"So what is it?"

"Ahao doesn't know?"


If it's clear, I'll ask you why, is it possible that I have eaten too much and I have nothing to do with it?!

An Yilun also obviously noticed this, and gently pushed his glasses, and said directly: "Ahao should know that our college has a rule that students are not allowed to work."

"Although Na Yuechan didn't say anything, she must be clear about my part-time job. I heard others say that Na Yuechan seems to have been criticized by the dean for this."

"Could it be..."

"Well, after school yesterday afternoon, I walked into the teacher's office with a mortal belief. After a fierce debate with the dean, the school finally agreed to my part-time job."

Chapter 71: The second five of the overnight explosion!(repair)

"I underestimated you before, I'm sorry! I didn't expect Ren Ye to hide so deeply. You dared to compete with the dean of academic affairs and won victory. What a warrior—"

Wang Hao sighed deeply. While admiring An Yilun's actions, he was speechless. Who would have thought that this seemingly fragile death house would dare to go and reason with the dean.

And he really convinced the other party that he was a little suspicious that the strict dean of academic affairs in the rumor was actually a very tolerant person?In other words, An Yilun is really persuasive.

do not judge a book by it's cover.

"You guy, how bad is my image in your eyes..."

An Yilun also looked at Wang Hao angrily and murmured dissatisfiedly.

"Want to know?"

"No, forget it."

"It seems that Lun should also be aware that he was a hopeless death house before? Although his hands-on skills are worthy of praise, he is also a qualified consumer dolphin, but now he finally knows himself. It’s great to get started."


Wang Hao looked like he was talking eloquently, and he was a little surprised after he said what he said. What's the matter with this familiar sense of sight?

The situation seemed a bit bad. In addition to learning the skills of Tucao, I actually learned a bit of poison tongue. It really was because I was sitting with Shiyu Xia Zhiqiu and was often attacked by poison tongues from the opponent. Over time, I gradually learned this skill.

That terrible female high school student is at the same table—Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, how deep can this be to influence the character of others directly with words...

An Yilun was also silent for a moment, lowered her head slightly, and suddenly realized that she used to be like that. She shook her head slightly, looked at him firmly, and said, "Although he is very unwilling, Ah Hao said nothing. Wrong, I did what you said before, but it will be different from now on!"

"After that, please give me more advice, Lun Ye."

"I am, I hope Ah Hao can forgive me, and then create the strongest galgame in history!"

The two looked at each other and saw the belief in both eyes, the corners of their mouths smiled knowingly, and they walked towards the classroom with their shoulders on their backs.

Yes, let's create the best game in the world together!


Time passed quietly, and in a blink of an eye it was the third class in the morning.

The mathematics teacher enthusiastically explained the topic on the blackboard. Wang Hao almost knew what the teacher said. Even if he wanted to study hard, he couldn't raise the energy. The next to Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu rarely calmed down and slept gracefully on the desk. , I'm a bit uncomfortable without being poisoned.

Bored in all sorts of boredom, he quietly took out his mobile phone to play around under the desk, clicked on the website of b site, and was ready to see the response at the speed of five centimeters per second. Unexpectedly, he was stuck, refreshing a few times and still displaying 404, which made him A little depressed.

Although he doesn't know the brand of his mobile phone, it is absolutely smooth to use. It has never been stuck. It can only be attributed to the slow internet speed, and he patiently refreshes the webpage repeatedly.

In fact, Wang Hao had other ideas earlier, such as submitting to the famous library in Second Five, so that he can enjoy more resources and quickly let most people understand that the speed is five centimeters per second.

But after thinking about it carefully, I gave up and let the second five be released at station b to create some popularity.

"How can this be?!"

Just refreshed and opened the webpage with a speed of five centimeters per second, Wang Hao, regardless of where it was, exhaled in surprise, and the number of hits under the fifth of seconds reached 600,000!There are more than 200,000 comments!!

It only took more than a day at most. Even if the second five is good, it is impossible to attract so many people suddenly. When he saw more than 600,000 clicks, Wang Hao immediately thought of the data he had read. He never moved. After passing through, the comments below show that it has reached more than 200,000, and it is not like asking someone to do it. Then what is going on?

"Student Wang Hao! You yelled in class, did you fully grasp all the knowledge? If this is the case, please come up and answer the sample question I asked, otherwise immediately go out and stand in the corridor!!"


Before Wang Hao could think about it in his mind, the mathematics teacher's roar rang in his ears and immediately made him come back to his senses. Only then did he remember that it was still school time, and quickly got up and apologized.

"It's useless to say more, what kind of style it is to make a big noise in class! I hope you come up to solve this problem quickly, and let the teacher see where you have mastered."

The mathematics teacher is an old teacher in his fifties. He slightly squinted his eyes and looked at Wang Hao. He used to be teaching at a certain university, but because of his erratic temper, he didn’t know why, so he volunteered to teach at Shengqi College. Nothing to say.

He pointed his finger at a sample question on the blackboard. In order to make the students in this class pay attention to mathematics, he deliberately came up with a university high math question. The atmosphere was as expected, and no one could answer it.

Just as he wanted to educate the students, Wang Hao's exclaim suddenly broke the serious atmosphere. He had paid attention to this student before, but he didn't care much, but now he was suddenly noisy in his class, which couldn't bear it.

The other students in the class were talking quietly, looking at Wang Hao from time to time.

"Hey, it's true? How could the high school student solve the problem that Mr. Aihara asked?"

"Indeed, even if the opponent is Wang Hao with excellent grades, he can't answer it no matter how difficult it is. It is too difficult."

"As for this question, I just took a picture and sent it to other netizens. They said that many college students might not be able to answer it."


The surrounding students talked in low voices, and they were obviously not optimistic about Wang Hao's answer. After all, this was beyond the scope of high school students, and even some college students could not answer.

"I know."

Wang Hao naturally heard the exchanges of his classmates and understood what was going on, but it was true that he had made a mistake first, so he had to leave his seat slowly, step by step onto the stage, and picked up a white chalk in his right hand. Standing quietly in front of the blackboard.

The question in front of him made him frown. This is a more complicated calculus, which really requires many formulas to calculate, and these formulas are not taught in their current textbooks.

Normally, most outstanding high school students don’t even know where to start.

After staring at this calculus example for a while, Wang Hao gave a bitter smile, his brain kept running fast, and he immediately remembered many formulas and general solutions.

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Chapter 72 The presence of Megumi Kato...

Following the steps given in his mind, Wang Hao settled for a moment, and then started directly, listing the process under the title.

Wang Hao just started to list the first formula, and the students in the classroom immediately exploded.

"Does he really have confidence?"