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Chapter 67 Let's go to school together!(repair)

In the early morning of the next day, Wang Hao woke up on time when the sun was rising, casually put on his clothes, walked to the bathroom to wash, and then began to walk to the kitchen.

The next step is to prepare breakfast and a lunch box for real white lunch. With the'cooking foundation' left by Nagiri Erina, the cooking should be smoother. From the appearance, the finished cooking is obviously one or two higher than before. Wang Hao personally tasted the taste, and it always felt very homely, not bad.

Satisfied that he packed the bento carefully, and brought out the breakfast along the way, but Shiina was not really white at the table. Could it be that he was sleeping again?

Just about to go upstairs and wake Zhen Bai to get up, a slightly lazy figure appeared at the top of the stairs, gently rubbing his confused eyes with his little hands, looking in the direction where Wang Hao was, and said softly, "Good morning, Hao. "

"Good morning, breakfast is ready." Wang Hao said hello with a smile, and pulled a chair beside him to let Zhen Bai sit down.

He raised his head and glanced at Shiina Zhenbai quietly. Because Zhenbai has very little appetite, Wang Hao also specially prepared a meal for her. Although Zhenbai usually eats slowly, she seemed to be in a strange state this morning, as if she was very tired. .

"Did you not sleep last night? If you feel unwell, you should say it well."

Wang Hao frowned unconsciously, and after careful observation, Shiina really white and two faint dark circles under his eyes, he should have just stayed up late.

"Well, because last night, I knew I was going to create comics with Hao, so..."

Shiina Masashi shook his head, then nodded immediately, and said happily.

"I said, are you still the kind of elementary school student who can't sleep excitedly at night because of the spring outing the next day?"

Knowing the reason, Wang Hao was even more speechless. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his really white head, which was really reassuring.

"But I'm already a high school student..."

Shiina really white mumbled dissatisfiedly, and Fengyan looked at Wang Hao seriously with a solemn appearance.


Well, this reason is really irrefutable, but how can other high school students be like you!Being unable to sleep because of excitement, it's completely the style of elementary school students!

With a helpless shrug, Wang Hao sighed heavily. Recently, how did he become spitting about himself? Not long ago, he was still a taciturn teenager.

"I know, but since Zhenbai is a high school student, this kind of thing won't happen in the future, I have to sleep well."

Continuing to babble with heartfelt words, not only did he become vomiting, he seemed to be developing in the direction of a full-time woman and man.

If you live together with an ordinary beautiful girl, the treatment you and Zhenbai receive should be completely reversed. For example, the beautiful girl who lives together will wake up with Good Morning kiss every morning...

Haha, forget what I said just now, it's impossible to think about it.


After breakfast was fast, Wang Hao simply packed up the tableware, freshened and dressed Shiina Zhenbai again, and then took Zhenbai into the car and slowly drove out of the Qiushui Villa.

"Good morning, Nanami sauce."

He just drove to the door, and the single ponytail girl in a water-ming school uniform in front of him gave him a moment of surprise, then shook the window of the car and shouted with her head exposed.

"Good morning Haosang, I was really surprised to meet Haosang here."

Qingshan Qihai hurriedly turned around, saw a flash of surprise on the face of Queen Wang who called him, and said with a slight smile.

"Did Qihaijiang forget that this is my home? I only came here yesterday. I am really sad when you say that..."

Wang Hao looked at Qingshan Qihai and didn't know why. He always wanted to tease this serious girl, so he made a sad expression on his face, pretending to sigh.

"Ah, no! I mean I met Haojun here so early. This is the first time I have met Haojun when I moved to a nearby community." Qingshan Qihai's pretty face blushed, and he was obviously confused when speaking. Seeing a faint white smoke surrounding her.

"Sure enough, the shy Nanami sauce is even cuter."

Since seeing Qingshan Qihai who is serious about people yesterday, Wang Hao has been a little curious about the curious side of this girl.

"Senior... don't tease me."

Qingshan Qihai lowered his head slightly, and Wang Hao lightly scratched his nose in embarrassment. It seemed that what he said just now seemed a bit overwhelming. He immediately stopped the topic and said without a trace: "Qihaijiang is going to school, right? I just happened to send Zhenbai to school, if you don't mind, come together."

"Thank you, seniors are troubled."

Qingshan Qihai raised his head again, and after a little hesitation, he bowed gently, opened the door and sat in.

In the eyes of Qingshan Qihai, Wang Hao is like a very reliable senior, he is also very mature and gentle in person. He should vaguely understand his situation, so he accepted his kindness.

"Seven sea sauce, can you agree to a small request?"

After waiting for the Qingshan Seven Seas vehicle, Wang Hao stepped on the accelerator, and the slow Maybach began to speed up gradually, asking casually.

"Yes, if you can help Senior."

"If you meet Qihaijiang in the morning, go to school with Zhenbai."

"Thank you, senior is really a good person."

The clever Qingshan Qihai immediately understood what Wang Hao meant. The other party really understood his situation, so he would help him as much as possible in this way.

Although the fare of neon rides on subways and trams is much cheaper than that of taxis, it is also a big cost that accumulates every day.

In fact, yesterday, when I heard Qihai Qingshan said that he was short of money, Wang Hao decided to help this strong girl as much as possible, and as a high school student, her life pressure was too great, she must be doing some part-time jobs, at least It's not easier than An Yilun.

Of course, Wang Hao will not directly raise the salary of Qingshan Qihai or the like. Such a strong girl is actually more delicate and delicate than ordinary people, and often has a strong self-esteem. If he really suddenly increases her salary, I am afraid it will be considered as sympathizing and pitying her.

So you have to change your strategy, and help with the trivial matters in life as much as possible, and the other person will be willing to accept it, so that your self-esteem will not be damaged.

"It's okay, but Qihaijiang will stop talking about being nice people in the future. This is really a bit heartbreaking."

However, Wang Hao felt that it was necessary to correct Qingshan Qihai's view of him, and that good people cards should not be sent casually. In case they are really good people for the rest of their lives, this would be embarrassing...

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Chapter 68 The Mind of Kanda Sorata (Repair)

After driving for more than 20 minutes, Wang Hao finally arrived at his destination. The low-key black Maybach stopped quietly not far from the entrance of the High School Affiliated to Shuming University of Arts.

He got out of the driving position, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and gently pulled the car door like a gentleman, waiting for Shiina Mashiro and Aoyama Nanami to get off.

Although it's still early, many students have come and go. His move immediately attracted the attention of many people. In addition to Wang Hao's good looks, the low-key Maybach around him also added a lot. fraction.

Human nature in reality is like this. It can't be said to be good or bad. Even if many students around me watched it intentionally or unintentionally, no one was approaching at this moment, and all kinds of sights passed by. Wang Hao didn't care much about it.