Chapter 57 "Dragon Ball" Signing (Repair)

Neon’s social status is very strict, especially when others use the sacred name of “teacher”, which means that you have already achieved good attainments in a certain industry and are truly qualified to be called “teacher”.

When Qing Shan Qihai picked up Wang Hao and got in the car, he saw the black, unknown luxury car. A huge wave was already set off in his heart. He remembered Wang Hao’s polite little actions and inadvertently showing gentleness, thinking that the other party was just a big family. The son.

Listening to Wang Hao's introduction, the man next to him with a clean, short hair, exuding the capable aura of a strong career woman, is hugging Shiina Mashiro with both hands. The woman is the editor-in-chief of Shueisha.

Qikai Aoyama dreams of becoming a voice actor, so he has a preliminary understanding of the situation in the acg world. Naturally, it is clear what kind of existence Shueisha is. The current leader in the comics industry, the members are basically elites, who can be the editor-in-chief. Tian Ling is honored as Wang Hao with the word'teacher', which shows that this bright and sunny boy is already a real cartoonist.

Obviously the other party looks about his own age, but he already has this kind of achievement, he is really a great person.

Sure enough, no matter what you do, do you need a natural talent?Aoyama Qihai felt the gap between the two sides for the first time, and suddenly felt a sense of loss in his heart, and soon regained confidence.

Even if I don't have the talent, but since I ran away from home in Osaka, I have worked hard for so long alone, the next voice actor exam is absolutely no problem!

Isn’t there a saying that stupid birds fly first?After paying so much, there will be gains. Come on, Qingshan Qihai!


Wang Hao naturally didn't know the psychological changes of Aoyama Qikai, and followed Iida Ayano to the corner table and sat down.

Although it was in the corner, the afternoon sunlight was still shining in through the glass. The whole body was warm and it was a perfect location.

Iida Ayano still clung to Shiina Shiro, and sat next to each other. There were a total of four places in this space, and Wang Hao had to sit next to Aoyama Qikai.

"What do the guests want to drink?" The waiter walked over gracefully, bowed slightly to salute, and asked kindly.

"Baumkuchen." Shiina Zhenbai raised her small hand for the first time. Wang Hao directly ignored her opinion and chose instead of Shiina Zhenbai: "She wants a glass of pure milk, I don't need it."

"Ho is really tough."


Wang Hao is really tired, who is he doing this for?

Of course, for the sake of real white body health, four pieces of Baumkuchen have been solved for breakfast, and a few pieces of dessert after dinner are required. It is easy to get sick after eating round cakes every day for so many years.

He is already thinking about properly controlling the amount of Baumkuchen that Zhenbai eats every day. One and a half piece for the next day, half a piece in the morning and one piece at night. You can't spoil Zhenbai too much. The so-called sweets are the enemy!

"I want a glass of boiled water, thank you." Qingshan Qihai glanced at the price list and said directly.

"A cup of black coffee and three spoons of sugar." Iida Ayano didn't have so much scruples, and subconsciously said the drink she drinks most often, because coffee can refresh people, and it is time to show her adult side.

"Please wait a moment," the waiter said with a smile, bending over to salute, and turning to leave.

"Teacher God, this is a signed contract, in duplicate. I think it's okay to sign the name." Ayano Iida took out a document from her bag, which looked more than ten pages thick, and reached out to hand it to Wang Hao.

After receiving the contract, Wang Hao started to read it. There were many clauses on it, and he just looked at it roughly.

Except for professionals such as professional lawyers, most people really don't understand this kind of complicated contract. Wang Hao is not a lawyer, and he doesn't understand the issues very well, but overall it is fine.

To put it simply, in today's society with a sound legal system, there is basically no overlord treaty. What's more, Shueisha, a leading company in the comics industry, doesn't have to worry too much. He just needs to take a form.

He picked up the black signature pen on the side and found the place in the signature column. Wang Hao directly signed his name. No artistic signature was used. The signature was in block letters. Generally, the signatures in block letters are used in the contract. Still clear.

There are two contracts. Wang Hao collected his share, and handed the other to Iida Ayano. Dragon Ball finally made his debut serial smoothly. Although he was worried that Dragon Ball would be unpopular in this world, it seems that he is so much. Heart.

Iida Ayano took the contract and carefully put it back in her bag. The dashi hanging in her heart finally fell. Yesterday, because Wang Hao came very suddenly, she did not prepare the contract for signing in advance, so she had to let the other party go back first.

Although Wang Hao promised to sign the contract tomorrow, Iida Ayano was still afraid that he would submit his paper to other publishing houses. After all, neither party signed the contract. If the other publishing house dug a corner, there would be no place to cry.

The president Marue Horiuchi and other seniors learned that Wang Hao had not signed a contract with Shueisha, and even came over to talk to her a lot. For example, all the hopes of Shueisha fell on her. Don't let everyone down. .

Under great pressure, Iida Ayano prepared a contract personally, and checked every clause in it several times.

I finally signed a contract today, and I am happier as an editor than the author himself, but I can finally go back to work, and the task is successfully completed.

"Next, I will be the exclusive editor of the Lord God teacher. I will try my best to help the Lord Lord teacher if I don't understand. Of course, reminding the manuscript will also be my important job." Ayano Iida laughed heartily. He patted Wang Hao hard on the shoulder. Although he was a bit rude in the neon society, he felt that such behavior was more cordial.

"Come on really white sauce too! I don't worry about your paintings at all, but I hope the narrative ability can be better, such as how about writing the events in life into the comics?" Ayano Iida and Hao Wang After signing the contract, he stretched out his fingers and tapped the table back and forth, looking at Shiina with a serious face and said.

"What should I do then?" Shiina Masashi frowned, and she understood her shortcomings in her heart.

The opposite Wang Hao was surprised. He only knew that Zhenbai was a world-class talented art painter. He never thought that Shiina would draw comics because it was so hard to imagine that it would be unrealistic for a world-class art painter to suddenly draw comics. Right?

The most important thing is that this is the first time he has seen Zhen Bai's expression change, which is different from the previous Gujing Wubo, on his calm face... finally has an annoyed look!

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Chapter 58 The Natural Black Shiina Mashiro (repair)

The waiter walked over with a plate, put the drinks on top one by one, smiled and left. Ayano Iida took a sip of the coffee and said, “How about trying to write things around in the comics? Of course it can be added. A little h..."

"Wait! Editor Iida, what are you talking about to Jinshiro, something like that is absolutely impossible, and how can Jinshiro be a cartoonist?" Wang Hao hurriedly interrupted what Iida Ayano was about to say next, he would not allow it. There is no doubt that it is really white to get in touch with h comics and the like!

"Didn't I say that? Zhen Baijiang and the god master teacher are both cartoonists under my charge, and I am also the two exclusive editors."

Iida Ayano curled her lips. The current comics have a bit of meat. She thinks her proposal is not bad. She glanced at the innocent Shiina really white, and suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of guilt. It dimmed, and regretfully continued: "Zhen Baichan is really good at painting, but her ability to tell stories..."

So, after listening to Iida Ayano’s explanation, Wang Hao learned that Shiina Shiro is still a cartoonist. No wonder that the manga manuscript was seen last time when I went to Zhenbai’s room. The style is indeed outstanding and flawless, but he is not in terms of plot content. I know too much. After all, he only read one page last time and didn't read it all, so he can't draw conclusions too early.

But as Shiina Mashiro's editor, Iida Ayano, who just personally denied Mashiro's ability to tell stories, made Wang Hao a little curious about the content of the manga, so he took a chance to read the manga before drawing conclusions.

One thing he really couldn't figure out was that Shiina Masashira has amazing talents in painting. As long as he persists, he will definitely leave a strong mark in the art world. Why did he choose to become a manga artist?

In the eyes of most people, the achievements of cartoonists will always be one grade or even lower than that of artists.

For example, Toriyama Akira, Kishimoto Kishi, and Oda Eiichiro, the Taishan Beidou in the comics world, if someone compares them with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, it will definitely trigger a lot of discussion. This is a secular concept.

But Shiina Mashiro chose to become a cartoonist, and Wang Hao would not stop him. Instead, he would silently follow her growth and lend a hand when Mashiro encounters difficulties.

Moreover, he is not qualified to deny other people's ideals, nor do other people. What Wang Hao has to do is to take care of Shiina, not to wantonly plan her life and future.

"Ho, do I have to add h to the comic?"

Shiina was puzzled and tilted his head, with doubts in his amber pupils, seeking answers from Wang Hao.

"How is it possible?! Anyway, things like h shouldn't appear in really white comics. If you don't understand something, you can ask me, I believe it will help you." Wang Hao stretched out his hand and gently held his forehead. Things have to be far away from true white. Regarding the plot content of the comics, he can help.

"Great, I am relieved that the god master teacher can help Zhenshiro-chan." Ayano Iida has a happy expression on her face. Her other task is to cultivate Shiina's storytelling ability. Now the author of "Dragon Ball" is willing to cultivate Shiina It's really white, of course it is good news for her, after all, she can't do anything about it.

"In other words, what is the relationship between the god master teacher and Zhenbai sauce?"

In the manga world, few manga artists train others to draw manga by themselves, unless they are their own manga assistants or someone who has a good relationship, which happens to burn Iida Ayano's gossip heart.

"Hao is my owner."

A fluttering word came out of Shiina’s pure white mouth. Wang Hao immediately broke into a cold sweat, and the surrounding temperature seemed to drop more than ten degrees. The sights of Aoyama Nanami and Iida Ayano instantly sharpened, with obvious murderous intent. Unanimously staring at him quietly.