"This is really accidental."

By now, Wang Hao was also a little bit dumbfounded. After a long time of trouble, it turned out that the other party had known the location of Qiushui Villa and lived nearby. His fate was really clever...

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Chapter 60 The Two Missed...(Repair)

"Why does Qihaijiang do this part-time job?"

Most high schools in Neon explicitly prohibit students from going out to work. The Shengqi College where Wang Hao is studying also has this rule. Just like An Yilun also tried to hide that he was doing part-time jobs, but it seems that Yuechan already knew about this... …

This afternoon, Wang Hao also saw An Yilun standing in front of the office and taking a few deep breaths, and then walked in with a resolute attitude. He didn't care. He thought it should be part-time work, right?

Although he is not very clear about the school rules of the high school affiliated to Shuiming University of the Arts, before Wang Hao sent Zhenbai to school, he carefully investigated it and the school rules seemed quite strict.

Well, but Chihiro Chihiro who is a teacher has done this, Wang Hao doesn't have to worry too much. If Chihiro An Yilun's class teacher is Chihiro Chihiro, I would be moved to tears...

Then I thought about it, and suddenly talked about this kind of privacy topic with a girl who hadn’t known each other for a long time. Wang Hao instantly regretted it. Since Qingshan Qihai’s performance in the coffee shop just now, it’s not like a vain girl, so sure It is because of some difficulties.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry to talk about this topic suddenly." Wang Hao said apologetically. The atmosphere in the car was silent for a while. Through the rearview mirror, he observed that Qingshan Qihai lowered his head slightly, and his guilt was deeper.

For a moment, Aoyama Qikai's lowered head lifted up again, showing no restraint in the past, showing a smiling and sunny expression, waving her clenched small fists, looking like a vigorous young girl, grateful Said: "Because I am very short of money now, Haosang is really a great help to me in this job. I will definitely bring up the twelve spirits to complete the work, thank you!"

"Qihaijiang is so energetic, it's great to keep doing it in this state, maybe in the future, salary and bonus will be increased~" Wang Hao smiled, and the relaxed expression on his face returned to him. This positive attitude is infected. What life needs is this kind of calm attitude. "Don't refuse Qihaijiang. Other companies treat outstanding employees like this. Although I may not be as proud as them, I am now Anyway, I am also a cartoonist."

"Thank you, senior is really a good person." Qingshan Qihai whispered what was in her heart, and suddenly recalled something important, her face flushed, and her tone was flustered: "Sorry, Haosang shouldn't like me calling senior... …"

In fact, Qingshan Qihai didn't know what was going on. Although Wang Hao seemed to be about the same age as her, he was very mature in dealing with people, making people feel like an adult stepping into society.

In addition, at this age, he has successfully created a comic that can be serialized in Shueisha, so Qikai Aoyama subconsciously treats Wang Hao as an adult.

I felt this way when I first met, but I don’t seem to like to treat him as a senior. Qingshan Qikai cried out inwardly, I heard that most of the authors have hidden little characters...

"No, according to the name Qihaijiang you like, seniors sound pretty smooth, I don't mind..." Wang Hao helplessly stretched out his fingers and scratched his nose. The world has lived for 34 years, and he is considered the last uncle with a youthful appearance, right?

But let’s just forget about sending good people cards. It’s a bit inappropriate to be a good person at such a young age...


In Setagaya District, outside the gate of Qiushui Mountain Villa, an extended limousine was parked by the aisle. Inside were two pretty girls. One of the blonde girls was Erina Narakiri. She changed The usual calmness and dignity is completely an angry expression with gritted teeth, even a faint black air lingers around.

The other person with purple-red hair next to Erina Nagiri’s secretary-Nito Hisago, has a look and body that is not inferior to Erina Nakiri, but he admires Erina very much and is willing to be the green leaf by her side. , People gave the nickname "Secretary".

"Fishsha, what time is it now?"

Nagiri Erina asked impatiently, her speech pressure was very low, and inexplicably made people feel that there was a wave of anger.

Nito Hisazai raised his right wrist, glanced at the time on the watch, respectfully said, "Master Erina, the time is 4:11 in the afternoon."

"I can't believe it! That man actually made me wait for more than an hour! Don't you know how precious my time is?" Nakiri Erina's suppressed anger broke out. Yesterday, grandpa suddenly told himself that he would take time when he was free tomorrow. Go and help the down-and-out common people learn cooking.

Although I was reluctant in my heart, this was after all my grandfather's request. Erina Nagiri listened very much to Nagiri Senzaemon since she was a child, so she agreed, and deliberately rejected the pre-appointed tasting. The hateful man unexpectedly broke his appointment!!

"Hisasha, you throw this at the door, and we will go back to Tomotsu." Erina Nagiri took out a bound booklet. This is the cooking materials she worked hard to sort out last night. This was what she wanted to do. He left, but after all he agreed to Grandpa.

Humph!After leaving the information there, she fulfilled her obligations. She won't take care of whoever finds it.

"Hay! Master Erina."

Nito Feisha took the booklet with both hands, pushed the car door and walked down, walked slowly to the door of Qiushui Mountain Villa, dropped the booklet around the door, and returned to the car again.

A deep and powerful roar sounded, and the limousine that had stayed here for more than an hour started slowly, passing by a black Maybach around the corner...


"It's strange, where did that car seem to be seen."

Wang Hao frowned, and when he turned the window to look back, he had lost his car. It should be his own illusion. After all, most cars look the same, but why do they feel like deja vu?

After being curious for a short while, Wang Hao didn’t bother with this problem. He drove the car to a stop outside the gate of Qiushui Mountain Villa, looked at the green mountains and seven seas in the back seat, pointed his finger at the retro building outside the window, and said, “Here is Qiu Shui Villa, Qihaijiang will send Zhenbai here in the future."

"Sure enough, it's right here. I live in a nearby community, so I'll take care of the transportation of Zhenbaijiang!"

Qingshan Qikai picked up his schoolbag, gently opened the door and walked down, not forgetting to close the door, and walked forward. He waved back and smiled and said, "Bye, see you tomorrow."

Chapter 61: Mr. TAKI (Repair)

The sky is now tinted with a faint dusk, and Wang Hao is watching the disappearing back of the green mountains and seven seas. Should youth be as full of vigor as her?

Wang Hao has never thought about this issue, but he will definitely spend his youth in the future, and he can only guarantee this.

Walking down from the driving position, the closed door was unable to allow vehicles to enter. Wang Hao held the key in his hand. As soon as he arrived at the door, he found a booklet lying on the ground with the words'Cooking Basics' printed on the cover.

In his past memory, almost no one would litter in front of his house, because there was a trash can not far away, and it didn’t look like the trash thrown by others. Wang Hao bent over and reached out and picked it up. Gently flicked the dust underneath.

and many more!After carefully examining the "basics of cooking" in his hand, he suddenly remembered the luxury car that had just passed by. There was no intersection between the brochure and the luxury car, but Wang Hao suddenly connected the two. , Isn’t that luxury car the one I saw yesterday?!

Wang Hao smiled bitterly. He only asked Nagiri Senzaemon last night. The information on the ground should have been left by the tsundere eldest lady, Erina Nagiri, who seemed to be late...

"I have to apologize next time when we meet, and thank you again by the way."

If Nagiri Erina came from school by herself, then at least he had waited here for an hour, and Wang Hao was also very ashamed of this.

After putting away the "cooking basics" in his hand, the only way to apologize is to wait for the next meeting.


Returning to the room, Wang Hao carefully looked through the information left by Nagiri Erina. Most of the content was about cooking skills. The key points were circled by himself, and a few simple dishes were listed as examples. square.

It took him half an hour before he finished reading the'Cooking Basics'. Although Nagiri Erina had been talking about common people's cooking yesterday, it turned out that the essence was still duplicity.

It's not pure arrogance, but after arrogance, there will still be the typical kind of Jiao rubbing tired.

This material has given him a lot of insight. Although he can cook in his previous life, he can only be regarded as an average rookie at best. He does not know many of the most basic skills. Now with professional elite guidance, Wang Hao has begun to accept the system gradually. Learning.

I'm looking for a chance to try it tonight. As for now, I have to work hard and spend the rest of my time drawing manga. If you want to finish Dragon Ball in three years, then the update will definitely be three times the original Toriyama Akira!

The plot kept coming up in his mind. Wang Hao quickly sketched various lines with his pen. All he had to do was to print the picture in his mind on paper. It seemed very simple, but the process could not be sloppy.



Wang Hao sighed lightly, and after drawing for more than an hour, his arm muscles became a bit stiff. This is because his physical fitness is far superior to ordinary people. If ordinary people maintain the speed of one page for five minutes, regardless of whether they can draw, Physical and mental strength alone is enough to make them tired.

However, I completed the manuscript in person, and it was worth the tiring.