God finally opened his eyes!

I have been single for 34 years in my previous life and this life. The long night is always awake by myself. I didn't expect happiness to come so suddenly.

Wang Hao looked around with a guilty conscience, and after confirming that there was no one, he hurriedly stuffed the letter that seemed to be a love letter into his arms, and quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Youth, hello.

Is this going to move towards the current direction?

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Chapter 51 Impossible!(repair)

When Wang Hao walked into the school, he noticed something very strange. Along the way, many students pointed at him, bowed their heads and talked.

It’s strange that the atmosphere is different from usual, is it true that I am going further and further in the direction of current charging...

He subconsciously touched the envelope hidden in his clothes. The slightly hard paper texture gave him a little peace of mind. What happened to him right now was not a dream, but was developing in the direction of a youthful love comedy.

In short, my youth is staged an impossible love comedy. It is a fight with the plot in the dog blood drama at 8 o'clock in the evening, but will it proceed smoothly according to the script?

The answer is unknown, but pursuing the truth is what he should do. Wang Hao decided to wait for the next person to study the pink envelope.

Wang Hao, in a state of cranky thinking, gradually became more comfortable in his heart, and he became indifferent to the secret discussions of the surrounding students.


"Ahao, good morning!"

Suddenly, there was an extra hand behind him, and he patted his shoulder lightly, awakening Wang Hao, who was thinking, and when he turned around, he saw a beautiful man with a smile on his face.

"Excuse me... are you?"

Wang Hao asked suspiciously. It seemed that the person in front of him seemed to have seen him somewhere, but he just couldn’t react and couldn’t remember who it was, but he remembered the other student next to him. It was last week. He compared to the Nobiti that he tried.

"How is it possible! I'm Yokoyama Onta. I didn't expect to be separated from Ahao for a few days, and I didn't even know me."

Yokoyama's Wentai looked lost, full of incredible expressions, and what he said surprised him.

"Are you Mrs. Wen? My classmate Mr. Yokoyama's?!"

Don't be kidding, how could you be the Mrs. Wen I know who changed a lot after only three days? Did you go for a plastic surgery?

The beautiful boy in front of him is about the same height as the Yokoyama Onta he knows. The only difference is that he did not wear black-rimmed glasses and changed his hairstyle. A closer look reveals many similarities, but this change is also too great. Got it!

To put it simply, let him put on a dress and stand in front of him, Wang Hao has 100,000 reasons to believe that this beautiful boy is a female.

There is no other reason, so beautiful must be a girl.

"Hayi! No one else recognizes me except Noi-kun, you think Ah Hao is like this."

While talking, the thing that caused Wang Hao's headache reappeared. There were tears in his eyes, and he also believed that the beautiful boy in front of him was undoubtedly Yokoyama.

"Is there a problem?"

Wang Hao didn't want to continue to talk about this matter anymore, and keenly spotted Yebi Jing on the side, and asked casually, it should be something the other party came to see him.

"I'm so sorry for what happened that day!"

Contrary to his expectations, Nobii lost the arrogant color of the last time he met, stepped forward, and sincerely apologized to Wang Hao.

what happened?

"Yobi-kun is actually a good person. I saw him feed many stray cats himself..."

"Idiot! What are you talking about!"

Before Yokoyama's words were finished, Yokoyama was interrupted by the blushing Yebii, as if he had been exposed.

"Since Wen too forgave you, it's fine."

Wang Hao shrugged his shoulders indifferently. Judging from his performance just now, Yokoyama Onta seemed to have become friends with Nobii, and he liked to hear about such a situation.

Obviously Yokoyama Wentai was working in the direction he hoped, and Wang Hao would not interfere, only silently support from the other side.

"Thank you."

"Compared to this, let's go back to the classroom first, it's not early."

Although understanding belongs to understanding, Wang Hao is still very uncomfortable with this atmosphere. How can I say, always feels too dazzling, and the envelope on his body has become heavy.

Ah, so annoying!


Wang Hao just walked into the classroom, and it didn't take long for him to return to his position. Panting An Yilun also rushed over, every time like stepping on a spot on time.

An Yilun, who had bowed his head and panted, also raised his head slightly, and found Wang Hao at a glance, and ran over excitedly as he had witnessed the New World.

"Why did Haojun ask for leave yesterday? Is it true that the rumors are true? You deliberately took care of Xia Zhiqiu all day. You two will not be lovers?"

An Yilun had just returned to her position, and couldn't wait to say something that made Wang Hao look dazed.

"How is it possible! Yesterday I only asked for leave because of something important. It has nothing to do with Xia Zhiqiu. Please don't get me wrong!!"

"Is that so? That's great! I thought Haojun was about to become a current charger, and sure enough, the second dimension is the best!"

An Yilun breathed a sigh of relief. He almost believed the rumor yesterday. If his friend really fell in love with Shiyu Xiazhiqiu, he would gradually embark on the path of being a real person, even becoming an adult...

As a good friend, even though he was disappointed in his heart, he would still bless the two of them.

Ha ha……

This person has been saved, completely immersed in the second dimension and can't extricate himself.

Well, unlike himself, An Yilun also belongs to the kind of dead house that ordinary people can't imagine.

He still remembers the last time he went to An Yilun’s house, claiming that he would marry the figure in the future. The beautiful girl of the second element is what he loves. He even has to work part-time every day, just to buy various figures. , Comics, Galgame, etc.

Wang Hao still admires An Yilun from the bottom of his heart. This is a true love to the two-dimensional element. He is a well-known blogger himself, but he has never used his fame to make money. Instead, he chooses various jobs to get enough money to buy two-dimensional products. .

Last time, in order to let myself know more about the beauty of the two-dimensional culture, he also gave him a free sister series of Galgame, whose name seems to be Liankong.

Because An Yilun's enthusiasm is too great, Wang Hao can think of more than a dozen reasons to respond.

However, Wang Hao didn't really want it. He just stated that he would borrow it temporarily and would return it after playing.

There is a strong sense of copyright in this world, especially in Neon, you can't even find any pirated copies, so the price of each game is very expensive. Wang Hao once privately checked that Liankong game, and it has already sold for more than 50,000 yuan. JPY……