"Have you forgotten what happened to the Kendo Club last week? Although it was our fault, there should also be a Kendo Club to punish this matter. After all, as the head of the Kendo Club, I cannot ignore such things. ."

The poison island maiden held the wooden sword tightly in both hands, her eyes were calm and scary, and she explained the reason, her eyes flashed with no trace of excitement, and continued: "And I am also very interested in your strength."


Youth is a lie full of hypocrisy, it just keeps deceiving the innocent soul. In the most dazzling love planet in the night sky called youth, despite the incomparably beautiful starlight, all of this is a fake after all, making people around you or Things have lost the ability to judge.

The real thing is the real thing, and the fake is the fake thing.

No matter what language is used to cover up, it is always true.

Youth, goodbye.

To sum up, Wang Hao has only one conclusion. It is true that the love stories of youth are all lies, and current charges will explode!

"Haha... Yeah, that's the case." Wang Hao picked up the wooden sword with one hand, and it was already fruit before it bloomed. He looked like an idiot, "Since it is a competition, Senior Sister Toxic Island briefly explain the rules. ."

"The rules are very simple. Use dignified kendo to decide the victory or defeat. Whoever leaves the sword first will lose the game. Now the game... officially begins!"

The Dudao Maizi clenched the wooden sword tightly, took a step forward with his right foot, seemingly arrogantly swung the sword straight at Wang Hao, he quickly set up his sword to block the poison island Maizi’s attack, took advantage of the opportunity to back a few steps, and pulled away Some distance.

Although there was no experience in frequent fights in the previous life, his predecessor was relatively proficient in martial arts, and Wang Hao has gradually become familiar with his movements, but his reaction nerves are definitely beyond ordinary people's imagination.

Wang Hao didn't mobilize the slightest qi in his body, so it would be unfair, and he used swordsmanship to decide the outcome!

"Next is the main story."

The poison island maiden suddenly retreated, from holding a sword in both hands to holding a sword in one hand, and stepped on the cherry blossom tree behind with his right foot. The cherry blossoms fell in bursts. With this impact, they flew and flashed, and the wooden sword roared with the wind. Come.

It's too fast!Even if Wang Hao's reaction nerves were very strong, he couldn't leave the place instantly without using the qi in his body.


Wang Hao's mouth hesitated from the offensive above Geyu with his arms crossed. His feet fell slightly into the earthy ground. It is hard to imagine that this powerful force is possessed by a girl.

You deserve to be the head of the Kendo Club. His strength is unexpectedly strong. You must not let up just because the other party is a girl, or you must lose.

"The strength is good, but if you keep passive in this way, you will lose sooner or later!"

The speed of the sword of the poison island maiden is getting faster and faster, and it seems that there are afterimages flashing back and forth around, and three combos have been completed in an instant. One sword is more powerful than one, and Wang Hao's forehead Di Xu Khan stood in place and kept blocking sword moves.

As the poison island maiden said, he is already in a passive state, and he also wants to distance himself from the opponent, but the poison island maiden’s sword is airtight, blocking all corners, whenever he wants to break through Will be blocked.

How can it be repaired!

It’s a pity that Wang Hao can only rely on his instincts to predict where the poison island boy will be stabbed in the next moment. In addition to his unexpected strength, his sword skills are also very sophisticated, and a lot of counter shock is removed. .

The situation now got worse. He didn't have the slightest breathing time, and the stormy sword force gradually consolidated, and the attack did not stop for a moment.

After three minutes, Wang Hao gradually understood the play style of the poison island maiden and began to make some counterattacks. He is no longer in a hurry to break through, and instead raises the spirit of twelve points to search for flaws.

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Chapter 55 Youth Still Continues (Repair)

"Are you here?" Wang Hao leaned slightly, with eyes on his back. He dodged a sword stabbed by the poison island tongzi dangerously and dangerously, and took advantage of this gap to dodge sideways, finally maintaining a certain distance.

"Interesting, there are indeed two things, but evading defenses will only exacerbate the failure. Next, I will show my true ability and the time to decide the victory is not far away!"

I don't know if it was Wang Hao's illusion. At this moment, the facial expression of Dudao Maizi was no longer calm, but a smile that resembled a sick jiao, and his whole body was in a state of excitement and joy.

Did she always release the water before?Wang Hao gave a wry smile, he was really underestimated.

Even though he was still passive until just now, no matter whether the poison island maiden releases the water, he has figured out the opponent's style of play and it is time to counterattack.

The poison island girl didn't take it seriously, so why didn't he quietly retain his strength?

That's right, it's my turn next, let me be enlightened!

Bang, bang--

Wang Hao changed his previous style of play and kept moving and swinging his sword quickly. The wooden sword made a burst of air bursts and collided with the Dudao Maizi.

Relying on the strategy of unchanging and adapting to the ever-changing, although it is possible to calmly judge the overall situation and find out the other party's flaws,... it is almost impossible to defeat the poison island!

During the battle, Wang Hao noticed a small flaw. Every time the Poison Island Maid made a combo, there would be a 0.3-second pause, and the hand holding the sword trembled undetectably.

For ordinary people, this is not much time at all, but the duel between masters, even if it is one-tenth of a second, is a huge flaw, not to mention the fact that the poison island maiden is still unable to succeed!

Therefore, he must use his own way to treat his own body.

From the very beginning, the poison island girl took a fierce offensive and replaced others. I am afraid that after that bombardment, she had already lost her sword, but she unfortunately met Wang Hao.

From the moment Wang Hao obtained the Seven-Colored Godhead, his body was completely reborn, and he had undergone the legendary washing of muscles and marrow. His physical fitness far exceeded that of ordinary people, and his strong resilience was even more surprising.

In just a few minutes of the battle, I believe that the poison island maiden has consumed most of his stamina, and it is difficult to recover at a moment. Therefore, Wang Hao only needs to adopt the opponent's initial tactics and turn defense to offense to win. At most it is only a matter of time. .

It's now!

Wang Hao's eyes condensed, and just after the combo, he grasped the fleeting flaws, slammed the sword with his backhand, and effortlessly shot down the sword in the hands of the poison island maiden. He smiled and said, "Accept. Up."

"I lost, but I won't give up. I will definitely not lose next time." The Dudao Maizi was a little bit incredulous. She never thought that she would lose from the beginning, but the facts lay before her eyes. It really failed.

For this failure, she did not feel annoyed or frustrated, but was more excited. She lowered her head slightly, her face was flushed with an abnormal blush, and her eyes flashed with a faint blurry color.

"Senior Poison Island is really amazing. If I didn't get a chance to swing a sword, maybe it was me who failed, maybe I won't be so lucky next time." Wang Hao thought that the opponent was down because of failure, he hesitated. In an instant, he couldn't bear to say a word, put down the wooden sword in his hand and left here.

The footsteps gradually became quieter. After his figure completely disappeared in this area, the Dudao Maizi raised his head and stared blankly in the direction where Wang Hao left. His face was completely blurred and happy. The voice murmured to himself: "It's so wonderful..."


After Wang Hao left the sports warehouse, he turned and set off in the direction of the cafeteria. When he arrived, there were still many students in line.

By the way, the dining hall at Shengzaki Academy is very good, with good quality and low price. Many students and teachers will choose to eat here. It can be said that it is loved by everyone and the chef's skill level is very high.

He has personally come here to eat in the cafeteria several times. The taste is really good, the nutrition is also very good, and there is a reason for its popularity.

Although the food in the cafeteria is outstanding, Wang Hao still rarely interacts with each other. After all, he has to wait in line for nearly ten minutes every time he comes. It is not as convenient to buy bread and sandwiches directly.

With a helpless sigh, Wang Hao also hurriedly joined the lineup, lined up for eight minutes, ordered two set lunches and packed them away.

Most neon people choose places with few people to eat, such as eating bento in parks or rooftops. This kind of plot is often seen in comics.

The cafeteria of Shengzaki Academy has made changes in this regard, allowing the food in the cafeteria to be packaged out, but because packaging requires packaging, an extra fee must be paid.


Back to the classroom alone, there were a dozen students left in the class. Wang Hao saw the slightly lazy back view next to his seat, and walked over slowly, a little relieved.