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Chapter 41 Do you want to go to Mianji?!(repair)

After finding the person responsible for picking up Shiina Zhenbai, Wang Hao was lightly relieved. It would be too difficult to let Zhenbai go home by tram alone.

It is different from Shiina Mashiro flying over from the UK. After all, there are professional service personnel on the plane, and there is no such good treatment on the tram, because the traffic is very large, and the potential factors are a little more.

One thing that is very likely to happen, Zhenbai will probably sit to the end, I am afraid I don’t know where to get off...

But if someone sent Zhenbai home specifically, there is no need to worry about this problem, and that person is still a girl, of course he has to be more careful than boys.

You must pay attention to the order of everything. He believes that as long as time passes, Shiina Zhenshi will gradually become familiar with these common sense.


Back at Qiushui Mountain Villa, the time had reached four o'clock. He was used to cooking at six o'clock, so there were two hours left before dinner.

Wang Hao intends to prepare for the Dragon Ball manuscript and save as many manuscripts as possible first. If there is a manga assistant by his side, the work of drawing manga will be much easier, and he can squeeze more time for other things.

The number of words in Second Five has been completed, so don't worry about light novels for the time being. After the five centimeters per second is over, it is more appropriate to launch other light novels.

The construction of station b is also being gradually improved, because there is a lack of technical personnel to manage the website, so at present he only roughly divided three areas, the novel area, the video area and the picture area.

Except for the novel section with a speed of five centimeters per second, the other areas of station b are empty. Even the background of the web page is blank and there is no illustration.

There are so many things he has to do. Although he knows he can't eat hot tofu in a hurry, he is still worried that he will not be able to keep up with the progress, and there is not much time left.

Now that even the pen name of the god master is available, it is only a matter of time before the Oriental series emerge.

Wang Hao originally planned to make a certain part of the Oriental series before the winter comic show, and make a blockbuster at the comic show, and then continue to develop other series of games.

Building station b, drawing comics, creating light novels... There are really too many things. He is a little too busy now. With a few months left, it is impossible to complete the Oriental series before the winter manga exhibition. game.

If one person can't keep up with the progress, it simply completes it with others. Wang Hao is already considering recruiting a group of members to form a studio first.

He picked up a pen to draw more than ten pages of Dragon Ball manuscripts, and he was not in the mood to continue painting. Just thinking about a lot of unfinished things, he was already crushed on him.

Wanting to create a two-dimensional empire is not as simple as he originally thought. There are too many things to do, which makes Wang Hao's heart gradually heavier.

When Wang Hao was irritable in his previous life, he often found a quiet place to read novels to ease his irritability.

Because reading a novel is like entering another world, and the worries of reality will gradually disappear unconsciously. This is probably one of the charms of the novel.

When he clicked on the browser, Wang Hao suddenly found that he didn't know what novels to search for. After all, most of the excellent works in the past did not exist in this world.

He smiled secretly, he has been here for more than a week, and he has not really adapted to the current environment.

The love metronome is a novel published by his netizen Xia Shizi. Yesterday, Wang Hao promised that he would go and read it. Of course, he couldn't say nothing. Now that he has free time, he can just go and read it.

After entering these five words in the browse box, a lot of related information immediately popped up, and I clicked into a search, and only a short volume of content was displayed.

However, the popularity is unexpectedly high. The reading volume has exceeded hundreds of thousands, and the book review area shows mostly good reviews. You must know that "Love Metronome" is the first light novel written by Xia Shizi, and it has been popular here. It's so impressive.

Without looking at other people’s comments on the “Love Metronome”, Wang Hao has developed a habit of reading books. He would not pay attention to other people’s opinions on the book at the beginning, and would only refer to other people’s opinions after he finished reading it himself. Opinion, see how it differs from your own opinion.

Another important reason is that most book reviews will inevitably spoil some content, so that new readers who are new to this book will lose a lot of fun.

Of course, this is just his personal opinion, everyone has a different concept.

Reading the love metronome carefully from the beginning, the plot at the beginning is very good, the character of each character is vividly and vividly portrayed, the flaw is that the plot of this light novel develops too fast, the relationship between the hero and the hero is too smooth, and has not been experienced. How many twists and turns.

In addition, the author seems to have deliberately avoided routines. This has indeed attracted many readers, but the development of the novel is obviously unstable.

Too many plot routines will inevitably make people tired, but it doesn't mean that readers don't like to read routines. Even the novels that created Xinhe will inevitably add some routines.

For example, heroes save beauty is a typical example, which has almost become the mainstream of most works, and still won't make most readers aesthetically tired.

After reading the first volume of the'Love Metronome', he roughly understood the situation of the book. No wonder Xia Shizi told him last time about his troubles and unsatisfactory writing.

With a judgment in his mind, Wang Hao logged into Penguin and just wanted to send his comment on the'Love Metronome' to Xia Shizi, and immediately received an offline message from the other party.

[Xia Shizi: This Saturday, I will accompany my friends to the maid cafe in Akihabara for offline parties, hoping not to run into weird people.

What is going on with this strong sense of sight?It should not be so coincidental!

Putting aside the evaluation of the'love metronome' for the time being, Wang Hao decided to seriously reply to Xia Shizi's words first, always feeling that the fate is really amazing.

[God Lord: What a coincidence, I will also go to an offline party on Saturday, the time and place are the same as Xia Shizi, maybe I can meet again (happy)]

However, Wang Hao did not connect Xia Shizi with the people of his own face. First of all, in terms of identity, as a highly anticipated and talented writer, Xia Shizi is basically worried about writing. Take time to play games.

And Xia Shizi also made it clear that she was only accompanying her friends to attend offline parties, which is also a common thing in Neon.

Just one minute after the message was sent, Xia Shizi, who was offline, quickly replied to him.

[Xia Shizi: Then this Saturday, I'm going to find Ho-kun at the maid cafe in Akihabara. Maybe I can meet him.

Chapter 42 The Gentle Xia Shizi (Xiu)

Meet Xia Shizi?From the usual chats of He Xia Shizi, Wang Hao can already judge that the other party must be a character like Yamato Nadeshiko in reality.

Not only is she gentle, she must also be a goddess who exudes a literary girlish atmosphere.

Suddenly meeting with such a girl, he didn't know how to respond for a while.

This should be true, right?!

Kasumi Shiko is different from Shiina Shinba. The former was originally a genius writer, and what he said was rationally thought. Although the latter is a world-class genius, his brain's thinking is also different from ordinary people. It should be said to be innocent and straightforward, or without scheming What?

But suddenly I got an appointment or something, which really caught people off guard. Indeed, the two sides have known each other online for a while...

Just because the other party's short sentence is enough to make him think about it.

Poor Wang Hao's other aspects are normal attributes, only the emotional aspect can compete with Zhen Bai, even a little bit beyond.

At this point, he dared to pack a ticket. He was single for 18 years in his previous life, and he has been single for 16 years after being reborn in this world. Together, he has been single for 34 years and 34 years!!

It can be regarded as sad for those who hear it, and tears for those who see it.

[Xia Shizi: What's wrong?Doesn't Haojun want to meet me?(sad)

What a joke!How could it not be an appointment?!

Even Wang Hao, who was emotionally slow, found that the opportunity to get out of the order was right before his eyes, and there was only one thing to do.

Make an appointment, make an appointment!!

[God Lord: Nothing like that, but suddenly I want to meet Xia Shizi, I am a little overwhelmed with joy, and don't know how to face Xia Shizi, because I am a person...]