As for Shinhime who simply came to look for him, it was possible if she was a child, but now it is impossible to think about it?

In his memory, since he was in the third grade of middle school, Maki hasn't come to him for a long time. There has been a long time since the two met last time, about one or two months.

The thought of this really made him sigh. The little girl who used to run over to find him every three to five, the change is really amazing now, really he has transformed from a little girl into a girl?

Uuuu—I miss the little girl who used to hide behind him.

"All said that I just passed by accidentally, so I didn't come to see you or something, don't get me wrong!"

Maki Nishikino stomped her foot fiercely, and repeated with an annoyed look. Wang Hao felt that her little heart had been hurt by 10,000 points and sighed heavily.

"Hey, since you happened to be passing by, let's go in and sit for a while."

Wang Hao put the thing in his hand underground, took out the key from his pocket to open the door, re-lifted the drink and walked in, a shyness flashed in Maki Nishikino's eyes, and finally followed his footsteps and walked in again I've been there countless times when I was young.

The surrounding environment is still the same as before, but without the laughter of little boys and girls, the setting sun stretches the shadows of teenagers and girls.

The girl looked up at the tall figure in front of her, her anger disappeared completely, replaced by a shallow smile at the corners of her mouth. He was still the same as before.


"Sorry, I had a miscarriage in advance. During this period, Maki, you will sit in the living room for a while, and choose the drinks in the refrigerator that you like. I just added a lot of inventory."

Wang Hao put the drink in the bag into the refrigerator, suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, and turned around to apologize to Maki Nishikino.

"Why did your brother tell me this? Go ahead and work if you have something to do, don't care about me, it's not the first time here..."

Nishikino Maki stretched out her fingers and gently rolled up the tips of her hair, her expression was as plain as water, and she returned to the cold beauty she had just seen.

Although the tone sounded casual, Wang Hao was taken aback, and then he was secretly happy. Although the two hadn't seen each other for a while, it seemed that Zhen Ji was still the same as before, and the empathetic place had not changed much.

Wang Hao wiped the corners of his eyes and looked at Maki Nishikino with emotion, and said, "Sure enough, Maki is still as cute as before..."

"You... what did you say suddenly! Stupid brother!!"

Nishikino Maki’s cold expression lasted only a few seconds, and was destroyed by Wang Hao’s sudden sigh. Her face was like a red apple, and her ears were red, and she stood up from the sofa in a panic. Exclaimed loudly.

Wang Hao looked at her with a smile and said nothing. This face that seemed pleasing to Maki Nishikino on weekdays suddenly became hateful for some reason.

He hummed a small song softly and turned slowly upstairs. Wang Hao felt that the discomfort in his stomach was a little relieved. Little Angel Zhenji was still as cute as before, which was great.



Nishikino Maki bulged her cheeks, looked at Wang Hao's departed back with a hum, and withdrew the foreword. He didn't expect to see her in just a few months, and the change in her brother was like a change of person.

Because...cute words, he has never told me so bluntly.


Without waiting for Maki Nishikino to think about it, there was a sound of opening the door at the entrance, and the door was opened like this. Turning her head to take a look, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes. The sun shone through the gap, setting off a beautiful figure. The setting sun shrouded the girl, as if adding a faint halo.

The sakura trees in the yard are swaying with the wind, petals are dancing in the air, the light yellow soft long hair is gently hanging down, the tall and slender figure and the white skin, like the elf walking out of the picture scroll, exudes a wave The ethereal temperament not contaminated with the dust of the world.

There was no dialogue between the two, just staring at each other quietly. Maki Nishikino, who was also a girl, was also fascinated by Shiina at this time.

The atmosphere at the scene became inexplicably silent, Shiina Shiro walked over step by step, and Nishikino Maki felt a trace of imperceptible tension.

"Ho's friend..."

Shiina crooked his head, and looked at Maki Nishikino earnestly, without making any changes in his face, and changed the interrogative sentence directly into a statement sentence.

"When I first met, my name is Maki Nishikino, Wang Hao's sister. Just call me Maki. Please advise."

Nishikino Maki smiled slightly and introduced herself first. She felt a little threat from the famous elf-like girl besides being nervous, but she didn't notice it, just subconsciously rejecting her.

"Shiina is really white." Zhenbai's calm face finally changed, frowned slightly, and after thinking about it for a moment, he continued to add: "Hiroshi is my owner, please advise."

Maki Nishikino's smiling face stiffened, and the surrounding temperature dropped more than ten degrees out of thin air. The astonishing coldness spread quickly around her.

"That...Miss Shiina, this joke is not funny."

"Really? Then I am Hao's pet."



Wang Hao, who was washing his hands, got cold behind him and sneezed unpredictably. He didn't know who was thinking of himself, turned off the faucet with his backhand, and walked out of the bathroom slowly.

As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, the scene in the living room appeared before his eyes. Wang Hao was dripping with cold sweat, had a headache, and cried out badly, and hurried off.

You don't need to ask him to know what happened. The younger sister discovered the cohabitation with the beautiful girl. If you rashly explain it, it will only get darker and darker. But if you don't explain it clearly, it may be like Zhenbai said that morning will never come.

After rolling his throat hard, Wang Hao glanced at the frosty face of Maki Nishikino, bit the bullet and said, "I said...this is actually just a misunderstanding."

Chapter 79 Dreams and Efforts (Repair)

"Things are not what you think, this kid is Shiina Mashiro, who lives here temporarily because of studying..."

As the surrounding temperature gradually rose, Wang Haoqing breathed a sigh of relief. Although Jin Ji still has an expression of dissatisfaction, he knows that his sister has roughly understood it. This behavior is to make himself wait and give a reasonable explanation. .

"True White, I put the script and script of Second Five in your room. Go up and take a look." Wang Hao turned his head and said to Shiina Shinairo, and now let her separate from Shinji, otherwise Shinairo might assist God on the side. Will lead to direct GG.


Shiina Mashiro nodded obediently, and calmly walked between the two of them, and slowly walked up the stairs. Wang Hao watched her disappear, and the big stone hanging in his heart slowly fell.

Yesterday's rhetoric about Aoyama Nanami and Iida Ayano was used to explain to Maki Nishikino, and it would be revealed as soon as I heard it.

Because in the final analysis, the cousin in front of me is the childhood sweetheart who grew up with him. If Zhen Bai accidentally said about taking a bath, it is estimated that even if he jumped to the Yellow River, he would not be able to clean it.

"Explain well, Oni sauce~"

Maki Nishikino was sitting elegantly on the sofa, her slender jade fingers curling her hair, her voice was low, and it was obviously very gentle writing, but Wang Hao felt an astonishing chill.

If Little Mouse’s natural enemy is a cat, then among the people he is least willing to deceive is Maki Nishikino. Wang Hao cleared his throat and said, “It’s a bit long to explain...”

"Then make a long story short!"


"Zhenbai's grandfather knew my grandfather, so he asked Zhenbai to live here temporarily. The relationship between me and Zhenbai is just a'pure' friendship. That's how it is."

Beautiful girls and adolescent male high school students live under the same roof, which inevitably leads to misunderstandings.

Wang Hao deliberately emphasized the word'innocence', and everything he did was pure behavior, sticking to the bottom line of the five-good youth in the new era.