tough and terrifying mentality!

But what about this?!

You can lose other dishes, but you can only meet those two people's dishes, you can never lose!It must be crushed severely anyway!!

Not for anything else, just for the poor self-esteem deep in my heart.

The knife speeded up quietly, as if protected by the power of divine help. When he stopped the knife in his hand, he gently pulled the chicken bone with his right hand, and he actually pulled it out!

With the bright light, it can be seen that the surface of the crystal clear chicken bones has no sticky minced meat, and all of them have been stripped off by the black boy abruptly. This is probably nothing more than the popular "Bao Ding Jie Niu".