In the end, Wang Hao’s hidden inferiority complex slowly emerged. He was always a cool person in his previous life, but he was actually very lonely. After he couldn’t make friends, he gradually began to feel inferiority. .

Even when I came here to recognize all kinds of people, I still couldn't get rid of the inferiority complex.

[Xia Shizi: So what about this?I don't hate Haojun's place, because I have also experienced it.

Seeing this text, Wang Hao suddenly felt touched, and at the same time he felt a sense of guilt.

[God Lord: I'm sorry, it reminds you of bad memories.

Unexpectedly, Xia Shizi, who had always been considerate, had such a lonely past, and he began to regret why he had to say more.

[Xia Shizi: I am very happy to learn more about Haojun.And compared to this, I still think of a secret sign to meet.

[God: Do you still need a password when meeting?

Wang Hao knew that Xia Shizi deliberately broke the topic, and he didn't want to continue talking about those heavy past events. He was already embarrassed enough just now, and he must have left a bad impression on the other party...

[Xia Shizi: Of course, don't you think there is a demeanor of an agent?Hope Haojun can think of a handsome signal.

Eh!Let me think about it?!

Many clips flashed in his mind, and he remembered the secret codes used by the agents in the movie to communicate. They were indeed mysterious and handsome.

Is this the same for ordinary offline parties?Wang Hao has never participated in an offline party, so naturally he is not clear.

The cipher should be used to prevent the embarrassment of the person who admitted wrong, but I always feel something is wrong, it feels weird...

He could think of a lot of the secret codes, and one of the most impressive classic secret codes was even more unforgettable. He subconsciously typed and sent it with both hands.

[God Lord: When we met, we used'the king of the earth to cover the tiger, the river demon in the pagoda town' as the code, you said the first sentence, how about the latter?

When he came back to his senses, he noticed the full of the second-year aura of this sentence, and covered his face with a headache with his left hand. Wouldn't he be regarded as a second-year boy?

Unfortunately, there is no withdrawal function, so I can only watch the past messages.

[Xia Shizi: Haojun is really talented in writing. I have read the novel called '5 Centimeters Per Second'. Although it is only a short chapter, the writing makes me involuntarily immersed in it, and I look forward to it. The plot behind.

How did you forget the business?

Wang Hao was slightly startled. The reason why he logged into Penguin was to tell Xia Shizi what he thought of the'love metronome'.

Secretly calmed his mind for a while, and objectively posted his evaluation of the'love metronome'.

[God Lord: No, Teacher Xia Shizi is very good. I also went to read the "Love Metronome" today, which gave me a great touch, but I felt that I lacked important things.

[Xia Shizi: Really?Hope Haojun can tell me the truest view.

[Divine Master: Simply put, you lack routines in the novel. By the end of the first volume, the plot development is obviously beginning to be unstable. Because the relationship between the hero and the heroine develops too smoothly, it will be difficult to make the reader's heart touched after all. It is a love novel.

These views are entirely his own. In his previous life, Wang Hao had also been a writer for many years. Although he was still on the street, he still had this vision.

[Xia Shizi: Then I should add some... routines to the novel?But I don’t know what to do...]

If other writers tell him that he doesn't know how to do it, Wang Hao will definitely spit it, and he chooses to believe what Xia Shizi said.

There are two reasons. The first is because the other party has just started writing, and the writing style is still in finalization, and he did not choose another path to follow suit. The second reason is, do you need any reason to believe in your friends?

Don't know how to do it?It's okay, let me teach you step by step. For Wang Hao, this kind of thing is pretty commonplace.

[Divine Master: According to the type of novel you write, I think we should add an enduring routine. Although it looks very old, it does not hinder the reader's affection, that is, the hero saves the beauty.

Love without twists and turns is too plain, the hero should go through various tests, and finally defeat the boss and the heroine together, which increases the reader's interest in reading.

[Xia Shizi: So that's it, it did stabilize the plot development and create more exciting stories, thank you!

The addition of routines was something she had never thought of before. Perhaps it is because most of the works are now filled with the same routines, which Xia Shizi instinctively rejects.

'Love Metronome' is precisely because of this, with the first volume, it attracted many readers. It is considered a clear stream in the light novel world, but it is a love light novel in the final analysis.

Heroes to save the United States seem to be a very old routine, but most of the successful light romance novels are basically in use.

The key lies in how the author perfectly integrates into the routine. Although it is the first time for Xia Shizi to write a novel, he was reminded by Wang Hao and is confident to create a better story for everyone.

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Chapter 43 There is a Monster (Repair)

Now that he accepted Wang Hao's opinion, Xia Shizi decided to start overhauling the second volume, and all the saved manuscripts completed in advance were invalidated.

[God: Come on writing, I will support teacher Xia Shizi's work, now I have to download it in advance, bye bye.

[Xia Shizi: Well, Haojun also come on, goodbye.


After chatting with Xia Shizi for a while, Wang Hao's mood unknowingly relaxes. He is really a gentle person. He can't continue to be lazy. He dreams of creating a two-dimensional empire. There is a long way to achieve this goal distance.

Now let’s start with the blank station b. There is a serialization of '5 cm per second', but there is not even a single illustration, which looks particularly bleak and lonely.

He decided to get a background image with a speed of 5 centimeters per second, but Wang Hao didn't have the idea of ​​doing it himself. With his painting level, it was difficult to draw moving works.

Moreover, Mianwu itself is a highly contagious work. There should be no sloppy work in the background pictures. The exquisite pictures should be exquisite, and the whole should express a dreamlike unreality.

I am afraid that a painter with this level can count both hands.

Therefore, a painter who can show the charm of Second Five in the form of pictures requires a natural style of painting in addition to the extremely high level. Obviously, Wang Hao cannot do these points.

Painting can't be done overnight, it also requires natural talents.

Even if he now has a deep manga skill, he can't make a picture that can infect the audience at a glance, but he knows that one person can.

That's right, it's Shiina Mashiro who lives next door.

Wang Hao has never seen Shiina Masai's art paintings, but he saw Masai's cartoons with his own eyes, and it is still unforgettable when he thinks of it now.

The perfect painting style does not contain a trace of dirt, as if from other time and space. In terms of painting ability alone, Shiina Mashiro is already a veritable world painter.

Therefore, Wang Hao simply let Zhenbai complete the second five background image. I believe that after it is made, the majestic style of painting can surprise everyone in an instant.


"Really white, are you? I have something to ask you."

Wang Hao knocked on the door lightly. With the experience of the morning, he would not go in without a reply from Zhen Bai. Who knows what unexpected situation will happen inside after suddenly entering.

As the saying goes, after eating a pad and gaining wisdom, you will follow the script in the future.