"The equations he used to solve the problem are not taught at all. It is estimated that even in the third grade, the school will not tell us these."

"Maybe he just went up and pretended to be, so he wouldn't be too embarrassed."

"That said, that problem is not like an ordinary high school student can solve it."


The Aihara teacher who usually pays attention to classroom discipline has no intention of maintaining discipline at this moment. It is better to say that when Wang Hao solves problems, he has already begun to stare at him to solve problems.

At this time, Wang Hao didn't care about the discussion and gaze around him at all. The whole brain was in a state of high-speed operation, his brows sometimes frowned and sometimes stretched, and the chalk he was holding paused.

After looking up at the subject again, a flash of inspiration suddenly flashed, and the flood seemed to be where it had been found, and suddenly burst out of the embankment. The chalk that had originally paused immediately swiftly and fluently wrote on half of the blackboard. Full of formulas, continue to answer the other side.

Teacher Aihara looked more and more surprised, his squinted eyes opened wide, and his body slowly approached the podium.

Three minutes later, when Wang Hao put down the chalk in his hand and turned around, he was startled. Aihara teacher did not know when he came to his side and stood quietly by the podium.

"Ms. Aihara, I made the question you asked, and the answer will be verified by the teacher. I'm really sorry for what happened just now, I'm sorry--"

Although slightly surprised by the sudden appearance of Teacher Aihara, Wang Hao quickly recovered and bowed respectfully.

Teacher Aihara looked at it from the beginning, carefully observed the dense problem-solving steps on the blackboard again, turned his head and sighed slightly to Wang Hao, and said: "Hey--, go back to your position, this question... you answered it right. The answer was perfect."

Since the beginning of teaching, Teacher Aihara's education policy for students is different from that of ordinary people, and his own personality is also unexpectedly weird, probably belonging to the kind of teacher who is strict for a while and casual for a while.

Normally, he doesn't violate discipline in class. He will open one eye and close one eye. Originally, he wanted to stage a scene this time, but by the way, he would punish students who violated discipline, but he did not expect to end in failure.

However, Teacher Aihara was not upset by this. Instead, he glanced at Wang Hao with appreciative eyes. The other party was able to solve the problem just now, and he didn't need to worry too much.

Hearing this, Wang Hao bent slightly and bowed, returning to his position without hurries.

Most of the students in Class A of the year looked at each other, and concentrated their eyes on Wang Hao in the back row.

This guy is not on the same level as us at all!

The difference between LVs is too big, it is simply level suppression, maybe the current content is just some boring content for that guy...


After returning to his position, Wang Hao secretly reviewed it, and then quietly took out his mobile phone again. The data on Second Five was so beautiful that it made him lose consciousness. He glanced at An Yilun thoughtfully, deeply in his heart. Say thank you.

Some things don't need to be stated on the surface, just need to prove with actions at critical moments.

At first, Wang Hao had a fluke and asked An Yilun to recommend Second Five for himself. He didn't expect to attract so many people after only one night. This appeal is really too strong.

No wonder that 404 will be displayed when logging in just now, not because of the speed card of the mobile phone, but because of the server problem. It seems that it is time to find a time to change to a better server. In the future, more and more people will know about station b. The number of page views will only get bigger.

It's time to end school at noon. I don't know if it is Wang Hao's illusion. It seems that the distance between himself and his classmates is getting farther.

To give a simple example, he got up and was going to buy lunch, walking in the narrow aisle between the desks, and happened to be stuck with a classmate.

He just wanted to make way for the other party, the classmate hurriedly avoided him, his expression as if he had encountered some terrible person.

When have I been so scary?

Shaving his nose awkwardly, Wang Hao walked over depressedly. There must be something wrong with the way my youth unfolded.

Not long after I got out of the classroom door, I reached out and touched my pocket, okay... the wallet is in the drawer, so I quickly turned around and returned to the same path. After I got the wallet, I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I would make such a mistake. .

Wang Hao glanced back at the seat behind, a short-haired girl was quietly playing with her mobile phone with her head down.

and many more!It's strange, what's the name of this girl?Suddenly Wang Hao couldn't remember, but he vaguely felt where he had met.

No, it seems a bit rude to think this way, after all, it is a classmate.

But it was really strange. I clearly remembered the names and appearances of everyone in the class, and there was no mysterious transfer student recently.

Hmm... who is this mysterious girl who suddenly appeared?

"My name is Kato Megumi, Hao-kun has forgotten it..."

The calm water sounded quietly, and the girl who had lowered her head while playing with her mobile phone raised her head slightly, staring at Wang Hao blankly, and said faintly.

"Hehe, how could I forget!"

Hearing the words Kato Megumi, Wang Hao suddenly reacted, and the expression on his face suddenly became embarrassed. If it weren't for the other party's reminder, he really couldn't remember it.


"That, actually..."

"It doesn't matter if I can't remember, it's always the case anyway, most people will subconsciously ignore me, this is normal."

Kato Hui looked calm, and the protagonist of the topic seemed to have nothing to do with him. Looking at the calm expression, Wang Hao couldn't figure out what the other party thought.

But it is certain that no one likes to be ignored as air, and the girl helped herself in Akihabara last time, and both sides also spent a week in class.

Although it looks calm on the surface, it must be very angry inside, right?

In the final analysis, it was his own fault. Wang Hao stood up and bowed deeply. He faced it directly and said apologetically, "I'm sorry! If it wasn't for Kato's reminder, I really can't remember it! As compensation, Kato If your classmates have any requirements, just ask me."

"Haojun doesn't need to apologize. This has always been the case since I was a child. People around me can't remember me. Sometimes even the teacher is the same, but I really want to be taken seriously..."

Kato Megumi shook his head, and Feng Qingyun said calmly, her calm expression dimmed a lot, revealing a little regretful expression, and the calmness of the original calm in a moment.

Chapter 73 The Unfolding Formula of Youth (Revision)

Girl, what's the matter with this slightly sad tone?

The last sentence has exposed your true thoughts, so I still care about it in my heart.


Wang Hao didn't know what to say, so he had to lower his head, because he was proud of his current memory a few days ago, but he couldn't remember even a classmate.

"No need to continue apologizing, Haojun said just now to compensate me, so please raise your head."

Kato Megumi still said calmly, Wang Hao looked up and suddenly noticed a change in her body. It seemed that there was a faint sage's brilliance covering her, just like a saint!

"Well, Kato-san, please give orders, as long as you can forgive me for being rude."

"Does Haojun have any arrangements for this Sunday?"

"Sunday? I'm just doing nothing..."

"Can you go shopping with me? I have something I want to buy."

"No problem, just wrap it on me!" When Wang Hao heard it, he didn't think much about it, and promised directly by patting his chest.