Well, I just bought an extra one by accident today, but I can't finish it by myself, and wasting food is a shameful behavior. I didn't care about this black-bellied and poisonous tablemate who bought it specially.

"Today is your lunch again a sandwich, isn't it? Go to the cafeteria occasionally to have a meal. Your illness yesterday is a good example."

Wang Hao put a bento in his hand on Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's table. From the first day of school, Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's breakfast and lunch have not changed, as if they were fixed.

A carton of milk and bread in the morning, a sandwich with milk at noon, often comes to school with two dark circles under her eyes. Classes are usually her bedtime, so it's no wonder she gets sick.

"Tsk tsk, the perverted gentleman wanted to start with me so soon, but for a gentle and beautiful girl like me, I can barely give you a chance, thank you very much in my heart." Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's mouth raised a smile, wine The red pupils looked at Wang Hao jokingly, picked up the chopsticks casually, and gently opened the bento.


What to do with this!It seemed that he had some unruly intentions. After the'love letter' incident, Wang Hao had thoroughly seen the lies of youth.

"Bring your share here." Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu turned her head and stared at another bento on Wang Hao's table.

Before you even started your own share, you started to worry about my bento. Thinking that your body needs nourishment for recovering from a serious illness, Wang Hao stretched out his hand and handed it over.

"Okay, all these green peppers belong to you." Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu who took the bento picked up the chopsticks, quickly picked out a piece of green pepper to put in Wang Hao's bento, and pushed it over with contentment. The mouth is slightly opened.

Wang Hao looked at the green peppers in the bowl for a while, how old are you, you are still picky eaters...

But I didn't expect Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu would still say thank you, and I accepted your'thank you'.

ps: Kavenka has been a bit strong recently, I hope everyone can forgive me, thank you.

Chapter 56 The appointment of Ayano Iida (revision)

April has already begun to change the season, the cool breeze gently blows away the troubles, and occasionally a few falling cherry blossom petals are stained on the clothes, and the afternoon time passes quietly.

When it was time for school, Wang Hao looked back from the window, got up and simply packed the textbooks on the desk, picked up his schoolbag with one hand, and prepared to go to the High School Affiliated to Shuimei University of Arts to pick up Shiina.

After changing his shoes at the shoe cabinet, Wang Hao walked slowly towards the off-campus parking lot, and suddenly walked to the vending machine beside him. He hadn't drunk any water since the morning and his throat was now a bit dry.

Putting a coin into the vending machine, he chose a bottle of canned coffee. It was a little refreshing. He opened the tab with his fingers, drank his head up vigorously, and threw the plastic bottle into the trash can.

In many parts of Neon, the ground is kept very clean, but trash cans are rarely seen. Many people who buy drinks drink them on the spot, throwing the bottles into nearby trash cans.

Wang Hao didn't want to walk for a long time with an empty can, because it would be difficult to find another trash can, and he simply drank it in one go.

He habitually took out the phone, and as soon as he opened it, seven or eight missed calls were displayed, which was still an unfamiliar number he didn't know. The other party should be so anxious that something important, Wang Hao clicked to call back.

"Moses Moses, is the Lord teacher? I am Ayano Iida."

The voice sounded a bit familiar, and Wang Hao recalled the editor from yesterday in his mind, but did the other party find anything to himself?

"Hello, editor Iida, may I have anything to do with me?"

"Did the god master teacher forget the signing?"

"Haha... of course I did not forget, I am also preparing to talk to Editor Iida about this." Wang Hao had a few drops of sweat on his forehead, and he was a little reluctant to speak. If it hadn't been for Iida Ayano to call to remind him, he would be really good. Forgot to sign the contract.

This is something that can't be helped. There have been constant incidents since yesterday, and it is only natural to forget.

"Then I am waiting for the god master teacher in the dark night cafe, and the specific location will be sent over on the phone."

"I see, editor Iida, please wait a moment, I have to pick up two people."

The place Iida Ayano sent over happened to be within the range of Setagaya Ward, so Wang Hao didn't have to worry about waiting for one more circle and running for nothing.

In fact, Iida Ayano said yesterday that he would sign a contract. Wang Hao still feels a little unreal. After all, the place where he signed the contract is Shueisha, the leading manga industry. It always feels a bit sloppy. It's so smooth, like a perfunctory thing.

After all, this place is different from the previous world. The "Dragon Ball" that was blazing in the past life may not be able to shine here, but he still has strong confidence in "Dragon Ball" and can set off a storm in the previous life and become a phenomenon-level comic. "Dragon Ball", which is on the altar, is naturally extraordinary.

So today's plan has to be changed slightly. First, I will meet Shiina Mashiro and Aoyama Nanami, and then stop by to meet Iida Ayano to complete the contract.


After driving for almost twenty minutes, Wang Hao finally arrived at the really white school. He rolled the window and saw the two girls in front of the school. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sorry for being late."

After getting out of the car and walking over, Wang Hao said apologetically that the traffic environment on the road was indeed bad, and it would be faster if it weren't for traffic jams.

"No, it didn't take long for Ms. Zhenbai and I to come out. At that time, I would like to thank Haosang for leading me." Qingshan Qihai said with a smile, with a completely indifferent expression, but in a grateful tone.

He is really a gentle and sensible person. If Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu can restrain his poisonous tongue, it would be nice to have half the gentleness of Qingshan Qihai. Obviously Wang Hao has a lot of resentment for the three words'Abnormal'.

"Because I made an agreement with someone else yesterday, I have something to do in the middle of the day. I may have to delay it. If you don't mind, I will come together."

After saying this, Wang Hao was also a little embarrassed. After all, people have been waiting here for a long time, and after a while they will have to delay time because of his own affairs.

"Please don't mind, Haosang's agreement must be very important."

How empathetic, it's a match for Xia Shizi!

"Ho, I want to go too."

Shiina Shiba said calmly, still expressionless.

"Then hurry up now." Wang Hao rubbed Shiina's really white head. This move made Aoyama Qikai shy away from turning his head. He remembered that there were others by his side, and quickly retracted his hand in embarrassment. The atmosphere suddenly became subtle.


While driving, Wang Hao enthusiastically introduced the route to be taken to Qingshan Qihai, which resolved the delicate atmosphere just now.

As the vehicle passed Setagaya District, Wang Hao stopped at the coordinates sent by Iida Ayano.

The place where we agreed to meet was a retro-looking coffee shop. From the outside, it was really stylish. Unfortunately, there was no parking space. He had to park the car in the parking space on the street next door, open the door and walk away. Going down, Shiina Mashiro followed.

Aoyama Qikai hesitated looking at the backs of the two, but chose to get out of the car and followed quickly.

After a three-minute walk, Wang Hao returned to the entrance of the Black Night Cafe and walked in with Qikai Aoyama and Makishi Shiina.

The appearance of the black night cafe is the same as the inside. At this time, there are fewer guests, and the table is very open, so he saw Ayano Iida in the corner at first sight. The other party also spotted him, stood up and smiled. He beckoned and said, "Teacher God, you are finally here."

Suddenly, Iida Ayano's face was startled, and he walked over happily, and hugged Shiina Zhenbai next to Wang Hao without saying a word, or just rushed over.

"I didn't expect to see Zhenbaichan here! The real person is much more beautiful and cute than the photo. When did you come from England? Really, I didn't tell me in advance."

"It's almost out of breath, Ayano..."

Shiina Mashiro said in a low voice, tugging at the corner of Iida Ayano's clothes, and protested.

"It's good for Editor Iida to know Mashiro. This kid just came from the UK yesterday, and the rest is Aoyama Nanami, a really white classmate." Wang Hao smiled slightly, pointing to Aoyama Nanami next to Aya Iida first. Nai introduced, and then continued: "This is the editor of Iida, the chief editor of Shueisha."

"Hello, I'm Aoyama Qikai, I met for the first time, please advise!" Qingshan Qikai's expression is a little flustered, and her tone is slightly restrained. This is the first time she has encountered this type of career woman.

"I am Iida Ayano, I hope Nanami-chan can help Real White a bit more at school." Iida Ayano still clings to the real white, rubbing her cheek against her little white face and said.