Unexpectedly, today I actually put aside the discussion of the game, and I just mentioned the game on the initiative, usually here should be staged a missionary to promote culture...

"That's it, this is really a bit dare not to be."

It's fine if he didn't talk about the game. Last night, he just played in a hurry for about an hour. If he talked about it with An Yilun, he would only be perfunctory.

As for his evaluation of Second Five, this was expected by Wang Hao, and a bit unexpected. Most of the discussions on the Internet were good, but the comments were different from those of people I know around him, let alone a senior. Severe House, given such a high evaluation, still gave Wang Hao a shot, which increased a lot of confidence.

"It seems that you are not very clear, Haojun. Five centimeters per second is definitely one of the best works I have ever read! The writing style and vocabulary are too fresh and touching. I am reading another novel with a similar style. I was very touched by that work. After comparing it with the speed of five centimeters per second, it immediately distinguished it."

An Yilun also pushed black-rimmed glasses. It was completely opposite to the malaise just now. At this time, she was completely alive and vigorous. She looked a lot more energetic. He continued to analyze in an orderly manner: "It can be said In the world of light novels shrouded by routines, the appearance of five centimeters per second is like a clear stream. Just now I said that the novel with a similar style is called the Metronome of Love. Judging from the updated chapters, I am afraid that the plot in the later period is very It’s easy to collapse, but I believe Teacher Xia Shizi will definitely get a breakthrough. If Hao is interested, you can go and see."

While commenting, An Yilun also didn't forget to give play to the essence of a missionary, which made Wang Hao a little bit dumbfounded.

Judging from the objective evaluation of the love metronome, he and An Yilun also have similar evaluations, but the second five tends to cause depression, which is more contagious and easily resonates with readers.

"I've also seen the love metronome. The writing is really neat and tidy. I also believe that Teacher Xia Shizi will make another breakthrough."

When it comes to Xia Shizi, Wang Hao smiled knowingly. Although he only met her on the Internet accidentally, judging from the other party’s words and inadvertent emotions, he must be a gentle Yamato Nadeshiko, and he is still confused. Choose a forward character.

"I mean, as long as Haojun persists in writing it down, it will definitely catch fire. Don't give up, otherwise I will definitely send you the blade every day."

Before watching Second Five, An Yilun had doubts about its popularity, but after he watched it, he was immediately dissatisfied with the result, and even worried that Wang Hao might give up the creation of five centimeters per second.

Nowadays, many newcomers who create novels almost persist for a while, and they will give up for various reasons. Finally, they encounter a work that touches him. An Yilun does not want Wang Hao to become one of them.

He also remembered the pain of his childhood, the intermittent half-hanging, which made people helpless. For example, the old thief Fujian finally made the reader fall into the pit, enter the palace and leave the palace for a while, wishing to send a blade to his house every day. .

Hello!Is this the An Yilun I know?!

"Have you actually sent blades to others?" Wang Hao obviously felt that An Yilun also exuded a strong resentment around him. Could this guy really send blades?After thinking about it, it is really possible, and he nodded cautiously and said, "As for the update, you can rest assured. Actually, I have another important thing that I need your help with."

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Chapter 70 Let’s play games together!(repair)

"No problem, what's the matter?"

An Yilun also saw Wang Jie stop and looked at herself with a serious expression, and couldn't help but become curious.

"That's right, does Lun want to change who he is now?"

There was this idea last night. Since Yokoyama Onta joined the Kendo Club, he has gradually become more cheerful and has made great progress than before.

Therefore, Wang Hao hopes that An Yilun can also change.

"Change yourself? I don't think I need to change now. It should be that A Hao wants to appreciate the beauty of the second element earlier..." An Yilun was just halfway through her words, her expression changed from calm to incredible, looking at Wang Hao dumbfounded. , He stammered a bit, and said, "Does Haojun want me to become a current charger?! This is absolutely impossible, three-dimensional or something is too cruel, Haojun must not go astray!"


Hehe, this person is really hopeless, I can only blame myself for not explaining clearly.

Wang Hao’s original intention is to let An Yilun also make games together. Although the other party is a hopeless death house, he believes that his love for the second element will definitely show strong enthusiasm and always keep a serious attitude towards it. .

An Yilun is really good at computer technology and home culture. This is one of the reasons why Wang Hao wants him to play games with himself.

"I mean, is Ren also interested in playing games with me? I'm looking for some like-minded people. I think you are the most suitable candidate!"

Wang Hao clasped his shoulders tightly with his hands, and looked at him with the most sincere gaze that he believed to be the most sincere. His tone was sincere and serious.

"Lun, you have always belonged to consumers. Although you are also doing missionary work, it has not played a fundamental role. After all, it can only be regarded as a consumer dolphin who loves otaku culture. Don’t you think Is it a happy thing to make more people feel happy by making games by yourself?"


"Moses Moses—"

Gently shook An Yilun's shoulders, the other party still looked sluggish, Wang Hao sighed helplessly, and put down his hands.

"Sorry, it's because I didn't think about it well. I forgot that Lun Yejun has part-time jobs. I shouldn't have so much time to do galgame? Forget what I just said, haha—"

I thought that this time everything would be pretty stable, but I didn't expect to make mistakes. Since the other party was unwilling, Wang Hao didn't want to continue embarrassing An Yilun, turning around and preparing to leave quickly.

"Wait! It's not like that!"

Seeing Wang Hao leaving behind, An Yilun finally recovered from the sluggishness and anxiously pulled him.

"Has Lun also changed his mind?"



Wang Hao's mouth twitched for a while, why didn't you hold me?

"Ah! I didn't expect Ah Hao to invite me to do galgame together. I was a little surprised, but I couldn’t recover. Please, please let me and Haojun make galgame together so that more people can feel the beauty of our work. Discover the beauty of the second dimension!" An Yilun also looked excited, looking high-spirited, as if he had seen the future.

Quietly looking at An Yilun, how good it was to make it clear earlier, Wang Hao realized that he didn't know where to start complaining.

But it is still worthy of joy, at least there is one more person now, but two people alone still cannot complete the game.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao said with a slight headache: "Lun can also play games with me, which really helped me a lot, but now there are only two of us, and the situation is a bit not optimistic."

"It's true... it takes a lot of people to make games. I can help with programming and programming. Now that Ahao can write moving works as fast as five centimeters per second, the script can be safely handed over to you."

When it comes to business affairs, An Yilun is also rare to become serious, lowering her head and pondering slightly.

"As for the script, I can provide the outline and the relevant plot, but I alone cannot improve it, and I also need the help of an excellent person. I can also spare time to help with the painting, but I still need professionals. It’s also very difficult for Yejun to be responsible for the technical aspects alone."

Wang Hao objectively analyzed the current situation, and he was faced with serious problems and insufficient staff.

"Um... Ah Hao is right. I will continue to find professionals. I know a very good guy in painting. I will contact you as soon as possible for music. I will try to ask those guys as much as possible. I can rely on Ah Hao."

"No problem, it's really helpful for Lun to do this, and I will find professionals as soon as possible."

"Wow! I feel the enthusiasm is burning, I believe we will be able to create the best galgame in history! It will definitely surprise everyone!"

An Yilun also clenched her fists tightly, eyes filled with two burning flames, her tone was very fanatical, and her whole body exuded a confident aura.

Wang Hao refrained from complaining about the phrase'the best galgame in history', because the person in front of him, is the An Yilun that I really know?In any case, this change is too fast and too big!

The corner of his mouth smiled slightly, isn't this what he hopes to see?At least the current An Yilun is more combative than before, and is no longer the same lifeless look that he used to be all day long.

"By the way, Ren Ye did you do something yesterday? I heard a lot of people talking about you this morning."

Wang Hao suddenly remembered the topic of others this morning, and wanted to continue listening, but in the end he didn't do what he wanted, so he could only wait to ask himself in person.

The business was settled, so Wang Hao began to wonder what An Yilun did yesterday, which caused everyone to whisper and ask casually.

An Yilun was also stunned when he heard the words, and after thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly realized: "It should be that thing!"