It was really a strange child. At four o'clock in the afternoon on Friday this week, he had no other arrangements. The time on the watch was also too early. Wang Hao and Nan Xiaoniai said hello, ready to pick Zhenbai home.

Chapter 40 The Unreliable Chihiro Chihiro (Xiu)

It took nearly half an hour to arrive at the High School Affiliated to Shuming University of the Arts, before the school bell rang, and it didn't take long for groups of students to walk out of it.

Wang Hao was a little worried about Shiina's true whiteness, and hoped that Zhenbai would not forget about school time, and immediately thought of her being able to fly over from the UK alone, so she shouldn't worry too much.

A beautiful figure appeared at the school gate. Wang Hao realized that his worries were really unnecessary. He pushed the car door and walked down, waving his hand in Shiina's direction.

"I really miss you?"

Wang Hao joked humorously, but Shiina tilted his head really white, pondered for a moment, and said seriously: "Yes, I was thinking about Hao when I was in art class."


Silence, the surroundings seemed to be quiet, Wang Hao touched his little really white head awkwardly.

At that moment, he was really moved.

It's a pity that Zhenbai missed him during class. It must be because of the first day of enrollment and some unsuitability to the environment that he would think of himself.

"Is there anything you want to eat?"

Wang Hao wittily changed the subject, and as expected, he pulled away his true white attention and blurted out without thinking, "I want to eat Baumkuchen."

"In the morning, didn't you take two Baumkuchens?"

"But I didn't eat at noon."

"I see, let's go to the vegetable market together."

It seems that the Baumkuchen is an indispensable and important prop to make Zhenbai obedient in the future. How can it be a little like coaxing a child...


Coming out of the nearby vegetable market, Wang Hao was carrying a few large packages of things. In addition to the ingredients, he also bought some fruits. As for the price of the fruits, he was about to say hehe.

Except for bananas, the prices of other fruits are so expensive that they break the sky. In the case of apples, they are sold almost by number. Each apple costs 200 yen, which is about 13 yuan in Chinese currency.

Moreover, the two hundred yen apples are fair compared to those sold by other vendors...

However, considering Shiina's love of Baumkuchen, eating fruits every day can supplement the body with necessary nutrients and various vitamins, so it is not bad to use it as a snack.

On the way back, Wang Hao thought of another question. The reason why he was able to pick up Shiina Zhenbai on time after school this afternoon was because he took a leave of absence.

After that, it would take me more than 20 minutes to drive from Sanzaki College to the high school affiliated to Suimei University of the Arts every day after school.

In this way, Shiina will inevitably have some accidents, just like the last time he let Zhenbai stay in place for a while, when he came back, Zhenbai would not know where to go.


I sighed with a headache. It would be nice if I had an acquaintance who I knew at the High School Affiliated to Suimei University of the Arts, and I can ask him to take Shiina to his home.

and many more!It seems that there are real acquaintances.

Wang Hao took out a business card from his right pocket. It was the business card Chihiro Chihiro Chihiro Chihiro gave him today. The female teacher and Zhenbai are relatives. It should be okay to ask each other?

Dialed out according to the phone number on the business card, it was quickly connected, and an impatient voice came from the other end.

"Is there a problem?"

Chihiro Chihiro walked slowly down the school corridor and glanced at the strange number displayed on the phone, without the slightest impression in his mind.

"Hello, Teacher Qianshi, this is Wang Hao, can I ask the teacher about the true white matter?"

"Let's talk about it first, let alone the troublesome thing."

It seems that the true white cousin is a little unreliable. Although she wants to complain, but now she still asks her, Wang Hao still politely said: "I hope that teacher Qianshi can send Zhenbai home after school in the afternoon. I believe that Mr. Qianshi knows his personality, because my time after school is the same as Zhenbai, and there is no way to pick Zhenbai home on time. I don’t worry about her alone..."

He was only halfway through when he was interrupted impatiently by Chihiro Chihiro on the other side of the phone.

"I see. Anyway, you need someone who can send Zhenbai home on time after school, right?"

"It's okay for Teacher Qianshi to find a trustworthy person. I will pay for it."

The corner of Wang Hao's mouth twitched. It was impossible to expect Qianshi Qianxun to send Zhenbai home every day. He only asked the other party to find a reliable person.

The next moment, several black lines wrinkled on his forehead.

"That student...that means you, the teacher has something to look for you, are you interested in doing part-time jobs?" Without hiding the voice of the phone, Wang Hao seemed to see Chihiro Chihiro find a student at random, and then complete his commission. Up.

Anyway, you are also an adult, and you are also a teacher of educating students. Can you not do things so casually?!

Qihai Aoyama, who was suddenly called to a halt, paused and walked to Chihiro Chihiro with small broken steps, and asked with doubts: "Ms. Chishi, can you tell me what kind of part-time job it is?"

Recently, the rent has risen again. Qingshan Qihai has been in arrears with rent once a month. If the rent cannot be handed in at the end of this month, the landlord may be kicked out.

Since she went to high school and became independent, she has not asked her parents in Osaka for any money, and she survives entirely on her part-time jobs every day.

But these are far from enough. The reason is that she has to pay the tuition of the seiyuu school. Qingshan Qihai's dream is to become a seiyuu.

In addition to the seiyuu tuition, there are also living expenses and the tuition of the high school affiliated to Shuming University of the Arts.

Although life is under great pressure, this strong girl still earns tuition by working part-time when she is not in class for the dream deep in her heart. Because of this, Qingshan Qihai is forced to live a poor life every month. Will be too poor to eat lunch.

"The job is to take a girl home every day. That girl is from the school. If you are paid, tell this guy yourself."

Chihiro Chihiro curled his lips and handed the phone to Aoyama Qikai. Even after get off work, he still encounters such a troublesome thing, so just bear it for the sake of his cute cousin.

"Hello, I am Qingshan Qihai."

Qihai Aoyama who answered the call was slightly restrained and said respectfully.

The voice seemed a bit familiar, Wang Hao felt as if he had heard it somewhere, but he still couldn't remember.

What made him feel a little relieved was that the other party was a female student, who could take care of Zhen Bai better in this regard, and girls were generally more careful.

"Ms. Qianshi should have told you about it? See you at the school gate at 7:30 in the morning and talk about the situation in detail."

"I see, is there anything else I need to do?"

"I'll talk about the details tomorrow morning. I'm driving the car now, bye."

"See you tomorrow, sir."

Qikai Aoyama wrote down Wang Hao's number on the palm of his hand, looked at Chihiro Chihiro gratefully, bowed deeply, and said, "Teacher Chinishi, I really appreciate the teacher for introducing me to this part-time job."

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