"At least you should think about it yourself, Guishu."

"I do not know."

"It's the speed at which the cherry blossoms fall, five centimeters per second."


The peerless pictures were not affected by these few words. Rather, it gave a touch of warmth. Before reading the name of this novel, An Yilun also knew the speed of the cherry blossoms falling at five per second. The speed of centimeters is slowly falling, which is exactly five centimeters per second.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the beautiful things in the world will be transformed into streamers and penetrated in. It can be said that this background image has also become a cherry-colored light, washing his heart.


The fingers that were stiff in the air began to move, scrolling the mouse gently, An Yilun also took a breath, the poor word count and the scary click formed a sharp contrast, and the score on the side was as high as 9.7 points, which is hard to imagine. This small website has attracted so many people just by relying on it.

Without continuing to scroll to see the comments below, An Yilun is also one of the most intolerable things. It is also a very common thing. He hates any spoilers in advance.

He suddenly remembered that nightmare day. He had just bought a long-awaited new work. He didn’t expect to accidentally collide with others when he walked out of the store. As a result, the game fell to the ground, and that name also seemed to belong to Ah Zhai. The comrade picked it up with glowing eyes and gave it to him.

The plot was still normal here, and then something painful happened to him, because the A Zhai who bumped into him was apologetic, and then enthusiastically told about the plot development of the game.

At that moment, he suddenly lost interest in the game he had been looking forward to for a long time and had spent a lot of time working for it...

But this time, no one was spoiling the news. Yilun An also calmed down. He was a little curious as to why the speed of five centimeters per second attracted so many people. You must know that this is an unknown website and other big names that have long been famous. The websites are not comparable at all.

As for data fraud?In any case, he would not believe it, because the author of this book is a close friend of him. If he doesn't even trust his friends, he will probably be alone for a lifetime.

I clicked on the catalog with a speed of five centimeters per second. In the first chapter, Sakura copied only four short chapters. Although I already knew the number of words, I would inevitably be a little disappointed.

"Eh -, I hope it can really bring me an accident..."

An Yilun also lightly clicked on the first chapter copied by the cherry blossoms, and appreciated this work with a calm and watery heart. With such a beautiful and warm background, the work itself is certainly not much different.



A soft voice came quietly, and he couldn't even hear the footsteps from the floor. Shiina Shiro did not know when he had come behind Wang Hao, and he was a little startled. True white's stealth skills are almost comparable to Kato Kei. .

Megumi Kato and Mashiro Shiina have a sense of existence that is like a world of difference. They are both lovely and beautiful girls. Mashiro Shiina is destined to attract attention no matter where they go. Why is Kato Megumi's presence so thin Almost invisible, even if the gap is not so big.

No matter how Wang Hao thinks about this, he can't figure it out, and the weird thing is why he mentioned Kato's name at this time...

"You are here, have you brought the'comic work' well?"

Wang Hao shook his head. Of course he knew how Zhenbai came in, because the door of his room was deliberately half-covered and not closed, so that Shiina could get in easily.

If you close the door properly, an unexpected plot of dog blood may happen again. After all, this is a girl who lacks common sense, but this stealth skill is really a bit scary.

In addition, he deliberately bit the pronunciation in the "comic work". He didn't want to wait a while to get another really white work of art. This would undermine his confidence in painting. Not everyone has the talent of true white. Most It is normal for people to feel inferior in front of her.

Although Wang Hao didn't feel inferior, after seeing those works, he always felt that the gap between Zhen Bai and herself was too big. That way she was too far away, like lying on the grass and stretching out her hand could never touch the sky.

He really didn't like this sense of distance compared to Zhen Bai who was within reach.

"I brought it, here!"

Shiina Mashiro held a stack of thick paper in both hands, bent over and handed it over, like a student who hadn’t arrived on time and handed in his homework to the teacher, but this student seemed a little too calm, but this Maki is not Is it better?

"Let me take a look at your manuscript first. If you don't mind, just sit in the chair next to you and wait."

After receiving this thick manuscript, Wang Hao weighed the weight in his hand, and the manuscript was half that of a normal rookie cartoonist.

"Yeah." Shiina nodded really white, walked gently to Wang Hao's side and stopped, staring around to observe the layout of the room.

Wang Hao didn't care either. Many girls would subconsciously observe the surrounding environment when they enter the room of the opposite sex for the first time. Even boys are no exception. What he has to do now is to read the real white works carefully.

Turning over the first page of the original manuscript, the exquisite painting style immediately attracted his full attention. Before he opened the second page with curiosity, a group of soft objects suddenly sat on his lap, a faint fragrance. Bashing.

"Do you know what you are doing?"

Wang Hao lowered his head and saw that the anger inside his body suddenly rose up, his voice seemed very dull, and he rolled his throat with difficulty.

At this time, Shiina Masashi sat on him in a terrible posture, because Wang Hao usually sits on a chair in the room, habitually spreading his legs, and Masashi takes advantage of this gap to occupy him, that touch of breathtaking softness Stimulate his limits of reason.

The girl was lying in his arms, and looking down from above, she could see the soft, light yellow long hair falling vertically, clearly emitting the same shampoo smell as her own, but it made Wang Hao's mouth dry. .

Even through the clothes, he can clearly feel the softness, and the tender body in his arms has a charming fragrance that he has not smelled just now.

"I want to be with Hao."

Shiina Masashi gently raised his head, and his amber pupils without a trace of fireworks looked straight at him. The slight Danfeng eyes revealed innocence. Under her gaze, Wang Hao's aroused anger gradually extinguished.

"Let's watch it together, but you have to be obedient and don't move."

With a helpless smile, for the pure white like an elf, it should be caring and pity, and there should be no profanity.

Chapter 65: Five Centimeters Per Second Comic (revised)

In ancient times, Liu Xiahui could not sit and be in chaos. Wang Hao thought he could not reach that level. But after seeing Zhenbai's peaceful eyes, the impetuousness in his heart disappeared like a stranger, leaving only a touch of warmth.

Facing the temptation in front of him, Wang Hao was unable to choose to be a wolf in the end between the inferiority of beasts and beasts, so he quietly appreciated the manuscript in his hand.


Five minutes later, after reading the Zhenbai manuscript quietly, Wang Hao's face became weird, and he finally understood why the manuscript would be rejected as Shiina Zhenbai's world-class painter.

"You should know the reason yourself."

Putting down the manuscript, Wang Hao asked straightforwardly, believing that Shiina really knew this question himself.

"Well, the plot is really boring..."

Lost and nodded, just as Wang Hao thought, Shiina Mashiro knew the reason for a long time. From the beginning to now, he has submitted many articles, but no one passed. Iida Ayano also raised such questions.

Although Shiina Mashiro lacks common sense, he still has his own opinions in his heart. Even a genius will have the same things as ordinary people.

"The plot is really boring, it can be said that it is completely brainless. There are too many places that people don't understand. It can make readers crazy."

Wang Hao is outspoken. Since he has decided to teach Zhenbai to learn manga, he should clearly point out the flaws.


Shiina Makishi only said this sentence, and his mood was obviously lowered. It is unbearable to criticize a girl in this way, but using white lies will only make Makiro go further and further on the wrong path, so Wang Hao decided to tell the truth.

"First of all, let’s talk about the style of painting. You have made every character too perfect, and you can hardly find any flaws. Any passerby can be comparable to the protagonist in appearance. The most important thing is that the character is too peaceful. ! Not only the male protagonist has a peaceful personality, but other characters including the male protagonist's rivals have become popular. Although this is only a comic, it is really boring due to the same setting of all characters."

The character of the protagonist of the comics is too important. No matter what the characters in the comics are, they have their own unique personalities, such as optimism, black belly, arrogant, passionate, etc. It is the unique personality that gives the character’s soul and allows readers to be more Clearly understand the nature of manga.