With his current state of mind, he can maintain his peace in most situations.

"Senior, I really appreciate it!"

However, Aoyama Qihai is not like him. Many students from the same school pay attention to it. It is inevitable that there will be some restraints and tensions, and even a shy flash of imperceptible shyness. So after getting off the bus, he hurried away from Wang Hao. .

Even so, the moment Qingshan Qihai got off the car, it still aroused many students' discussions.


"That girl is wearing our school uniform. Is it another eldest lady? But it didn't appear in my intelligence. A mistake..."

It was a teenager with glasses who was talking. He pushed his glasses and murmured to the burly short-haired teenager next to him, his tone full of surprise.

"You only think of the eldest lady in your mind. That's not a eldest lady. It's Aoyama Qikai, an executive member of the Student Union, a standard honor student."

The companion of the boy with glasses glanced at him, looked at Qingshan Qikai without a trace, and continued to whisper: "But what is the relationship between Qingshan and that guy..."

"Could it be that you like Qingshan Qihai?! I thought you, a guy with well-developed limbs, just thought about muscles all day long!" The glasses-boy's ears moved, and he looked at his companion incredulously, as if he had met this for the first time. A buddies.

"Hehe, can you repeat what you just said? Recently, my ears are a little bad..."

The short-haired boy smiled coldly, his face well concealed his inner feelings, stood still and moved his joints, he could clearly hear the sound of bones, it was completely a bad image of gearing up.

"I said today's weather is really good, it suits Iguchi for your muscle training."


Hearing that, the short-haired boy called Iguchi stopped his stretching activities, once again looked deeply at the back of Qingshan Qikai, turned his head to the glasses boy and said, "Let's go."


"Don't mind, it's all trivial matters. Besides, isn't it right for seniors to help juniors?"

Wang Hao waved his hand, saying this a little loudly, trying to let the students in the distance hear it.

Wang Hao heard a lot of comments that he believed to be "quiet" around him, and his reputation didn't matter, it could not affect Qingshan Qihai's reputation at school.

With the grateful sight cast by Qingshan Qikai, he just smiled, then turned and shouted into the car: "It's really white, it's already at school."


Shiina was not affected by the surroundings at all. The moment she got off the car, she looked like a girl walking out of the painting. The unidentified spectators who were discussing around stopped and stared at this amazing girl.

The air suddenly calmed down. There may not be many people who knew Aoyama Nanami, but Shiina Mashiro immediately became a man of the day since she transferred to school yesterday. He was even praised as a myth in the art department. Almost all the students and teachers on the campus knew about it. Her existence.

Mysterious transfer students, beautiful girls of outstanding beauty, world-class talented painters...No matter where you start from, you can instantly become topical characters.

Even in just one day, a'True White Guards' was set up secretly on the campus, and most of the members were from the art department...

After getting out of the car, Zhen Bai walked slowly to Wang Hao's side, and gently tugged at the corner of his clothes, and immediately gathered a lot of tangible sights around him staring at him.

Wang Hao couldn't help but sighed, and helplessly tossed his true white and delicate face, and said: "Next, you should go to school with Qihaijiang. I'm going to school too. After school in the afternoon, I have to go back with Qihaijiang. Home."

Shiina Mashiro nodded obediently, and walked to the side of Aoyama Qikai with an elegant catwalk. He was really a well-behaved child.

"Nichihai sauce, really Bai asked you at school, thank you."

"Senior don't need to do this, these are what I should do." Qikai Aoyama smiled heartily, and walked into the school gate with Shiina Shiba. Wang Hao pulled the door and sat in the driving position, and directly started the car toward Shengzaki Academy.


"What's wrong? It's not like Sorata's style."

In the crowd, a handsome-looking boy with a height of about 1.68 meters, wearing a water college uniform, a thin body, and a very ordinary-looking male high school student, stared at the white figure in a daze like most of the people present, and was suddenly caught A handsome man wearing rimless glasses patted his shoulder and said with a grin.

Kanda Sora was shocked too suddenly, and when he found out that he knew someone, he let out a sigh of relief, and then said faintly: "Senior Mitaka, what are you talking about? I'm just a little curious why Qingshan is with that girl, and senior When did you walk without sound?"

"is it?"

Mitakahi narrowed his eyes and a chuckle at the corner of his mouth. He patted Kanda Sorata's shoulder again, and said meaningfully, "If you feel like a heartbeat, you must hurry up. If you want to know about her, Nanami-chan might help. You, but that man is a bit difficult to deal with..."

"So, I'm just a little curious! Why is it like this? I'm not like my predecessors, I can make women pregnant on the road." Kanda Sora curled his lips in dissatisfaction, and spit out a little by the way.

"You kid really dare to say, but if you don't start as soon as possible, don't regret it later."

Mitaka finally took a deep look at Tian Sorata, then turned around and left, and let out a earnest sigh.

A refreshing breeze blew by, and pieces of cherry blossom petals floated in front of you, and the students who had been onlookers walked into the school again talking and laughing. Only Kanda Sora stayed quietly.

If I did what Mitaka said, would Aoyama really tell me about the girl?

Suddenly, there was an inexplicable curiosity in his heart. He remembered what Mitaka had just said and walked into the school absently with the crowd.

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Chapter 69: Second Five and Metronome (Repair)

Arriving at Shengqi Academy, Wang Hao walked into the school with a schoolbag in one hand, and his eyes scanned passing students from time to time. I have to say that the girls’ uniforms are indeed beautiful, especially the exposed white legs, which made him sigh from the bottom of his heart. No wonder girls’ high school students will become a kind of'JK' culture.

In my previous life, I started from elementary school, and the uniforms issued by the school were surprisingly consistent, almost all of which were standard sportswear, and my high school career was no exception.

The students on campus were whispering to each other. Although Wang Hao didn't care about their topics, he vaguely heard An Yilun's name, as if something big happened yesterday.

When he wanted to get closer and listen, the other party immediately changed the subject, which made Wang Hao a little depressed, and then shook his head lightly, and walked quickly to the shoe-changing place, and I would know when I asked him next time.

Opening the shoe cabinet casually, the emptiness made him breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, yesterday's Oolong incident did not continue to happen to him, so he quickly changed his indoor shoes and went upstairs.


As soon as he stepped into the corridor, the lifeless back in front of his field of vision walked bleakly. From this back alone, he could tell that he was a sluggish person, and Wang Hao recognized An Yilun.

"Lun Ye, good morning! But you really scared me when you came so early, and you have a huge difference with your usual stepping style."

Wang Hao ran over and patted An Yilun's back. Except for the day of the school opening ceremony, he really hadn't seen An Yilun also arrive early. He continued to joke: "The sun really rises from the west. I got up, but it's strange, the direction of rising tomorrow morning is in the east."

"Who's fault do you think it is? I sent such a touching work in the middle of the night, and the author is still you. After reading it, it really makes me wonder that you are not the Wang Hao I know, so I will confirm it again. ."

An Yilun also said weakly. He looked at Wang Hao carefully when he was speaking, and observed him several times. He was a little embarrassed to see him, and immediately coughed gently, "The game you recommended to me seems to be called " "Liankong" comes, although there is a bit of H element, there are many notable places, and overall it is really good."

Yesterday, after printing the second five script, Wang Hao took out the Liankong that An Yilun also lent him. At the beginning of hearing the name, he thought it was a game adapted from the novel in his previous life. After playing, I didn’t expect the content to be irrelevant except for the same name!

The game itself is good, but it is not the key. What is important is that Wang Hao re-searched for "Liankong" and found that there is only a game, and no novel version exists.

This means that the'Lian Kong' in the previous life does not really exist, and Wang Hao already has a clue for the next novel.

"Compared to this, the "Five Centimeters Per Second" is really incredible. Even if there are only four short chapters, I am sure it is definitely a classic masterpiece!"

An Yilun also looked excited. His actions surprised Wang Hao. Is this the same Yilun An who is always interested when talking about games?