However, Shiina's manga has a setting that is impossible to see in other manga. All characters have the same personality, and it is impossible to reflect the strong personal charm of manga characters.

He paused and got up from the chair, Wang Hao walked to the other side of the bed and sat down. He could look directly at Shiina Zhenbai just face to face, and continued to speak.

"Then there is the most important plot. Your comic content is simply despising everyone! Finally, a love rival appears. Why did he disappear inexplicably just after he appeared on the scene? Even the cute pet dog is not let go, is it? Because it is a pet of a rival in love, should it disappear for granted?! And please don't underestimate love, there is no love in the world that is so smooth that you can't imagine it, even if it is fictional, it is impossible!"

Wang Hao said what he wanted to say in one breath, and noticed that his tone was a little excited, but Zhenbai was so naive in terms of plot that he disappointed him.

As a manga artist, Shiina Mashiro can be said to be not even a newcomer in other aspects except the painter. If divided into four test papers, he will not hesitate to give the painter a full 100 points. As for the other three Zhangjuanzi is absolutely no exception, all scores are zero.

On a comprehensive average, it is considered a just-qualified cartoonist to maintain an average of 60 points per subject, while Zhenbai only has 25 points per subject on average. These scores are all obtained by painting skills.

It really disappointed him, but Wang Hao did not continue to criticize. After all, Zhenbai still lacked a lot of life experience in life, and it was almost a blank sheet of paper with no trace.


Shiina Masashiro's current voice is still as flat as water, and it is difficult to find the loss if you don't listen carefully.

But Wang Hao still noticed, and sighed softly. It seems that what he said just now was a bit too much.

"Don't worry about the aspects I mentioned just now, and I will teach you slowly."

The reason why Wang Hao said the shortcomings just now is to make Zhenbai clear about the shortcomings of a cartoonist, but it seems that he has noticed these a long time ago, and he is very pleased that he has not refuted it.

On the other hand, Shiina is really a genius painter after all, but he has no trace of arrogance.

"Then please teach me how to shape the character, and how to create the plot, please!"

Zhen Bai raised his low head, with a serious expression on his face, and asked earnestly.

"Well, even if you suddenly say that..."

Wang Hao said with some embarrassment that the teaching just now really had to be implemented. He didn't know where to start for a while. It was obviously impossible for Zhenbai to restore common sense suddenly.

All cartoonists have come here one step at a time. It is impossible for Wang Hao to reap success without paying. He has made changes to the speed of five centimeters per second and Dragon Ball. Starting from setting the goal of creating a two-dimensional empire, he began to Work silently.

For example, there are a lot of related materials in the room, which are all co-produced books about games, manga, and animation. When he is free, he will often read it, and now he is exposed to a lot of new knowledge.

The topic is a bit far off, but what I want to express is that it takes time and effort to get closer to the goal.

Many people in the comics world are now respected as "teachers". They basically start from other people's comic assistants. They work for several years, and gradually learn all kinds of knowledge before they try to make their debut.

Wait... Comic Assistant?!

"I currently have a work that is very suitable for real white. It is a work I am creating. The name is "Five Centimeters Per Second". Your painting style is fully up to the requirements. Just follow the plot development above to draw, so that you can accumulate some experience! What do you think?"

Wang Hao clapped his hands excitedly, and the beautiful and touching style of painting created by Zhenbai last time has made him unforgettable.

At the beginning, he never thought about giving comics to five centimeters per second, because it is difficult to express the touchingness in a novel with pictures at a speed of five centimeters per second. Especially as a comic, it is even more difficult. It requires a cartoonist's style to the extreme, so He gave up the idea, or never thought about it at all.

However, "Five Centimeters Per Second" seems to be a tailor-made work for Shiina Masaki. With the majestic style of painting and the melancholy plot, Wang Hao's eyes have already seen the ending...

Chapter 66 Recommendation (Revision)

It is obviously impossible to let Shiina Masai know how to shape characters and create plots directly. The best way at the moment is to let Masai be a manga assistant by his side, but he thinks this is a little overkill. After all, Masai is a painter. It is very good.

He doesn't need to teach the basic knowledge anymore. It's better to let Zhenbai teach him as a painter, but as a cartoonist, Wang Hao can find out Zhenbai's flaws.

Besides, he already knew that Zhenbai's dream is to become a cartoonist, so he specially studied abroad from the UK to Neon. Wang Hao admired this aspect very much, so he wanted to help Zhenbai realize his dream as much as possible.

Although it is very practical to be a manga assistant one step at a time, but it takes several years to waste time, so Wang Hao thought of a bold idea, let Shiina Zhenbai create manga at a speed of five centimeters per second without manga in the previous life!

I provide my own scripts and scripts and write by Zhenbai, so that Zhenbai will more or less understand how normal comics should be created.

I believe that this will make her improve, and in addition to Shiina Zhenbai who can express that kind of aesthetic style in Second Five, he really can't think of any other candidates. Even if there is someone with a similar style of painting, he will not. Outsiders...

"Just now really Bai, your work should be a love type? It seems that you like it very much, but you don't understand true love at all, and the "Five Centimeters Per Second" I created is a theme related to love."

Wang Hao smiled softly, staring at Shiina's true white Danfeng eyes, his tone was very sincere, he paused, and continued to add: "I will prepare each character's dialogue in advance for you, because you have serious defects in the storyboard. So the initial script will do as much detail as possible for you, and the rest requires you to draw characters and fill in the blank parts of the background."

"Of course, you have to show it to me for inspection when you are finished. If you fail to pass, you must draw it again. After you gradually become familiar with the method of splitting, leave it to you to grasp it so that you can quickly make up for the split. The deficiencies in the above, the plot will definitely be greatly improved."

"Isn’t your dream to become a cartoonist? As long as you take over the creation of this cartoon, you can definitely make your debut as a cartoonist in the shortest time. I believe that after Second Five is over, you will be able to create My own cartoon."

"Of course, there is another option, which is to be a comic assistant by my side, but this will waste a lot of time, and you can't make a debut right away. The effect may not be as good as the previous choice. Whether to become a comic assistant or to create comics with me , The two paths depend on which one you choose?"

Wang Hao directly gave Shiina Masaki two choices. He thinks Masaki is better to choose the second one, because he already has a very deep drawing skills and there is no need to learn in many places, but he just gives suggestions and really makes The choice was Shiina Mashiro himself.

He stood up and took the water glass on the table and took a sip of water slowly. He was waiting for Zhenbai's choice.

"I... want to create comics with Hao!"

Zhenbai said this in a loud voice, completely different from the usual soft-spoken words, full of firmness, so that Wang Hao who was drinking water almost swallowed it and quickly put down the water glass in his hand with a light cough.

"This is really great. I will give you the second five script tomorrow. It's not early today. Go back to sleep."

At first, it was coded on the mobile phone because of its convenience, so the Miawu manuscript has not been printed out yet, so I just need to print it out on a computer.

"Well, Hao good night."

"Good night, really white."

Shiina Mabai rubbed her eyes in a daze, got up from the chair, turned and walked out the door. Wang Hao looked at the petite back of the other party with a smile, and then buried his head in preparation to print the second five script.



An Yilun also choked and sobbed, and from time to time she wiped her tears with a tissue. There were already many paper balls in the trash can.

"Obviously, it's just that Guishu and Mingli met, why I am like this, but I am so touched, this is definitely a rare masterpiece, oooooo..."

As a serious death house, An Yilun will be happy and happy for the characters in the work, whether it is playing games, watching fans, reading light novels, etc., as if he has entered that world, but always only Can be regarded as a bystander.

Continuing to cry silently, An Yilun also flipped through it again at a speed of five centimeters per second. This novel, which currently has only four short chapters, allowed him to read it at least dozens of times.

When the tears were running dry, An Yilun stopped reading, instead staring at the five-centimeter-per-second click to feel dissatisfied. Such a magical work should be on fire everywhere, even if the number of words is small now, this fact cannot be denied.

Reaching out and pushing the black-framed glasses, it's time to make your debut, let the culture of the second element spread to a wider place!

An Yilun also quickly opened multiple pages in the browser, quickly tapped the keyboard with his fingers, and kept typing on various well-known websites one after another, logging in to his account.

Blogs, Twitter, Weibo... a dozen or so websites of various large and small forums have been opened, and the id of each website is called "TAKI Jun", and the number of fans is very large, especially blogs There are hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter.

That's right, what he has to do now is to fulfill the agreement with his friends, because this work impressed him, so the next step is to recommend five centimeters per second to those who follow him.

This kind of classic masterpiece cannot be submerged by dust. An Yilun already knows that five centimeters per second will be a big fire in the future. All that is needed is the precipitation of time, but he has the obligation to promote this work to more people as soon as possible.

With the emotion left by watching Second Five, An Yilun also posted a post on Twitter first.